Posted on September 9, 2011

A Mexican Death Cult is Fuelling America’s Anti-Immigration Backlash.

Tim Stanley, Telegraph (London), September 6, 2011

The cult of Santa Muerte has intensified American fears about illegal immigration

In September 2008, 11 decapitated bodies were discovered in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. When police arrested the killers, they found an altar in their home dedicated to Santa Muerte–the patron saint of death for Mexican drug cartels. One year later, an illegal immigrant called Jorge Flores Rojas was arrested in North Carolina for running a sex ring. He, too, had built a shrine in his east Charlotte apartment to Santa Muerte. Flores forced his girls to have sex with as many as 20 men a day while he knelt in his living room praying to the skeletal figure of death. In August 2011, the Mexican army stumbled upon a tunnel that ran right under the US border for 300 metres. It was six feet high and equipped with lights and ventilation. It also housed–you guessed it–an altar to Santa Muerte.

Europeans complain mightily that Muslim immigration has introduced fundamentalism to their secular continent. Yet they tend to look upon Middle America’s fear of illegal Hispanic immigration with contempt, as if its paranoia was motivated entirely by racism. Reporting on new legislation designed to drive illegal immigrants out of the Deep South, The Guardian’s Paul Harris writes that it heralds, “The prospect of a new Jim Crow era–the time when segregation was law–across a vast swath of the old Confederacy. [The legislation] will ostracise and terrorise a vulnerable Hispanic minority with few legal rights.”

Indeed it will, and that is a tragedy. But the debate about illegal immigration isn’t just about competition over jobs or lingering white racism. Many Americans share the European fear that mass migration is subverting their democratic culture from within. In the same way that exotic cells of Jihadists have established themselves in London and Paris, criminal gangs motivated by bloodlust and kinky spiritualism have been found living in the suburbs of Boston and Atlanta. One of its many manifestations is the cult of Santa Meurte.

Santa Muerte is part Virgin Mary, part folk demon. The image of a cloaked saint wielding a scythe is supposed to offer those who venerate it spiritual protection. Offerings come in the form of flowers, alcohol, sweets and tobacco. Contraband can be used to invoke protection from the police. For the poor of Mexico–a nation torn between extremes of wealth and injustice–Santa Muerte is a very pragmatic saint. Like the gang leaders who offer hard cash in return for allegiance, she provides material blessings that the Catholic Church can no longer afford to bestow.

Tens of thousands of Mexicans living in America venerate Santa Muerte and have no association with crime. Nor is the cult purely ethnic: in North California, the Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage is tended by a woman of Dutch-American descent. But the prevalence of Santa Muerte imagery among drug traffickers injects an interesting cultural dimension to the debate over illegal immigration. It accentuates American fears that the drug war in Mexico is turning into an invasion of the USA by antidemocratic fanatics.

The Mexican conflict has claimed 35,000 lives since it began in 2006. Recently, the violence has spilled over the border and spread throughout the US along narcotics routes that stretch from Arizona to New York. The warring cartels are bound by a perverse ideology, with Santa Muerte as a unifying icon that terrifies opponents into submission. The gang known as LosZetas marks its territory by mounting severed heads on poles or hanging dead bodies from bridges. Its members are family men who regularly go to church. A splinter group, called LaFamilia, is fronted by a fellow called El Mas Loco (The Craziest One). Loco has published his own bible, a confused mix of peasant Marxism and passages culled from American self-help books. The goal of these groups is to undermine democracy and govern autonomous secret societies through family, blood and religion. It’s a global trend. The Lord’s Resistance Army that slaughtered and raped its way across Uganda from 1987 to 2007 was led by a man who claimed to channel the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the culprit behind this apocalyptic criminality was the death of Communism, which deprived thugs and thieves of a secular ideology to justify their actions. Organisations like FARC and Real IRA converted overnight to pushing drugs. But in Mexico, family and religion filled the vacuum left by the failure of socialism.

Whatever its origins, the spread of the cult of Santa Muerde reflects the fact that the debate over immigration in the US is about more than economics. Sadly, Mexicans seeking work get caught in this existential drama and are either swallowed up into the gangs or demonised in the US for crimes they have not committed. Nevertheless, Americans of every ethnicity are legitimately concerned about their country being poisoned by a criminal subculture that blends political corruption with ritualised murder. Europeans should not be so quick to judge their transatlantic friends. Americans face a vicious threat of their own.

