Posted on November 15, 2011

Consequences of Black Exceptionalism? Interracial Unions with Blacks, Depressive Symptoms, and Relationship Satisfaction

R.A. Kroeger and K. Williams, Pub Med, July 2011


Using data from Wave 4 (2008) of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (N = 7,466), we examine potential consequences of black exceptionalism in the context of interracial relationships among nonblack respondents. While increasing racial diversity and climbing rates of interracial unions have fostered the notion that racial boundaries within the United States are fading, our results add to the accumulating evidence that racial/ethnic boundaries persist in U.S. society. Results suggest that among non-Black respondents there is more stigma and disapproval attached to relationships with Blacks than there are to relationships with members of other racial/ethnic groups. Specifically, our results indicate that nonblack individuals with black partners have significantly more depressive symptoms and less relationship satisfaction than their counterparts with nonblack partners, regardless of respondent race and whether the nonblack partner is the same versus a different race from the respondent. Further, the relationship between partner race and depressive symptoms is partially and significantly mediated by relationship satisfaction.

27 responses to “Consequences of Black Exceptionalism? Interracial Unions with Blacks, Depressive Symptoms, and Relationship Satisfaction”

  1. Hirsch says:

    I see this phenomenon daily, and it breaks my heart. A white woman, usually overweight and down on her luck, pushing a stroller with a newborn brown infant, while cradling a screaming three or four-year old. The father is long-since gone.

    I did see an intact interracial (black male-white female) couple eating lunch at a Japanese restaurant the other day. I of course won a bet with my friend that, after the meal ended, our caucasian female half of the duo would be picking up the tab (and the children) while Daddy went outside to enjoy an after-dinner Menthol cigarette.

  2. Byron says:

    It would be interesting to see if dating outside your race causes you to become depressed, or if it is generally depressed losers with low self esteem that are the most likely to date outside of their race in the first place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not forget the increased risk of abuse, injury and death as well.

  4. Fritz says:

    I think the study is putting the chicken before the egg, so to speak. It may be anecdotal, but the few White/Black relationships I have been close to, all involved women who suffered from depression and other psychological dysfunctions, including low self-esteem. My own presumption has always been that White women who fall into relationships with Black men are mentally unsound going into those relationships. The obvious societal, social and family pressures that come with interacial relationships are propably more than these delicate psyches can handle and likely add to their depression. To put it in layman’s terms, you gotta be nuts to get involved in these relationships to begin with.

  5. Flaxen-headed Strumpet says:

    When is the government going to put a stop to this sort of claptrap leaking out into public view? (flick off sarcasm switch)

  6. Anonymous says:

    NO, it can’t be. All the studies show that you will be much happier when you marry a black.

  7. Visine says:

    It’s been a long year, but I am very pleased to see a true feel-good story finally come out.

  8. Rhialto says:

    After many minutes of research, I have be able to translate consequences of black exceptionalism? from liberal hype to normal English:

    “Because blacks are different?”

  9. Athling says:

    The entertainment media has worked exhaustively at portraying the African male as suave, sophisticated, cool, hip, highly intelligent, desirable, and so on for decades now. This has no doubt had its intended effect on the naive minds of impressionable White females and, sadly, many young White males have also fallen for these cleverly devised myths.

    Those who enter into these unnatural relationships will never have the kind of deep emotional and physical experience referred to in the Bible as “becoming one flesh.”

    That type of union is only possible with someone of your own race. Someone you have a genetic history with. This will be your best chance at having a meaningful and satisfying relationship.

    A good dose of racial reality awaits those who entangle themselves in these interracial “relationships.”

  10. Madison Grant says:

    So these quacks did a survey on interracial relationships that correctly showed that people who date blacks are more depressed and miserable than people dating any other race.

    To be p.c. they claim the depression is due to society’s prejudice against interracial couples. The real reason they’re unhappy is the way their black partners mistreat them.

  11. Edward says:

    Again another skeptical study. In the next several months we will see another study that will refute this one.

