Posted on October 4, 2011

Res Judicata: Who Pays for the Immigrants in Texas?

Howard Foster, Frum Forum, October 3, 2011

Illegal immigrants cost the State of Texas (including its local governments) $8.8 billion per year. This is a staggering sum of money brought about by a steady flow of illegals obtaining public education, criminal justice, and medical care. It amounts to nearly 10% of the State’s total annual expenditures of approximately $90 billion. And 60,000 children of illegal immigrants are born in Texas each year.

Gov. Rick Perry has never said a word in public about this drag on his state’s finances. And given his comments at the last Republican presidential debate we know why. He does not see it as a drag on his state’s finances. He seems to believe the presence of illegal immigrants is a net plus to Texas, particularly if they attend its state universities.

According to the FAIR study, the costs of illegal immigrants outweigh their payment of taxes by 3-1. So why does the governor believe subsidizing tuition for illegal immigrants at Texas state universities is good public policy? He did not say. He merely dismissed those who oppose such subsidizes as heartless. {snip}

{snip} The more we learn about the “job growth” in Texas, the more we see who the beneficiaries of the Governor’s policies are. Fully 81% of the jobs created in the state since 2007 are held by immigrants, and half of them are illegally in the country. Immigrants tend to work in low-pay jobs including fast food, poultry processing, and construction.

If these are the jobs the Texas economy is producing, then this is not a model for the rest of the country to emulate. The economy’s very low demand for new workers is felt across the board, not just in these industries. So the expansion of employment by low-wage workers is not the sign of a healthy economy. {snip}


14 responses to “Res Judicata: Who Pays for the Immigrants in Texas?”

  1. June Warren says:

    In Alabama the taxpayers have had to pay for illegals. Hopefully that burden will begin to ease as they leave.

    We had only about 2,000 Mexicans in Tuscaloosa (or so we were told) but a high percentage of the murderers, thieves, drug smugglers and sex offenders in the county jail are Mexican. It cost about $30,000 per year to house, feed, and provide medical and dental care for each one. Since some will have face LONG sentences in prison, the taxpayers will probably pay over a million dollars for each one of them! This is on top of all the charity cases that have to be written off at local hospital!

  2. Sincerely Concerned says:

    According to the FAIR study, the costs of illegal immigrants outweigh their payment of taxes by 3-1.


    This is EXACTLY the problem I’ve been trying so hard to make my friends and others understand. THREE TO ONE.

    It is hard enough to take care of everyone over 65, multigenerational welfare recipients, the big corporations’ tax breaks, the nearly 50% of U.S. citizens who are not paying taxes, and our own elected officials whose freebies cost us $400,000 a shot (Michelle Obama’s latest jaunt to Africa), etc., without ILLEGAL aliens on our backs. I want to take this part of the article, blow it up and place it on billboards every three blocks on the side streets and every mile on the interstates, and then every other network TV commercial break.

    At least then people couldn’t say they don’t know. Sadly, they’ll just say its anti-immigration propaganda and go on about their merry way. There are only two ways to stop this. Enforce the law OR ignore it and watch our entire country go belly up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hospitals in NJ and elsewhere are being financially crushed by free indigent care require by the state. Much is assume to be illegal immigrants and their families.

  4. SKIP says:

    Personally, I am anxious for the U.S. to socially and financially collapse, then we can get on with dealing with our immigration problems, our treacherous politician problems, the muslims and blacks and begin putting our collective weapons and ammo to use.

  5. rockman says:

    nancy pelosi said there were 20,000,000 illegals here when she was speaker of the house. 2,000,000 of these have felony records are doing what felons do. We spend 166,000,000,000 a year to support them here every year. Since the 1950s when Eisenhower sent them home we have spent over 7,000,000,000,000 in tax money to support them here. What is the current national debt.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rick Perry clearly isn’t an option. Who else in the republican presidential race has a strong anti-immigration stance? The only one who really comes to mind for me is Michele Bachmann; though much of what she speaks is common sense, she will be demonized completely over the gay, and “Not all cultures are equal” (which we’ve been saying here a long time) lines. She is the only candidate running who has asked for a return to pre-1965 immigration policies. A whole lot of what White people have been asking for, and yet when she wins the Iowa straw poll the media mentions her name once, and Perry + Romney 45 times.

    Other than Bachmann panders to wall street far too much, and isn’t exactly much in the field of actually reducing taxes; she might be the best person to eliminate much of Obama’s bad policies, and set us back on the right path.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here’s an excerpt from a letter to Obama from the president of the American Hospital Association:

    “The most recent statistics shows that America’s hospitals provided nearly $40 billion in uncompensated care in 2009.” to illegal immigrants.

    Read more:

    AHA urges Obama to consider costs of treating illegal immigrants

    (you can find the link to the PDF file of the full letter at that link, too)

  8. June says:

    Aside from taking care of illegals, the US taxpayer is saddled with legal aliens, visa lottery winners, refugees from political and religious persecution, disaster refugees who never leave, wet foot, dry foot escapees,etc. Do these people have jobs waiting for them when they hit our shores? I don’t think so. This is another huge outlay of taxpayer money that is never mentioned. They all take money and jobs from Americans. We don’t need any of them!

