Posted on September 9, 2011

Close to 1,000 Escape in Congolese Prison Breakout

Joseph Kabila, France 24, September 7, 2011

An official says two people were killed during a massive jailbreak by nearly 970 prisoners in southeastern Congo.

Dikanga Kazadi, the information minister of Katanga province, says eight armed men attacked the prison guards in Lumumbashi on Wednesday, allowing the prisoners to flee. He says police have recaptured 152 of the 967 escaped prisoners. He says the armed men were trying to free a militant who was condemned to death.

Kazadi said that the two dead included a police officer and a young man who was visiting his detained brother.


6 responses to “Close to 1,000 Escape in Congolese Prison Breakout”

  1. neanderthalDNA says:

    Apologies for the re-post, but I think it is appropriate commentary for just about any story that comes to us from deepest darkest, black ruled and governed…

    I need to start a travel agency…

    If you want to live the “Mad Max” post apocalyptic hell life – why waste your time digging bunkers and stocking up weapons here? Just blow your savings and go about anywhere you want in deepest darkest sub-Saharan AFRICA.

    There you will find a race of people who’s average IQ is somewhere between 60 and 80, who appear to possess substantially more archaic genetic inheritance than even Europeans or East Asians, who…

    Hold on a second…

    SOME African countries have an average of 60 IQ. That’s like the IQ of some late prepubescent/early pubescent white boys…which reminds me of a story I once read…


    So you have Lord of the Flies governments, lawlessness, brutality, cannibalism, slavery, heavy r-style breeder violent rapine breeding, ate-up-with horrid plagues, scant, decaying infrastructure…

    Sounds pretty post apocalyptic to me!

    Just stock up on weapons and medicines and flashy gadgets and enjoy your Mad Max vacation in Africa. The dystopic future is NOW, baby!

  2. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Prisons are a Caucasian invention, Africans did not invent them, so there shouldn’t be any of them in Africa, where there are only Africans. Their way of dealing with transgressors was to administer street justice on the spot, and that often included death.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I knew a Haitian once who said claimed was common practice for Haitian prisoners to be let out of the prison for lunch at home with their families or else they would simply starve to death since the prison had no food (or perhaps I am guessing the prison guards would just pocket the food money).

    I imagine a jail in the congo–where canabilism is common and people starve in droves is pretty much a death camp. It is not hard to imagine why they have massive jail breaks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s something about how bad it can be in Africa that you simply must see to believe. It’s not directly related to this particular story in the Congo but this is a good place to introduce you all to it. Please circulate this to all your race-realist friends and shock and befuddle your bleeding heart (double entendre as you will see) non-race-realist friends too.

    Talk about Gonzo Journalism !!!

    THE VICE GUIDE TO TRAVEL – LIBERIA in 8 parts on YouTube.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, NeanderthalDNA;

    The Congo (and all of black Africa) is an open- air insane asylum, a wide-24×7, wide-awake nightmare.

    It must be hell on earth, if there is such a thing.

    The depravity, the savagery…just, EVERYONE, go looking for videos on YouTube.

    Watch the horrors closely, and KNOW Africa from a safe distance. UNDERSTAND what the African really is, what it really is capable of.

    These videos are in the hundreds, probably thousands. You will see horrors you wouldn’t wish on any living creature…but in Africa, they are simply normal.

    I PRAY, I WISH, white America would watch these videos…I mean everybody. After a while, one comes to calmly accept that Africans are a people apart, and are so spectacularly violent, malevolent, dumb and destructive, that they should be avoided at any cost. It requires no hatred.

    If ONLY Liberals and the do-goodding churchy-types, clad in their ego-bound shroud, would see these things, and attribute responsibility to Africans, instead of some nonsense hack about colonialism,


    Our world would change in one night.

    The next morning, hundreds of millions of whites would wake up and say “No more. We are awake now, and we cannot abide the presence of Africans in our midst. We should never go out to them, either. They are simply to be avoided, always, forever.”

    Must this be just a dream, when all the churchies and Liberals need to do is watch one hour of YouTube?


    It boggles the mind!

  6. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    The best thing that ever happened to African blacks was European colonialism. The Europeans stopped the Arab slave trade, built roads and hospitals, gave the blacks as much education as they were capable of benefiting from, and imposed law and order.

    Unfortunately, the Second World War exhausted the European colonial powers. Independence movements sapped European self confidence. With several thousand years of civilization behind them the Algerians, the Vietnamese, and the people of India were capable of governing themselves. The African blacks were not. This has become more obvious with the passing of time.

    Most blacks benefit from benevolent paternalism. Many of them know this.