Posted on September 16, 2011

Race, Evolution and Behavior now available in Russian.

AR Staff, American Renaissance, September 16, 2011

J. Philippe Rushton’s classic work, Race, Evolution and Behavior has been translated into Russian. Just released at the Moscow International Book Fair in September, it sells for 400 to 600 Rubles ($12 to $15), and is being snapped up by scientific libraries as well as the general public. Prof. Rushton wrote a special foreword for this edition, which includes essays by two Russian scholars. The translator, Dimitry Rumyantzev, has a PhD in biology and is also the translator of Richard Lynn’s Race Differences in Intelligence. The book is published by Prophit–Style, based in Moscow.

A different publisher is now working on translations of Race by John Baker and of Erectus Walks Amongst Us by Richard D. Fuerle. Caleton S. Coon’s The Races of Europe is also scheduled for translation into Russian.

Russians are generally less brainwashed about race than Americans and Europeans, and these books are sure to find an excellent reception.