Posted on November 15, 2011

NAACP Commends State for Rejecting Confederate License Plate

Scott Lawrence, KFDM, November 14, 2011

The NAACP today praised the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board’s unanimous decision to reject a specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag. The board voted 8-0 to reject the license plate design, with one member absent. The Texas NAACP State Conference has been outspoken against the license plate.

“The Confederate flag is a visual representation of a time and a place where racism was openly flaunted and people of color were terrorized for being different,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous. “It is a stubbornly persistent symbol of hatred that does not belong in a government-sponsored public setting. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board made the right call today. Hopefully others in South Carolina and elsewhere will follow their example.”

“I am pleased to see that the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board has made the decision to reject this symbol of racism, repression, violence and slavery,” stated Texas NAACP State Conference President Gary Bledsoe, who testified at the November 10 Department of Motor Vehicles hearing. {snip}

The license plate would have featured the logo of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which includes an image of the Confederate battle flag. {snip}


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  1. fred says:

    Stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous. “It is a stubbornly persistent symbol of hatred that does not belong in a government-sponsored public setting. ”

    And yet Benjamin Jealous has no objection to hanging out with Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Oh, my bad. Benjamin Jealous hangs out with the Nation of Islam in private settings. Well, now, that’s totally different isn’t it?

    Actually, I do see a difference between a public and private setting. But I also see that Benjamin Jealous and the NAACP are a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    “I am pleased to see that the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board has made the decision to reject this symbol of racism, repression, violence and slavery,” stated Texas NAACP State Conference President Gary Bledsoe, who testified at the November 10 Department of Motor Vehicles hearing.

    At the same meeting, the Texas DMV approved a Buffalo Soldier license plate.

  3. Ken says:

    The Confederate battle flag was chosen by living Confederate veterans as the flag to fly at their parades and to be placed on their graves at death. The sons of the Confederate soldiers were given that charge. This 30,000 plus organization uses the profit from the sales of automobile tags to keep up cemeteries and monuments throughout the South and anywhere American Confederates are buried[Yes confederate soldiers are considered American veterans by a act of congress]The n.a.a.c.p has made it its top priority to rid the South of its flags and monuments for the last ten years. Rick Perry and seven of the board members were for the logo until a couple of days after he announced he was running for president and all eight voted against. Rick Perry has Confederate soldier ancestors.

  4. KonfederateKarl says:

    The state of Texas owes more respect and allegiance to Confederate veterans than to any group devoted exclusively to the advancement of colored people.

    But Texas had already begun the process of forgetting its loyal Confederates when brass plaques commemorating the Texas Brigade of Lee’s Army were removed from public buildings in its capital a decade or so ago.

    I believe NAACP rep Gary Bledsoe had something to do with that incident as well.

    When enough of these characters hold enough sway with enough members of our government, the resctrictions against Confederate symbols (and myriad other types of expression) won’t be confined to “a government-sponsored public setting.”

    The battle for ownership of the meaning of Confederate symbolism seems to be favoring those who choose to define it with terms like “hatred, racism, repression, violence, and slavery;” terms that might accurately reflect the sentiments, intentions, and methods of the anti-Confederates themselves.

  5. Fritz says:

    So, when are one of you Perry supporters going to ask him, publicly, what his possition is on this matter?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The ignorami complaining about the “confederate battle flag” need to learn what the War Between the States was really all about and that the version taught in high schools is collectivist, marxist propaganda and garbage! In fact, what is commonly taught about the War Between the States is actually a bunch of out and out lies! The southern flags have nothing to do with promoting slavery at all! As Thomas De Lorenzo shows in his books The Real Lincloln and Lincoln Unmasked the real truth of the matter is that:

    -the conflict was due to the north imposing strangling tariffs that were against the best interests of the south

    -the conflict also involved Lincoln and the north promoting corporate interests that were at odds with the law and the Constitution, corporations had been severely limited in their activity and immunity through limited charters, the war greatly empowered corporate interests

    -the north started the war, not the south, the northern states were the aggressors

    -Lincoln was a tyrant and a dictator

    -many of Lincolns orders were extremely unconstitutional

    -it was well accepted that all states had the right to secede from the union that they had created

    -Lincoln’s aggression against the south was unconstitutional

    -most southern Whites had no stake in slavery whatsoever and had nothing to do with it

    -Lincoln wished to send the Blacks back to Africa

    -Lincoln did not believe Blacks to be the equals of Whites

    -Lincoln intended not to free the Blacks

    -slavery would soon have been ended without war for several reasons

    -the northern states committed war crimes against southern Whites and Blacks

    -Lincoln and others wished to prevent Blacks from going west, he did not wish to have black labor move west as they said in those days

  7. Korst says:

    This is somewhat irrelevant to the article, but it merits a response if only due to the NAACP’s mendacious nature.

