Posted on November 7, 2011

Bye Bye, Non-Racial ANC, Bye Bye

Sipho Hlongwane, Daily Maverick, November 7, 2011

It has been said often enough–what happens to the ANC has a bearing on all of us. We should be watching the ruling party’s slip from a position of progressive non-racialism to black racial nationalism with disquiet. But what needs to happen for the slide to be checked? Let’s pretend for three minutes that we are the secretary general of the ANC, tasked with keeping the party on the straight and narrow.

There are two ideas that have come to be associated with the African National Congress. One of those is almost as old as the party itself, the other has perhaps always been there but only recently manifested itself.

On the one hand, we have the progressive, non-racial party of Oliver Tambo, Joe Slovo, Ahmed Kathrada and Nelson Mandela–the party that fought for a truly equal society.

One the other, we have one of the “Now it’s our turn to eat” mentality–a party concerned most with black racial nationalism.

We know all about the first ANC, and we’re swiftly learning about the new one.

The new tendency by lower ANC officials to favour black nationalism over non-racialism has been red-flagged many times before. It has been called many different names. To me, it is a new manifestation of the “It’s our turn to eat” mentality.

In 2009, British journalist Michela Wrong published “It’s Our Turn To Eat: the story of a Kenyan whistleblower”, which detailed the struggle of Kenya’s Permanent Secretary for Governance and Ethics John Githongo to unveil corruption under Mwai Kibaki’s administration. The book is about much more than Githongo’s struggle–it tells the story of a Kenya flailing under the grips of ugly tribal favouritism and government corruption.

As Permanent Secretary for Governance and Ethics, Githongo’s role (he was previously a journalist) was to uncover corruption in the Kenyan government. Kibaki had run on an anti-corruption platform, and in 2003, he appointed Githongo as chief whistleblower in the government. “Under former President Moi, his Kalenjin tribesmen ate. Now it’s our turn to eat,” politicians and civil servants (of the Kikuyu tribe) close to the president memorably told Githongo, according to Wrong’s account.

It’s our turn to eat–it is a deeply evocative phrase, perhaps one that sums up the problem with African politics more than any other.

I’m both fascinated and deeply disturbed by how familiar racial nationalism in the ANC is looking to the mess that Kenya became under Kibaki’s first administration. Having won the struggle on a platform of inclusiveness, progressiveness and non-racialism, it seems the upcoming ANC has chosen the easier–and deadly–route of black nationalism instead.

On 15 May, in front of a full-capacity crowd at the FNB Stadium in Soweto, ANC president Jacob Zuma told those gathered that they shouldn’t vote for parties that “sought to reintroduce apartheid through the back door”.

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema was less delicate when he drove the same point home. He said: The DA is for whites and not for you. The ANC belongs to us black and white. As long as we live the ANC will rule. We will not betray what Chris Hani and Solomon Mahlangu stood for. We must fight the enemy.

The manner of conversation (if we can call it that) between the ruling party and minority groups in the country is no longer that of frank talk and comfortable dialogue, but rather confrontation and litigation. Minorities feel like they need to extract concessions from the ANC. They don’t feel at home there anymore.

We had AfriForum’s highly publicised case against Malema (the song was a coincidental participant in the goings on). We’ve knocked the Afrikaans rights group many times before for the case, but the point that they felt they had better recourse in court than they did by simply knocking on the door at Luthuli House and asking for a meeting speaks volumes about the perception of the ANC by some Afrikaners.

This week brings news of a possible court case against Malema by a group of Indians, this time for uttering the word “makula” in public–which depending on how you see it, is either a perfectly bland word or an extremely racist term. Again, the concerned group chose to approach the long arm of the law before it chose dialogue (technically, the threat of legal action was used to warm Malema to the idea of a meeting).

The realisation in the upper echelons of the ANC is that they have lost non-black groups. This may be more worrying to the generation of Kgalema Motlanthe and Gwede Mantashe than it is to the Malema group of leaders.

Not that this is terribly new information.

But what would you do, as Mantashe, the ostensive brain of the party? How would you preserve the ANC’s true philosophical roots?

The ANC has always had nationalist elements in its midst. Those who thought that the best way to counter apartheid was with some reverse apartheid. Those who are convinced that the only way to kill a monster is by creating a new one.

Simply put, their idea of justice is “It is our turn to eat. You had yours. Now let me get mine”.

The only way to “get yours” is through power. The ANC is the power in the land–hence it attracts these types like flies to poo.

Could it be that the only way for the ANC to retain its pure core is by losing the aura of indomitability?

We’ve seen it in the Western Cape. The moment the party lost power, or the glue that held all these ambitions and appetites in check, it all fell apart. People took their rapacious ideas elsewhere.

But what secretary general would wilfully cripple their own party to save it?

