Posted on October 20, 2011

The Legend of “White Racism”

Jack Kerwick, BeliefNet, October 18, 2011

Human beings, regardless of time or place, share in common a perennial fascination with tales of enigmatic creatures, beings that, in spite of the numerous testimonials that have been offered on their behalf, remain questionable. Sasquatch; the Lochness Monster; and the Abominable Snowman, are just some of these who immediately come to mind. While some really believe in the existence of such entities, others are unsure, and still others just don’t care, there is a fourth class of people that never fails to crop up wherever tales of this sort prevail. This class is composed of those who may be either indifferent to or even incredulous regarding such legends, but who, nevertheless–through sales of souvenirs, the production of documentaries, or what have you–stoke the flames of belief in order to turn a profit.

I suggest that to this list of mythic beings we add White Racism.

Just a moment’s worth of sober reflection in no time reveals that there is more than sufficient warrant for treating White Racism of a piece with Bigfoot and the rest of similarly mythic beings.

Actually, there is a sense in which reports of Bigfoot sightings are more credible than similar reports of White Racism. Bigfoot sightings from across time, though they tend to differ in degree as far as relatively trivial specifics are concerned–e.g. height, weight, etc.–nonetheless neatly coincide. Reports of White Racism, on the other hand, diverge wildly from one another. White Racism is the ugliest of creatures; upon this all who claim to have spotted it agree. But beyond this, so varied are the accounts, it is impossible not to think that witnesses are talking about different things altogether.


The point is that if Bigfoot exists, we at least have some idea as to what we would see if we were to encounter him. White Racism, on the other hand, is a far different matter.

By some accounts, White Racism sounds as if it may even be something like a god, for it is said to exist independently of individual whites. When it is described as such, it is given the name “institutional racism.” White Racism is at once pervasive and just as destructive as it has ever been, according to this perspective. Indeed, it is much more destructive than it has been in the past. White Racism is embedded in the very “structures” that constitute American society. As such, it informs the worldview of the best intentioned, most magnanimous of whites.


There is another respect in which White Racism resembles other legendary figures like Nessie and Bigfoot. Just as there is no shortage of would-be profiteers ready to cash in on the latter, so an entire industry has emerged to capitalize on the notion of White Racism. The captains of this industry comprise a diverse lot, it is true: academics, media pundits, politicians, and racial (“civil rights”) activists receive the lion’s share of the spoils. But it would be a mistake to think that they are the only beneficiaries of the Racism Industrial Complex (RIC). It would be equally mistaken to suppose that the only benefits to be had are material in nature.

Legions of common folk, white, black, and other, gain also, but they gain much more in the way of psychic rewards than they could ever hope to gain monetarily. Against all of the evidence that White Racism hasn’t any more substance than a phantom, the members of the various races, whatever their biological differences, ultimately rail against this mother of all monsters for the same reason: doing so elevates their own self-conceptions.


Neither the committed “anti-White Racist” nor the merchant really believes in that of which he speaks.


Likewise, those who rally most ardently to defeat White Racism know, at least at some level, that there is no such thing. They must know this. Not only are they eons apart from reaching agreement as to what White Racism is; there is ample proof of the most virulent anti-white animus all around them and yet their silence is deafening. Worse, the purveyors of the White Racism myth typically seek to deny or even excuse the shocking levels of hatred and violence to which blacks and Hispanics have regularly subjected whites.

If White Racism was really the ubiquitous evil that it is claimed to be, then presumably it is because “racism” is an evil; that it is whites who allegedly promote the “racism” should be neither here nor there. That those who live and die by the ideology of White Racism, our “anti-White Racists,” those contractors of the Racism Industrial Complex, do not really believe in the windmills with which they do battle is effortlessly grasped once we consider that they care not a lick about combating real racial animus as long as the guilty are non-white and the innocent white.

No, White Racism is indeed the new Bigfoot.

28 responses to “The Legend of “White Racism””

  1. Dutchman says:

    Jack Kerwick makes a clever point comparing alleged White Racism to legendary creatures. I too find reports of Unknown Hairy Hominids(UHMs) more credible than the frequent reports of mythical racial incidents at our local colleges and universities.

