Posted on November 1, 2011

365 Black

McDonald’s, November 1, 2011

At McDonald’s®, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year–not just during Black History Month. That’s the idea behind It’s a place where you can learn more about education, employment, career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities, and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald’s. Plus, you can also have a chance to win exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. So make sure you visit often–you just might get inspired.

Like the unique African Baobab tree, which nourishes its community with its leaves and fruit, McDonald’s has branched out to the African-American community nourishing it with valuable programs and opportunities.

64 responses to “365 Black”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s something tragic if a trashy run-down fastfood chain is the apex of your cultural heritage, and modern-day meeting point for likeminded individuals.

    True, Europeans in general vary wildly of how culturally aware they are. French, Italians, Dutch and to some extent Germans still have very strong attachments to their history, so too does the British.

    But those of us who are aware have richer venues to immerse ourselves in than a corporate hatchjob from McDonalds.

    There’s something telling about this article. I have known blacks who have complained to me that they don’t have an identity, and they point out that most blacks in America today have no real relation with slavery in their family(even if most of them still want to use it as an excuse). The haitian community, for instance, is just one of many which is fractured.

    I read an article at The Forward, the Jewish daily (leftist) newspaper, about blacks converting to Judaism. It was a tragic read. They called themselves ‘The New Israelites’. The reporter took pains to paint them as ‘Another kind of Jews’, but most commenters saw through the farce and called it what it is: African attempts to hijack someone else’s identity, and a sad statement of the cultural decay and confusion of Black America.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe the movie was ‘Cobra’ in which Stallone was being decried for making a mess of a supermarket as he took out the bad guy. All he had to say was “I don’t shop here anyhow!”

    I have never liked their food and now I like them even less!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let McDonalds have them and good riddance and Whites should never ever go to any McDonalds and give them our $$$$. Guess McDonalds isn’t fed up enough with black violence and mayhem, so they get what they deserve.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Africans are the only group left who is dumb enough to keep eating this crap. I worked with some who ate it every single day and then they are all surprised when they have high blood pressure, diabetes and weigh 300 lbs.

  5. olewhitelady says:

    I often have to wonder at the off-the-wall ad campaigns in which successful companies engage. Apparently, these ad execs can’t think of anything else to lure white people, or just people in general, since McD’s is making money hand over fist. So, in order to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to make their jobs appear necessary, they target 12% of the American population. Does it matter that increased business by blacks will drive away every other ethnicity? Or that franchises may be forced to hire increased security or that customers may sue them when violence breaks out? It’s about as smart as Coke changing its formula.

  6. Snowhitey says:

    Blacks will suck up this empty con job big time! For crying out loud it’s Mickey peddling his GMO, hormone-laden junk food. And junk it is!!! Any self-respecting white person would never visit the place.

  7. Sincerely Concerned says:

    Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!!! If I were black I would be insulted by this blurb. Maybe. I don’t know. To me, it’s just strange in the extreme.

    That said, there must be a reason why McDonald’s feels the need to do this. It’ll be interesting to read other Amren commentors thoughts. I’m….dumbfounded.

  8. Question Diversity says:

    we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year

    Thank goodness next year is a leap year. Does this mean McDonalds on February 29 will be tolerable? Problem is, it’s the last day of black history month, so they won’t do us that favor.

    Remember, once you go 365Black, you can never go 365Back.

  9. Anonymous says:

    With all that blacks accomplished, especially on their own, five minutes should cover it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    365 boycotted!

    If I hadn’t already boycotted them years ago for being globalist pigs, their adventures in selective cultural appreciation would would be enough. Is there anyone that honestly thinks McDonald’s corporate HQ wouldn’t host anti-racist “training” for its employees? Does anyone honestly think they haven’t already or that they don’t do it on regular basis? Yer darn tootin’ they do.

  11. Justin says:

    “…nourishing it with valuable programs and opportunities.”

    LOL, should read “…nourishing it with heart disease and diabetes”.

    Let the Blacks have McDonald’s, no big loss for us. By not eating that garbage, you’re only doing yourself a favor.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Whites, McDonalds hates you. Accept that fact. Stop giving them your money. Not another penny, ever.

