Posted on September 19, 2011

65% Put Border Control Ahead of Legalizing Illegal Immigrants

Rasmussen, September 16, 2011

With the Legal Workforce Act, a bill forcing companies to check the immigration status of their employees, working its way through Congress, voters nationwide continue to believe overwhelmingly that when it comes to immigration legislation the focus should be on the border.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 65% of Likely U.S. Voters say it is more important to gain control of the border than to legalize the status of those already living illegally in the United States. Twenty-eight percent (28%) feel legalizing the status of illegal immigrants is more important. {snip}

Fifty-seven percent (57%) favor a welcoming immigration policy that is designed to keep out only national security threats, criminals and those who come here to live off our welfare system. {snip}


Seventy percent (70%) of white voters favor border security over legalizing illegal immigrants, a view shared by only 47% of blacks and 45% of voters of other races.


18 responses to “65% Put Border Control Ahead of Legalizing Illegal Immigrants”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    I keep hearing this canard, especially from certain Republican Presidential candidates, that we need to “secure the border” (whatever that means) first before “addressing the illegals already here” (code words for amnesty). If you’re going to give everyone amnesty, why bother securing the border (quote-unquote) at all? Even if you really did secure the border, it’s useless and futile if you’re just going to let everyone in legally.

  2. anonymous says:

    It could be 95% but it doesn’t matter if you have liars and thieves for politicians……

    and we do………. how many honest politicians can you name?

    unfortunately, humankind seems to produce this evil and perhaps always have and always will. it’s the nature of human affairs……….perhaps not at first, but then, it evolves and ends up turning into a bucket of ****.

  3. BannerRWB says:

    This is the line that caught my eye on this one: “Fifty-seven percent (57%) favor a welcoming immigration policy that is designed to keep out only national security threats, criminals and those who come here to live off our welfare system.”

    – I believe the question, whatever it was, is not being asked correctly. People should be asked point-blank if they believe having an immigration policy that replaces the White race in America is, or is not, a good thing. Show the answers by race, and then see what kind of answers we get. White people do not yet seem to understand that even as it is, Whites will be living in ever smaller areas across the globe, and will continue to be pushed into greater poverty and irrelevancy. I am convinced we will end up in ethno-states, and once there, with the liberal consciousness destroyed by common sense, Whites will return to a positive-growth birth rate. Our grandchildren will be living in a much smaller nation and will curse us for having given away the greatest country on earth.

  4. Justin says:

    It’s getting pretty obvious isn’t it? We are waking up and fighting are dispossession while the others want more illegal immigration to further water down the percentage of Whites in the country.

  5. fis THIS house says:

    Secure the border yesterday. Restore that sense of American Exceptionalism that was taught to children for generations. Then buy American, and help Americans, and dream big American dreams and repair This Great House.

    I repeat to myself, every day, like a mantra, a list of America’s incomparable achievments: NASA, Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and others. I do this because I am sure that the “Media” are capable and powerful enough to science-fiction-like brainwash the masses into hating America. The mass-brainwashing we have seen in just the past few years is formidable–pure science fiction stuff.

    So we who love the inarguable Genius of This Great Nation must overcome the lefty brainwashers and spin doctors. So the internet and MTV did a number on our kids’ minds and sold them Obama and the new Pepsi logo. Those kids are a few years older and, hopefully, wiser. Through media (like American Renaissance) WE must WIN THEM BACK, make them proud of their nation again, and get them to realize that a secure border is what adults who are not naive really want for their nation and their families.

    America, grow up, stop worshipping your Obama, elect a proper President, and love your country again, and just look after her like you really love her.

  6. sbuffalonative says:

    I’m surprised it’s as low as 65%. Previous polls have had controlling immigration at 80% and slightly higher.

  7. Ben says:

    Securing our boarders have just become cliche. The conservative aren’t really that conservative.

    They have been office a few times before (as the retain more of the population…although that is declining) and failed.

    When I was Liberal I bought into the notion that building a wall was a stupid and ridiculous idea. Yet now that I’m more educated ancient Chinese built the Great Wall. It was effective. It isn’t really that hard (not to mention giving work and helping the economy somewhat). And you can put the army on the boarder from places like Germany, etc.

  8. hotpants says:

    @Ben – I wish I had the link, but the Israelis say a wall (along our southern border) would work.

  9. Vito Danelli says:

    As I understand it, most of the Illegal Immigrants in this country overstayed their Legal Visas, like 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers did. So this “Secure the Border First” talk is just so much nonsense.

    How about simply making the e-Verify system MANDATORY for employers? Why aren’t the GOP candidates being asked that question in these debates?

    As for the Illegal that are already here, perhaps there should be a time frame for them to get their affairs in order and return home, kids and all – and I think it would be worth the cost of pay for their one-way tickets too.

    Here’s a line from President Reagan’s signing statement on the 1986 Immigration Reform Act: “The act provides these three essential components. The employer sanctions program is the keystone and major element. It will remove the incentive for illegal immigration by eliminating the job opportunities which draw illegal aliens here.