  2. BO_Bill says:

    The large scale presence of people from the 3rd World makes life for white Americans more expensive, more dangerous, and less fun. The desire of a growing number of white Americans to live their lives independent of these influences is not as much ‘White Racism’ as it is ‘Logic’.

  3. Bardon says:

    I really am grateful I’ve grown up & am living in an ex-Communist country. We don’t care about this racial paranoia. We don’t have any significant amount of non- Europeans. We don’t feel an angstrom of guilt. We still hold that Blacks are more or less dumb & are not afraid to say it loud.

    We’re still clumsy about the ways of capitalism (bonds, funds, ..), but, hey- despite manipulations, we generally don’t buy into these liberal dogmas (homosexuality as a “cosmic” issue, feminism as male-hating ideology,..). Our leftist politicians can freely say that if we take foreign workers- IF, they should be Europeans, since others would not blend in.

  4. highduke says:

    The biggest success of the emaciation and civil rights movement is that it convinced Whites that White rule was unjust for Blacks even though Blacks lived better under segregation when divorce, criminality, drugs, illegitimate children and unwed mothers with children from multiple men was not as prevalent as today and it was virtually stamped out under slavery.

  5. Five-Fifths of a Man! says:

    “Racist White privilege” is just a canard used to stigmatize White Humanity for the incapacities and failures of the black Africanisms to adapt themselves to Western Civilization in America.

    Whites are demonized with “racism” and “White privilege” through lies that stoke hatred and violence against us.

    You only have “privilege” when someone leaves you alone to pursue life, liberty, property, and happiness. Affirmative Action, Embracing Diversity and Inclusion, Celebrating Diversity and Welcoming Differences are victorious hate campaigns against White Humanity’s privilege of being left alone, therefore, we have no privilege.

    We are victims of the most odious form of racial subjugation in the history of mankind. To put restrictions upon the most elevated race on the planet for the uplift of the most degraded is a Satanic evil of horrific and tragic proportions yet described by our most able theologians, philosophers and literarians. Milton came close, but the grandeur of the English language fails us in times like these.

    If you subjugate the lower races, you just inconvenience them. When you subjugate White Humanity, you are robbing the entire eternal universe of the sensitive creativity and enlightened inventions that bless all.

    Holding down the blacks robs the world of maybe one degree of potential, but holding down Whites robs by multiple degrees of ten.

    Constant charges of “White privilege” breed fear and hostility, turning White Humanity into scapegoats for the crisis of typicality in communities of color, i.e. their enduring affection for living into stereotypes, i.e. their durable resistance to self-improvement, i.e. their glorious achievement at rejecting our best efforts to turn them into English Lords and Ladies, i.e. their blood-born allegiance to voodoo, violence, and chaos.

    “These amiable children of cannibals give us hideous slums and eternal apprehension for the future.” Donald Davidson

    In Loving Memory of Brittney Fox Watts, through whose murder by an African “American” we are called back into our commitment to never make a house pet out of rattlesnake or friends with a black. “She just embraced all different kinds of people,” just as murdered Eve Carson had embraced the UNITAS Diversity Housing Initiative at UNC until she was kidnapped and murdered by Diversity.

  6. Question Diversity says:

    My only disagreement with Mr. Kerwick is with his contention that “white racism” doesn’t really exist. It does exist, because white people exist. That’s all “racism” (implication: white racism) means in the minds of those who make the accusation, that there are two or more white people in close proximity consuming oxygen. That can’t be allowed to stand, must do something about it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, most white people would do anything to avoid being called a racist. This includes doing things that go against their group interests at all costs. Most white people are proud of themselves for “not noticing” race. I get so exasperated with the whole situation that I don’t know what to do.

  8. neanderthalDNA says:

    I went down to the local protest. They’re protesting down at the capital. Mostly lefties, left to center. A few other types too..