18 responses to “A Mexican Death Cult is Fuelling America’s Anti-Immigration Backlash.”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Really, we should be glad that Chicano violence and brutality is fueling our “anti-immigration backlash.” Problem is, it should not have to come to that. The basis of our “anti-immigration” backlash should all along be our desire to keep America’s population constituted with an overwhelming, almost universal percentage of identifiable Americans. Even if the non-whites are technically “better” than us.

  2. Hirsch says:

    These cults have been abducting and killing Americans for decades. Simply Google “Matamoros Cult” and “student kidnapped.” They use black Magik and the dark arts to intimidate their superstitious peons and to discourage them from stealing cocaine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Strange that this cult has never been mentioned in the American press. I wonder why? All we ever hear about it their wonderful roman catholicism or occasionally the growing number of protestants.

  4. Madison Grant says:

    The final paragraph mentions those poor innocent Mexicans who get “swallowed up into the gangs”. I guess they didn’t want to be gangbangers, but were “swallowed up”.

    Kinda like the looters in the ’92 LA Riots whose defense lawyers claimed they just “got caught up in the riots”.

  5. NAVY says:

    The drug cartels control most of Mexico.

    From the point-of-view of nature, the phenomenon is an indicator that the people are attempting to come face-to-face with what they’ve become.

    Where there is no vision of the future the people perish- from the Bible

  6. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    I love reading about Mexico. The place started weird, and has been getting weirder ever since.

    Coming to a neighborhood near you and me soon, unfortunately.

    Gotta’ love some of this stuff, though. As the saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up:

    “The gang known as LosZetas marks its territory by mounting severed heads on poles or hanging dead bodies from bridges. Its members are family men who regularly go to church. A splinter group, called LaFamilia, is fronted by a fellow called El Mas Loco (The Craziest One). Loco has published his own bible, a confused mix of peasant Marxism and passages culled from American self-help books.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Europeans complain mightily that Muslim immigration has introduced fundamentalism to their secular continent. Yet they tend to look upon Middle America’s fear of illegal Hispanic immigration with contempt, as if its paranoia was motivated entirely by racism. ”


    This is laughable, or enough to make you cry. Any person with a few neurons firing can make the justified assumption that Mexicans are walking death by the following, glaringly obvious set of statistics. No racism need enter the picture;

    Juarez, Mexico (population 1.5 million) is roughly ten times smaller than New York City. Call it eight or nine times smaller.

    The murder numbers for Juarez in 2011 are already over three thousand.

    The murder total for New York in 2010 was roughly 550.

    This is a staggering comparison. And no matter which way one cares to frame or slant the data, no matter what prejudices they may harbor, Marxist/Multiculturalist, or White Race Realist, or just a lover of peace and safety, it shows us that Mestizos are a fabulously violent people.

    They cannot live in peace and harmony. They cannot self- govern. They cannot provide for themselves. They rationalize and accept massive mayhem and intense brutality in their midst. Many , obviously, commit this mayhem and brutality.

    As their numbers increase, their misery increases, and spreads to everything around them. They do not understand what they are doing. They are on a collision course with consequences they do not comprehend, nor have they ever.

    Had Europeans not conquered their ancestors, and introduced some western ways (and more importantly, injected virtually pure- blooded European rulers to create and run everything), Mestizos would still be grass-clad peple. No sneakers, hats, guns, blaring stereos, low rider cars, sunglasses, etc. Just people in the wilderness, cutting heads off.

    They are in no way even remotely fit to tread in white lands. Their presence is the death of civilization, as surely as is the presence of Africans.

    It’s really that simple.

    No one and nothing can prove these statements wrong. No sentiment can negate these facts.

  8. Jeddermann. says:

    “[The legislation] will ostracise and terrorise a vulnerable Hispanic minority with few legal rights.”

    Will do neither and if it does cause problems ONLY for those that are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    I work with a man who is a Santa Muerta practitioner. I broought in a National Geographic magazine that has a recent article about the “religion” and he was very proud to read about his faith.

