Posted on November 3, 2011

Man to Face Judge in Walmart Death Case

Anthony Cogni, WIVB, November 2, 2011

Luis Rodriguez Flamenco, a Honduran national and illegal immigrant, will make his first court appearance Wednesday for the stabbing death of 45-year-old Kathleen Byham. {snip}

Scott Byham did not want to go one camera, but said his daughter Kathleen Byham was an artist who graduated from Buffalo’s Performing Arts Academy in the 1980s. This year she got her PHD in Art.

Her life was cut tragically short earlier this week when she was allegedly stabbed to death by Honduran national Luis-Rodriguez Flamenco in an attempted carjacking gone bad.


This isn’t the first time this year an illegal immigrant will stand before an Albion judge for murder.

Albion resident Ted Zahniser said, “I think we’re just tired of it all.”

This is the third murder in Albion this year. One is unsolved and in the other two cases, the suspects are also illegal aliens.


10 responses to “Man to Face Judge in Walmart Death Case”

  1. sbuffalonative says:

    This guy, Luis Rodriguez Flamenco, was arrested in August for assault. He used a fake ID so the police didn’t know he was in the US illegally.

    He was also wanted in Georgia for a probation violation.

    This guy was in the system but the system didn’t put the pieces together. He got bolder and bolder. Now an innocent woman is dead.

  2. Conrad says:

    “This year she got her PHD in Art.”

    Oh and let me guess, a liberal?

  3. Great White Observer says:

    PHD in Art, I think #2 has it correct. But how the hell is a car jacking supposed to go right? Just like the one in Harlem last week where two souless cretins tossed a shopping cart from four stories up was described as a PRANK GONE WRONG and the victim was in the WRONG PLACE. In the Harlem incident the victim based on details in the press sounded like the epitome of a New York liberal, one more shining example of the Frankenstein Syndrome i.e. being destroyed by the monster you helped create.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let me also guess: She had no children and was single at 45?

  5. realist says:

    What in the world are illegals doing all the way up in Albion? There’s no jobs there.

  6. Paleface 6 says:

    Conrad, you’re assuming a fact that is not in evidence. She may have been apolitical.

    In any case, her life was definitely worth more than the genetic garbage that murdered her.


    “Upon further review, the ruling on the field is overturned. Repeat first down.”

    I Googled “Buffalo Performing Arts Academy” and found something interesting: The first five pages were posted on different websites, but all contained just enough variations in wording to avoid a plagiarism charge. An example:

    “Noted for its many descriptions around the state, the Buffalo Arts Academy or Buffalo Performing Arts School or Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts is dubbed as an essential element of the public school structure in the land.

    This performing arts academy currently facilitates fifth to twelfth graders. They require learners to make an application, such as hunting for a job opportunity, in the disciplines area of expertise that they will be interested to, to be able to get permitted within the system.”

    It’s starting to look like you were correct.

  7. Shawn (the female) says:

    Just to remind those who beat the ‘whites need to have more children because we have so much more sense than the blacks’ drum, it is whites that are allowing, in fact encouraging and bringing about, this multiculti disaster. More whites doesn’t guarantee more conservative, race realist whites. And we are chest deep in the other kind. There are plenty of whites who shouldn’t reproduce. I’d rather have the 45 year old white who never married and has no children than that same white with 2 Peace Corps helping Africa youngsters who then reproduce more of the same.

  8. Southern Hoosier says:

    “This is the third murder in Albion this year. One is unsolved and in the other two cases, the suspects are also illegal aliens.”

    Get use to it, Nothing is going to be done about it. They’ll slap him on the wrist, give him a couple of years in prison, at most, deport him and after a couple of years he’ll be back before the same judge.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Quick question: Do any of you play spot the Libtard when out on your forays into shops, the mall etc…? I do they stick out like teats on a bull…first off they have a continually “pained” expression on their faces, like its all too much and why must I suffer these ignorant fools around me? Also in evidence will be the I am so much more intellectually and mortally more sophisticated than you so I’ll show my superiority by snubbing your views with hysterical screaming if ever you confront me on them. My God these people are brainwashed cowards with a self- delusional, suicidal version of events. In truth your average Libtard will advocate “culling” of the white race on every level so that “minorities” can thrive, -like its us that are in their way in our own countries>>>History has taught us time and again, only the fit survive. It makes me despair that these Libtards are rolling over on their own race to 3rd world invaders who will quite happily race-replace and kill them. We need to get whites to re-grow a backbone.

  10. Western New York Lawyer says:

    Illegal aliens are a farmer’s dream. Farmers have been abusing the system too (ALBION,NEW YORK IS FARM COUNTRY, AS IS MUCH OF UPSTATE / WESTERN NEW YORK STATE), obtaining illegal alien labor at below market (below minimum wage) and exploiting them. What the United States really needs is more honesty and a morally driven society. A morally driven “socialist like” a guest worker program would serve this purpose, provide minimum wages to migrant workers, ensure safety and health concerns are met and penalize farmers (and by legal extension all AMERICAN EMPLOYERS who employ illegal aliens)via mandatory FEDERAL PRISION SENTENCES FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS AND CORPORATIONS THAT KNOWINGLY EMPLOY ILLEGAL ALIENS. My thought is a penalty in the order of one year in federal prision for the first offense, five years in federal prison for the second offense and ten years in prison for the third and any subsequent offenses.

    This policy would drive illegals either back outside of the country or into the quest worker program where they would be tracked and ensured civilized treatment by their employers. Yes, some socialism is good, as this type of positive socialism goes toward ensuring a sound and civilized, humane society that can be tailored to provide workers to only those entities that cannot function without them. No guest workers would be provided for fast food, hotels or factories.