Posted on August 9, 2011

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Russian Anti-Migrant Group

Ria Novosti (Moscow), August 9, 2011

Russia’s Supreme Court upheld on Tuesday a ban on the ultra-right Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI).

The Moscow City Court ordered DPNI’s closure in April.

“This decision has given impetus to new ideas. We have new strength, and there’ll be new projects and new organizations,” DPNI leader Vladimir Yermolayev said outside the court.

DPNI–which tapped into rising nationalist sentiment in Russia–has called for curbs on the inflow of “incomers” and pushed for a law that would require immigrants to pass language and social communication tests.

Unofficial figures suggest there are between 4 and 5 million illegal immigrants in Russia, most of them from the ex-communist Central Asian republics.

Race riots in Moscow last year following themurder of a Russian football fan by a man from the North Caucasus have prompted the authorities to crack down on nationalist groups.

17 responses to “Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Russian Anti-Migrant Group”

  1. highduke says:

    No. The group in question is in and of itself govt-funded, as are many others larger and more radical than this one which are allowed to operate, ie: it’s all just for show for international consumption.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a HUGE myth among many, especially certain far right groups on the internet that the Russian government is itself far right. Anyone actually IN Russia knows this to be false. Like everywhere else, the people may be nationalists but the government is not. The only difference is until recently Russians have had more latitude to speak honestly about their feelings than in the rest of the Western world. Don’t mistake what is actually going on there. It is not the Great Hope people make it out to be. It is along the same course as everywhere else in the West, just a little further behind us.

  3. Martin L. Kuhn Jr. says:

    It doesn’t matter. Russia is in the middle of its Wild West days. The Supreme Court and all of the government window dressing is just a show to convince the rest of the world that Russia is still a stable sovereign nation.

    According to my friend, Oleg, who lives in Moscow, their government’s primary role is to keep the citizenry from learning how out of hand the situation actually is.

    Kind of like here in America.

  4. Jim says:

    Putin has never mentioned the “Russian People” in a speech. He has only stated “The Russian Language” or “Russian Culture.” Vladdy is just a capitalist oligarch whose sole concern is embellishing his bank account. Mark Hackard wrote on Alternativeright (dot) com about this. Look for his two part series “Revolt Against Oligarchy.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Russia is still feeling the lingering effects of living under 70 years of Marxist-Bolshevik tyranny. Among ethnic Russians, abortion rates are still too high–and birth rates are still below the replacement level.

    Workforce projections for the next 20 years suggest that there could be a shortage of skilled workers if something isn’t done to curb this trend, and unfortunately their programs to encourage larger families among ethnic Russians has not produced the results they had hoped for.

    Thus, they are relying on a certain amount of immigration to pick up the slack in birth rates. This may seem like a reasonable solution now, but the long-term effects could turn disastrous if they aren’t careful in strictly limiting Third World immigration.

  6. Jim says:

    Putin has never once referred to Russians as a people in the media; only as an economy and “culture.” He’s only an oligarch who embezzled billions from his own people. For more check out Mark Hackard’s “Revolt Against Oligarchy” series on Alternativeright (dot) com.

  7. Michael C. Scott says:

    This court decision is nearly meaningless, because the DPNI will merely “re-brand” itself, changing it’s name. That said, the more radical DPNI members may well be driven underground with the philosophy that what they are being prohibited from accomplishing legally should be attempted through violence.

  8. RegvlvsSeradly says:

    I will make a partial defense of the ruling regime in Russia.

    The regime ruling Russia is not a Russian-Nationalist regime (dedicated to serving the Ethnic-Russian Majority), and certainly not a White Nationalist one. It is something of an Russian Imperial regime, interested primarily in maintaining a Russian-dominated but diverse Empire. That empire has been in decline, but this decline seems to have recently been stopped. It is much farther to the right in terms of what it permits and what it allows to be exposed to the Russian public. It neither opposes nor demands immigration, and is not dedicated to bringing about the disappearance of the Russian people demographically or culturally.

    The Russians are not crippled by white guilt, and the regime has natalist policies in place that, through posters of blond-haired women with many similar children, are designed to increase the fertility of the Russian people. It prints textbooks for the school system which explain in an honest manner the racial differences between different populations. It also created an international news network (RT- Russia Today) to rival the BBC, CNN, and News Corp that hosts shows in a number of languages and is one of the only places where white racial-realists like Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer, besides many other individuals proscribed from other networks, are permitted a voice.

    The entire regime in Russia is far to the right of any establishment party anywhere in the West, though it is still far from perfect.

  9. Anonymous says:

    2 — Anonymous at 7:18 PM on August 9:

    True. Their (Russia) behind the scenes puppeteers are the same as ours is. It is this way in EVERY White nation. We and they, the people, have no say and they use laws and force against us (Whites)if we dare object or speak out.

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed the time frames when all this took place in ALL White nations? Some happened faster than others. This importation of millions of nonwhites to kill off and displace Whites in those nations. Russia has and is importing NONwhites into their country as we speak. Some WN’s used to think that Russia would stay strong and WHITE. Not so.