23 responses to “Bye Bye, Non-Racial ANC, Bye Bye”

  1. Anonymous says:

    To all SA Whites:

    Get. Out. NOW!!!

    For God’s sake, SAVE YOURSELVES!

  2. neanderthalDNA says:

    Neanderthal’s Constant (as defined in an earlier story from deepest darkest)…

    No matter how absurdly horrid it may seem in subsaharan Africa…

    It can always get more absurdly horrid in subsaharan Africa.

    Get out, whites! Europe needs ya!

  3. eyetotheworld says:

    Judging by the comments I’ve seen on black oriented news sites, American blacks have this same ‘it’s our turn to eat’ mentality. It will be a grim day in this country when and if blacks outnumber everyone else.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When Mandela is gone, peace is gone.

    I agree, if you can escape, do so now. Australia may be best in terms of allowing you in.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    When was the ANC ever non-racial?

  6. Occidentus says:

    The ANC was never non-racial.

  7. Dan says:

    Malema is a dangerous freak. This guy is like the rest of the idiot tin-pot dictators, like Amin (the only guy I know of who managed to choke the intake to a hydroelectric dam with human bodies). The sad fact is that the country is rapidly reaching its limits with regard to infrastructure, etc. Crime control is pathetic. The vicious farm attacks certainly seem to be government sanctioned. Perhaps a reader from SA could explain why the Commandos were disbanded – those who protected the farmers. I’m just so sick of this crap. The ANC has had some 17 years “to eat”. They simply CAN’T and WON’T make it work. They will spout the same empty nonsense 100 years from now.

    I see vines growing over old infrastructure, much like the Congo, unless the Chinese take over. If the Chinese do come in and “own” it, I hope the blacks of the ANC get it good and hard – for the rest of their miserable lives.

  8. Bob13 says:


    thankfully blacks are so stupid and self centered it won’t be an issue, between gun violence, prison sentences, aids and abortion the black race will continue to hover around 12 to 13% of population.

    For every additional hood rat born one gets murdered, one gets life in prison and two or three get aborted, it’s amazing how groids continue to get in their own way at every turn, stupid low IQ morons.

  9. stepandfetchit says:

    most black males in america have a dad who is in jail or is a gang member their whole childhood and young adulthood is defined by being arrested going to boys schools or jail so to them incarceration is their second home thats why they are attacking whites in mobs they dont fear jail its their second home. whites can only arm themselves and move but eventually they will have to fight because blacks want to control the whole country they dont want equatity.

  10. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Two part plan:

    1. Turn Detroit into farm land.

    2. Give land to Boers.

  11. South African says:

    Why the commandos were dismantled? Easy – they had automatic weapons, were military trained, and from the old system. Fear. They still fear us. They want to disarm us down to the last man. They knew what we were back then and it seems that they are paranoid about that, even if we have grown old and our hair is turning grey.

    They even fear our old crack black troops from 32 battalion, even when they are old and defenseless.

    In just under fifteen years time the last batch of soldiers who were trained under the old system will be on pension. The ANC can just sit back and wait for that moment. Already some of the experienced senior leaders have passed away, and many are in their eighties and older.

    Compulsory military service was abolished in 1994, but in reality military draft was already scaled down after 1989 (the last major battle against the Cubans), so the last really tough and battle experienced citizen force soldiers stopped in 1989. That is approx. the age group of 44-46 and the amount of soldiers that have operational experience (on the border and contact situations) are not that much in comparison to the whole white population.

    No the big question is why did the whites allow themselves to be disarmed? When speaking about the real effective hardware, it is government property and you cannot drive a tank home. Small arms are returned after a period of service. The commandos were in some cases allowed to keep their arms at home, but those are little peashooters, which the army can easily control. They take you out one by one. One emptied assault gun magazine rack later you will stand empty handed.

    And on whose loyalty can you count? Wherever the whites have tried something, they were neutralized by traitors, not even by the ANC.

    Here the ‘Boeremag’ (Boer Force) are rotting away in jail while waiting for a trial already for many years. They were a mix of people, not just undereducated ones, but army officers and a medical doctor. They were reported to the police by – whites!

    Clive Derby-Lewis – he provided the gun with which Janus Walusz (Polish immigrant who fled communism and had to leave his wife and children behind) killed the then leader of the S.A. Communist Party, Chris Hani (I thought for that you get a medal of bravery). A white women reported them to the police.

    If you cannot even trust your own people, how do you win a war?

    South Africa will only be able to get out if you, the Americans and Europeans, are able to lobby hard enough in your respective countries to open the doors for us. At least for those that want to get out. A core group will always stay, no matter what.

  12. white is right, black is whack says:

    I know this will irk people here, but the whites in SA need to get out even if it means a loss of property, move to Europe and help out the white countries. Let Africa solve its own problems and go by the wayside just like every other African country has went belly up once they kicked the whites out. It’s karma getting back at them for biting the hand that feeds!

