Posted on October 10, 2011

Bill Maher: “Denying Racism Is the New Racism”

Real Clear Politics, October 7, 2011

Bill Maher says the rule black Republicans must follow is to never talk about race or racism.

“In today’s GOP there is only one correct answer to the discussion about racism. And that is: There is no racism in American anymore. Except reverse-racism against whites. That shit is real. You know, like the rapture?” Maher said on his HBO program “Real Time.”

“If you think racism isn’t a problem anymore, you must be living under a rock–on Rick Perry’s hunting camp,” he said.

“And what is the Republican solution to these outrageous [racial] inequalities? There isn’t one. And that’s the point. Denying racism is the new racism. To not acknowledge those statistics, to think of that as a ‘black problem’ and not an American problem. To believe, as a majority of FOX viewers do, that reverse-racism is a bigger problem than racism, that’s racist,” Maher later concluded.

“And that is the unwritten rule about being a black Republican. You’re welcome in the party as long as you never, ever, ever mention race.”

[Editor’s Note: See the original article for the video of Mr. Maher’s monologue.]

50 responses to “Bill Maher: “Denying Racism Is the New Racism””

  1. Banastre Tarleton says:

    Well, there you have it. The liberal logic of race politics. Blacks and other minorities could NEVER be racist towards other groups, its just US who are the bad guys. Nowhere in Mr. Maher’s juvenile, college sophomore N.Y.U. rhetoric did he even address the real core of the issue or racism by minorities towards whites, instead, he danced around that slyly with a pinch of comedy to steer his sheep audience away from having to really think about the issue. Racist – the trump card of liberals the world over.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actaully, I usually disagree with Bill Maher, but he has made some good points this time.

  3. MAJ says:

    Why anyone takes Bill Maher seriously is a mystery.

    As a second-rate comedian with a flimsy talk show on cable TV he makes it into the press more for the dumb and purposely “controversial” comments he makes than for the thought behind them.

    If you watch his broadcasts he actually treats blacks with very little respect – mocking them or pandering to them mainly as fodder for jokes. His backhanded racists remarks are exactly what he is supposedly ranting against.

    Nevertheless, as a classic knee-jerk liberal, he appears frightened that blacks may actually have low IQs and a propensity for violent crimes and this scares him so he overcompensates with idiotic statements like the ones above.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “And that is the unwritten rule about being a black Republican. You’re welcome in the party as long as you never, ever, ever mention race.”

    Cain is mentioning it, over and over. It looks like Maher is a victim of the intellectual inbreeding that he usually condemns.

    I’d love to ask him a series of questions about white privilege. One of the closers would be something like, “So, you are saying that to end white privilege we must destroy the white majority? And won’t that simply create, aren’t we creating racial privilege for others? Or should minorities dominate and rule in any race majority nation, as long as that nation is traditionally white?

  5. BannerRWB says:

    ““If you think racism isn’t a problem anymore, you must be living under a rock”:

    – I believe there is racism and I don’t believe it is a problem, but neither do I live under a rock. I see the problem as people knowing that a natural, normal, race based emotive response exists within all people, and that we then try to “solve” such a problem. To me, even the attempt at solving such a problem is the problem itself. We should recognize the issue, separate the races and engage in some other form of managing racial co-existence. Shoving people together through busing or housing set-aside programs is only making the “problem” worse.

  6. Filled with Foreboding says:

    Being from England, I don’t know who Bill Maher is. However, having watched his monologue – an exercise, it seemed to me, in self-congratulation – I think it safe to say that he is a man of insufferable smugness. Self-righteousness seemed to drip from every word. I wonder if he has been brainwashed and actually believes what he says – consider that 50 years ago such negrophilia would have been considered insane – or is he merely trying cynically to prove himself a safe pair of hands and so advance his career? I wonder if he knows himself.

  7. sbuffalonative says:

    “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity,” Cain responded. “I don’t believe racism in this country holds anybody back in a big way.”

    Herman Cain is the only Republican I know who is permitted to speak out on the topic of racism.

    White Republicans are forbidden to speak of race. Unless they grovel and genuflect, no matter what they say, it will be used against them.

    Mr. Maher is painting black and White Republicans into a corner. He condemns Whites for ‘denying’ racism and he dismisses comments made by black Republicans.