  13. Seek says:

    Is McDonald’s management daft? Does the company expect to continue to attract white customers, especially with Subway and other competitors rest grabbing a progressively larger market share? You reap what you sow.

  14. Uniculturalist says:

    Does this mean we get a reprieve on February 29?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Go to the 365 website. That young black mixxed kid has a suit on and a necktie, also note the earring. This is a cool kid. McDonalds near my home is ESPANOL. Go figure.

  16. Woody Woodpecker says:

    And I am sure they want the blacks sucking down the big macs 365 days a year too. Another great reason to stay away from the place. If it weren’t for the “McRib” – I would never go there myself. I know, I know…

  17. Mickey D. says:

    It’s a disgrace what McDonalds is doing to it’s business.

    How can they honor black accomplishmet everyday when all they talk about is 4 people during black fake history month.

    The beast is out of it’s cage, NOW WHAT?

    I have stopped going to McDonalds 100%.

    Let them have the customers they seem to want so badly.

  18. ronald mcdanials says:

    thanks for telling me i will never buy from them again

  19. Anonymous says:

    At McDonald’s®, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year—not just during Black History Month.

    Ronald, you delightful clown, you know as well as I do that there’s barely enough African-American culture and achievement to fill a Black History WEEK — so your idea of extending it to a YEAR can only be another of your red-nosed, fright-wigged jests!

    Race aside, looking at Mickey D’s “365Black” venture strictly from a business POV, it makes absolutely no sense. Af/Ams are 13% of the US pop’n. Why would ANY company court 13% of the pop’n at the risk of alienating the other 87%? The only possible way a company MIGHT be able to justify such a marketing strategy to their shareholders is, if that 13% happened to be a spectacularly desirable demographic, i.e. ultra-rich repeat customers with loads of discretionary income.

    Which, needless to say, does NOT describe the black market segment, of any age, in any part of the country.

    I would very much like to see McDonald’s stock prices etc after their 365 days of racial atonement are over. I can’t imagine how their profits could possibly be up; I am certain they will be down. Corporate do-gooderism has a heavy price — esp. when the do-gooderism gets racial.

  20. Flaxen-headed Strumpet says:

    Somebody (or several home office exec. level employees) at McDonalds actually gets to be a member of “The Six-Figure Beautiful People Club” to write this kind of claptrap. How they can look at deh self in deh mirror in dah mornin’ and keep a straight face is beyond me.

  21. (AWG) Average White Guy / Indianapolis says:

    Why is McDonalds doing this?

    Is it because:

    a. They love black people or

    b. They want to deflect racial discrimination suits before they happen.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t MacDonald’s just change their name to Mugabe’s or some such?

    I have never frequented this chain or any other trash food vendor. And when I find out any business has a black CEO, or even Hispanic one, I am OUT.

    I will do business with Asian owned businesses. Anyone who shows others respect has a chance with me, except the above mentioned. They have proven that they are nothing but a cancer on humanity.

  23. Anonymous says:

    White families should consider avoiding McDonalds entirely as the public record clearly shows a violent beat-down from either side of the counter is always a possibility. Likewise Home Depot’s Hispanic centered business culture and courting of illegals should drive those concerned with borders, language and culture to take their business to competitors. Bank of America needs no introduction as their present and past practices make them a threat to White Civilization itself.

  24. Tom S. says:

    * – and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald’s.

    Yeah, when they get out of the hospital, because they must be talking about all the people that have gotten “touched” by beat downs in their stores.

    *Like the unique African Baobab tree, which nourishes its community with its leaves and fruit –

    Am I missing something? How does a native African tree qualify as African-American culture and achievement? I guess the same way the bald eagle qualifies as European-American culture and achievement huh?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Fine with me. If everybody would patronize MD the way I do, they would have been out of business for a long time. That food is what makes blacks (and whites) fat and sick.

    Some celebration.

  26. BO_Bill says:

    As if those crappy fruit smoothies and mocha frappes weren’t progressive enough. Sigh.

  27. LouLou says:

    A perfect example of Black Run America (BRA). There are mercifully few blacks where I live but they are over-represented at McDonalds and the local mall.