  13. Allan says:

    The ANC has never admitted that the Afrikaners have been in South Africa longer than most Blacks. That is a fact that Blacks and later immigrants totally refuse to recognize.

  14. White E says:

    Since african Americans hate living here being oppressed by the evil man and south africans hate having the blue eyed devil in their african homelands, why don’t we just trade all of our black americans for their white africans? It would be a good trade, and everyone would be happy.

  15. Dan says:

    South African – Thanks for your reply. I know what you mean. I had read about the Boeremag and Hanni; you are right – how can you possibly deliver a good fight when it’s your own people that are hell-bent on suicide? Is Namibia any safer? Are there any opportunities there? I read Praag, and believe in an independent state as a solution, just not certain how likely that will be.

    By the way, are Dr Lets Pretorius’ sons among those in jail?

    Die beste van geluk (no offense if you are a soutie!)

  16. Netzach says:

    South African,

    “South Africa will only be able to get out if you, the Americans and Europeans, are able to lobby hard enough in your respective countries to open the doors for us. At least for those that want to get out. A core group will always stay, no matter what.”

    If Boers are thinking that evacuation is the best option, then you really should get in touch with the leadership of European right-wing populist countries (don’t know about USA). I especially recommend the Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid. There are still so many leftists in governments and bureaucracies with iron certainty that taking in racists is acceptable only if they aren’t white, so it’ll take coordination to succeed.

    Of course, a core group will stay, as it should. As far as I know, Cape Province wasn’t settled by Bantus when Boers settled there. As few Bushmen survive, Boers are the natives there, not blacks. Afrikaner homeland there might be viable, populated enough and certainly legitimate. It’s not like I know anything about any details though, so feel free to correct me.

  17. South African says:

    @Dan & Netzach:

    Namibia – this is what I know. Huge, but mainly a desert country (and that already places limitations on expansion) that is kept alive by funding from Germany. Some natural resources (see Wikipedia), remote from the rest of the world and thus perhaps no Dubai candidate. Very sparsely populated. Before 1994 it was kept alive by South Africa. SWAPO (one of our primary enemies during the cold war) is in control of that country – just as rotten as the ANC. From what I hear crime is much lower than in South Africa, there is pressure to disown farmers. In some towns however there is a high amount of theft (told to me by a lady who has retired parents in Namibia) – you cannot turn your back or you get burgled.

    Dr. Lets Pretorius and Boere Force – don’t know, I have lost a bit touch with what is going on there (job pressure, etc.), have to browse the web to refresh my memory. I just know during the year two youngsters tried to escape and are back in jail.

    Get in touch with European right wing populists – from what I gather from the web that is being done, but I guess it will be a long way before one will make significant inroads. Europe and the West at the moment has other more significant problems from their perspective than some unknown country somewhere in Africa.

    And one must not forget that it is not in the interest of the anti Apartheid forces (New World Order, etc.) that our case hits the limelight, the ‘new’ South Africa must be sold as a success story so as to convince the rest of the West that the multicultural experiment can work (the World Soccer Cup 2010 was such a propaganda exercise).

    About a white homeland – there are some observers that are of the opinion that the amount of energy spent on trying to identify different homelands has been divisive factor. They are of the opinion that all of the energy should be channeled into taking the whole of the country. An that one does not enter into negotiations for a homeland, you take your country back by conquest. Many of the homeland actions say that if the ANC do not want to give you that homeland (and the ANC will not), then one must lay a complaint at the international court at Den Haag. But that court is a UN organ, and the UN is a New World Order organ! The UN was one one the most vehement enemy against white South Africa, with a list of war crimes reaching back to its founding years (Book: Gary Allen – None Dare call it Conspiracy, and many other books). For example they passed Resolution 435 which handed Namibia (the still known as South West Africa) to the communist wolves. How can the homeland movements ignore this fact? Then they create artificial hope for their followers but the truth will hit them eventually and then they will loose credibility. One cannot be blind on the one eye just out of desperation to find a quick fix solution.

    Personally I also have my doubts about the practicality of a homeland that gives up the rest of South Africa (with its infrastructure that runs into the many many billions of dollars – google at images of Johannesburg – apart from the decay part of it, the Gauteng province is the industrial motor of South Africa) and that it might just be wishful thinking born out of a desperate situation. Say for instance the Western Cape is identified as a homeland, or for that matter an area of consolidation for white power in order to eventually take back the rest of the country. How will you convince the whites outside that homeland to give up their jobs, factories, infrastructure, schools, churches, inherited property in one go and relocate unemployed into the Cape where there is a limited infrastructure? They will laugh at you. It is like telling all of white America to pack their stuff and move overnight to for example the still relative white region Pennsylvania.