  8. ice says:

    Bill Maher: “Denying Racism Is the New Racism”,

    This character has had a few humorous stand up comedy presentations that were funny, but in no way does he have the ability to make logical evaulations of political issues.

    In fact, the older he gets the more bizarre he becomes. I think it’s the drugs he takes that are responsible for altering his personality.

  9. S.L. Cain says:

    Bill Maher is a vile, loathsome, little toad.

  10. patthemick says:

    We must get past the racism argument and pursue an equality according to ability program or we will simply implode due to the injustice of it all.

  11. White Guy In Japan says:

    Let’s take a look at Mr. Maher’s neighborhood. Wonder how diverse it is.

  12. Nick says:

    I honestly believe blacks and white liberals throw the “racism” charge around because they can’t think of anything else to say.

    It is meant to silence (and smear) you in the absence of an effective rebuttal.

  13. Bandmo says:

    I can only just wonder if Bill Mahar lives in a majority black area? These that spew this crap, go home and have nothing to do with them in real life.

  14. Question Diversity says:

    Lamestream conservatives who either support the pizza jockey or like him (that describes almost all lamestream conservatives, sorry for the redundancy), are being hypocritical. They rightly predicted that Obama’s becoming President wouldn’t shut the black race hustlers up, that their complaints about “racism” would only grow louder. That prediction was spot on. (Most AR regulars here also predicted this, but unlike lamestream conservatives, we also forecasted an accurate reason why, that economic and fiscal realities would not result in a black-run utopia, and this would make blacks even more mad).

    However, these same lamer cons now think that the “race industry” will stop busting their chops just because they either support or like Herman Cain.

    Newsflash: “Racism” (per Bill Maehr’s definition) will never go away, as long as there are two or more white people on this Earth consuming oxygen, water and food.

  15. Detroit WASP says:

    “Denying racism is the new racism.”

    And stupid is the new smart.

    Political Correctness is the new truth.

    Truth is the new lie.

    Remember when Maher was asking for George Bush to apologize for slavery?

    I ain’t heard Maher bring that up lately. Wonder why? I would love to see Obama apologize to blacks for slavery. It would be the perfect irony to represent the stupidity of political correctness.

    If any president EVER apologizes to blacks for slavery, I want blacks to apologize for Detroit, Cleveland, Gary IN, East St. Louis.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I try to live my life without hate, but I have to say, I HATE BILL MAHER.

  17. Cogitator says:

    Living in his insular world it is easy for Bill Maher to make such foolish comments. It would be interesting to see if he still toed the line after he had been gang raped by white hating blacks.

  18. Hirsch says:

    Bill Maher is the smarmiest, most unpleasant (both physically and spiritually) talking head on the left. Fortunately, he is such an egomaniac that noone needs to fear his agenda or wonder what it is. He has no desire to truly agitate one way or the other for any real cause aside from self-aggrandizement. He likes seeing his face on television and he likes schmoozing with supermodels at Hugh Heffner’s palace, because he knows these women would find him revolting if he were not famous.

    He is essentially the secular left’s version of the storefront televangelist. And his interactions with minorities of any stripe consist mainly of berating Mexican valets who park his car before he heads into Fred Seagal, or some other upscale eatery. He’s worse than Tim Wise, and it takes talent to claim that mantle.

  19. 9mmMax says:

    Give an idiot a megaphone and you get LOUD idiocy without end.

    Maher must be taking another sociology class taught by Jenneane Garaffalo(?). Blacks talk endlessly about race and are more engrossed with racial identity than any other group. Yes, Cain, Scott and West are recent but welcome exceptions.

    Where is Holder (managing gun running) when we need him to moderate a lively discussion of race?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Bill Maher shouldn’t be able to go on TV and say “this is what the majority of FOX viewers think” without statistics to back it up. People take seriously what these talking heads say. Sounds like he’s guilty of a little projection, what with his doing exactly what he accuses FOX of doing every single day on his own show, but I digress.

    Bill Maher is just a slightly more cosmopolitan version of Tim Wise anyway.

  21. Free State Paul says:

    “If you think racism isn’t a problem anymore, you must be living under a rock—on Rick Perry’s hunting camp,” he said.”


    …or worshipping in Rev Wright’s church for 20 years.

  22. Tim in Indiana says:

    Maher once had a TV Show called “Politically Incorrect.” Now, if he wishes to have any credibility in the left-wing media, he has to prove that he’s anything but.

