Posted on November 28, 2011

After Taking in Refugees for Years, a New Hampshire City Asks for a Pause

Abby Goodnough, New York Times, November 25, 2011

This city has long been a resettlement site for refugees, sent here by the State Department for a chance at a better life. More than 60 languages are spoken in the school system, with Somalis, Sudanese, Iraqis and other recent arrivals mixing with children whose ancestors came from Quebec to work in the mighty textile mills along the Merrimack River.

But this year, after decades of taking in refugees, Manchester said, “Enough.”

In a highly unusual move, Mayor Ted Gatsas and the city’s Board of Aldermen asked the State Department in July to halt resettlements here for now. A tide of more than 2,100 refugees over the last decade–most recently, Bhutanese families coming from camps in Nepal–has been more than the city of 109,500 can assure jobs and decent housing for, Mr. Gatsas said.

“We’re just saying, ‘Let us catch our breath,’ ” he said last week in an interview at City Hall. “This is about giving people the opportunity for a better life, and until I can get that person working and gainfully employed and getting to learn the language, I can’t do that.”


Two other cities have restrictions in place, according to the State Department: Detroit, where refugees can be resettled only if they have friends or family there already, and Fort Wayne, Ind., where only refugees with close relatives there can go. But while others have raised concerns about resettlement during the economic downturn, none have asked to stop it altogether, said Larry Bartlett, director of the State Department’s Office of Refugee Admissions.


Mr. Bartlett said that after hearing the city’s concerns, his office had decided to send some 200 refugees to Manchester this fiscal year, which began Oct. 1, instead of the 300 proposed by the International Institute. While the State Department often tinkers with the numbers proposed by resettlement agencies, he said, “this was probably a more significant reduction than we would normally make.”


{snip} He [Mr. Gatsas] has made a point of describing the situation to the Republican presidential candidates who have filed through his office in recent months in hopes of drawing more attention to it.

“If we don’t get the outcome we’re looking for, trust me, I might have a few hundred of them up here to have that discussion,” he said. “I think people will tell you I’m pretty tenacious on an issue. I’m not going to stop.”

24 responses to “After Taking in Refugees for Years, a New Hampshire City Asks for a Pause”

  1. Anonymous says:

    New Hampshire has voted for the Democrat presidential candidate in 1992, 1996, 2004 and 2008. The Manchester Union Leader has endorsed Gingrich. He supports open borders, amnesty, high immigration levels, panders to hispanics (they’re “natural Republicans”), and supports affirmative action. New Hampshire is getting what it voted for.

  2. ice says:

    The entire program is no more than a vicious scheme to water down the white popwer structure. Any fool with half a brain could see that.

    Why these white fools don’t understand that…or don’t care and ignore it…is absolutely amazing in itself.

    I keep pointing this out, but it bears repeating: This country is imploding economically and is already failing to meet budget requirements in every state in the union. Creating extra financial burdens is absolute madness.

    The fractiousness created is going to cause quite an implosion I firmly believe. It’s a situation that cannot hold. It’s a powder keg just waiting for the right spark.

  3. GreatNorthWoods says:

    All I can say is thank goodness northern New England is primarily rural in character with smaller cities and more limited infrastructure. Because of these things, it can only support just so many 3rd world wretches compared to more populous regions of the US.

    I predict Mayor Gatsas would love to say: Don’t use NH as your dumping ground Feds. We’re overwhelmingly white up here and want to keep it that way. These barbarians your sending here are incompatible with our region and don’t physically belong here!


  4. Cid Martel says:

    Good Lord, even New Hampshire? Where is safe?

  5. Freyr says:

    I applaud Mr Gatsas’s honesty: the refugees are weapons, nothing less. They will erode the Conservative nature of New Hampshire and soften it up for the big Hispanic Invasion from Lowell and Lawrence Massachusetts.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The so-called do-gooders are at it again turning our nation into a 3rd world hellhole. Get rid of all Refugee Settlement Agencies and pronto! They are as bad as the U.N.

  7. Conrad says:

    He MUST be a racist. Put him in jail where he belongs.

  8. John L. says:

    “The State Department of Refugee Admissions”. and the “International Institute” and “Resettlement Agencies” seem to be the faceless Groups working together to bring in Refugees. I suppose they privately decide that places like Manchester, New Hampshire are “too White”, and therefore need “diversity”. These Refugees bring many social pathologies to the host Society, and I sure that some of the Natives of the region will personally suffer. The Sudanese are particularly bad. I feel sorry for Refugees, but it is better to help them in their Home Cultures.