    Those kinds of mass evacuations only occur during war conditions like say just before the end of WWII when the Germans fled from the East, Yugoslavian war, or in the many wars in Africa.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Stand and Fight, enoungh with us getting run off, if vietemese can defeat the U.S army than a highly intellengent and committed white force can defeat any african standing army with pea shooters, hell the boars almost already defeated the greatest army of its time the british.

  19. Anonymous says:

    4 — Anonymous wrote at 6:52 PM on November 7:

    When Mandela is gone, peace is gone.

    I agree, if you can escape, do so now. Australia may be best in terms of allowing you in.


    Looks like you bought into the propaganda that Mandela is “good”?

  20. Bebe says:

    19 — Anonymous wrote at 11:30 AM on November 9:

    4 — Anonymous wrote at 6:52 PM on November 7:

    When Mandela is gone, peace is gone.

    I agree, if you can escape, do so now. Australia may be best in terms of allowing you in.


    Looks like you bought into the propaganda that Mandela is “good”?


    I remember reading one time that Mandela said something to the effect, that when he is dead then he wants the Africans to start killing all the Whites…..that way they cannot blame him.

  21. Kilimanjaro says:

    Lets look at some numbers:

    South Africa has about 4m whites – 60% Afrikaner/Boer and 40% British descent

    Asians about 2m

    Coloureds [Mulatto] about 2m

    The “blacks” comprised of 9 different tribes number about 35m

    There are also somewhere between 4m and 10m illegal black immigrants from north of the Limpopo River in the country. For the purposes of this exercise they can be ignored as they are only there for the money.

    Of the 35m blacks about 25% are school children and another 25% are old and infirm – males and females in botH categories.

    That leaves about 18m people

    It is estimated that about 30% of the black population is HIV/Aids positive

    That leaves about 12m healthy blacks

    At least 1/2 of these are women = 6m

    So the black “fighting force” is actually only about 6m

    Now discount about 1/3 who are moderate and just want to hold down a job, raise their kids and maintain a home

    So you are left with a pool of about 4 to 5m from which the black “army” will come.

    On the other side you have 4m whites+ 2m Indians+2m coloureds = 8m

    Subtract 50% young and old = 4m

    Subtract 2m women = 2m

    So the odds are actually 2m v 5m = 2.5 to 1

    If the civil war does come to pass it does not really look so bad after all does it?

  22. South African says:


    Who says that the Indians will join us, or the Coloreds? The Indians had no military service, the older Coloreds had some. During the unrest years (State of Emergency 1985 – 1990) women and children were of the most mindless and gruesome perpetrators, don’t count them out.

    It depends.

    1) You need unity (Boers throwing weight behind DA, instead of nationalist parties)

    2) Right mindset (the younger generation is brainwashed, no military training, media propaganda wipes out any will to defense)

    3) You need trained manpower (under age 44 none)

    4) You need arms (on whose side is the army and police going to be? You must have seen how the whites handed in their arms with the last round of gun license renewals two years ago – refer point 2)

    5) You need reliable intelligence (Don’t count out the surrounding countries like Zimbabwe and Angola and Mozambique. Will they just sit by and wait? After all they were all brothers in arms against us. They have Chinese arms, and lots of stock left from the cold war).

    6) Unknown factors – (a) the older blacks were victims of the ANC during the ‘Peoples War’ (book by Dr. Anthea Jeffery). Will the and their children remember it and turn against the ANC and side with us on the first sign that we might win, or has the relentless propaganda been effective? (b) The big unknown – the reaction of foreign powers. Remember why the whites have been shafted in the first place and replaced by a weak water head black government. Is it in their interest to have us back in power after all the huge effort they made by sanctions, legislation, intrigue, and many years of effort to have us back in the seats again? This would be a huge setback by the New World Order for it would create a white safety zone for all the whites in the world, and this time a white government will be in control with all the lessons of the past, a possibly far more radical white government in possession of strategic minerals which this time it might start making use of.

    So any civil war has to be well planned and well considered. Perhaps the sports will really only start after the civil war for then the global cards have been reshuffled and the white citizens of the other Western countries will get restless in their quest for freedom. We are speaking of big implications here, and for that you need big leaders.

    If South Africa gets white again, it may have another huge effect. It might create a reverse domino (the ‘Winds of Change’, where very colonial country fell over until it eventually reached us) effect. History might even be turned around, who knows?

    But you will need clever people that are able to think geostrategic, and first of all, have to courage to think that big, and have the even greater courage to put those strategies into action. Do we still have those people? Our gene pool is small. But we had brilliant people in the past and this time with the web many brilliant whites from other countries might join us in the hour of need.

  23. Anonymous says:

    #7: The ANC won’t eat. Just like Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, they will starve, and deservedly so. I won’t be sending them any Aid money, with any of the “Feed the Poor Blacks in Africa” campaigns.

    No, they are on their own.