Posted on October 12, 2011

Ethnicity and Academic Performance in UK Trained Doctors and Medical Students

K. Woolf et al., Pub Med, March 8, 2011



To determine whether the ethnicity of UK trained doctors and medical students is related to their academic performance.


Systematic review and meta-analysis.


Online databases PubMed, Scopus, and ERIC; Google and Google Scholar; personal knowledge; backwards and forwards citations; specific searches of medical education journals and medical education conference abstracts.


The included quantitative reports measured the performance of medical students or UK trained doctors from different ethnic groups in undergraduate or postgraduate assessments. Exclusions were non-UK assessments, only non-UK trained candidates, only self reported assessment data, only dropouts or another non-academic variable, obvious sampling bias, or insufficient details of ethnicity or outcomes. Results 23 reports comparing the academic performance of medical students and doctors from different ethnic groups were included. Meta-analyses of effects from 22 reports (n = 23,742) indicated candidates of “non-white” ethnicity underperformed compared with white candidates (Cohen’s d = -0.42, 95% confidence interval -0.50 to -0.34; P<0.001). Effects in the same direction and of similar magnitude were found in meta-analyses of undergraduate assessments only, postgraduate assessments only, machine marked written assessments only, practical clinical assessments only, assessments with pass/fail outcomes only, assessments with continuous outcomes only, and in a meta-analysis of white v Asian candidates only. Heterogeneity was present in all meta-analyses. CONCLUSION: Ethnic differences in academic performance are widespread across different medical schools, different types of exams, and in undergraduates and postgraduates. They have persisted for many years and cannot be dismissed as atypical or local problems. We need to recognise this as an issue that probably affects all of UK medical and higher education. More detailed information to track the problem as well as further research into its causes is required. Such actions are necessary to ensure a fair and just method of training and of assessing current and future doctors.

12 responses to “Ethnicity and Academic Performance in UK Trained Doctors and Medical Students”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This should be run with the AmRen article of about a year ago when another study classified elderly whites who didn’t want minority physicians as having dementia.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No lie…as if we didn’t already know this.


    To determine whether the ethnicity of UK trained doctors and medical students is related to their academic performance.


    The objective should be to get them out of your country, period.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The researchers conclude this minority underperformance is widespread and persistent. Yet their conclusion is “we gotta’ find out WHY, and make sure the poor brown darlings get more help?

    What about the patients they will be killing?

  4. neanderthalDNA says:

    Well looks like old Fred Sanford had it right after all!

    Yeah…you can inflate and debase History to let the blacks feel like they can compete. You can create advocacy studies and spew out bogus Phd’s in “effed by the white man studies”. You can water down and standard-lower and give out gimme grades in lots of academic areas to prove your stupid, reality denying, broken ideology…

    But when you start corrupting medicine and engineering with that sorry garbage…

    People die needlessly on operating tables and bridges collapse! Because ideologues had to prove their stupid, evil, ideology.

  5. Dance says:

    Courtesy of Obamacare:

  6. madison grant says:

    Yet another reason to avoid Affirmative Action doctors. Just ask Michael Jackson…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The article call for more research to discover the causes of the problem. Will the researchers be allowed to consider the possibility that there are racial differences in IQ? If that cannot be even considered, then it will not be a true scientific inquiry. It will be another politically correct waste.—-HM

  8. elitist says:

    The principle at stake remains simply:

    it is wrong to expect more of a black with an IQ of 80 (or 90, or 100, or 110) then you would expect from a white with the same IQ.

    A white with an IQ of 100, but not be admitted to medical school under any circumstances, so neither should the black with the same IQ.

    The entire system of race privilege is based on the opposite principle:

    a black is admitted to medical school with scores and mental ability that would exclude any white automatically – and for good reason!

    It really is just as simple as 2+2 equals four:

    If you lower standards for one racial group in order to increase racial parity, you GUARANTEE there will be low-quality doctors from that group.

    The bigger picture is that the white race is at the precipice of mass suicide in pursuit of a false ideal, a hallucination, an ideological fiction, that of racial equality in mental ability.

    The smaller picture is:

    avoid non-white/non-Asian doctors at all costs, they are extraordinarily unlikely to be competent.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The smaller picture is:

    avoid non-white/non-Asian doctors at all costs, they are extraordinarily unlikely to be competent.


    Easier said than done in the good ole USA of today. Almost ALL HMO’s have mostly NON-white doctors! I cannot afford the insurance to where I can pick and choose a White doctor, which I USED to have decades ago. They were everywhere. No longer, thanks to the 1965 immigration act.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lived long enough to have a few hopeless doctors and am reminded that, in any profession, somebody graduated from the bottom of their class.

    Simple commnication between doctor and patient may be an issue regardlesss of IQ. And that is a medical basic necessity

    But the day my missionary-raised Kenyan doctor, after a year of misdiagnosis and overdosing me with estrogen, threw up her hands and just said, “I’ll pray for you” I was done with multi-culti physicians.

    And Ladies? It may be wise to take a pass on those male Muslim gynecologists out there. Just sayin’.

  11. KPD says:

    Not only did Michael Jackson’s doctor allegedly kill him with a misuse of propofol, but his stupidity continued by claiming in court that Jackson died from drinking it…which was easily proven to not be possible. And he passed medical school? I wonder how. This is not exclusive to any specific country, but does seem to have a connection with race.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Unless you tip glasses at TGIF with support people like nurses and medical technologists, etc, you don’t hear much “inside news” regarding race and physicians. If you do, you do. There are some people I don’t tip glasses with, but I’ve never heard over the years anything but firm and universal , if whispered, emphasis that among those licensed to be physicians in America–if you know nothing else than that the ER person is a physician, do whatever you can to avoid the Black one/s and equally any physician who has been “trained” in a third world medical school. Most Black physicians trained in the US have had marginal academic performance and are considered marginal by the perceptive persons who observe them on duty.