  9. Jack in Chicago says:

    The key here is to make opposition to massive illegal immigration and bad immigration (Islamic terrorists, diseased 3rd world people, no skilled non Whites) something that every Republican candidate has to do. Anyone who foots around on immigration – their political careers are over.

    Then you will find that most Republican candidates will go with the flow – sure there will be some 3rd party Libertarian candidates pushing open borders nonsense, but they will be ignored as they are always ignored anyhow.

    Romney or even the Huckster – former Arkansas Governor and Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee who once spoke that he welcomed the day when White Southerners would be a minority to Latinos, even the Huckster will come around when they know that their political careers and media careers are over if they are treasonous on immigration.

    Once Republican Conservative economics superstar Jack Kemp got taken down for the count – his political career ended in California because he got on the wrong side of immigration. McCain, Specter and other RINOs were taken out or marginalized over this issue. Just stay strong and work, educate – this issue is going our way.

  10. margaret says:

    Perry’s ratings plummetted when he called those who oppose in state tuition for foreign nationals heartless.

    I hope the rest of the republican contenders take heed. Of course as soon as elected they will agressively advocate for illegal hispanics.

    American laws are made by dictatorial unelected judges. Once a

    judge makes a decision it becomes precedent which is laws made by judges, not elected legislatures.

    I can see all the foreign students in Texas suing for instate tution on the grounds that if the state gives instate tuition to mexican and central american nationals, it is discriminatory to charge out of state tuition to chinese, arabs, indians and other foreign students who attend Texas universities.

  11. Playing Roots Backwards says:


    An important factor of being a race realist is being a realist.

    If it were up to me to control our southern border, I would set up portable execution stations every half mile from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean and I would have the navy torpedo any boat that was suspected of hauling illegals. Do you think that such a plan would get me elected POTUS. You might vote for me, but most people wouldn’t. I would be just about as electable as that hilarious Minnesota congresswoman who wants to return to the immigration laws we had prior to 1965.

    Bachmann isn’t a serious contender. Check her out on and you will see that she is a liar, but she isn’t good at it.

    If immigration is your most important concern in the 2012 election, then you are going to be sorely disappointed with the Republican that soft-headed Americans choose in the primaries.

    Perry, the multi-term governor of one of the reddest states in the union pushed and implemented a law which prohibits sanctuary cities in Texas, sent Texas Rangers to the border and spent 400 million dollars to try to slow down the tide of illegals. He recently got left behind in the polls by the former governor of the bluest state in the union who allowed sanctuary cities during his reign.

    Today Perry is tied in the polls with Big Business Cain who is a founding member of the Cheap Labor Treason Lobby.

    You are probably right. Perry won’t be an option when you step in the booth next year. He killed his chances by signing a veto-proof bill into law that allowed taxpaying illegals to go to college at instate tuition rates. He also shot himself in the foot when he spoke honestly about our nation’s Socialist Pension Plan.

    No, Perry won’t be a problem, Old #6. You will likely get to choose between Obama and the corporate raider who killed off American jobs like John Wayne killed off Indians, then authored Romneycare.

    That is a reality that can be neither ignored nor altered.

  12. ATBOTL says:

    Perry is the worst of the bunch when it comes to immigration. It’s not just his record and positions, which are terrible, it’s his ties to open borders extremists in the Texas “business community.” Imagine what a lame duck Perry could do with a Democratic Congress. Perry is an open borders true believer like Bush. For now, white nationalists who believe in working through the GOP need to focus on stopping Perry. In the medium term, there needs to be an effort to promote stronger candidates than the current crop for the next election.

  13. ChiefEngineer says:

    Very few people go beyond what they are presented with in video format or very short paragraphs that lack detail. Once a cliche gets going or a partial truth, it takes on a life of its own.

    See the following article to add to your knowledge:

    Many here and elsewhere repeat nonsense factoids as if they are pregnant with meaning and catholic in application. One such moronism is the tripe that immigrants took X number of jobs. Who cares? What ‘s the ‘rest of the story?” Regular citizens didn’t want the jobs? Consider that a large influx of new arrivals and immigrants in Texas, illegal and legal-due to incompetence and inaction by the Federal Govminet-need concomitant increases in teachers, health care workers, police, etc. Get the picture Mr. and Mrs SuperficialAndDon’tKnowIt?

  14. White E says:

    I will be voting for Ron Paul. Many say he has a weak stance on immigration, but he is a constitutionalist and immigration is not in the constitution. Therefore it should be left up to the individual states. That is not my personal opinion that is actually outlined in the constitution as many of you likely know. I don’t see why most of you are so against him, it would be MUCH easier to get things done at a state level as opposed to federal. The ONLY reason most people don’t take him seriously is because the lamestream media tells them not to. Look at what other garbage they spew, why would you believe anything that they say?