    Santa Muerta too is more of the old time Aztec and American Indian religions that were supposedly put out of action by the Catholic faith but evidently have not done so.

    That looks like a very nice stainless steel mini-14. I would replace the folding stock with a good plastic version.

    “Coming to a neighborhood near you and me soon, unfortunately”

    And in many cases, ALREADY HAS! Good luck and watch out for the cross fire.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have definitely seen their operations in San Antonio, TX, when I was there in May of this year. It really freaked me out to look up and see it all on the exterior wall of a building, evidently their meeting location on the south side of SA. It is very, very real in our country.

  10. Luke says:

    Do we all notice the reoccurring and predictable language – plus the key buzz-words that are always repeated over and over again – whenever any historic White European nation is being discussed in the context of these massive invasions of non-whites from various third world, failed nations into White nations? Even this fellow Tim Stanley couldn’t resist tossing in those key buzz-words, despite the relatively sympathetic tone to this article.

    Those buzz-words are: “lingering white racism”.

    Well, friends – there are a few points that ought to be glaringly obvious to all regular AR readers about this repetitive habit. Let me cite them.

    1. The prevailing assumption that permeates the hostile, anti-white ruling class and the media elites in literally all White Western nations – is that the native White European people in their respective nations, whose White ancestors founded and built those nations, have no more right to claim ownership of those lands than does any non-white or group of non-whites who sneaks in from a third world nation. This is basically equivalent to a homeless bum breaking into your home while you’re away at work, and then claiming that your house is as much his as it is yours.

    2. Since White European people, therefore, do not actually ‘own’ their people’s homelands -despite having occupied those lands for hundreds and sometimes for thousands of years – then they have no justified right to be opposed to massive waves of non-whites flooding into their nations, displacing the whites as the majorities, replacing white culture and white systems of governance with their own, completely destroying the host culture, eradicating the host language, customs and traditions and then effectively stealing those nations from the White European people who’ve occupied those lands for hundreds of years.

    3. White European people who are not willing to surrender their historic homelands to invading hordes of non-whites, because they are intelligent enought to understand that it is the perfectly legitimate and moral right for all peoples to wish to preserve their race, their culture, their way of life and to strive for self-determination and to avoid subjugation at all costs to other races who are totally unlike themselves and who harbor deep-rooted hostilities towards them – are afflicted with the horrible disease of ‘lingering racism’.

    4. Therefore, for any white to be opposed to the race replacement of his race, for any white to be opposed to being dispossessed inside his or her own historic homelands by his or her racial competitors, for any white to wish to live among his or her own people and to only be ruled by racially healthy and racially loyal members of his or her own race and tribe – believing in any of these things means that you are suffering from the horrible disease of ‘lingering racism’. This is true in spite of the mountains of easily found, easily verified, historical evidence that clearly shows that throughout World history, whenever whites have permitted themselves to be reduced to powerless, subjugated minorities, ruled over by non-whites – that those non-whites will eventually decide to massacre and exterminate their minority white populations. This is also true in spite of the fact that, once whites fall to minority status, the non-white majority who then outnumbers them will have the ability to deprive whites of all of the precious and sacred liberties that their 100 percent White Founding Fathers bequeathed to them, will have the ability and probable motivation to enact even more discriminatory laws that give non-whites government sanctioned preference in employment, for college admissions, and for an endless list of other lucrative pursuits and ethnic specific advantages. And, since whites are a minority and outnumbered on voting day – there will be nothing they can do to prevent themselves from being fleeced, discriminated against, or forced to endure being screwed over by the ethnic spoils system that we have already gotten a bitter taste of from Obama.

    Conclusion: White European people are under no obligation to roll-over and surrender the control of the nation that was built by White European people to a motley collection of aggressive, arrogant, parasitic non-white third world peoples who’s talents at building and maintaining a civilization can be measured by their desperation to abandon their own nations and flood into ours. Whites are NOT suffering from ‘lingering racism’ by refusing to be displaced and then subjugated to rule by races other than their own. This is the word game that is being played by our enemies in order to attempt to intimidate & silence us and imoblize us – while they steal our nations right out from under our feet. Don’t fall for this racial hustle, people.

    Start acting like owners, because this nation is OURS.

  11. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    To 10 — Luke:

    No one is demanding that China and Japan admit hordes of alien peoples into their countries.