    The typical cast of dreamy and duckspeaky lefties to be sure, mostly white. On Saturday they were mulling over orders of procedure and spirits were high. I met a friend of mine there, a lesbian activist I work with, of whom I’m quite fond. She’s a veteran, hard worker, good person. A little too full of lib-lefty victim ideology perhaps, but then so was I once…

    In truth I felt mildly Satanic that day in my red trimmed, black work uniform, walking into a crowd I would have been quite at home with not so long ago, ideologically. Not TERRIBLY far from them now except in certain obvious ways. I was dog tired from working my weekend cook job, smelling of sweat, grease, and desperation, lol. Weather was nice, people were chanting (I bucked them up with my loud military and teaching trained voice – nice acoustics yelling down Main Street).

    So then Xxxxxxxx tells me she and some of the more Symbionese Liberation Army types are going to go around “educating” “people” about how “privileged” they are…


    I shook my head, stared at the protestors chanting down Main street, said without looking at her, “Look…you know my deal the last few years. I’ve lost everything – of not a lot to begin with. Haven’t seen a doctor in years, ain’t getting young, had serious mental health issues…and I gotta say…If someone gets in my face and starts pontificating to me about how ‘privileged’ I am…” I paused, remembering she was my friend, “…I’m not gonna react very well.” That last said not in a tone of meekness…

    As it turned out, the “educating” never got off the ground. Nice. Maybe I’ll start my own protest?

  9. John Engelman says:

    For too long the charge of “white racism” has inhibited a candid discussion of racial differences in terms of personality, character, and ability levels, and the possible reasons for those differences. There should be no taboos against telling the truth. On the other hand, falsehood can best be exposed by facts and logic, rather than legal and extra legal censorship.

    Those who suppress an honest debate over these issues fear arguments they cannot refute.

  10. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Bigfoot was shown to be an old guy making it all up, and he died at 85, that is when the story of its falsehood broke. And yet ,to this day, there are many out there who really think it is for real. So why should cries of racism go away,e ven if they are proven to be bogus?

  11. Jeddermann. says:

    White racism when it is found is the proverbial man bites dog story? Gets a lot of attention because it is so rare. The whitey who attacks and kills the Bantu for NO reason or robs the Bantu [it is must be a sorry whitey that has to rob a Bantu, I have confirmed this with my darker skinned co-workers]. Etc. IT is a story because it is so rare and almost unique and so out of character. Many will disagree with me but there it is, I say what I say.

  12. generalquagmyer says:

    As a white man who’s traveled far and wide and works in a field that treats “diversity” as some kind of religion, I’ve had my lifetime’s fill of being on the butt-end of other people’s prejudices.

    Spent an afternoon in June walking through Little Havana in Miami just to see what it looked like, and had to stop in four hair salons before I found one that would accept me as a customer and cut my hair… and had to speak to them in Spanish anyway. Can’t walk a few blocks to the corner takeout here in Southern California after dark without some carload of blacks driving by and screaming out the car window that they’re gonna KILL me, and I dare not go in to buy anything if there are more than a couple of them milling around inside. Spent eight years in Asia having people giggle and talk derisively right in front of me, presuming I couldn’t understand.

    THAT’S racism.

    What we white folks get accused of is properly called “success.” We’ve created a society that everyone else wants to reap the goodies from and wishes they could have built. Yet no one else is capable of even sustaining anything like it in our absence, and it bothers them to no end. It’s a way of life based on our cultural values and temperament, and not really suitable for people with double-digit IQs, contempt for learning, and negligible impulse control.

    Call that a society with ethnocentric values if you will, but it’s not racism.

    Some marginal white people also have problems adjusting to the kind of societies we create for ourselves. It requires a certain amount of rudimentary education as well as self-discipline, self-control, and self-restraint on the part of the majority of individuals for an affluent/white society to function properly. To most blacks and hispanics that just implies wimpiness; never mind that whites are better than anyone else at waging war once we figure out who the enemy is. So, while a few whites can’t cut the mustard either, it’s the majority of hispanics and all but a few blacks who find it thoroughly beyond their capabilities.