    When a company goes “365Black” they lose my business. Ford, Texaco, Denny’s and now McDonalds will never see another penny from me.

    Trash food anyway.

  28. Anonymous says:

    If McDonald’s likes blacks so much why have I never seen even 1 black person working in a Los Angeles McDonald’s? In S. California they all seem to be hispanic indians.

  29. White Might...or might not says:

    The original article is accompanied by a photo of a safe enough-looking (if rare) 2-parent black family.

    But Mickey D’s also supports all sorts of less wholesome/more antagonistic black causes with our white money.

    At least, while “nourishing” the African-American community with “programs and opportunities,” it isn’t forcing anything down our white throats.

    We are free to withhold our contributions at the golden arches. Please give it a thought!

  30. Tom in Illinois says:

    As many times as I pass mcdonalds by, even the advertisments of their ice cream cones which cost 49 cents of my earned money makes me realize it could be paying some black to help keep that 365black site up and running…

    Thanks to Amren and the truth ive been exposed to, along with some black run-ins ive personally had face to face and voice to voice as well, they have not gotten a dime from me in more than a year!

  31. sbuffalonative says:

    Companies are forced to make these statements to appease blacks and prove they have a track record of supporting blacks (in case someone files a discrimination lawsuit).

    I’m waiting for the day when black leaders are going to turn on McDonalds and accuse them of deliberately marketing their unhealthy, fat-laden food to minorities.

    It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.

  32. Johnny says:

    Went to the website and left some feedback. Will never set foot in one of these stores again. If African is what they want, well, have at it. After the recent spate of violence at some franchises, they want MORE of the same? Good luck with that.

  33. Anonymous says:

    McDonalds doesn’t care one way or another. They are moving on to ply their trade to Asia, and poisoning Europeans. There are several billion suckers there that think the stuff they sell is pretty novel, and hip for the time being.

    Of course, they did effectively get kicked out of Latin America, most of Africa, and spun off their horrible Chipotle restaurants. However, even if they lost every single American sale it wouldn’t put them out of business. America is no longer their largest source of revenue, its already surpassed by Europe, and will probably be surpassed by Asia in the next 5 years. Those horrible smoothies, and McCafe products are the only thing propping up American sales other than the black community.

    I say let the black community have it. Let them become dominant in the black community, alienate their white customers publicly, and then become like the black mall after they have poisoned their new customers long enough, and the winds change.

  34. Spartan24 says:

    I knew years ago that McDonald’s was anti white. Years ago my husband and I were eating there and I noticed on the placemat that one of their many charities was “minority scholarships”. I wrote and complained but I’m sure it didn’t do any good.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know: When there are no more Whites around to make and repair guns and create the ammo for them, what will happen to all of the African-American culture and achievement that we see every day?

  36. Zapp Branigan says:

    Go to the original website and leave a comment, let McDonald’s know what you think of them!

  37. Anonymous says:

    So when is Mickey D’s going to put fried chicken, fried carp sadnwiches and watermellon on the menu?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Thats where blacks got their signature line Mack or mackin and McDonalds knows they are hooked and food stamps and welfare pay the bill so its all profit.

  39. Periapsis says:

    All whites should boycott McDonalds, if they want to celebrate so-called black culture they can do it without our money. I see no reason to give one red cent to those who mean us harm.

  40. Ed says:

    The last time I looked, Africa is a hot bed of innovation and technology, NOT!

  41. Erik says:

    I think we should embrace this. McDonalds’ food is going to slowly kill whoever eats it regularly. If this takes off there will be more blacks who are just too fat and unhealthy to carry out the sort of violence they otherwise might.

    Of course the white community, in the USA especially should have better nutrition than what we do. Things may get pretty hectic soon, and our people need to be fit for it. (Many) Blacks do seem to have an advantage in their natural trend towards athleticism, and though we may be smarter, we need to take physical matters into account. If the battle for civilization comes down to the intelligent wimps Vs. the near-retarded, the latter will win. We cannot let that happen.