  23. Anonymous says:

    “Bill Maher said (insert anything here).”

    In other news, a dog farted in panama today…

  24. Deirdre says:

    Bill Maher is a disgusting person. He stinks, and his stupid show “Politically INcorrect,” which was the most politically correct garbage on TV, also stunk so it stands to reason his new show must also be PC trash. But this beats all. Being a liberal is actually his good point, but he is gross. Completely gross. I can’t wait for the day that he is savaged and gored by a black mob because he is one person I can say really deserves it.

  25. Stiv says:

    He’s really just a failed comic with loud opinions. He couldn’t succeed as a stand-up, or in movies/TV series, so he pretty much just became a spokesman for the way Hollywood and limousine liberals think.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Filled with Foreboding’s comment;

    Your assessment of Mr Maher is very accurate. He is a self righteous sexual deviant lifestyle leftist. His disgust with anything remotely religious just drips with his own narcissism and high opinion of himself. He could care less about the poor or blacks. His only cares in the world are for himself. A miserable little man.

  27. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    Maher uses the term “racism” as a weapon against whites to induce guilt. In so doing he is confusing — perhaps with less than admirable intent — “racism,” belief in the subjugation of one race by another, with “ethnocentrism” (ingroup preference and outgroup rejection) and its cousin, “ethnopreference,” the desire to be with people like oneself.

    Ethnocentrism and ethnopreference highly adaptive for ethnic survival for tens of thousands of years. Whites who feel guilty about their own ethnocentric and/or ethnopreferential feelings are thus culturally, emotionally and intellectually disarmed. They are rendered vulnerable, which seems to the point of the point of Maher’s anti-GOP diatribe.

    People of Maher’s turn of mind have been so successful in the past 50 years that it is now legitimate for any group other than whites to wear their ethnocentrism on their sleeves. Were whites do so it would it be “racism” and the cultural apparatus would swing into high gear to suppress this dangerous outbreak of white ethnic normalcy.

    For a fine discussion of the terminology inter-group relations see:

    Ethnocentrism, Ethnopreference, Xenophobia

    Peace in Race Relations — A New Understanding

    by Dr. Robert John

    Occidental Quarterly

    Summer 2007

    From the abstract:

    Ethnocentrism includes ethnic self-preference or ethnopreference and a negative attitude toward other ethnicities or races. Ethnocentrism has been a factor in human development and ethnic survival, although ethnic groups are not absolutely distinct or exclusive. Since World War II, the culture of European and European-American (Western) peoples has been loaded with media dramatizations associating their ethnocentrism with historical horrors and tragedy. The resulting repression of ethnocentrism and the psychological defense of “reaction formation” have produced distortions of behavior of some Western peoples, against the survival interest of the individual or group. The positive component of ethnocentrism, that we term “ethnopreference,” is neglected, unrecognized, or suppressed.

    From this unresolved internalized conflict comes the multiplicity of legislative acts in Europe and North America to favor the “other” over the “self,” the alien over the native son; unprecedented in human history.

    Understanding the evolutionary value of ethnopreference, and making it conscious, without negative feelings toward others, resolves internal conflict. Thus, all ethnicities can consciously respect their own and other ethnicities; with conflict reduction. This is the appropriate public therapy for our time.

  28. passingthru says:

    “…to think of that as a ‘black problem’ and not an American problem.”

    It’s an African-American problem, Bill, ok? And BTW, stop calling achievements by blacks “African-American” achievements, because that’s racist too.

  29. white advocate - Canada says:

    Bill Maher is what you get when the Frankfurt School of Sociology tries to do comedy.

  30. Anonymous says:

    His logic: since there are unequal outcomes for blacks vs. everyone else, anti-black racism must exist. What a deluded man.

  31. Ben says:

    I’ll admit it I’m guilty of use too watching Maher; however, a personal thanks goes out to Maher who contributed to my change in politics.

    Maher talked about the “downfall of white penis (no, not joking, as you can watch via the link).”

    It was supposed to be funny, but I realized he was talking about me (or the “group” I was seen as a part of). I realized I was the person to be happily “disposed” (ironic as him as well) of…despised from a past where supposed prideful minorities that continuously drag the so called social construct “white men” down.

    It wasn’t funny.

    Amiss the laughing in my living room I became very uncomfortable. Due to my ignorance I realized that I was a sheep talking to wolves about what is for dinner and enjoying it.