    Thus, to the simple-minded thinking of the average swarthy outsider looking in with resentment and jealousy at white achievement, we be a buncha PREEEEEJ-DIST “Mo-Fos”

  13. Anonymous says:

    5/5 is right on!

    The SPLC-ADL-NAACP axis has millions of dollars and thousands of supporters. They are frequent speakers on college campus, where they are treated like rock stars. Sadly, not enough mainstream Americans have had their reality shock from seeing these types in action. They make careers pumping out bigotry and conspiracies for profit.

    The hate-Whitey axis defends people who viciously attack freedom loving White Americans, especially genuine Republicans and the Tea Party. They indulge in hateful racist and anti-American rhetoric, promote Diversity con-artists, defend black criminals, and attack Christians. They are equal opportuntiy bigots.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’ve found that Mexicans are very docile when in the minority, but when they’re in the majority, watch out!

    Two scenarios come to mind. One time was when I was in California on a business trip. I was going to be there for a week and my motel room had a little kitchenette, so I went to a supermarket close by to pick up some snacks and fruit, etc. Little did I know when I walked in that it was a Mexican supermarket. Well, not really, but they had taken over and I was the only White person in the place. If looks could kill I would have been dead.

    The other time was here in North Carolina. My husband and I went to a little Mexican restaurant in Durham. It was summer so we sat outside and eveything was fine until I had to use the ladies room. I had to pass the bar and it was all Mexican men. Once again, if looks could kill I would have been dead.

    They call us racists and haters, but they’re the true haters. They hate our guts, you can see it in their eyes.

    Anyway, it’s been some years now since we’ve gone to a Mexican restaurant, especially after one got shut down in a nearby town for slaughtering goats in the kitchen.

    I enjoyed the article and it’s very clever, but we’re beyond Bigfoot. We’ve become the Scapegoat for all the ills of the world. It’s time for us to tell them where to get off.

  15. Anonymous says:

    There’s an important difference between saying “institutionalized white racism no longer exists”, which is accurate and “white racism doesn’t exist” which isn’t and too easily invites criticism and knee jerk, blanket dismissals. To state it in this way gives our opponents an easy out. Do not assume the audience will interpret them interchangeably. The problem is that institutionalized white racism doesn’t exist, yet there are many that claim it does without providing proper evidence of anything other than outcome inequities which is not valid evidence by itself of institutionalized white racism. What keeps the archaic, outdated affirmative action policies alive is that debates and rebuttals to this incessant and incorrect insistence that institutionalized white racism still exists are being systematically prevented in mainstream media channels through outright, deliberate censorship via omission.

  16. He who is objective. says:

    It ought to be noted that Western Culture and Civilization appears to be under siege from not only non-European peoples, but by Western modern liberals and “progressives” themselves. Celebrations acknowledgement of the virtues of European civilization are dismissed as excessively nationalistic, or even tribalistic, or racist, whereas Non-European peoples are encouraged and empowered when THEY express cultural traits and behaviors that are diametrically opposed to and antithetical to European values.

    The plight of African Americans and Latinos in the US is primarily attributable to their own refusal and, dare I say, cultural inability to improve and advance themselves economically, socially, behaviorally, and personally. Its regretful to admit that these groups, and their leftist allies, have lampooned European Americans for their own suffering, when it is THEY – the blacks and hispanics – who are obliged to take responsibility themselves for their own shortcomings and who can only enhance their own social position if they forego scapegoating European Americans. Afro-American communities are, in particular, the causative factors of their own suffering and disadvantaged status. Only when “underrepresented” minorities reject the rhetoric of self-victimization, can they progress in the US. Its obvious that, if it were not for the vitality and exceptional nature of European Americans, these people would be even more helplessly hapless and societally degraded. They ought to emulate and embrace European peoples for their contributions to humanity in general, and for their cultivation of the most precious kind of civilization on the planet — that of the European Man, which has been the light of hope of the world.

  17. Anonymous says:

    If I walk up to a black person in the street and punch him in the nose unprovoked and say “I hate you, black person,” that is racism.

    The kind of “perceived racism” the MSM is talking about is purely imaginary.