    Besides that, Mcdonalds should not be rewarded for this. If you must eat at a fast food place, go somewhere else.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else have issue with the racist assumption, that every African is black, or that every black comes from Africa?

    I know the term AA is excepted, but something about the stupid tree and the we are black at Mcdonalds theme is enough to keep me from ever spending another dime there. That and all the ads where the black people have to dance and rap before placing their orders ;).

  43. Anonymous says:

    I expect nothing more from McDonald’s than to sell me cheap, fatty food ASAP because I’m hungover or at the airport or both! It’s trendy to criticize McD’s over other fast food restaurants.

    I applaud McD’s if they’re trying to get blacks to work. Ronald McDonald can kiss every black baby coming through the door for all I care. But hiring blacks has the negative effect of qualifying them for “welfare-to-work” programs like the one here in CA.

    Also love how McDonald’s still feels obliged to bedazzle their name with a “®.” Is there an English reader in the world who doesn’t know that McD’s is trademarked?

  44. ProudtobeWhite says:

    Micky-D’s…I’m hating it!

    Boycott the golden arches, it’s all crap food, and it’s only a matter of time before they trot out a black Ronald Mcdonald with a red afro.

    Burger King has a bit more class in not caving to blacks…

  45. Anonymous says:

    I think you guys are reading too much into this. McDonald’s just wants to make money.

  46. Anonymous says:

    #42: If the Clan Chief, Lord MacDonald, wanted to press the issue, McDonald’s Corporation would be paying him, and the Clan MacDonald, billions in Trade Mark fees.

    Millions of Scots and Irish people have this Sirename. The Corporation should tred lightly around them.

  47. Shawn (the female) says:

    Very few things in this sad, pathetic world surprise me anymore, but I am continually stunned on so many levels by the long line of whites in cars wrapped around the drive through of virtually every McD’s you pass by.

    First, the obvious, blatent drive for specifically blacks. Not just minorities, the ‘disadvantaged’, etc., but stated outright: BLACKS. That should shake the shoulder of even the most obtuse white who is clearly aware of the illegality of whites to promote anything in their own interest. Yet it doesn’t.

    The well-known nutritional values of their food that indicate a ‘death wish diet’. They apparently don’t care.

    The public knowledge of the lethal violence likely to break out at the drop of a hat. They apparently don’t care about that, either.

  48. Josh Harlan says:

    Jan. 1 – Car Jacking

    Jan. 2 – Crack Dealing

    Jan. 3 – Illegitimate baby day

    Jan. 4 – Horray for Basketball!

    Jan. 5 – Talks like us, de black people axes we; ebonics party

    Jan. 6 – Roaches; past and present; D-con seminar

    Jan. 7 – Rims on a wreck – car before family expo

    Jan. 8 – Pushing 300lbs, you can too, thanks McDonalds!

    Jan. 9 – Welfare – Manna from heaven like the Bible say

    Jan. 10 – Welfare II – getting over on Whitey, gettin yours

    Jan. 11 – Art of purse snatching

    Jan. 12 – How to ruin a neighborhood

    Jan. 13 – Porch monkeys – memoirs of a ghetto summer

    Jan. 14 – Prison; the black man’s summer camp

    And you thought we couldn’t fill 365 days

  49. Anonymous says:

    Sometime back in the ’70s or ’80s, I remember reading a magazine article about McDonald’s corporate strategy. Back when they were starting out in the ’50s, their head honcho Ray Kroc committed to making his restaurants as family-friendly as possible. Because other burger joints and malt shops back then were known as hangouts for greasers, hot-rodders, and Juvenile Delinquents (remember them?), McD’s decided their shops would never contain any cigarette machines or payphones (which still the case to this day). The idea was let their competitors have the troublesome teenaged clientele; the Golden Arches would instead position itself as the “good” burger chain. The one you can take the kids to without having some duck-tailed Fonzie-wannabe leaning on the cig machine while making an obscene phone call and leering at your pubescent daughter.

    And for several decades, the concept of cheap, G-rated food and ambiance worked brilliantly. McDonald’s became not only a large, rich corporation, they turned into an international money-making machine the likes of which the food industry had never before seen.