  9. Anonymous says:

    In a sane world , the State Department would not have any ability to allow anyone in the US – especially immigrants.

    In Beaverton Oregon, $26,000 in grant money that could have gone to white, poor Americans, went instead to Somali refugee females so they could buy sewing machines and learn a trade. outrage does no good when we are treading water and have no power over the Machine called the US government.

  10. Tom S. says:

    This is beyond insane – its treason pure and simple! Here we are on the brink of financial ruin with record high debt and unemployment, and these clowns in the State Department and the “International Institute of New England” ( whatever THAT is ) keep importing people that will be a LIFELONG burdon on the ( White ) American taxpayer! Looking at the original article of that POSED picture of the mother and kid doing his “homework” while the grandmother slouched on the couch next to them with that smirk on her face me sick. They were probably looking over a booklet of all the benefits they’re “entitled” to as “Americans”!

    *-sent here by the State Department for a chance at a better life.

    Yeah, and at OUR expense! When is the S.D. going to worry about a better life for us?

    *Mr. Bartlett said of Manchester’s request. “Despite the challenges that accompany refugee resettlement and helping people remake their lives, I think it’s such a core national value that communities find a way to continue even despite the poor economic times or other problems they may be experiencing.”

    Fine Mr. Bartlett, since YOU think it’s such a “core national value” we’ll send any future “refugees” to YOUR house, to live with YOUR family, for YOU to support! I’m sure you’ll “find a way” to continue even despite the poor economic times or other problems you may experience!

    * – the moratorium request came as a shock, said William J. Gillett, chairman of the agency’s board.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Once again, I must trot out Roy Beck’s famous “gumball” video demonstration on mass immigration. The updated 2010 version is seen HERE.

    …and let’s be clear here, for readers not in the loop.

    Mass 3rd world immigration into traditional White countries throughout the world is purely by nefarious design… nothing to do with so-called “compassion” from government of any stripe.

  12. Billy says:

    Any hope of resettling lots of Somalis and Somali Bantu in places where really rich white folks live?

    Who provides the funding for the Lutheran and Catholic [and so on] resettlement agencies?

    Congregations or the U.S. taxpayer?

  13. Anonymous says:

    All part of the plan to overwhelm and terminate Western Civilization, one town at a time. See Pat Buchanan’s latest book, “Suicide of a Superpower.” It will be impossible to maintain a nation of multiple languages, religions and cultures. These are the fault lines that break up countries; for example, Yugoslavia, the USSR and British India (which split into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).

  14. Binky says:

    The ‘Bhutanese’ refugees arriving in Manchester NH, are NOT real Bhutanese; they are brown-skinned Hindu Nepali-speaking Nepalese whose parents, grandparents and great-grandparents stealthily moved into Bhutan over the last hundred years.

    The ‘Bhutanse’in Manchester NH are similar in all ways except language to North Indian Hindus; they are NOT golden-skinned, Buddhist Bhutanese-speaking Bhutanese.

    In fairness, the Nepalese are a thousand times better as immigrants than the appalling Somalis, but the simple fact is that they bring Nepal with them to New Hampshire.

    Enough said.

  15. Tom S. says:

    Sorry, hit the post button before I was through, I’m that upset!

    * – the moratorium request came as a shock, said William J. Gillett, chairman of the agency’s board. there has been no indication of trouble, he said.

    *“We did not believe the numbers we were suggesting were in any way inappropriate,” Mr. Gillett said. “We didn’t see any evidence of undue strain on city resources.”

    Of course you didn’t see anything “inappropriate” Mr. Gillett, people like you NEVER feel theres anything “inappropriate” about making other people pay for your insane ideas – after all you’re a “chairman” – let the “little people” figure out the details while you bask in the glow of being seen as a “great humanitarian”! I’m sure you make it a point to live far, far away from the chaos you create.

    *It’s one of the most fabulous places in the world to resettle,” said Carolyn Benedict-Drew, the institute’s president and chief executive.

    I bet YOUR neigborhood would be a “fabulous” place to resettle them too! How about it Ms. “Benedict”?

