Posted on August 15, 2011

Widener Law Professor Suspended For Retaliating Against Students

Kristin E. Holmes, Philadelphia Inquirer, August 9, 2011

An associate professor at Widener University School of Law has been suspended for a year without pay after he allegedly retaliated against students who accused him of making violent, racist, and sexist statements.

University officials imposed the punishment, which also requires that the professor undergo psychiatric treatment and issue a formal apology, even though a faculty panel ruled in June that the accusations against the professor were not proven.

Lawrence J. Connell, who has taught at the school for 26 years, will not comply with the ruling, said his attorney, Thomas Neuberger, who described the punishment as “draconian.”

“It’s irrational to acquit a person of being a racist and sexist and then say he needs a psychiatric exam,” Neuberger said.

Connell, who is white, has argued that law school dean Linda L. Ammons, who is black, is engaged in an effort to oust him from the university because of his conservative political views. He is suing Ammons, the university, and two students who made the accusations, alleging defamation.


The alleged retaliation included sending e-mails to other students about the accusations and threatening the students with lawsuits in the media, the ruling says. Neuberger said that the characterization of those actions as retaliatory was a misperception and that Connell had been attempting to defend himself.

In December, Connell was accused of using violent hypothetical examples involving his attempting to shoot Ammons as part of classes on criminal procedure.

He also was accused of making a series of racist and sexist statements. He has denied the allegations. Connell has been on paid administrative leave since the accusations were made late last year.


28 responses to “Widener Law Professor Suspended For Retaliating Against Students”

  1. NBF, always! says:

    He may win the suit, but the future is dark for these kinds of law suits.

    The judges of the future will all be steeped in the race, class, and gender versions of the law, which means they will always rule against White Privilege.

    Even when Whites are adjudicating law, you can’t trust them to follow the White-written Constitution. What do you expect when blacks are the judges? Even blackobama said the Const. doesn’t prevent the Govt. from doing things on your behalf.

    If you are black, then your behalf is improved when blacks in Govt. dispossess Whites of even more of that little bit of White Privilege we have left.

    Where do you see anything other than complete chaos, misery, ruin, and blood for our future? The blacks brought Africa with them to America, and when they rule Everything, we will suffer the same fate as White in South Africa.

    Very dismal, very depressing. We pledge to contribute NOTHING to our communities and institutions. Why try to build and improve that which will be stolen and destroyed by the blacks?

    What protections do you expect?

  2. ice says:

    “He is suing Ammons, the university, and two students who made the accusations, alleging defamation.”

    Good for him. Here’s hoping he prevails. He should be able to get reinstated I would think at the very least.

    I’d like to examine this Black Ammons’ university work as a student, then go over anything she might have put in writing herself as part of her job. I’m almost positive it could be proven she isn’t qualified for her job, and she was awarded it as part of affirmative action to get a black face within the administration.

  3. sheila says:

    “A Widener education connects curricula to societal issues through civic engagement.”

    Ha…a quote from the college web-site…sounds like this article is letting folk know just how *word-up* the *curricula* really is!

  4. Intelliboy says:

    So instead of praising a Professor for his sense of humour they suspended him?

    By the way, it is interesting the way they usually bundle together “racism” and “sexism.” If someone is both racist and sexist, then he is obviously under the illusion that women amd men are two different races. Such an individual indeed needs psychological help !

  5. Myopic Governance says:

    I feel sorry for this man, but this is what we need. The high-brow academic class, people like Prof MacDonald and Jared Taylor, opening the debating floor.

    Once enough of these people come to our side, it will open the way for the mass of middle and lower class whites who detest what’s going on…but lack the verbal dexterity to negotiate the murky waters of “political correctness”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I endured this kind of thing from blacks for 25 years in my job.

    You can’t win if you are White.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When a White woman says to a lecherous black co-worker “no, I won’t go out with you or have anything to do with you” that is racism and she is lucky she isn’t be fired.

  8. patthemick says:

    You really have to agree that if the professor sent threatening E-mails to students he’s guilty of retaliation and poor judgement. If as they say they have no proof they have to ignore the complaints and go on as usual. The ffact that he’s white simply shows how intolerant the faculty is of europeon people whiche surprises nobody.