    P.S. I wonder what Maher would consider himself who after all was sued by his African girlfriend for beating her and calling her racial slurs?

    Hopefully some day there will be a witty right wing comedian who mocks Maher via mainstream.

    Truth is said in jest.

  32. Anonymous says:

    “Real Clear Politics” = bad grammar

  33. Wayne Engle says:

    Bill Maher is one of the most contemptible, self-hating White men I have ever seen. He is a smart-aleck who needs a good punch in the nose, to be followed by being forced to attend the next American Renaissance conference, in cuffs and with a gag over his mouth.

    That’s assuming the liberals who want free speech only for themselves, don’t manage to deep-six this one, too.

  34. George says:

    Anonymous 3:39pm:

    What “good” points are you talking about?

  35. Anonymous says:

    This racism business is very confusing. Let me help straighten it out.

    First, all people that are mentally healthy favor their own race. Black people are pro-Black, Oriental people are pro-Oriental, and White people are pro-White.

    The corollary of this ethnocentric caring is an aversion to other races. So that anyone Pro-Black is naturally anti-White; anyone pro-White is anti-Black.

    Not all races are equally ethnocentrically intensive. The White race is least prone to racism. The White race has a history of individualism as opposed to group cohesion. The White race has a history of judging strangers as individuals rather than judging strangers as outsiders and members of a threatening non-White group.

    This softening of the ethnocentric trait, coupled with the Christian doctrine of accepting all humans as equal children of God, is why the White race is in so much trouble with Blacks today. Were White people as racist as Blacks are and as racist as Bill Maher claims, the White people would have exterminated the non-Whites in America long ago.

    Rather than spend time trying to pull yourself out of the quick sand of the term “racism”, just think in terms of pro-Black / anti-White and pro-White / anti-Black.

  36. Anonymous says:

    He spent 10 years hosting a show called ‘politically incorrect’ with Bill Maher and he never took a single postion that wasn’t PC. He may be rude but otherwise he’s an advertisement for political correctness.

  37. Jim says:

    Maher is a piece of sub-human garbage who thrives on hate.

  38. Anonymous says:

    It’s not so much denying racism per se, it’s the denial that non-whites (especially blacks and hispanics) can be racist towards whites. If a white person said something that could be considered incitement to kill a non-white person, then it’s called out for racism, yet when non-whites (especially blacks) do the same to other races, rthey never get called out for the racism/hatred. Also, I believe many people are in denial about many things, such as race differences in average IQ, the ‘blame whitey (as well as other non-white races who are higher achieving)’ mentality among blacks and so on.

  39. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    I wonder what statistics Maher was talking about “acknowledging”? The statistics of sky-high off-the-charts crime by Blacks against Whites? The 35 thousand rapes by Blacks of White women? (A statistical zero of 10-per-year for White-on-black rape.)Let’s acknowledge the statistics indeed.

  40. Fr. John+ says:

    “Herman Cain is the only Republican I know who is permitted to speak out on the topic of racism.” – SBuffaloNative

    I would beg to differ. Ron Paul has told Hispanic audiences point blank, he is not going to ‘hispander to them.’

    Of course, that (like all Rep. Dr. Paul’s statements) is not being “HEARD” due to the ‘International Banker” Media… as it were.

  41. Un-Indoctrinated says:

    This is one area of ideology that I certainly disagree with Maher. He only uses percentages and statistics on one side of the argument. Such as: blacks who kill Whites are 16x more likely to get the death penalty than Whites who kill blacks. This is probably because it was meant as a deterrent because of the high frequency in which it occurs. Whites killing blacks is quite rare these days. They may kill blacks during self-defense but that is the way for the galaxy to balance itself. And rid the planet of the undesirables.

    He also stated on his show the other night that blacks have twice as high of the unemployed as White Americans. I somehow think these numbers will be justification for black on White crime to skyrocket. What Maher and many liberals fail to mention is the high frequency of black on White crime stats. Over 90% of interracial crime is black assailant White victim. These are not fabricated numbers. These are from the US DOJ and they even have to “fudge” what constitutes a crime for and against the Hispanic population.

    Now, having said that, I do agree with Maher about inequalities in the economics of this country. Those are also hard number stats that you can’t argue with. The top 2% earners in this country have 40% of the wealth. The US median income has dropped 6.7% in the last two and a half years, since the so called recession had ended. This is a depression foljs… Make no mistake.