    Black failure is caused by their low intelligence and high impulsivity – these are biological facts that cannot be altered by white patronage.

    Interestingly, liberals cannot define racism.

    Am I racist for holding blacks to mainstream, or “white” standards, and then judging them deficient???

    Or am I racist for holding them to a lower standard, acknowledging their incapacity to function at “white” levels??

    Logically, both of these cannot be racism!!

    which is the politically correct stance??

    The blacks themselves do not know, nor do the liberals.

    I am “racist” if I hold blacks to high standards, and I’m also “racist” if I hold them to lower standards.

    In the end, racism appears to be the failure of white people to adequately disguise black failure.

    Black failure is too obvious to be disguised by any imaginable means, therefore, white people are always racist.

    Any questions?

  18. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    ” I was dog tired from working my weekend cook job…” I`ll never forget when they tried to “promote” me from busboy to grill cook… hmmmm Let`s weigh the issue. On the one hand, Grease, animal fat, 2nd degree burns… OR, tips… girls… colored lights. Not a hard decision. Four months later I was bartending Happy Hour and dating a vivacious lady lawyer. Get OUT of the kitchen man!! It`s the definition of Dead End job. Get into the dining room anyway you can. talk to your boss. D`on`t let them feed you the guff about “Being too valuable.” Your future health, income and happiness depend on it. You already have a solid foundation in the service industry. That makes you better than a lot of those front of house people who have tumbled “down” to working in restraunts. Trust me I know… Signed, a 25 year man. P.S. All of you know I have been posting on here for years. I consider this advice my most important ever!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    #8 – I’ve had experiences very similar to yours, however, figured out that these people are not my friends. In fact, they only cared about be to the extent they thought I supported their causes to force others to accept their bad behavior. Over time, it became clear that they were attempting to undermine and destroy groups that were of me. For example, they would get jobs as teachers and then brag to me about how they were undermining parental authority because it was racist and homophobic. Who were they to make that decision for parents….especially my own brother who was a parent. And why would they think I would be cool with that. The answer was they weren’t really friends and only saw our “friendship” in terms of what type of useful idiot I could be for their cause.

    One of the earliest incidents that changed me from a liberal into a rabid, racist, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-mexican, white supremacist. I would say that no one except the people themselves….direct contact with their agenda, could convince me they all deserve to swing for it. And they do.

  20. olewhitelady says:

    A few years ago I was discussing the firing of a black employee with a white leftist co-worker. The terminated employee had clearly breached a company rule and admitted such to me. My leftist friend, however, saw the whole matter as an example of institutional racism. When I asked him to explain to me exactly what this concept entails, he replied that it’s something built into the system. At that time, the institution had a black female CEO, several black bosses, and many black employees (in a city that was almost half black). Somehow, however, this emphemeral boogerman was supposed to be floating around, clouding the minds of everyone, including the fired employee who admitted misconduct.

    Racism, of course, always has existed and always will. But to call the racial thoughts of a white person “white racism” is like calling an illegal killing by a white person “white murder”.

  21. Auntie Em says:

    Some people don’t believe me but I never met a black person until I was in my early twenties. My little prairie community was homogenous and after I went to college I met a few people of color but it was just on the cusp of the multi-culti boom.

    The question of whether there was innate discrimination in my hometown is nearly moot. Other than the steady flow of money and goods through the churches, which nearly everyone saw as a responsibility, I doubt any of us gave a second thought one way or the other for their recipients.

    So the base of my opinions about people of color have been formed in my adult life both through an almost militant secondary education, through direct personal experience and a considerable amount of reading, both contemporary and historical.

    Twice I have lived in communities where I was a minority.

    I am truly saddened to admit that as the unpleasant experiences accumulate, my sense of acceptance continues to dwindle.

    I’d be willing to make the case that rather than being “racist” because I am White that I have been conditioned into negative attitudes.

  22. Josh Harlan says:

    We’re called “racists” (the worst thing to be in the world) by a race of people whose greatest achivements don’t add up to the invention of pancakes.