  9. Flaxen-headed Strumpet says:

    I see that Widener “University” Skool of Law has a campus in PA and DE. PA is well known in the legal profession as having the easiest Bar Exam in the Country and DE is Joe Biden’s home state. Need I say more??

  10. Anonymous says:

    “It’s irrational to acquit a person of being a racist and sexist and then say he needs a psychiatric exam”

    The two statements are independent of each other. You could be mentally ill whether you are a racist or whether you’re not. Sounds like his own lawyer is going along with the, if you don’t follow the correct orthodoxy you’re mentally ill line. With a lawyer like that, who needs a prosecutor?

    If you are a Leftists in good standing, doesn’t the university rally around the unfortunate soul with psychological problems and do all they can to support them? Wouldn’t it be ‘bigotry’ disparaging them. Is it really only about having the correct beliefs? And I suppose being against ‘affirmative active’ is probably what gets you labeled racist.

  11. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Sane seems crazy to the mentally disturbed.

  12. Rob says:

    Rock on Professer Connell, rock on. You must have touched a nerve with your point-of-view and the PC nazi’s can’t stand it and aren’t used to somebody standing up for themselves and fighting back.

  13. Ben says:

    I honestly can’t judge since we don’t have all the evidence.

    All we have is allegations.

    If he did threaten that isn’t right.

    If he did say racist or sexist…that is life.

    Part of living a democratic society that protects Freedom of Speech.

    Deal with it.

  14. Native of Pennsylvania says:

    Flaxen-headed Strumpet wrote:

    I see that Widener “University” Skool of Law has a campus in PA and DE. PA is well known in the legal profession as having the easiest Bar Exam in the Country and DE is Joe Biden’s home state. Need I say more??

    Two things. Many legal analysts say that Coneecticut has the easiet bar exam in the nation. Secondly, Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania but moved his family to Delaware when he was 9. I would agree that for all practical purposes, he is a Delawarean, but it is not his home state as you have wrongly stated.

  15. R CROSS says:

    If this is the state of the “law”at a law college then you obviously have none.

  16. Spartan24 says:

    Does anyone know what was actually said to provoke the complaint in the first place? It seems like these sorts of articles go on about how horrible, sexist and racist some comment was but the comment itself was too terrible to repeat. It’s as if anyone knew how thin skinned the complaintant was they would be disgusted.

  17. Anonymous says:

    He needs to LAWYER UP. One way to combat these idiots is through pedantic use of the legal system.

  18. Jack D.R. says:

    After reviewing the website of Widener School of Law ( as provided by poster Number 6, I would guess there are some “dandy” practitioners of law produced here. Every other statement, by one of these “scholars”, rambles about the wonders of diversity. A person might be better to invest in law books and study law on his or her own (represent himself or herself [I think we still have that right by our Constitution]). One can only imagine the pettifoggers this institution has graduated and produced.

  19. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Lawrence J. Connell, who has taught at the school for 26 years, will not comply with the ruling

    Forget the university’s website! This PC Reign of Terror masquerading as a university is run by a black female with an anti-White, “Social Justice” agenda.

    What kind of “law” do you think is being taught? (the kind that WILL be widely imposed across the land by graduates of these types of law schools, hell SCOTUS is hanging on by a thread!!).

    According to FIRE:

    July 25, 2011:

    A unanimous hearing panel at Widener University School of Law in Delaware has fully cleared Professor Lawrence Connell of charges of ‘harassment’ and ‘discrimination’ for his use of the term ‘black folks’ in class and for using law school dean Linda L. Ammons, who is black, as a character in hypothetical scenarios during lectures.

    A faculty panel had recommended that Widener drop its attempts to dismiss the tenured professor, but administrators reportedly induced students to issue further complaints to keep the prosecution going. Represented by attorney Thomas S. Neuberger, Connell is suing Ammons and Widener for defamation.

    But, it seems ammons believes she is ABOVE the law and as an added measure, relishes her position to humiliate Whites (demanding Connell undergo psychiatric treatment and apologize personally to students). AND, because she is black, the law does not apply to her! (after all, they are White man’s law and the Constitution is just an old, outdated piece of parchment written by slave holders!!).