    “Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization…”

    The NRA was founded roughly 40 years earlier and has a membership base in the millions. It is beyond my understanding why proponents of the 2nd amendment are excluded from the list of acceptable civil rights organizations.

  8. CDE says:

    They should have chosen the Confederate National flag and nobody would have noticed. The Stars and Bars is what everybody recognizes.

  9. Anonymous says:

    KonfederateKarl says:

    I believe NAACP rep Gary Bledsoe had something to do with that incident as well.

    He did:

    And George w Bush caved in partly because he was getting ready to announce his candidacy in 2000.

    Rick Perry did come out against the plates:

    but he lost my vote a long while back. Its rumored that he was at one time a member of the SCV. A native Texan with Confederate roots is the worst kind of scalawag there is if he denies his own ancestry and heritage.

  10. nick says:

    lee once famously said to a foreign visitor who did not like the look of lee’s rough looking texas brigade” that the enemy nevers sees the backs of my texans’

  11. white is right, black is whack says:

    Any chance we can revoke having Kwannza as a holiday since we eliminated a ‘white’ symbol? Don’t these black race hustlers want equality? Come on, NAACP. Let’s all be ‘equal’ and give up your culture, too!

  12. Anonymous says:

    NAACP glad Texas DMV rejected “this symbol of racism, repression, violence and slavery.”

    Ironically any place I see the letters NAACP all I read about afterwords is racism against whites, repression of the truth, violence from blacks being whitewashed, and the slavery of whites to pay for more more more reparations to blacks…

  13. KonfederateKarl says:

    To #9–Anonymous:

    Thank you for the documentation. Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s repudiation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans does indeed mark him as a scallywag.

    Mitt Romney is a Yankee; Herman Cain is black (though apparently no supporter of the NAACP or the Congressional Black Caucus); and Michele Bachmann is, well, kinda dizzy.

    How did Newt Gingrich respond to the removal of the Confederate battle flag from prominence on his Georgia state flag? I don’t know that he ever took a stance, but I think it would tell us a lot about him.

    Can you or any other AmRen contributor comment on this?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #6:

    Slavery would soon have ended without war for several reasons.

    I doubt it. The south never took any efforts to end slavery. Indeed the southern plantocracy extended slavery to nine new states after 1783 and was trying to make Kansas a slave state at the time of the civil war. The south never made any effort to convert slavery to serfdom or to alter or diversify its economy away from plantation-intensive agriculture. The first state to secede was South Carolina. This was not surprising since it was one of the oldest slave states and slaves made up a majority of the population. Southerners just love to say things like “slavery would have ended anyways”, since it is an unfalsifyable thing to disprove since alternate history is only speculation.

  15. Question Diversity says:

    13 KonfederateKarl:

    I think the only reason the Texas DMV voted down these plates is because the Rickroller got caught up in these non-scandals of the N****rhead Rock and his refusal to divest Texas from Sane South Africa in the 1980s.

    I don’t remember Newt Gingrich having an opinion either way on the Georgia Flag issue. I doubt he’s much for Southern Heritage, though. He’s a Pennsylvanian by birth and a whore/politician by trade.

  16. Question Diversity says:

    Breaking news related to Texas. Hypocrite:


    NH Town Hall Audience Asked To Prove Citizenship At Rick Perry Event

    MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – People attending a Rick Perry event in Manchester, New Hampshire on Wednesday were asked if they were U.S. citizens.


    This should by itself end the Rickroller’s Presidential campaign.

    Obama has been caught in a similar scandal — He was the graduation speaker at Kalamazoo Central H.S. in Michigan in 2010. The Secret Service made all the attendees, graduates included, undergo citizenship checks. This was at the time Obama’s DOJ was (and still is) suing Arizona over SB 1070, and is now suing Alabama. AL’s bill has education/citizenship provisions, unlike Arizona’s.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Of all the talking heads, including conservative radio hosts, only Judge Napolitano of FOX and FOX Biz has defended southern secession. By extension this includes defending the confederate battle flag as a symbol of the right of southerners to free themselves from the northern boot.

    Napolitano has also fingered Abe Lincoln as perhaps the worst President of all time, which, of course, he was.

    Rick Perry is an intellectual lightweight who was, by the way, a cheerleader at A&M. Perry only got re-elected all those times because the alternative party represents a White hating cabal of Mexicans-Blacks and liberal White totalitarians.

    Those who inveigh against the Battle Flag likely could not place the Southern War of Independence in the correct century much less talk intelligently about that epic struggle. This of course includes Perry, Bush, and all the racists at the NAACP and the SPLC.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #14.