  23. Anonymous says:

    #14- I agree with you. Mexicans were once very docile and polite in California. Now that they are the majority, they have begun to express overt hostility towards white people.

  24. neanderthalDNA says:

    18 — Tim Mc Hugh wrote at 6:28 AM on October 21

    Oh – have another more or less “real” job during week. Cooking kept me off the street but recently finally landed a decent job with a future.

    But I did a good job, got in good with the owner, now make as much per hour at my “real job”. I got a key to the place.

    Preesh the well intended advice though.


    19 — Anonymous wrote at 7:38 AM

    I really only have problems with three groups.

    1. Blacks – low IQ, prone to violence, irresponsible, rapine r style breeding. Sooooo NOT like us…

    2. Muslims – I detest their religion and many are mulatto regardless. Find islam incompatibly with Western civilization, democracy. Furthermore islam seems almost as capable as communism of duping low IQ types into dangerous action.

    3. Hordes of non-white Hispanics – Some are white, some are “curve blowers”, but the current situation is intolerable and dangerous. Besides, many have dangerous levels of black genetics in them.

    Other than that I’m a meritocrat.

  25. Anonymous says:

    when whites take steps to verbally defend themselves or when whites have a negative reaction (such as white flight) to the very real racism they face, this too is seen as white racism! When whites don’t like being subjected to racism this is held up as an example of their racism. Whites are privileged or bad, people of color are good.

  26. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    I love the way James Edwards says it:

    ‘Racism: It’s a marvel of modern science. It’s everywhere, just like oxygen and gravity and all sorts of other natural wonders. And just like those mysterious forces and substances, racism is practically invisible. But only to conservative white folks. Thankfully, Mother Nature has generously provided non-whites and liberals with special sensors that enable them to detect this insidious, invisible force everywhere it’s found. And these days, it’s literally found everywhere.”

    After hearing Edwards speak at a recent conference in east Tennessee, I told him I wished he had spoken that particular part of his speech more slowly so I could have copied it. He said, “It’s all in my new book, the first paragraph in chapter 6.” I bought the book on the spot; “Racism, Schmacism”; it’s great!

    Don’t forget, folks, anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White, and the program of the anti-Whites is White Genocide, the elimination of our race from existence.

    Using that fact and those terms in shaping our counter-attack is proving very effective in confronting anti-Whites as groups or individuals, offline or online. The goal is to shove the enemy’s ruling terminology (the r-word, “bigot,” “tolerant,” etc.) out of people’s minds by replacing those terms and false notions with our own terminology and facts, “anti-white,” “pro-white,” and “White genocide.” It’s an aggressive style…even if done in a friendly manner as I usually do…that invariably leaves the anti-Whites in a helpless tizzy.)

    Here’s the workshop it’s coming out of and where you can jump right in and join the fun virtually immediately if you’d like to. And trust me, it IS fun!

    Here’s a couple of my favorites created by posters at that site…feel welcome to use them if you like them, of course:

    Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.

    Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.

    People are only telling white children in white countries that they need diversity.

    White countries will be 100% diverse when there are no white people left.

    Diversity is a code-word for white genocide.

    African countries for Africans.

    Asian countries for Asians.

    Israel for Jews or you’re an anti-semite!

    White countries for everyone or you’re a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionje­­ws!

  27. Anonymous says:

    #14: I am normally the one giving these brown types the scowling looks. They get it, and keep moving.

  28. white is right, black is whack says:

    23 — Anonymous wrote at 4:43 PM on October 21:

    #14- I agree with you. Mexicans were once very docile and polite in California. Now that they are the majority, they have begun to express overt hostility towards white people.

    I live in an area getting populated with them. Back home, it was mostly white and most people there have never lived in ‘diverse areas’ so they don’t understand why we are so against illegal immigration and say ‘have a heart.’ Sorry, but how do you have a heart for people breaking into your country and not respecting your laws and culture and willing to speak your language? How do you have a heart for people that hate you and are looking to displace you? The sad part is, these were older whites who should know better. Like they say a liberal is someone who’s never been mugged. I take it further, a tolerant white person is someone who’s never lived in anything but a white majority area.