Posted on September 14, 2011

Report: Obama’s Judges More Diverse

Mackenzie Weinger, Politico, September 13, 2011

President Barack Obama is the first president who has not picked a majority of white males for the judiciary at this point in his term, according to a new report.

Nearly three out of every four confirmed judicial nominees have been women or minorities, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. That means more than 70 percent of Obama’s picks during his first two years in office are “non-traditional” nominees, or not white males, political science professor Sheldon Goldman said.

“It is an absolutely remarkable diversity achievement,” Goldman told the AP.

In Bill Clinton’s administration, 48.1 percent were “non-traditional,” while Bush made 32.9 percent of his picks women or minorities.

Obama has had 98 of his nominees confirmed thus far, with the administration saying 21 percent are African American, 11 percent at Hispanic, seven percent are Asian American and 47 percent are women, the AP reported.


11 responses to “Report: Obama’s Judges More Diverse”

  1. blackwatcher says:

    For at least 4 years now every night on tv i have watched PBS television show the photos of the soldiers killed that week Afghanistan. All white males. I have yet to see one black. Where is the diversity here?

  2. Brutus says:

    Diversity in 5 words: “No White men need apply.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Someone on this website once answered one of my endless rants about feminazi Judges by pointing out that all the damage to Whites was done by White male judges from 1956 (Brown vs Topeka)

    to 1975 (Griggs vs Duke Power Kaiser vs Weber)

    Doesn’t matter; White, black, hispanic, asian, martian, plutonian, handicapped, venusian, male, female or in between, gay or straight, Harvard or diploma mill degree the judges will rule against Whites.

  4. Nick says:

    The damage done here will persist for decades, but I like how it’s “an absolutely remarkable diversity achievement.”

    Second, if we’re going go for diversity at all costs, can we at least be minimally smart about it? Why are there three times as many black appointees as there are Asian ones? That seems backwards to me; there are not three times as many educated and qualified blacks in America as there Asians. Maybe the Asians are too busy getting medical and engineering degrees instead of law degrees. Maybe Asians tend to not rely on affirmative action to succeed. Moot point, the majority of the appointees should be white anyway.

    Blackwatcher, you’re quite right. The armed forces are overrun with blacks and their “culture”, but blacks are conspicuously absent from the ranks of combat arms units. Go figure.

  5. ice says:

    The few white males this white hater appoints have got to be so far out in left field they’re left wing extremists of the highest order.

    This is a president who wanted in office to promote anything and everything black, and if any of it helped anything or anyone else it was an unintended consequence.

    Lip readers have said that Michelle Obama in this video of the flag ceremony during the 9-11 remembrance, is disgustingly saying, “All this for a flag?,” to which Obama nods in agreement and smirks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Makes me think of the “wise latino woman” comment, which was never called racist of course.

  7. rockman says:

    start at the top the Supreme Court judges can be impeached they do not have jobs for life they are touchable and can be removed. Get on it

  8. Anonymous says:

    It makes sense. If you watch T.V. you would know that except for Judge Wapner, all the best judges are black or female. Those two demographics must be well known for having superior logic and intelligence.

  9. Anonymous says:

    1 — blackwatcher wrote at 6:57 PM on September 14:

    “For at least 4 years now every night on tv i have watched PBS television show the photos of the soldiers killed that week Afghanistan. All white males. I have yet to see one black. Where is the diversity here?”

    It has been that way since the start of the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars in 2002. Most of these whites come from rural regions where they still think that America is all about being white, Christian, apple pie, and aspiring to be a hero in war a’ la John Wayne is a cultural component as well. I understand it, but I continue to grow in my view that these white guys are dying in high numbers, and actually represent the best genetic stock of the white race in America. I think the constant wars are part of the overall strategy for the genocide of whites. Some readers may recall the posts we’ve had from soldiers in Afghanistan who wrote about how the whites go out to fight while the blacks and Hispanics hang back and flirt with, rape and otherwise harass the white females. As such, these wars are helping eliminate the very people and traditions that these brave individuals think they are protecting. The America they are fighting for is a myth of the past. That’s why I want to see these wars ended. We have enough computer game strategies, drones, and robots to hassle Al Queda from here.

  10. blackwatcher says:

    i feel ashamed of white men who not only voted for this black muslem racist but for all the silent white men who stand by and let these blacks and other leftist people destroy our country. ive seen it happen to my friends. they run around trying to conform to every leftist trend like feeling guilty saving the planet global warming hoax nonsense crying getting in touch with their feelings being sensitive it is sick just sick they have no soul just to be trendy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    White females, Why don’t you all go and live in the black neighbourhoods since they think of themselves as some kind of “minority”?

    Oh yeah, because blacks, (just like white females), couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone the governance of a society or even a neighbourhood.

    I’ll look forward to seeing more white female victims of black on white crime in the future. Whores!