    *Some, like Hari Niroula, 25, who arrived here last month, said they had relatives still languishing in refugee camps and feared they would be blocked from coming to Manchester.

    Why sure Mr. Niroula, we’ll just bring all your “relatives” right on over here to mooch off of us! By the time we bring all your “relatives” over, those refugee camps will be pretty much empty – won’t they Mr. Niroula?

    *But Mr. Gatsas said that he was not pleased with the compromise and that he would persist with another tactic: lobbying the state’s Executive Council, which disburses federal money, to table grants for some of the institute’s programs.

    I will pray for you Mayor Gatsas, this madness has got to stop!

  16. Exoplanet Finder says:

    Detroit has a restriction on refugee resettlement? Don’t they of all places want more people? I guess the refugees would miss home too much. What a racket. What a terrible racket. How about one immigrant and/or refugee for each American who voluntarily decides to move to another country for 10 years or more (ie: for work or permanent residency). For example, if 5000 Americans apply to move/work in France, we allow 5000 French citizens to move/work here. Reciprocity. When 1 American wants to go to Congo, we allow one Congolese here. Simple, and easy to administer.

  17. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    From the article:

    But this year, after decades of taking in refugees, Manchester said, ‘Enough.’

    Manchester has been asking for relief for years:

    For years, city officials have asked for a slow-down so the refugees don’t become a burden on the city. Despite requests that the flow be slowed so the city could deal properly with refugees who were already here, hundreds more were sent here year after year after year.

    Refugee Resettlement Watch reports:

    The NYT mentions Ft. Wayne (IN) because that city and Detroit (MI) have gone beyond any capacity to absorb more poverty. In the case of Ft. Wayne, the health department in Allen County became swamped with cases of HIV and TB DROPPED OFF BY FEDERAL CONTRACTORS for local taxpayers to care for!

    Refugees are being placed into poverty, Maggie Fogarty of the American Friends Service Committee told NHPR. There are refugees who have been here five, six, seven years and can not earn their own income to live independently.

    The “friends” are no friends of Native Born White Americans, but mortal enemies: Friends (or Quakers) are hard Left political activists who brought thousands of illegal alien Salvadoran and Guatemalans out of Mexico and across our southern border calling them ‘refugees.’

    As for the Joys of Diversity:

    Manchester, NH: Refugee boys (from Kenya and Ethiopia) attack 12-year-old girl, knock out her teeth.

    From the 12-year old mother’s blog:

    The arguments between my daughter and these boys started with a couple of the boys asking Morgan to be their girlfriend. When Morgan turned them down, they retaliated by calling her names like ‘fat ho, lesbian b**ch, c**t, etc…’ this goes on for about a month before the first assault on the bus occurs…she is receiving threats from these boys that they are going to ‘f**k up her face so she isn’t pretty anyone’

    Upon arriving at her school it was very disturbing to see her condition. Immediately we knew by the blood gushing and her inability to remember her mothers name or phone numbers, she should have been transported to the ER by ambulance. Instead, she sitting in the nurses office being asked to stop crying. Stop crying about the teeth that had been punched out of her head?

    I too believe the Prime Directive of the refugee program to be destruction of White communities. What other possible reason could there be to force White communities to accept destitute, backwards, illiterate, diseased and crime-prone Africans who will be a permanent, growing, burden in perpetuity? If you can come up with any other reason for refugee resettlements, please tell me, because I can’t come up with a single one.


  18. Ben N Indiana (AWG) says:

    I have no problem with communities allowing refugees to settle in their midst.

    Let’s begin by offering Whites in Zimbabwe free reclaimed farmland in Detroit. We can make similar offers to S African Whites.

    But intentionally importing people who are genetically predisposed to violence and vice makes no sense.

    Those who encourage Somalis, Sudanese and Iraqis to settle in their communities are delusional, in denial or flat out dishonest.

  19. Anonymous says:

    With all the talk about cuts, Federally and locally, national unemployment officially at 9%, but likely twice that or more, with local unemployment much higher in spots – why do these types of programs go on at all?

  20. Paleface 6 says:

    Bon, your post about that 12 year old made my blood run cold. Not only because of the animal attack, but the “nurse’s” response. Please stop crying, you’re bothering me?