    I really can’t say what caused the McD’s brain trust to abandon this successful strategy of wholesomeness and trade it for the current “365Black” (sic) masterplan. I’d probably guess “Political Correctness gone mad,” if I didn’t think Political Correctness was mad to begin with. But for a company that originally set out courting the most respectable and well-behaved segment of society — suburban middle-class white parents and their non-smoking children — to change course to go chasing after the poorest and most troublesome segment of society, well, that’s something for historians and economists of the future to try to figure out. As an example of a corporation doing a total 180-degree turnaround in their Mission Statement, the self-inflicted blackening of McDonaldland is pretty hard to beat for sheer bizarreness.

  50. Anonymous says:

    “We’ve had a diversity education curriculum since the late 70s and continue that today because we want to have continuous learning and education around why diversity and inclusion is important to our business.”

    McDonald’s diversity management model consists of four core building blocks:

    – Affirmative Action: A voluntary program that assures careful monitoring of our recruitment, hiring, training and promotions.

    – Recognizing Differences: The acknowledgement and support of unique differences among colleagues in the U.S. and across the world.

    – Valuing Differences: Establishing the value of differences among colleagues within the McDonald’s system as a major contribution to competitive advantage in the business process.

    – Managing Diversity: Actively using knowledge and management skills to encourage the best performance from everyone in the system.

    Committed to Diversity

    •Franchisees – Thirty-nine percent of McDonald’s owner/operators in the United States are minorities and women. These independent businessmen and women own and operate nearly 4,000 restaurants. More than half of the individuals in training to become new U.S. McDonald’s franchisees are minorities and women.

    •Suppliers –McDonald’s purchases nearly $3.3 billion a year in food and paper products from U.S. minority and women suppliers. The U.S. Treasury Department’s 1998 “BusinessLINC” report – a blueprint for companies interested in fostering small business development – highlighted McDonald’s for best practices in minority outreach and minority supplier development.

    •Employees – More than 52 percent of employees in our U.S. business are minorities, and more than 57 percent are women. Thirty-five percent of our corporate officers are minorities or women, as are more than 70 percent of our managers.

    •Franchisee Organizations – Franchisee organizations of African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, and women owner/operators provide members with a collective voice for discussing issues with senior management and advise the company on service to its diverse customers.

    •Employee Networks – Home office networks provide McDonald’s diverse employees with career assistance, advocacy, and support. They also advise the company on recruitment, other personnel practices, and maintaining a strong connection with our diverse customer base.

    •Diversity Education – Through seminars and workshops, McDonald’s incorporates commitment to diversity into the life of the organization. McDonald’s has been providing diversity education for executives and restaurant managers for nearly 25 years.

    •External Partnerships – McDonald’s is committed to building partnerships and giving back to the communities in which we do business. Our national partners include the NAACP, the National Urban League, the National Council of La Raza, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the National Hispanic Medical Association, the Organization of Chinese Americans, Catalyst, the Women’s Foodservice Forum, and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy.

    •Diversity Awards & Recognition

    •Top Company for Minorities – Fortune Magazine

    •PUSH-Excel Corporate Partner Award – Rainbow PUSH Coalition

    •Corporate Achievement & Image Award – National Black Caucus of State Legislators

    •America’s Top 10 Employers for Diversity – Working Mother Magazine

    •Appreciation Award – Women’s Foodservice Forum

    •Nulites Corporate Award – National Urban League

    •Corporate Vision Award – Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility

    •Best Employer for Asians – Asian Enterprise Magazine

    •Top 50 Places for Hispanic Women to Work – Latina Style Magazine

    •Circle of Inclusion Award – Association of Retarded Citizens

  51. Who Run Bartertown? says:

    At a midwestern McDonald’s that once enjoyed my occasional patronage, the time to clear out of the dining room was when several of the staff [overwhelmingly “black”] went on break. From the corner booth occupied by lounging employees, “MF” & “N*****” & and sundry other epithets were audible to nearly all dine-in customers. The writing is on the wall….

  52. white is right, black is whack says:

    Wonderful! Super. There’s a place blacks can celebrate ‘black culture’ 365 days of the year without any whites to ‘keep them down.’ It’s called Africa.

