Posted on September 23, 2011

Mandarin Lessons to Become Compulsory in Pakistan

Rob Crilly, Telegraph (London), September 20, 2011

A pilot project will be launched later this year in the southern province of Sindh as Pakistan looks to further strengthen ties with its giant neighbour.

While Islamabad and Washington continue to eye each other warily–and a planned visit by President Barack Obama has been postponed–2011 has already been declared the year of “Pak-China Friendship”.

The country’s cricketing authorities have even considered playing Test matches in China while touring sides avoid Pakistan for fear of terrorist attack.

Now, education authorities in Sindh say they plan to make Mandarin compulsory in schools from Class 6 (10- and 11-year-olds).

“Our trade, educational and other relations are growing with China everyday and now it is necessary for our younger generation to have command over their language,” said Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq¸ senior provincial education minister, as he unveiled the policy.

Learning the language may earn pupils scholarships or trips to China, according to officials

The plan has many critics, however, who say the policy is driven by political considerations. They point out that Pakistan has few Chinese language teachers and an already overstretched education system.

Zubeida Mustafa, columnist and author of Tyranny of Language in Education, accused the Sindh government as moving further into “mass confusion”.

“As is our wont, a handful of unqualified policymakers have taken the hasty decision with no planning having gone into it,” she wrote.

Pakistan is not the only country to take up Mandarin or Cantonese as China’s economic growth transforms world trade.

In July, Swedish officials announced that all primary schools would offer classes in Chinese within 10 years.

But in recent months Pakistan has repeatedly talked up its ties with China–worth $8.7bn in trade each year, a figure expected to almost double in the next three years–as its relationship with the US has soured.

Earlier this year, Pakistan opened a nuclear reactor built with Chinese expertise and the country is now believed to be Islamabad’s biggest supplier of military equipment, including warships and fighter jets.

In May, with his country still reeling from the US’s secret raid to kill Osama bin Laden, Yousuf Raza Gilani, Pakistan’s prime minister, thanked China for its uncompromising support.

“We are proud to have China as our best and most trusted friend, and China will always find Pakistan standing beside it at all times,” he said shortly before a visit to Beijing.

14 responses to “Mandarin Lessons to Become Compulsory in Pakistan”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry, but I can not find anything bad about China making colonies in Afghanistan, Pakistan an other parts of the third world.

    A fast growing Pakistan with an average IQ of 80 pouring in Western countries and searching for blond girls they can force into prostitution like in England is much worse than Chinese pouring into our Universities.

    At least maybe China will bring birth control to Pakistan

  2. pawcatch says:

    I’m really not convinced that China really wants to set up colonies in third world or if they’re capable of it now even in Africa.

    Yes,they have hundred of thousands of workers in Angola and a few other African countries,but does anybody really think they could invade Pakistan in the near future?

    How did invasion work for them back in 1979?

    China’s rural areas are still very much behind all of the developed world and maufacturing jobs are disapearing there at a rapid rate because of the downturn of the western economic markets.

  3. flyingtiger says:

    I am wondering, where does Pakistan get the money to buy modern weapons? How many rugs do they have to sell?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pakistan is supposed to be a US Ally. This is the same Ally that was aiding al Qaeda, with Intelligence information, and hiding Osama bin Laden for years. Some Ally.

    But, we can really pick’em, can’t we? The US helicopters that were too damaged and left behind in Pakistan after the OBL raid by the SEALs were scooped up by the Chinese, and taken back to China for further analysis. Thanks, Pakistan.

    Now China is forcing itself on its nearest Neighbors, and they have to learn Mandarin. Ahh, too bad. No Chinese PC hugs for the Pakistanis.

    Wait until China forces the rest of what they are known for, which is Labor Camps, persecution of all Religious activities, and subsistence living onto this population, and the Pakistanis will get exactly what they deserve.

    When I think about the murders and rapes committed by the Pakistanis on White women and children throughout Europe, I can say that I feel no sympathy for them.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    Chinese imperialism and ultra-nationalism in the region might actually do us a lot of good in a “disparate impact” sort of way. People that are too enslaved to a factory production schedule will be too busy and tired to build bombs that will go off in Times Square. AFAIK, let China have both Pakistan AND Afghanistan, a few other -Stans, and Iran for good measure.

    This might sound a bit treasonous to say, but the world was more peaceful when two superpowers that could have blown each other and the rest of the world to smitherenes at any time divided the world in two.

  6. margaret says:

    “I am wondering, where does Pakistan get the money to buy modern weapons? ”

    From the American taxpayer. Pakistan supported us for 40 years during the cold war. Indian supported the Russian communists.

    They were a good ally for a long time.

    Let the Chinese taxpayers support this backward 4th world dump for the next 50 years. Let China take over all the 4th and 5th world sewers.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “When I think about the murders and rapes committed by the Pakistanis on White women and children throughout Europe, I can say that I feel no sympathy for them”

    Chinese cultural has always been very much against forcible rape which they consider totally different from sex slavery. Unlike the situation in Russia and Eastern Europe when they were under communism Chinese communist officials were not given tacit consent to rape anyone they choose.