    Why AMREN continiues to post these stories is beyond me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    They could save a bit of space if they just said they were leftists doing ‘research’ and they found precisely whatever it was their experiment set out to discover.

  13. Billy says:

    Let us understand that there are – for want of a better term -‘posh’ American blacks like Condi Rice and also really smart blacks in Cameroon [I lived and taught in Cameroon for six months 2011-2012] but these are, if we tell the truth, fewer than 5% of the black population either in Africa or anywhere else in the black diaspora.

    I surmise that someone married to Condi Rice might have been snapped savagely at from time to time but almost certainly not dragged down into a pit of depression.

  14. Lonestar Rebel says:

    Progeny of these relationships can also pay a high price. I saw a news story a few weeks back about a teenage girl with a rare condition who needed a bone marrow transplant. Since she was the product of an interracial union she was having trouble finding a match even among family members.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous wrote at 8:25 PM on November 15:

    “NO, it can’t be. All the studies show that you will be much happier when you marry a black.”

    Well, all the Hollywood movies show that, anyway…

  16. RationalObservationist says:

    As uneasy as I feel even admitting it to myself, I do hope this research is valid, and is dispersed in the mainstream media. Engaging in interracial relationships is sadomasochistic, if you ask me. You’re asking for emotional torment. It’s been well-known for some years now that interracial marriages are statistically significantly more prone to divorce. Even inter-ethnic marriages(couples of the same race, but different nationalities) are more prone to break their vows in bitter legal disintegrations. I admit that my fellow Black men are, in general, cads before dads–i.e. more likely to cheat, more aggressive meaning more likely to beat, and less likely to stick around to raise the kid(s) meaning more likely to beat… it. I, also, agree with Fritz; I’ve noticed, especially when it comes to BM/WW relationships, the WW tend to be overweight or obese. It’s well established that obesity correlates highly with depression in women, and a reduced brain volume of 12%. So don’t expect them to make the smartest, most-rational decisions. In addition, these women are, obviously, less physically attractive to most men, so *some* Black men see that as a perfect opportunity to get a WW. BW with fat white guys just do it for the equally fat wallets and good credit.

    My theory concerning the non-obese to even decent-looking WW/WM who date Blacks is…

    WW= Liberal and/or paternal rebellion and foolish folly, or some mental condition.

    WM= 1)Liberal foolish folly, 2)Lack of physical attractiveness adequate for most White women or 3)Is actually homosexual, and is using the Black woman as a front. All are quite probable.

  17. Phil says:

    Go to Walmart at 2 AM if you want to see an obese, former white female with a little Obama and a guy named LeShawndo.

    See how happy she looks….

    Once you go black, the rest is history……

    Of course, as the article suggests, its all whitey’s fault.

  18. olewhitelady says:

    I live in an area that’s no more than 7% black, yet it’s not uncommon for me to see a white woman with a child who’s clearly part black. I scarcely ever, though, see the actual father with them. Considering how many black men are out of work and not in school, I must assume that, in most instances, these absent men are not husbands or unwed partners, even considering that some might be in jail or prison. Most of these women probably have no “relationship” with their child’s father. He planted a seed and went.

  19. cpascal says:

    Close contact with blacks in any situation, such as living in the same neighborhood, or sharing the same school or workplace, is enough to cause depressive symptoms. The constant danger of violence and the hate-filled rap music thumping through the pavement from the passing cars is enough. You don’t have to marry a black in order to be depressed by them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    2 — Byron wrote at 6:14 PM on November 15:

    It would be interesting to see if dating outside your race causes you to become depressed, or if it is generally depressed losers with low self esteem that are the most likely to date outside of their race in the first place.



    It is like claiming that watching TV makes you dumb, and not that dumb people watch TV.

  21. The Conscious Brutha says:

    1 — Hirsch wrote at 5:40 PM on November 15:

    I did see an intact interracial (black male-white female) couple eating lunch at a Japanese restaurant the other day. I of course won a bet with my friend that, after the meal ended, our caucasian female half of the duo would be picking up the tab (and the children) while Daddy went outside to enjoy an after-dinner Menthol cigarette.