  53. MAJ says:

    If McD’s can stretch that flat little chewy rubber thing into a disc and call it a burger then I guess they can figure out a way to “celebrate” African-American culture 365 days a year.

    If you read the site it’s almost a parody – like it was dreamed up by comedy writers from AmRen.

    I also can’t quite figure out why the company is so insistent on pandering to blacks – in reality, a clientele almost no business would want. Perhaps it’s protection against government/nanny state laws that focus on eating habits or on the probably gazillion “‘scriminashun” lawsuits from fired low-wage workers looking for a lottery prize.

    I don’t think McD could really care one iota about blacks – who have caused the chain nothing but trouble.

    Bottom line, anyway – never go to McD. I don’t. Do not patronize the panderers.

    Besides, it’s only a matter of time before Ronald goes Afro.

    On a side note, it would seem that KFC would have a tougher time playing to blacks because of the PC nonsense surrounding fried chicken.

  54. sshadow says:

    I felt the same way after reading this sickening pander as I felt the last time I tried one of their hamburgers. I literally couldn’t finish it. Their was an e-mail going around 1-2 yrs ago that showed a McD burger sitting out at room temp for 1 year, and it still looked like the day it was new. If various assorted bugs, fungi and bacteria can’t digest it in a year, then reasonable caution should preclude people without color to maintain a safe distance.

  55. Question Diversity says:

    McDonald’s ain’t my kind of place

    It’s such a hateful place

    The black thugs break your face

    The execs hate your race

    Set to this tune:

    I could use help with a few more lyrics. It could be our “Big Box Mart” catchy tune that wakes people up.

  56. Anonymous says:


    You be fogettin’ rapin’. Das what we be doin’ bes!

    Jan 15. Demonstration using Caucasian blow up dolls. Lecture on gang rape strategies to follow demo. Lunch- Whatever you can steal from the nearest Wendy’s. 3 credits.

    Jan 16- Dine & Dash. Demonstration at all Mc Donalds restaurants. Lunch- Whatever you can grab. This is part of the continuing education program for preparation for the next Spring Break at Myrtle Beach. 4 credits.

    Jan 17- Flash Mob attacks. Demonstration using live Senior Citizen White subjects. Courtesy of the Shady Pines Nursing Facility.

    Renowned Knock Out King & Flash Mobber DeShawn Abdullah Aziz Sparks will discuss sucker punching techniques followed by head kicking combinations. Complementary Happy Meals following lecture. 3 credits.

    Jan 18- Closed circuit TV lecture on African romantic poetry by Wesley Cook AKA Mumia Abu Jamal. via CCTV from Pennsylvania’s State Correctional Institution, Greene. Appx. length 5 minutes. 1 credit

    Jan 19- Lecture by local “students” on how to wander school hallways all day with a bathroom pass. Complementary Big Macs and Grape Soda. 3 credits

    Jan 20- Proper hand gun holds with emphasis on the horizontal hold. By Jawaan Shamir Jenkins formerly of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and now residing at the NY State Correctional Facility at Ossining. This lecture will also be on CC TV.

    4 credits

    Jan 21- Lecture by Ronteé Raheem Watson on CC TV from Corcoran State Correctional Facility, CA on clever retorts to an Eastlos Vato when he calls you a “Chingado Mayate”. Complementary Burgers and Fries., Moon Pie and RC. or Orange Soda. 3 credits also applicable to Foreign Language credits in colloquial Spanish.

    Jan 22 -Symposium on Bicycle “Pedal By” Shooting and will incorporate what you learned about the horizontal gun holding techniques from our JAn 20 lecture.

    Mc Donalds will distribute free Trek Mountain Bikes to all attendees.

    3 credits

    All credits earned by attendees will be accepted toward admission by Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

    Let’s have some fun in this otherwise less than fun world. Anyone care to keep adding to Josh’s list?

    Be careful out there!