  42. Anonymous says:

    To answer some posters question if Bill Maher lives in a “diverse” area. No he lives in lily White Hollywood Hills. It never ceases to amaze me about these L.A based multicultural types and where they live. Los Angeles in now dominated by non-White areas. They are very cheap compared to the few White areas. Yet when I drive through the endless Latino neighborhoods I do not see one white face. Not a one. Some of these are not like Black areas. They are somewhat livable if a White person wanted to. Yet no Whites choose to. It shows you of the utter hypocrisy of these multicultural types.

  43. Gary says:

    Maher’s claim to his leftist media fame is inventing vile slander against the majority (center-right Americans) which thrill members of the “progressive” (socialist) national press – things they themselves less cleverly babble at each other in private. Maher is their representative bad-boy foul-mouthed entertainer, free from any constraints of respect, responsibility, truth, regard for human feeling, or human decency in general.

    Consequently, Maher provides us all with a flawless education of the dangerously juvenile and brainless nature of today’s American left.

    An education all of us should apply in Novenber 2012.

  44. Question Diversity says:

    41 Un-Indoctrinated wrote:

    blacks who kill Whites are 16x more likely to get the death penalty than Whites who kill blacks.

    Maher needs to think things through. Just because you “get the death penalty” doesn’t mean you’re going to get executed, there are a zillion legal hurdles in between the two. The truth of the matter is that whites convicted of first degree murder are more likely (twice as likely, IIRC) actually to be executed than blacks convicted of first degree murder.

  45. Pablo Picasi says:

    Bill Maher is on the top of the list of hateful and nasty

    “truthful political commentators”. His remarks about some public

    and official figures, such as Sarah Pailin and others, borders on vile smears and intententional unwaranted personal insults.

    This despicable gevelopmentally challenged MORON, as he freely callled evryone else should be taken off the air. Thank you and

    God bless America.

  46. Anonymous says:

    His demonizing black Republicans only stokes hate and violence. HBO is a coconspiritor in his vile bigotry.

  47. Seek says:

    I actually like Maher when he’s anti-authoritarian; his 2008 documentary that skewered organized religion, “Religulous,” was a laff riot from start to finish. But in the end, his Leftist side always gets the better of his libertarian side. His preposterous views on race put him on the same plane as any black “civil rights” leader. What a waste of talent.

  48. WR the elder says:

    The purpose of the words “racist” and “racism” are to try to control the minds of the populace and to prevent certain truths from being discussed. A kind of definitional bait and switch is always going on with those words. The nasty meaning of “racist” is someone who hates people of another race. But look up the dictionary meaning of “racism” and we get something like this:

    racism – 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    Note how this conflates two completely different concepts in one definition — the notion that cultural and individual achievement are to some significant degree determined by race, and the notion that one race has the right to rule over others. Most of us here are “racists” by the first part of that definition, and there is nothing wrong with that, if in fact reality is such that human achievement is correlated strongly with race. It is never evil to accept the truth. I know of no one here who believes that one race should rule over the others. What we really want is to be left alone, by our busy body government and by the race hustlers of all stripes. We don’t want to invade Mexico, we just want Mexico to stop invading us.

    Our opponents always make the following incorrect inferences:

    1. WR the elder believes that IQ and other cognitive traits are highly heritable and differ on average among the races, and that these average differences explain much of the observed differences in outcomes among the different races.

    2. Therefore, WR the elder wants to rule over other races.

    3. And furthermore, WR the elder hates anybody who isn’t white.

    Only (1) is true, my views are amply supported both by everyday observation and by innumerable psychological and genetic studies. But all the hatred and oppression directed against “racists” is based upon the incorrect inferences (2) and (3). Because the “anti-racists” refuse to accept (1), they have no choice but to blame all black and Hispanic failure on white racism. In so doing they encourage race hatred, against whites.

    BTW, the necons really do want to rule over everybody else, invade other countries, and impose American hegemony on the world. They have caused massive deaths and human misery, and are bankrupting our country. Yet they are “anti-racist” and are considered respectable by the mass media, while people like me who prefer Ron Paul’s policy of non-interventionism are considered dangerous extremists.

  49. Taurus689 says:

    What Billy needs is an up close and personal reality check at the hands and feet of two or three “youths” during a flash mob incident.