    If we do not fight back we will soon be in a no mans land. We will NEVER have a country for our people. So, what is it going to be? We better decide and soon as time is not on our side any longer.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Most of the behind the scenes power in Russia is in the hands of non-Russians. Russia’s elites, together with ethnic European elites and non-ethnic European white elites worldwide, I don’t believe Russia will ever be allowed to put Russians first. Just like the situation of all ethnic Europeans worldwide.

  11. james says:

    Under Putin there has been more non-White and non-Russian immigration, per capita, than any time since the Mongol holocaust that ravaged the country in the 12th and 13th centuries. In absolute numbers the wave of immigration is unprecedented, even in comparison to Ghenghis Khan and his descendants holocaust of the Slavic people.

    For some Nationalists to see him as ‘one of their own’. or Russia as the potential saviour of White survival is depressing in its naivety.

    Furthermore, non-White on White crimes is as bad as it is in Europe or America. Despite the world media focusing on skinhead violence against migrants, rapes, murders, robberies and beatings of native Russians by immigrants outweigh those of Slavic Russians to a similar degree to the Black-White statistics you will find in ‘Colour of Crime’ available on Amren

    Mixed marriages are also commonplace, the vast majority involving a White Russian woman and a non-White immigrant, be he CHechen, Tajik,Uzbek etc.

    Russia is actually going down the slide into White extinction faster than the US or UK or Germany etc.

  12. Preston Wiginton says:

    HighDuke can you name some of the other organizations that are larger? What faction of the government funds DPNI? I do not disagree that once upon a time this might have been true, but I do not think there are Nationalist in the Duma behind the scenes any longer.

  13. highduke says:

    Russia passed a law in 2008 reserving retail jobs for Slavic Russians only and the pro-Putin mass youth movement Nashi is directed to them. Google it. It’s still a multiculturalist world and Russia is just one of many world powers now but as the Western elites weaken, so does the need to play by the Lib-Dem rules the West started. Until they are displaced & USSR reintegration re-unites Russians, expect Putin to pander here & there for the sake of the big Russian minorities in C.Asia & E.Europe

  14. Preston Wiginton says:

    High Duke I have been to Russia a few times. Look me up on the net. The law was against non Russians selling products on the street. It was a response to pacify the Nationalist after Russian March became hugely successful. Nashi is multicultural and even promoted Africans mating with ethnic Russian women during one of their “pro-Russia” summer camps.

  15. Anonymous says:

    11 — james at 5:35 PM on August 10:

    This is so true from what I have been seeing and reading about Russia today. The White Russian women are very beautiful and it makes me sick to my stomach how they have hooked up with blacks, etc. in Russia. Many Russian women have now become obsessed with money and will do anything to get a rich man, no matter where they are from.

    They, the men and women, have a huge alcohol problem and therefore do not raise their White children. I have seen documentaries of all those kids in terrible orphanages. What a shame.

    What is it with White women all over the world? I am a White woman and I could never “hook up” with any nonwhite man, let alone a black one. Our God must be very angry.

  16. Preston Wiginton says:

    Previous poster.. Russians have a illegitimacy rate as high as blacks in the USA. Russia also has the highest abortion rate per capita in the world. Communism destroyed the family and the effects are still felt today.

    MTV and Hollywood have promoted mixing over there also. I recently had to straighten out a girl that I support over there on this issue.

  17. RegvlvsSeradly says:

    Many of the newer posts have pointed out the problems present in Russia.

    Many Russians of both sexes can be seen indulging in interracial relationships. This seems to be disproportionately so amongst Russian women living in Anglophone countries like the USA. I know; my first girlfriend was born in Moscow and now is with a kinky-haired adopted-Indonesian piece of worthless crap. I have encountered other such Russian (mostly Muscovite) women in relationships with heavily pigmented men.

    The problem is that Russian (and Western men in general) have too often become effete, cowardly, and pathetic creatures who barely deserve to be designated as “male”. They have neither masculinity or gentlemanly charm. Since most Russian women living in the the USA live near urban areas, this truism is multiplied because masculinity is largely absent of liberal hipsters, and other urban-dwelling white groups (I.E. Italian-Americans) tend to look on the the “trashy” Russian “bimbos” with great scorn.

    Russian men were damaged during the Communist-era to the point where a great many are drunken yobs. This situation is similar to that seen in England, where half of all Afro-Caribbean men are in interracial relationships.

    I cannot, however, accept the idea that the Putin-Mendvedev regime is a self-hating liberal regime on or exceeding the level of the Blair-Brown regime in Britain (the “rub the right’s nose in diversity” crowd) or the Bush-Clinton-Bush regimes in the USA (“New World Order”/”First Black President”/”Hispanic Family Values”, “Pathway to Citizenship”). The ruling regime in Russia seems intent on maintaining a multicultural Empire, which keeps in form with their self-conception as a “Third Rome”. Unfortunately, this means as well that they learn nothing from history and are thus doomed.