  57. Anonymous says:

    I USED TO BE IN THE BUILDING TRADES… I once met a 40ish black guy who owned a Mcdonalds. yeap u guessed it He lived in an all white area. He dressed normal, But he wife was a hood rat, sooo fat and her clothing looked crazy. They had alot of bratty kids. also the home had five BR’s they only had furniture in the basement and the LR. the MasterBR I never saw. I am making the point, hood rich. I could never afford a 550K HOME. I checked the tax records & He was the owner. But let me make myself clear, They did NOT belong in that community, and I am from the Midwest. Even worst than that story I just told you. Is when they come up from Atlanta. They think they run everything. The women are the worst. Oh also as if you could not have guessed. He drove an Escalade.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I do focus groups and marketing tests. Because of my income and zip code I do a lot of them.

    A common test is TV ads. We watch a series of ads for the same thing. We have a dial that goes from plus plus to minus minus.

    We turn the dials when we see something we like or dislike. Whenever I see a black face, I turn the dial way over to minus minus. Hispanic and asian to minus. White to plus plus.

    The typical black White combo of White dufus being told to use a product by black genius is minus minus.

    It won’t help, but at least I’m doing what I can.

  59. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Last time I was in a McDonald’s, about a year ago, the first thing I noticed was a huge promotion and applications in plain sight on the counter for Hispanic- ONLY scholarships sponsored by (what else) McDonald’s. That was it!! The government steals enough of my money for non-White-only causes! I refuse to add to it.

    There is no “365 Black” here, “this” being So Cal, where the black population has been displaced by Hispanics. McDonald’s is not dumb.

    I read this recently about McD’s in Europe — I think they’re test marking it there for possible use in the US.

    From Fox Biz:

    McDonald’s is jumping on the technology bandwagon with a new system that will soon change the way European customers order food — picture computers instead of humans asking whether customers prefer fries and supersizes. The fast-food restaurant, known for its golden arches, Big Mac burgers and Happy Meals, will replace cashiers with touch-screen terminals and swipe cards at its 7,000 chain restaurants in Europe, according to the Financial Times. This means the end of cash payments

    I’m sure in the US EBT cards WILL be accepted as a “swipe card.”

    Computers are just doing the jobs that illegal aliens can’t do: Speak English!

    From sshadow:

    Their was an e-mail going around 1-2 yrs ago that showed a McD burger sitting out at room temp for 1 year, and it still looked like the day it was new. If various assorted bugs, fungi and bacteria can’t digest it in a year, then reasonable caution should preclude people without color to maintain a safe distance.

    Funny!! Whatever it is, it’s NOT FOOD. My chicken-loving dogs refuse to eat what McDonald’s advertises as “grilled chicken.”

    sshadow: Your post reminded me of something Steve Martin once related about McDonald’s:

    I have a theory about McDonald’s, that is, everything they make is all one thing, and in the back they have this big vat full of this stuff, these little molds combining, like SPLURT ‘Hamburger!’ SPLURT ‘Shake!’ SPLURT ‘Paper box!’ SPLURT ‘Here’s your change!’

    And, for anyone who continues to eat what McDonald’s claims to be fit for human consumption: May God have Mercy on Your Heart!!


  60. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like a campaign they might do in an all-black or nearly all black African country, not the United States. At least (as far as I’ve heard) they’re not doing this in China or some places like that.

  61. ATBOTL says:

    McDonald’s is hardly unique in its love for diversity. All of corporate America is like this.

  62. Question Diversity says:

    54 sshadow:

    Watch the documentary Super Size Me, available from that famous red envelope movie by mail company. I can count on one hand the number of times I have consumed fast food (other than diet soft drinks) since I watched it, and I watched it when we still had a white President.

  63. Question Diversity says:

    49 Anonymous wrote:

    McD’s decided their shops would never contain any cigarette machines or payphones (which still the case to this day)

    Unfortunately now that doesn’t matter, now that everyone has a phone in his or her pocket, and many McDs are rolling out free WiFi. Now you can have a half dozen blacks on their cell phones talking dirty to “they boo,” and a few people watching porn on their tablets and laptops.

  64. YIH says:

    Bon: ”I’m sure in the US EBT cards WILL be accepted as a “swipe card.”” (for fast food)

    Guess what? Already happening: