Posted on November 7, 2011

Cambridge Schools Will Have Monday Off to Mark Muslim Holy Day

Brock Parker, Boston, November 4, 2011

Public school students in Cambridge will get a day off Monday in what officials believe will be the first time in the state that a school district has scheduled a holiday to recognize an Islamic holy day.

The district-wide school holiday will recognize Eid Al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, and was approved by the Cambridge School Committee last year.

“We’re ecstatic about this,” said Atif Harden, the interim executive director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. “This is the first year that it’s going to occur. This sort of recognition of our existence and the population we have, we feel very good about.”


Cambridge schools already close for some Christian and Jewish holidays, and Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Young said the school district has a significant number of Muslim students.


Elsewhere, other school systems including Dearborn, Mich. and Burlington, Vt., already close for at least one Muslim holiday each year.

But Marc McGovern, a member of the Cambridge School Committee who pushed for the Muslim holiday, speculated that one reason other school districts in Massachusetts haven’t approved a day off for Islamic holy days may be because their Muslim student populations aren’t big enough for the holiday to make sense.

McGovern said officials may also be reluctant to stir up the type of controversy Cambridge did when it approved the day off. {snip}

McGovern said he received criticism and a couple of threats last year from places around the country after the School Committee approved the Muslim holiday.

25 responses to “Cambridge Schools Will Have Monday Off to Mark Muslim Holy Day”

  1. Istvan says:

    Gosh, are they going to teach the students how to sacrfice a sheep? But we can not have a Creche in a public school. This is a disgrace!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Marc McGovern is a far left homosexual which may be the reason he supported this.

  3. Spartan24 says:

    Let the kids take an excused absence like other religious minorities. There is no reason for this, pretty soon any and every bizarre religious organization will ask for a day off and there will be very few days that school can be in session.

  4. Robert says:

    This is the 21st century. It’s time we let the voodoo go, not embrace more of this backwards nonsense.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As an adult this alarms me, but as a former child, I would venture that no kid in the history of the world would protest getting a day off, for any reason….Esepcially if he doesn`t have to go to Mosque and “pay” for getting out of school by showing up at church! Now if they suddenly banned Sloppy Joes then maybe we`ll seem some kids “Wake up”*

    Hat tip to the girl who would not Pledge Allegience to Mexico in Spanish class

  6. Anonymous says:

    2 — Anonymous wrote at 6:37 PM on November 7:

    Marc McGovern is a far left homosexual which may be the reason he supported this.

    I’ve known since the early 1970s that nobody named McGovern should ever govern.

  7. SS says:

    From what I understand, Schools receive Funding according to the number of Students so, take your children out of School!

    White People need to yank their kids out in huge numbers. If Traitors want to pander, they will be doing it with less Funding.

  8. Bill R says:

    Any homosexual, far left or not (and most of them ARE far left of course) are absolute idiots if they support any form of Islam in America. Marc McGovern included. The muslims may applaud his decision NOW, but let them get a substantial foothold here in the US or in McGovern’s area, and he is TOAST. They don’t much like homosexuals, not at all, and unlike the Christians homosexuals hate so much, the muslims WILL enforce sharia law if they can, and that is their goal. Time and time again you see stupid liberals supporting agendas and programs that must over time lead to their extinction, and unhappily, the rest of us along with them. And they call Republicans the stupid party? Dumb and Dumber more like it.

  9. Tired of It says:

    I don’t think most Christians have a problem with other nationalities holidays. The problem I have with allowing Muslims a day off for their holy day is the intolerance shown to the Christian holidays and symbols by this and other religions. Muslims in a Catholic college were insisting Christian symbols be taken down because they were offensive to them. The gall!

    But the worst intolerance shown to Christian religions comes from our very own government, pushed in part by a Jewish agenda. I live in south Florida where for two decades all we’ve heard is complaints from Jewish and other religious communities about Christian symbols around Christmas, even though Hanukkah and its accompanying symbols are freely expressed with no complaints. An inevitably our local government sides with the Jews and Muslims and makes people remove the Christmas symbols.

    There is only so far you can push people. And I do believe the majority of Americans are becoming real disgusted with this double standard. All this government sanctioned one sided tolerance does is create bad feelings, which I’m sure is part of their agenda.

    I find people from other faiths to be extemely intolerant

  10. Proud Australian says:

    “Elsewhere, other school systems including Dearborn, Mich. and Burlington, Vt., already close for at least one Muslim holiday each year.”

    I’m an Australian who visited Burlington, Vermont in June 2003 and thoroughly enjoyed being there. The city appeared very white then, however, I understand the people in that part of the US are quite liberal-minded.

    Have Muslims also infiltrated Burlington? Or have these liberals just decided to celebrate an Islamic holy day to peddle their left-wing nonsense?

    I consider myself quite aware/perceptive of current demographics, however, I can’t understand why the western nations are kowtowing to these Islamic tribes within their nations, including us fools here in Australia. Are the authorities terrified of them? Their evil behaviour in Australia (and apparently in all western nations) will come to a head soon, although I fear the current Australian does not have the same backbone as earlier Aussies.

  11. HH says:

    For all those who either sat by or cheered on the inclusion of Jewish holidays in just the same way, depsite Jews being but a tiny minority(2-3% depnding upon who you ask) of the American population, well…you should have seen this coming! Can’t have it both ways – and Americans apparently never learn this lesson.

  12. Spartan24 says:

    From what I have seen it is not so much Jews that complain about Christmas but atheists of the very militant sort and Muslims. Jews are a religious minority in just about every local and the reason their winter holiday (actually a minor one) is celebrated is that it falls fairly close to Christmas.

  13. Terrence Mays says:

    This shows much we have gone as a society.A multicultural,multiracial,multifaith America working as one.We already have Christian holidays,it is about time that we, as a soiety,accepted each other`s differences amd makes this nation work.This is a great example to the rest of the world on how to live with each other.That includes respecting/honoring Islam and its traditions in America.Multiculturalism is a blessing to America,this is what makes our society great.America would not be what it is without acceptance and understanding of foreign traditions and cultures. Tony Blair summed it up correctly,having many cultures and traditions in your country in the right idea,one that should be embraced with pride.

    Diversity is our strength. It is important that Islam is accommodated.Muslims have to feel welcome and they have to know that they are welcome to live here and celebrate their identity. They should bring their traditions and and contribute to this great nation because that will make them understand that they are a part of this society.Christians should learn to be tolerant of other faiths and understand that this country is for all of us and we should make everyone feel welcome.We have to recognize other faiths in America and celebrate them.What little diversity we have is precious to this country and the people in it.

  14. Istvan says:

    Before this turns into a homosexual hate fest let me interject.

    I have known both a number of gays and Jews through out my life. While both the gay and Jewish leadership leans far left it has been my experience that a large percentage of rank and file gays are far from left on “non-homosexual specific” topics whereas most Jews are far left on everything thing.

    It also seems to me that gays vote “left” because those are the polticians who generally support gay rights. Like most people they vote for their narrow interests. And lets be real, it would difficult for most gays to vote for my favorite Republican, Pat Buchanan.

    On the other hand Jews seems to vote for any politician who is anti the traditional culture and founding people of the US, not all, but most. How else can you explain the 75% Jewish support of Barry Sotero?

    The fact remains, however, we, as whites, can treat “our” minorities (Jews and gays) with fairness and justice WITHOUT sacrficing our entire culture and standards. But for some reason we do. I would venture to say that gay and Jewish politicans are, for the most part, elected by heterosexual white majorities!

    The 6% of the population that is gay and Jewish will suffer right along with the rest of us if the Muslims get any power in this country. Are Jews and gays magically immune to black crime? No. Gays and Jews should be leading the fight to end this multicultural nightmare

  15. Sheila says:

    #12 Spartan: you are incorrect. Jews constantly complain about any Christian observance, imagery, or utterance. A large number of self-proclaimed atheists are Jews. They are overwhelmingly hostile to Christian America and Christmas in particular. Check out VDare reports on “The War Against Christmas” for the past 2-3 years and note who is involved.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The same school district bans the word christmas in favor of winter festival.

    I am as irate as anyone about the destruction of western christian civilization by our masters.

    BUT is it so bad. Think of it as one more day off from the incessant anti White indoctrination of these feminazi lesbian domanated schools.

    Kids learn less and less in school anyway. Why not spend the day memorizing multiplication tables, foreign language verbs, or reading from a pre 1970 encylopedia? For the little ones there are those phonics programs that actually teach the kids to read instead of whole word or whatever the anti White DOE is pushing this year.

    Work on those endless projects and library assignments the teachers expect the parents to do. Most of the teachers are married women with children. They deal with full time work, commuting, housework, shopping, errands and trying to maintain a relationship with children, husbands and family.

    Working women with children have no time to cope with the endless homework, library assignments and projects the schools burden the kids with. Have the kids do them on these bogus holidays.

