Posted on November 4, 2011

Congressional Members to Join Civil Rights Groups in Fight Against Alabama’s “Juan Crow” Law

Geena Jackson, Immigration Impact, November 3, 2011

In the days following passage of Alabama’s extreme immigration law (HB 56), many business, religious and civil rights leaders spoke out about the law’s damaging impact on immigrant communities, farms, businesses, and schools. Since then, many notable community and civil rights leaders have stepped forward to add their voice to those demanding a repeal of the law. {snip} This week, Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez met with members of several congressional caucuses–Hispanic, Black, Asian Pacific American and Progressive–to address what he calls Alabama’s “civil rights emergency.”

Last month, the Alabama NAACP joined the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) to oppose HB 56. At the rally, Alabama United: One Family, One Alabama, Alabama NAACP president Bernard Simelton called the law “mean-spirited” and said that “we have to join forces and defeat it. We’re doing everything we can to get the law repealed–to demonstrate to our politicians that the law is unconstitutional.”


Congressman Gutierrez and select Congressional members plan to hold a public meeting in Birmingham in late November so that those affected by the law have a chance to tell their stories. {snip}

“Justice-loving Americans from around the country were instrumental in shining a light on injustice in Alabama a half-century ago and came to the aid of young leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth,” Gutierrez said. “It is no different today. Those who see a great injustice occurring now against the people of Alabama must come to their aid.”


19 responses to “Congressional Members to Join Civil Rights Groups in Fight Against Alabama’s “Juan Crow” Law”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Typical leftist political coalition….and the blacks are the stupidest ones of all, and the ones who stand to eventually lose the most by joining it.

    I hope I live long enough to see the Hispanics displace blacks one way or another. I want to see the look on the black political leaders faces, and all the blacks faces in general when their fellow “people of color” attack/marginalize/devour them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What “people of Alabama”? What “justice”? What “civil rights”? These are Mexican citizens who illegally made their way into Alabama. The congressman’s allegiance is clearly to race, not country.

    And the silly word “mean-spirited”, totally overused, means as little as “racist” or “bigot” – i.e. nothing at all.

  3. thorismund says:

    There are several areas in Los Angeles that are “no go” areas for blacks due to Mexican gang activity- Harbor City, Hawaiian Gardens, Azusa, Highland Park and The Florence Ave area of downtown Los Angeles. When it gets out of control the Feds get involved you’ll never hear a peep from AA and Mexican “leaders” about either the problem or a solution.

  4. CDE says:

    Gutierrez represents a district in Illinois. He has no business in Alabama.

  5. Rhailto says:

    What is motivatin these black politicos? I don’t know, but it does show that black politicians have no more concern for the long term welfare of their supporters than Republican politicians.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here is a video that I believe Amrenners would love to see and all of the anonymous blacks trolling through should definitely give an immediate perusal, This guy gets it…and he’s black.

  7. SunnyvaleSal says:

    “Bernard Simelton called the law ‘mean-spirited’ and said that ‘we have to join forces and defeat it.’”

    What a quaint, old-fashioned, simple fellow Mr. Simelton must be. There is no need to defeat it at all –- just ignore it. This is what we have been doing in California for years. The federal government understands this quite well too. It doesn’t matter what laws are on the books, they need not be enforced.

  8. Bilbo Baggins says:

    Number 2 , those words are obscurations of meaningful words.

    “Mean-spirited” actually means “Righteously Indignant.”

    “Racist” means “illuminated.”

    “Bigoted” means “discerning.”

  9. June says:

    Can’t stand the thought that the traitor Gutierrez will set foot in the state of my birth. This man is as anti-American as any enemy of this country. Why Alabama? Haven’t heard of him marching on the other states who have bravely instituted laws against illegal immigration. If he makes it, I hope he states his true purposes clearly. I eant him to say:

    1. I approve of people breaking into this country.

    2. I approve of the crimes they commit

    3. I approve of the fact that they take American jobs.

    5. I approve of the fact that they drain our social and nautral rrsouces.

    6. I approve of their masrching and demanding their “rights.”

    7. And in case anyone thinks that I’m doing it for “humanitarian” reason, they need to know that the more illegal Hispanics come, the mroe votes I get.

    Have a good day, suckers.

  10. Mr.White says:

    What does millions of Mestizos entering this country in violation of our immigration laws, (not to mention sovereignty) while avoiding detection, have to do with “civil rights?” Someone will need to explain this to me because I simply do not see the connection.

    Please tell me blacks are not this gullible!

  11. WR the elder says:

    I suspect that if you actually polled the black people living in Alabama that they’d overwhelmingly agree with the state’s new immigration enforcement laws. Every illegal immigrant who leaves opens up a potential job for those blacks willing to work.

    On immigration the Congressional Black Caucus no more represents the interests of typical black people than white congressmen represent the interests of typical white people. When it comes to immigration policy it really is The Elites vs. The Rest of Us.

  12. rockman says:

    where in our society are the white marchers and those standing up for white rights? When will whites take to the streets to fight crime and the steady erosion of their rights and the willful treason of our leaders. Teason is the only word for the actions of our leaders and they should be treated as all traitors.

  13. margaret says:

    Feds Say They Have ‘Express Authority’ to Investigate Alabama Public Schools Over Immigration

    WASHINGTON – The Justice Department on Friday told Alabama’s attorney general that it has the “express authority” to investigate potential federal civil rights violations in Alabama’s public schools authorized by the state’s controversial new immigration law.