    First of all I am NOT a southerner (you seemed to imply or say that I was) and I am a descendent of abolitionists. That southerners love to say that slavery would have ended anyway shows how savvy southerners really can be. The fact remains that the war was not actually initiated or fought to free the slaves.

    With all due respect, you should read the arguments in the books before you argue against them with the false assumptions propagated by the stable of approved court historians. We have all been thoroughly immersed and propagandized by the flawed arguments of the collectivist court historians all the way through school and in almost all publications which are controlled by the collectivist gatekeepers. I suggest that you read the books and see the other arguments. I apologize for not having the books handy so that I can quote directly from them. I will dig them up so that I can do so. When I do, I will give the myriad arguments about why slavery would have ended and the other issues.

    That South Carolina was the first to secede does not prove that the war was fought to end slavery, it certainly was not and that was not the intent of Lincoln or the north, the initiators of the war (secession had already long been known to have been a right of any state or group of states and secession is not an act of aggression). In fact, Lincoln was planning to thrash and punish the south without ending slavery.

    With regard to secession, that was based mainly on the crushing effect of northern promoted tariffs on southern trade ties with England, which was only indirectly related to slavery and which was certainly a severe, crushing problem for the south. The tariff issue would have been a sever problem for the south even if the cotton production had not been based on slavery.

    The fight over the extension of slavery is a different issue entirely and certainly does not prove that the north fought the war to end slavery or that the south was the aggressor. Lincoln’s motives and the motives of the other northern leaders were not so noble. True, there were some abolitionists who wished to end slavery (and even their motives were not always completely pure) and they were not the main prosecutors of the war.

    The bottom line is that the war was absolutely not fought to free the slaves or to keep the slaves in bondage and the southern style flags, the so-called “confederate battle flags” have nothing to do with slavery at all. Remember that the VAST majority of southern whites had no connection whatsoever with slavery. The southern flags represent pride in Dixie which cannot honestly be construed as some sort of Nazi movement. In fact, the politically correct tyrants are more akin to fascists with their overbearing statist totalitarian demand to end by force freedom of choice on the issue of flags and the pride that southerners have in them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Just further proof that blacks in this country will NEVER ever get over slavery-because it’s a great way to continuously grab attention and get idiotic whites (read liberals) to feel sorry for them. A great way to constantly cover up this race’s continuous failures, but otherwise not really useful for anything else. Though having family who came here after the First World War, I have no connection with the War Between the States, but I cheer now every time I see a rebel flag flown from a vehicle or a rebel flag sticker. Let the blacks get riled up about this if they choose to-just another way of proving how immature, petty, and ridiculous many blacks are.

  20. Periapsis says:

    I regard the NAACP as both a symbol and an accomplice in the ongoing genocide against my race. It’s time for whites to grow a pair and start defying the blacks, the NAACP and it’s real puppet masters by treating the Confederate battle flag for what it is, a symbol of white resistance againt totalitarian non-white regimes who want us dead.

  21. Lonestar Rebel says:

    Earlier the removal of the Confederate plaques from the state judicial building were mentioned.

    Those plaques weren’t the first objects to fall victim to PC.

    The capital was renovated in the 1990s on the left side of the Congress Street entrance to the Rotunda was a niche that housed a

    copy of the Declaration of Secession on the right side was another niche that housed a memorial to the Texas Declaration of Independence. Before the renovation began a cheap looking memorial to black reconstruction legislators was hung at just above eye level near the Declaration of Independence niche.

    Below is a link to a set of photos that I got from the state:

    The photos are self explanatory and were taken before the renovations began.

    During the renovation the two niches had been walled over and replaced by water fountains and the reconstruction memorial remains in place. The secession grill work is in permanent storage, but the Declaration grill work is on display at the capital museum.

    I thought this might be of interest.

  22. KonfederateKarl says:

    To 21–Lonestar Rebel:

    Thanks for providing additional information. Seems Texas govt. is mighty beholden to its black minority. Obviously, most/all states are headed down a similar slippery slope.

    Y’all celebrating Juneteenth as an official holiday down there yet? How about Cinco de Mayo?

    White Texans have a proud heritage. It’s a shame to see it being supplanted–however gradually–for the accommodation of others.

    To 15–Question Diversity:

    I suspect you’re right concerning the Rickroller’s about-face on the SCV license plates; sad how something so otherwise irrelevant (N-head, S. Africa) can have a damaging effect on something else such as commemorating Texas heritage. But that’s politics, and yes, those who play that game may find themselves plying the trade of prostitution.

  23. Anonymous says:

    To me, the Confederate flag symbolizes the free yeoman farmer vs. big business. There goes the NAACP again, dictating to Americans what they should think or believe.