    There are hundreds of colleges in Boston area. Hire a math tutor. Your child will learn more high school math in 1 hour of tutoring than he or she will learn in a month of what passes for math instruction.

    The parents of the little ones who need after school and summer baby sitters should sue the school district for the cost of baby sitters for the various school holidays.

  17. The Bobster says:

    Diversity is our strength.


    Give me just one example…..and don’t just give me the definition of die-versity or mention foreign restaurants.

  18. patthemick says:

    Well Islam is becoming a major religion in the west so it’s only logical to respect their holidays.I expect the same treatment for Christianity but it seems the government wants to kill our religion off through sarcasm and simply ignoring it. The Muslims consider any such action an insult to their religion and more importantly are willing to take action against it. I wonder why Christians are so passive myself?

  19. Anonymous says:

    President Obama seems to favor Christmas. I wonder why? Do his girls prefer Christmas to kawanza and Eid? Probably.

    Heritage ^ | 11-8-11 | David S. Addington

    President Obama’s Agriculture Department today announced that it will impose a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees—the Christmas Tree Tax—to support a new Federal program to improve the image and marketing of Christmas trees. In the Federal Register of November 8, 2011, Acting Administrator of Agricultural Marketing David R. Shipman announced that the Secretary of Agriculture will appoint a Christmas Tree Promotion Board. The purpose of the Board is to run a “program of promotion, research, evaluation, and information designed to strengthen the Christmas tree industry’s position in the marketplace; maintain and expend existing markets for Christmas trees;…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Good news from Wisconsin re Christmas

    Walker says Capitol evergreen is a Christmas, not holiday, tree [Christmas, tree?]

    Tuesday, November 08, 2011 5:06:29 PM · by SJackson · 7 replies ^ | 11-8-11 | SCOTT BAUER

    First, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took on public sector unions. Now he’s re-igniting the Christmas wars. Walker said Monday that the evergreen decorated with ornaments and adorned with a star in the center of Wisconsin’s Capitol Rotunda is a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree as it’s been called for the past 25 years. The roughly 30-foot-tall tree was called a Christmas tree from the first display in 1916 until 1985. That’s when politicians bowed to concerns about government endorsing religion and started referring to it as a holiday tree. The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation has opposed the term…

  21. JM says:

    Fellow Christians,

    The best way to deal with this anti-Christian bigotry is this:

    1. Display Christian symbols where ever you can that anti-Christian bigots

    cannot attack. Wear cross jewelry, wear clothing expressing your Christian

    faith. Put Christian symbols in your car so they can be seen. Put Christian

    symbols on your property so it is visible. Put Christian symbols inside your

    cubicle at work (if possible). If anyone says anything to you make it clear

    that freedom of religion is the law of the land and that includes Christianity.

    If you do have a problem contact the American Center for Law and Justice.

    The ACLJ defends many cases where Christianity is attacked. As Churchill

    said, “never surrender, never surrender, NEVER SURRENDER!”

    Keep fighting for CHRIST!




    Check out Ann Barnhardt, this woman is truly an inspiration!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Which Christian church should we support?

    The Catholics who bring in millions of Hispanic immigrants each year? The Baptists who adopt Haitians? The Lutherans who have flooded not just Minneapolis but countless small towns in Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin with Somali Muslim criminals? The Methodists who have made their churches sanctuaries for illegal immigrants?

  23. Allan says:

    “Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Young said the school district has a significant number of Muslim students.”

    Closing schools on the Jewish holidays is generally due to a large number of Jewish teachers, not the number of Jewish students. Keeping the schools open on Jewish holidays allows the non-Jewish teachers to give extra help to non-Jewish students who often need that help more than Jewish students.

  24. Anonymous says:

    #16: I did write, on another post, that I have read in “The New American” magazine, an article called,”Education Armageddon”.

    This article is full of the anti-Education that the government is actually pushing.

    I recommend that all AmReners get and read the magazine article, which is also available at – The article itself

    You will learn who is directly behind the destruction of our Schools, and the demise of our Nation, which begins in the Classroom.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Because so many people skipped school on this day anyway, my high school always gave us the first day of hunting season off. I don’t hunt, but I was happy for the free day off.

    My school district did it b/c the majority of people in the community were hunters, but this is a day off for religious purposes and I see it as having more consequences. This is a slippery slope for the school.

    They’re going to be slowly making more and more demands and trying to change things to THEIR ways (no pork products allowed in school, Muslim kids will want to stop and pray repeatedly, they’ll want foot washing stations in the hallways, etc).