    It seems to be Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, and White lands for everyone.

    Because of the effect that will have on us, by the U.N. definition of genocide there’s a White genocide going on, and it’s being committed by persons who claim to be anti-racist, but who are actually anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  12. JamesTheJust says:


    You are absolutely 100% correct.

    There will come a race war. It is unavoidable. When that time comes, we must cast out the treasonous Whites who betrayed us. We can throw them into the darkest nations of the world where they will be consumed in the most gruesome manner they so richly deserve.

  13. John says:

    The problem, Luke and others, is that many whites who do care about our race seem to be afflicted with idiocy.

    So many who care about the white race go “WOW I’LL JOIN THE KLAN OR THE NAZIS. THAT’S A GREAT WAY TO PROTECT MY RACE” and then our entire movement is discredited in the eyes of the whites who are on the fence, leaving only the white-hating white liberals to lead us.

    Further, no one wants to be a leader. Leading is scary, you don’t want to put your head out there! And even if you did, where would you start? The answer is to run for state legislature and begin agitating. On a national level you get scrutiny from the national parties, who both enforce anti-white or neutral-towards-white policies. But at the state level you can convince other Republicans (you cannot win over the Democrats as one of them, you need Republicans to be your fortress and then you can convince a few Dems to your side) to join you in the anti-immigration debate. And with 3/4s of the states on our side, we can Amend the constitution any way we please.

    Finally, NO ONE HAS KIDS. There are a lot of whites around here who want their cake and want to eat the whole thing too. It doesn’t work that way, you can have a 40% white USA in 2050 with our current birthrate or you can convince all your friends and fellow conservatives to have four or more kids each and get them to spread the word across the country via family and friend connections and get a 60% white USA in 2050. But of course, that one will be more overpopulated than the former. But both are going to be overpopulated, and in an overpopulated non-white majority USA you can bet the white people will be little more than slaves providing income to support the welfare state.

    So have some children and spread the word, get active in your local and state politics and become the new elite. We can win but we need to stop being pussies.

  14. Tewk says:

    Post #6. You’re right, Mexico is weird. Of course they aren’t the only ones. All the rest may very well think whites are weird and that’s fine. I(blond/blue) to find many white’s behaviour incomprehensible. Also incomprehensible is the demand (of multiculturalist) that we must all strive to understand all our weirdnesses no matter where they come from. NO NO NO ! I reject that notion. And all cultures are NOT equal. As a younger person I did feel some drive to understand weirdness. I came to understand that, to paraphrase Nietzche “If you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks back into you.” To understand weirdness is to have that weirdness become part of you. I’d rate the Western way of thinking quite high among the competition….until its recent perversions that is. The West probably needed this crisis….we have become rather decadent.The danger is real but I do sense an energy building among the West (white). Oh do hope I live long enough to see an explosion.

  15. Henry says:

    The Aztecs were obsessed with death and killed many neighboring tribe in ritual murders that would last for weeks. Then they would cannibalize those people. Whites should want and should have a White country anyway. One day Whites will wake up and see they have no where left to go, and they will realize that wanting your own nation doesn’t make you racist and that word racist is meaningless, especially when it comes to survival.

  16. Question Diversity says:

    11 John:

    Ever wonder why the media give so much attention to those K groups or those bent cross groups? AR et al., get almost none by comparison. The reason is that the media are trying to sucker white people into thinking that the Ks and Ns are the only way to express white nationalism, in order to smear white nationalism. In reality, AR probably has more regular readers in a typical suburban county than all the non-FBI non-SPLC non-informant non-A.P. Ks and Ns in the whole country.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Even more illegals are on the way.

    CA Alert! California Legislature votes to restrict use of E-Verify system!

    Tell Gov. Brown to veto.

    Despite our massive unemployment, the legislature has passed AB 1236, which would prohibit state agencies, local governments, and special districts in California from requiring an employer to use the federal E-Verify system—even when that employer is a contractor to the government.

    Several other states and local governments have enacted legislation to require the use of E-Verify by government contractors or businesses that require local licenses. Unfortunately, the legislature is moving the state in the opposite direction even as California’s jobless rate has hit a post-World War II record of 12 percent.

  18. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    To 15 — Henry:

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.