    Hey Hirsch, got a question for ya: How did you know she “actually” picked up the tab. He might have given his wife the money or his credit card beforehand and decided to fire up a cancer stick after their dinner? Just a thought!

  22. Integration Anxiety says:

    I must admit that 90% of the black male/white female unions I see are extremely obese White woman average to malnutritioned looking “brother”. Across the street from me lives a 90 lb dirty blonde formerly attractive White woman of about 25 yrs of age. Formerly attractive because she is a severe meth addict with bad skin, mangled teeth and two half mestizo kids, whose father is quite responsible, and a two she now has a two year old “half-rican”, who I pray for because the little girl is starving for attention, and she seems feeble. On the outside the black father of the tot seems to have his stuff together, and has been ver friendly to me, my wife and daughter. Dare I say this may be one case where the White girl brought down the relationships of both of her nonwhite ex boyfriends? God only knows.

  23. paul rim says:

    Blacks are very sweet & loving until they are asked to pay, then they are on their way leaving dutiful white mum holding the kids. Statistically this is probable outcome. Black women of course, expect the opposite from their white partners,but still treat them like feckless black men. There are only one winner in racial intermarriage, blacks.

  24. Philoctetes says:

    Years ago when my wife was pregnant with our first child, we attended one of those trendy birthing classes. The father was supposed to attend as well, so there were several men at the series of meetings. One girl was accompanied by one of her girlfriends. This girl, whom I will call Amy, was knocked up by her black boyfriend and then abandoned when she was found to be pregnant. When we were on our way home, I had quite a bit to say about this to my wife. Later after all our children were born, we all returned for a reunion. Amy brought her mulatto bastard; this time her mother acoompanied her. I felt sorry for the mother, for Amy was going to return home to a small town in Pennsylvania; she couldn’t afford to live in the big city. Imagine her shame, returning to Podunk, PA with a black child, and no husband. She was depressed because the baby would be a reminder of her lover no longer. I pity the Beta/Gamma Male who marries Amy, because she will have to “settle”, and who has to raise the alien corn in his midst.

  25. cajunrebel87 says:

    I know that it is better to have a relationship with someone who is in you racial and ethnic group, and it is better still if that person is healthy.

  26. Jason Robertson says:

    As explained before, this phenomenon is especially aggravated by the convergence of two “cultural” vectors (1) ideologically predominant “anti-racism”, (2) prevalent entertainment, especially dance, encouraging black male x white female conjunction. Some black men have an urge to mate with women more beautifully evolved than their own, and some white women suffer from the “Nancy Cunard” syndrome (q.v.). Sexual promiscuity leads to racial promiscuity in the club-and-dope environment, in which young people at all levels of education nowadays “relax”.

    For a good early critique of miscegenation, see Chapter VII in Anthony M. Ludovici’s “Defence of Aristocracy” (London, 1933), I believe now available on-line.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Several posters seem to have forgotten some of the most beautiful White women who chose Black men; Nicole Brown Simpson (RIP), Tiger Wood’s wife, Heidi Klum, the Kardashian sisters (rather surprising for Armenians who like Greeks, tend to be very ethnocentric, Then again their father Robert seemed to be enamored of Blacks. The above list is but a few of increasingly more. I see some of the Facebook pages of former students of mine who are now in college and am sickened by the pictures showing them cheek to cheek and lips to lips with Black males.

    I assume that they’re trying to stick their parents in the eyes. Sad especially when the parents are the ones paying for it all.

    I attended a reunion of retired teachers from the High School where I used to teach in the city where I grew up. One of my former colleagues and I were discussing the present condition of the city and I being outspoken, made several comments regarding the deterioration of the city today; attributing it to the behavior of Blacks. I noticed that every time I made a comment, he would get this pained expression on his face but never responded. I took the hint and quickly changed the subject. He was one of the first to move out of the city to a rather distant suburban county because the neighborhood in which he lived in the City became unlivable due to the ” Sun people”. I became suspicious and upon returning home,

    went to his Facebook page and saw a picture of his daughter’s ” boy friend”. All my suspicions were validated.