  10. rockman says:

    The white race is being attacked on a global basis. Nearly every white country in the world is being flooded with some form of colored illegal immigration. Liberal fools are aiding and abetting this race suicide. I recall as a kid hearing of quakers at the time importing black families into the Dakotas and I wondered at the time why this was being done white people are superior to other races in intelligence and creative abilities. Non whites realize this and are acting to breed out the white race for ever world wide. What is going on is not by chance but is too common a thing over the world. White people are being pushed and crowded in enclaves surrounded by hordes of non whites who are being whipped into race hatred. The boers in South Africa being a case in point. illegal Hispanics are pushing whites out of the southwest including Calif. LA is a case in point. At some point whites have to stop and realize what is going on and act in self perservation to stop this race suicide while they can

  11. June says:

    It’s easy to say that the border should be secured. Everyone wants that and it’s been the password for years. However, with the pro-illegals, it also stops there. I’m waiting for the man/woman who will say, “Yes, I am going to line the border with our miltary, then I will mandate E-verify for every business, eliminate birthright citzenship and stop he goodies we hand out for those who’ve broken our laws. We have “Title 8, Sec. 1325″ of the US Code that spells out clearly how illegal aliens should be handled. Everyone seems to have forgotten. I am going to enforce it, and if the countriee who send their people here objects, then their foreign aid will be cut off…any questions?” On second thought, the aid stops anyway. We’re broke and you’ll have to take care of your own people for a change.”

  12. Secure the Border, Then Arrest Those Who Are Currnently Here Breaking Our Laws says:

    Securing the border first is mandatory. We have got to stop the incoming before we can address those already here. Stop the hemmoraging, then heal. Stop the invasion, then don’t do business (save enforcing the law) with those illegals already here. Once the border is secure, we simply gather those who are here on the wrong side of that secure border. And amnesty is not an option; supporting amnesty is treasonous.

    Securing our border will be a statement to the world that We are in charge of our own land, not the UN or any lefties elsewhere, and most certainly not that ridiculous clown of a Mexican president. It will be physical, keeping undesirables out. It will be psychological, showing the world and especially our own people where Excellence ends (north of the border) and Mediocrity begins (south of the border). It will be an economic jolt: I am tired of seeing hopeless, jobless, homeless native-born American Whites who do without while the libtards weep for the poor “immigrants”.

    An impenetrable border would be a boon to America’s collective psyche. It will be akin to planting the American flag on the moon. We will all SEE it, and the image will bring healing to our currently schizophrenic American social-psychology. We will be able to say again that THIS, this land right here, is America.

    In 2012, this is THE ISSUE for me. And Perry and Romney sure look tall and photogenic and “presidential,” but I’d ask them a question: Why do little firecrackers like Bachmann and Palin show more guts and backbone and heart than you two tall, dark, and handsome sell-out RINO’S?

  13. voiceofstl says:

    Seventy percent (70%) of white voters favor border security over legalizing illegal immigrants, a view shared by only 47% of blacks and 45% of voters of other races.

    Why do only 47% of blacks support this? Don’t they realize they are most hurt by illegals in the work force?

    Or is it that they hate whitey so much that they will cut off their nose to spite their face?

  14. Crystal Evans says:

    I have heard that some claim that since crime is down in the border areas of the US such as El Paso, TX, Brownsville/McAllen, TX etc, that the border is secure. That is baloney. The only way the border will be secure is when most of the illegal alien traffic is unable to cross the border. Let’s put it this way,if the Dream Act would pass tomorrow, you will see an a lot of Mexicans trying to cross the border so that in five years or so, their kids can take advantage of the provisions of the Dream Act and become conditional permanent residents and eventually citizens so that they can then sponsor their illegal immigrant parents to come to the US. However, proponents of the Dream Act claim that this is not the case because only those who meet the qualifications the day the bill is signed will qualify. That will not stop Mexicans who heard wrong from trying to immigrate illegally.

  15. Anonymous says:

    6 — sbuffalonative wrote at 10:05 PM on September 19:

    I’m surprised it’s as low as 65%. Previous polls have had controlling immigration at 80% and slightly higher.


    maybe it’s down to 65% due to the decline in our numbers? There aren’t as many of us White folk around

    Or becuase they cherry picked who they polled?

  16. white is right, black is whack says:

    Seventy percent (70%) of white voters favor border security over legalizing illegal immigrants, a view shared by only 47% of blacks and 45% of voters of other races.

    Because they’re in denial about the fact non-white countries are horrible places to live, which is why they live in white countries now. Also, they view more nonwhites as power, but, again, they can’t show where more nonwhites=great standard of living. Second, blacks think other races will unite with them. They are ignorant about the fact other races hate them and treat them like hell in their own native countries. Their hatred of whites exceeds logic. Then again, most lack logic and compassion. Two traits that many whites have.

  17. Anonymous says:

    While I support secure borders I don’t think it’s the key to turning back the horde of invaders. I think a mandatory 20 years in jail and losing all your property for hiring an illegal would do the trick.

    Then build a wall, moat etc etc

  18. Salt says:

    From the article: “Seventy percent (70%) of white voters favor border security over legalizing illegal immigrants, a view shared by only 47% of blacks and 45% of voters of other races.”

    Percentages that within a range of minus 10-15% probably reflect the percentage of blacks, and “others” who are recent immigrants, and are just as likely as not to be here illegally or have relatives who are here illegally.

    Its easy to lose sight of the hoards of African, Caribbean, Chinese, and South American immigrants when we focus so much on the problem of the illegal invasion from Mexico.

    No hopping the border. If you can afford the plane, bus, or boat ticket you simply come, present a passport that may or may not be in your own name, and never leave. Once you get one relative here legally, or even on an overstayed visa its trivial to bring in the rest, legally or not. Even the family of our president follows this trend.

    Pure madness that we are forced to tolerate this. Our legal immigration, and resulting legal chain immigration is bad enough for our nation; the free for all of illegals coming, and waiting for the next amnesty is going to be the tipping point we don’t recover from.