Posted on September 23, 2011

Harvard Research Project Needs Young White Nationalists

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a sociology student at Harvard University conducting research for my senior thesis on young people who are active in the American white nationalist movement. I am most interested in understanding what motivates young people to participate in these movements, as well as how their participation influences their process of growing up.

Because I want to give young people involved in the movement the chance to tell their own stories and to put their perspectives out there, I am conducting interviews with young people ages 18-30 who identify as white nationalists. I wanted to reach out to you and see if any members of the Council of Conservative Citizens who fit my criteria would be willing to speak with me. All answers (as well as the name of the group) would be anonymized in my thesis, and the interview would take 45 minutes to an hour. I am located in Boston, MA, but would be more than happy to set something up via phone or Skype.

I am attaching an information sheet about my project, which further describes the ways I will protect participants and their data. If you have any other questions, I am more than happy to speak with you at any time.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Keri Hartman

[email protected]


[Editor’s Note: Any persons interested will have to contact Miss Hartman for the information sheet.]