    A short poem by Rudyard Kipling…


    “It was not part of their blood,

    it came to them very late,

    with long arrears to make good,

    when the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,

    they were icy – willing to wait

    til every count should be proved,

    ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.

    Their eyes were level and straight.

    There was neither sign nor show,

    when the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.

    It was not taught by the state.

    No man spoke it aloud

    when the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.

    It will not swiftly abate.

    Through the chilled years ahead,

    when time shall count from the date

    that the Saxon began to hate.

  21. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    9 — Bon:

    Good post, Bon.

    Also, people often say. “follow the money,” but the failure of news reports to hardly ever do that rubs off on some of us. I almost never think of that side of things.

    But it now occurs to me to ask: Where do all these NGO’s get their money? I don’t even know how they are funded.

    White taxpayers are reminded once a year where the State Dept. gets its money. But how is the loathsome International Institute of New England funded? Any taxpayer money? How much of White Genocide are Whites being forced to fund?

    A lot of people are being paid good salaries to work in the White Genocide Industry…diversity managers, resettlement managers, etc.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What right do peopel from Nepal have to come here? Why can’t they go to India or somewhere else? Call it the military-industrial complex.

  23. Jim says:

    Over the past few years, I’ve slowly begun to limit my exposure to non-whites. I try not to deal with them at stores, and I definately do not socialize with them. The other day I was at the grocery store waiting for a hispanic girl to finish bagging my groceries. I did not glare at her or give her a dirty look; I merely looked past her out the front window, and I did not thank her. I shall no longer go around being extra nice to people who who are unworthy of my kindness, and who often mistake kindness for weakness. At first, I felt guilty for doing this, but the reality is that whites have, on average, become accustomed to being far too accommodating to minorities in order to “buy their peace.” That’s why so many of them see us as “easy marks.” I’m getting fed up with a certain so-called conservative radio talk-show host dumbing himself down and affecting a slight “black” dialect as he plays the white fool for his black guests. Have you seen the television underwear ad in which another white fool grovels to Michael Jordan, surrendering his self respect and very manhood to the superior Alpha black? Enough!

    Whites must regain the sense of self and people that they once had. We must once again stand proud. The truth is that we ARE special. One day we will know this once more.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Jim, I have even stopped watching TV when a black person appears in either the show or the Ads. I absolutely will not buy anything that has a black person advertising it. It’s good for weight control, no more pizza, KFC or fast food for me. I think my next car will be a Fiat. There is an ad of a White woman driving it.

    The latest horror is a copy of those British super nanny shows. The trailer features a black woman screeching at the top of her lungs at the White family she is supposed to reform. In one bit, she sends the kids to the “quiet corner.” But she is screeching at the top of her lungs. What a travesty. Black women have produced 400 years of the borderline retarded, criminal and disfunctional groups in the world.

    I was a teacher for a while. We were told that when kids were arguing and being their black selves we should lower our voices and speak slowly to soothe the “savage beast.” Guess this black super nanny never heard that. That trailer ad made me physically sick.

    And a black women is supposed to tell White women how to raise their kids.

    Bon, do you know if anything was done to them? The ADL SPLC ACLU attorneys will defend them on cultural differences.

    In Africa it is acceptable for the young men to kidnap and gang rape 12 year old girls and keep them as sex slaves. We must acknowledge their rich culture.

    The reason for all this refugee resettlement, foreign students etc by the state department is that the department has been convinced since the end of WW2 that the way to force the rest of the world to love us is to bring as many immigrants as possible to Uncle Sucker’s land of limitless benefits. They will spread the word and remittance payments back to their tribe and we will be loved.

    In other news, a 70 year old woman in my building was beaten at the neighborhood swimming pool by a strong young black man. It seemed the pool was crowded that morning and the life guard arranged that the swimmers had to share lanes. The black man hit her a couple times, then grabbed her arm and pulled her underwater all the while pummeling her.

    The pool manager, a White man told her “I can’t take sides.”

    The pool is located in one of the Whitest, richest sections of Los Angeles. We Whites pay a fortune both in house prices and the property taxes that support the blacks to live in this neighborhood and still they come to beat and abuse us.

    There was a posting a few weeks ago about how the wealthy could remove themselves from the black criminals. No matter how expensive your house and how well guarded, you have to leave it to work, shop, visit Drs and do other business.

    The lady is a French immigrant. She finally agrees with me that segregation was a good idea.