    FIRE also issued this warning to parents on August 12, 2011:

    Warnings for Prospective Law Students at Widener and for College Parents Nationwide


  20. Anonymous says:

    NBF is right, blacks don’t want justice, they want REVENGE!

  21. Anonymous says:

    If the faculty hearing gave a verdict of not proven re the allegations then he has an excellent chance of winning.

    Maybe he should have the psych exam. Claim to be totally paranoid and depressed due to the horrors of all these accusations and the hostile work environment.

    Then claim workmen’s comp for his mental disability due to working with blacks. Any prolonged contact with blacks will eventually cause mental illness.

    I know several White government workers who did this after affirmative action destroyed their agencies.

  22. white is right, black is whack says:

    Come on, people. Stop this “us white folks can’t win” Stand tall and stand up to these anti-white bigots. This doom and gloom doesn’t help anyone. Offer suggestions instead of whining and making us feel like victims. That’s what the black and hispanic groups are only good for.

  23. sheila says:

    ok…here’s the deal:

    After white people have suffered ( targeted…raped and slaughtered) for a few more decades, then there will be reactionaries in the vein of the Black Islamics ( see the history of the Black Muslims in America of the 1930s to present), Black Panthers and so on all over America…but they won’t riot by burning down their cities even though they will not have cities to call their own …white people will be forced to unite overnight, and they can do it…there will be national death squads that can and will be generated from nothing…for after all, there will be nothing else left for whites to do to survive…it has been in the making for a long time…it is amazing what the white race has done in the past, it will be amazing what it will do in the future…and just think…it will happen because the white race has been left with no other choice…some think it is unfortunate, others simply can’t wait…it *could* happen tomorrow. Will you be ready?

  24. margaret says:

    Kudos to Bon for all her excellent comments and research through the years.

    Anyone who has ever worked with blacks knows what Professor Connell is going through.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the curriculum at university exists to be insensitive and hateful towards whites and no one says a thing, except to say that very same curriculum is offensive to women and people of color.

  26. RegvlvsSeradly says:

    Things like this are why I decided to get out of college and forget about any future amongst the intelligentsia of our (undeservedly) esteemed educational institutions.

  27. Duran Dahl says:

    Any improvident soul yearning for a good strong taste of Stalin’s USSR, need only seek employment at a university. The Orwellian stage is set. Political rallies (diversity-training, etc.), denouncements, informants, purges? Yep! Po-faced commissars? In spades…generally bull-dykes from the “Gender Studies” Department. Worst of all are the truffle-hunters, usually the rudderless spawn of the UMC, whose pointy little ears are tuned to detect subtle deviations from Cultural Marxist duck-speak orthodoxy. Having heard, or imagined they heard such, off they scurry to their mentors, giddy and self-satisfied to have rooted out a saboteur, spy or apostate. Another career ruined! “Long live great Stalin, Hurrah! In days gone by, the snitches received medals, in the university they receive glowing letters of recommendation to grad schools or perhaps tenure…depending. The academic left represent the most hateful and resentment-laden bunch I have ever encountered. There is a vicious, petty, spitefulness in them that is altogether lacking in the hard, harder, or even hardest of the right. Their blathering about “hate” is no more or less than the projection of their own warped psyches. After a few years of such employment, one starts craving tall, filthy glasses of cheap vodka and having dark, violent fantasies. I do not recommend the experience.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The future is now. Civil suits are being used to destroy White people’s lives on a daily basis. I owned a successful business with around thirty employees. When it was discovered in my private life I preferred only Whites to date (something I never brought up at work) and was discovered by a sister of one of my employees quite by accident.Well needless to say after this was found out and I was sued by several employees for the most ridiculous things. However it costs 100,000 in California to defend yourself for each case. So 99% settles.I lost my business, my health and my faith in the America I thought I knew.

    But you know what, after a couple of years I lost my bitterness, because I came to a conclusion that has made me both strong and a man who has a conviction.

    The conclusion was THIS IS WAR!

    As soon as I understood this my life again had meaning. A true story.