    “The United States now stands alone with countries such as Cuba, China, Egypt,and Saudi Arabia in authorizing the death penalty for non-homicide rape. These countries have criminal codes which are contrary to the United States.”

    Louisianna is the only American state that has a death penalty for non homicide rape.

    If Pakistan becomes a Chinese colony I’s sure rape statistics will go way, way down.

  8. Anonymous says:

    China detests those Caucasian muslims, Uhgurs in north west China. How will they treat those Caucasian muslim Pakistanis?

    I’d love to watch the show.

  9. Question Diversity says:

    3 Flying Tiger:

    Among other sources, us. Under the pretense of “jobs” and “deterring terrorism,” we’re outsourcing our last few textile jobs to Pakistan.

  10. Anonymous says:

    #3 Pakistan gets military aid & buys stuff from China. Pakistan buys and/or gets subs, frigates, jet fighters etc from China. The only reason they dabble with the USA is because the people running Pakistan are for sale, just like everywhere else. While these people live in Pakistan they have stashed their loot in the western banking system and that makes them both easily corruptable and vulnerable to extortion.

    The Chinese desires ports in the Indian ocean to protect their oil shipments from the middle east, they have therefore invested heavily in Burma and now also in Pakistan. They also want a local counterweight to their rival India whom they warred with in 1962 (IIRC). I guess that 20 years from now there will be large roads, railroads and pipelines running China-Afghanistan-Iran/Pakistan.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #8:

    HUH? Neither the Uyghurs or Pakistanis are Caucasians.

  12. pooryetUwillbeIam says:

    at #11 – they’re more “Caucasian” than the Chinese. Sorta like the way southern Italians are more “black” than Nordic Europeans which led to one of the more odious slurs we use about them in America. Sorta the same way an Aztec and a Spaniard are both “Hispanic”.

    IMO there a lot more than three [Three Race THEORY – Caucasian, Mongoloid, black] races – probably even more than three thousand races. But if prevailing Western thought and SCIENCE pushes that there are only three “great” or Macro races then the browns of the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Central Asia are absolutely “Caucasian”. Whites can fight for that word and lose, Whites can be “White” and include anything with pale enough skin – from Iran for example, or Whites can be people of EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN descent, or a smarter man than me can come up with a better idea. Maybe even go back to ethnicity, tribe, caste etc., but that sorta leaves a lot of good whites in America screwed because they are ethnically mixed or have Native American admixture. Maybe create a new tribe – the white American tribe and allow it to be divided into bands based on phenotype, but to still confederate against the common enemies. I don’t know. I just know that every time a racially aware white doesn’t understand what Caucasian means in the scientific sense, I worry. Don’t ever get to the point where you distrust everything in the dictionary or Google or Wiki or whatever just because it’s the MSM – understand their definition of words and how it differs from your definition of words and then create your own word that doesn’t draw upon their words.

  13. Anonymous says:

    #11 Yes they are. Most caucasians are not white europeans.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Poster 11

    You are Russian there fore you cannot claim to be European. You are as central asian as the armenians tatars and uzbeks, doesn’t matter how blue your eyes or blonde your hair.

    Any person who claims to be a White nationalist and

    dis associates himself from brunette Whites is first a fool and second profoundly ignorant.

    I’ve seen plenty of persians, armenians and kurds who are as fair as russians. I’ve never seen a persian or armenian with truly blonde hair. But I have met several kurds with true blonde hair.

    Plenty of those north western central asian great russians have black hair and brown eyes. I have known them.

    The biggest and dominate ethnic group in Pakistan are the Pashtuns. There are direct descendants of the ancient Sycthians who came down from what is present day north western Russia.

    All you ever post is sneers at Whites who are not from north western Russia. Your endless nitpicking about exact shades of Caucasian skin and hair and height is as useless as the endless Rushton Engleman reiteration that asians are superior to Whites because 3 asian ethnic groups have IQs of 105.

    Do you ever post news articles here? Do you spend time on the internet looking for black on White crime and discrimination aganst Whites?

    Do you realize that although we care about out European brethen, this is an American site focusing mostly on American problems? Are you aware that the worst problem American Whites have is black on White crime and discrimination against Whites by our own goverment?

    You and the other great russians are free to fight back against the armenian, georgian and other ethnic groups that have invaded your section of russia. We are not. Your goverment has not banned you from any and all goverment jobs and benefits because you are the wrong brand of russian.

    We American Whites face genocide. We have more things to worry about than who is defined as nordic and who mediterrean.

    You are as ignorant as a black man I worked with. He once asked me “you’re not really White are you? You’re blond but your eyes are sort of grayish blue, not bright blue. Are you maybe part French?”

    Presumably he does not think French people are White. Sounds just like poster 11.