    Assistant US Attorney General Thomas Perez informed Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange of the federal government’s powers two days after Strange requested that the Justice Department cite what legal authority it had to collect enrollment data on Hispanic students in his state’s public schools.

    “The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department is tasked with investigating potential violations of civil rights laws that protect educational opportunities for schoolchildren,” Perez wrote in a letter. “We know that the longstanding legal tradition in this country of ensuring the right to attend school without being subject to discrimination on any impermissible ground is as critically important to you, as the Attorney General of the State of Alabama, as it is to the Civil Rights Division.”

    The Justice Department initially requested the enrollment information at Alabama public schools Monday after receiving complaints that the state’s immigration law may violate federal anti-discrimination statutes related to education.

    But Luther advised the state’s school superintendent to decline to handover the data because of the ongoing litigation over the immigration law.

    The Justice Department sued Alabama over the statute last summer, arguing the law unconstitutionally invades the federal government’s exclusive authority over immigration.

    A US district court judge upheld much of the law on Sept. 28, but the 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals on Oct. 14th issued a temporary injunction on several sections of the law pending the outcome of an appeal. The provision that requires school authorities to check the immigration status of all students in Alabama public schools was one of the sections the 11th Circuit blocked.

    In their investigation, the Justice Department on Monday asked Alabama public schools for a list of all enrolled students as of Sept. 27, a list of all students who have withdrawn from school since the academic year started plus the reason for the exit, and a list of all students who have had at least one unexplained absence since Sept. 27.

    The federal government has asked the schools to include students’ races, nations of origin and English Language Learner statuses in their lists.

    The Justice Department says that enforcement of Alabama’s immigration law in public schools may violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Educational Opportunities Act.

  14. ATBOTL says:

    This isn’t going to change. While it’s true that some blacks object to Hispanic immigration, virtually all educated blacks are rabidly in favor of as much non-white immigration as possible to make whites a minority. They are certain that this will be good for blacks, not matter how hostile the new immigrants are.

    We are not going to see any broad movement of blacks against immigration.

  15. Seneca the Younger says:

    For all of you expecting blacks to wake up and realize that Mexicans do not have an interest in helping them, stop that right now.

    It is clear that the vast majority of blacks are kamikaze. They do not care if Mexicans take over the U.S. as long as they get to see whites die off first. The smarter blacks know this but are drowned out over the massive feedback from anti-white blacks.

    Blacks will never unite with whites to take back to U.S. from invading illegals if it ever came down to war. The same can be said for any invading country. Blacks would put on the combat boots and start shooting whites for China is the Chinese ever invaded the U.S. Again, they would do the same for ANY invading country.

    That is how much the majority of blacks hate us.

  16. Luke says:

    The thing that most AR posters so far seem to miss about this clearly self-destructive ‘alliance’ between black ‘elites’ and the mestizo invaders is that these black ‘elites’ are not really representative of the views of the average black on the street, just as the treasonous anti-white, white elites are not representative of their own racial group, either.

    After all, these carefully ‘appointed’ and meticulously ‘vetted’ black ‘elites’ were carefully groomed and selected for their elite status by the same virulently anti-White Cultural Marxist forces who linger just behind the curtain as were these race treasonous White elites who one day will find themselves on trial, charged with participation in a criminal conspiracy to engineer the racial, ethnic, and cultural Genocide of White European Americans – whereby they will most certainly be swiftly convicted, using the evidence of their own treacherous voting records and then promptly dispatched to a very hot place to be reunited with their horned daddy in a red suit.

    The Prime Objective, remember, of Cultural Marxism – is the genocide and physical destruction of White European people inside all of their native homelands. Thus, since it appears that fast breeding swarms of mestizos have been selected to help the Cultural Marxists achieve that goal – they’ve instructed their appointed black ‘elite’ puppets to get on board with this agenda, which comes at the expense of their own people in the long run.

    Race treason, regardless of which race commits it – really does need to be an offense that is punishable by the most extreme measures imaginable.

  17. Question Diversity says:

    On the ground, black opinion is generally supportive of these sorts of laws and against open borders. (Al Sharpton complained last year that the most blow back he has ever gotten on his radio show was when most of his audience roasted his opposition to Arizona SB 1070.) But I cannot take it seriously, because it can never possibly translated into more immigration restricionist politicians at the elected level. Black votes will always accrue to the benefit of open borders black politicians.

    Speaking of SB 1070:

    I think some of the enforceable provisions of SB 1070 led to this. I have no evidence yet, but….Don’t doubt me.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I thought blacks realized that other “people of color” will not put up with any of the nonsense that whites do to appease blacks. As their population increases Mexicans are more & more their fierce competitors and won’t discriminate against their own to improve black opportunities like sappy Whites do out of stupid guilt feelings or cowardice.

  19. sheila says:

    I do not think I understand why it is that *white people* deserve any rights at all at this point in time…the operative word being *deserve*…Why shouldn’t they simply die off? Where is the great *Alliance* for the preservation of the White Race as an *identity*? Where are all the *groups* in support of white identy? There are none. The only so-called *white groups* that are *permitted* to function (for the press) are those set up for monitoring purposes. White people, as a race, have long lost the legitimacy of the right to exist.

    Nothing less than we deserve.