Posted on August 8, 2011

Nutter Sets 9 PM Weekend Curfew for Minors in Center City, University City

Mike Dunn, CBS Philly, August 8, 2011

Mayor Michael Nutter today announced a tighter weekend curfew in the Center City and University City regions of the city, as he continues grappling with the threat of “flash mobs” in Philadelphia.

Nutter today described those engaging in flash mob rampages as “a tiny minority of ignorant, reckless fools.”

Then, flanked by dozens of law enforcement and community leaders, he spelled out a substantive (though temporary) change in the city’s curfew for two key areas–Center City and University City–on Friday and Saturday nights.

Anyone under 18 in those areas must now be off the streets by 9 PM.

And when parents come to pick up curfew violators, the mayor said, they’ll be told to keep track of the child.

“If you don’t even bother to pick up your child, we are immediately calling the Department of Human Services, and you can then be taken to court for other violations including neglect of your child,” he warned.


26 responses to “Nutter Sets 9 PM Weekend Curfew for Minors in Center City, University City”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If the preps are “… a tiny minority of ignorant, reckless fools”, then why punish all teens? White teens’ liberties are being limited because of a black race riot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “… a tiny minority of ignorant, reckless fools” is that a code word for youfs? Someone should protest this insensitivity.

  3. Jack says:

    I don’t see any White youth involved in these crimes, they should be exempt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And who are the most likely to obey the new curfew?

    The white and Asian kids who were not part of the flash mob that prompted the curfew.

  5. Tim in Indiana says:

    This sudden, frantic concern about crime…well it could just be about keeping the peace, but, considering how black crime was always blamed on whitey and his “racism,” I wonder if this isn’t more about keeping blacks from embarrassing themselves and risking whitey waking up. We can’t have that now, can we?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s an easy case to solve. Flash mobs are mostly black kids and black young adults.

    If the police would simply use that profile and watch the location (center city, university city) they could easily catch them in the act.

  7. LOUDMOUTH57 says:

    Yeah right! I am sure that people who don’t follow the law when it comes to committing simple and aggravated assault will obey a curfew.The same people who riot and loot their way around the city of brotherly love will not give a tinkers damn about respecting a new curfew law. Also many of those parents are probably nothing but riffraff themselves and could care less if their children are taken off to the department of human services.

  8. White Devil says:

    Yeah! Those curfews have worked every time they’ve been tried! Next we’ll have to make them live only in certain parts of the city. /sarc off

    Unless you get the twitter records and ID the leaders, this is going to continue until the shooting starts.

  9. Question Diversity says:

    I know many of you are getting tired of me saying it, but stories like this only go to prove QD’s First (and hopefully not last) Axiom. I’ll repeat it, because I have slightly modified it to make a little more sense:

    Any person or group of people who have governing responsibility over a significant number of blacks, no matter the race or ideology of those doing the governing, and even if those doing the governing made their reputation opposing segregationist systems, will, if left to their own devices and uninhibited, bit by bit, piece by piece, salami slicing style, enact or re-enact a political system eerily similar to segregation, apartheid or Jim Crow. They say people generally get the government they deserve.

    Mayor Nutter (black) has essentially turned parts of Philadelphia into “sundown towns.”

  10. REalist says:

    Good luck Nutter (if it were me I’d change my name) — you all are going to be completely overrun with underage kids who have parents who flat don’t care. I don’t know what you plan to do with all those excess kids. And then you will be accused of racism. It’ll all be your fault. Just you watch.

  11. Bill R says:

    Does Nutter (great name by the way – fits) think tourists and shoppers and business people and merchants only operate on weekends? His mahogany mobs will just shift their flash gatherings to week nights, or to daylight hours. They have NO fear of the daylight. Nor of you or your police. Not until the “old ways” of dealing with black misbehavior and rioting are returned to. Of course, you police and fire departments are now predominantly black, so you are simply SCREWED. Time to nuke the place and let it glow as a navigational aid to aircraft coming from overseas. No other use for the place will be left, in a short period of time. You brought it on yourselves by 50 years of leniency, excuse making, pandering to, paying off the, and coddling the black population. The last spark needed was a so called President and a so called Attorney General to give the wink and the nod to blacks telling them they can do what they want toward whites and white areas with no threat of federal intervention, no threat of calling a black on white hate crime what it is, and no threat of cutting federal funds to cities who refuse to address the problem with the vigor an insurrection requires.

  12. berin says:

    Rarely do these punks face any sanctions. This sounds like a good first step. Right on mayor!

  13. Jack says:

    I am sure Mayor Nutter means well, but here are objections I have about a curfew for people under 18.

    It will target all youths, not just those guilty of these flash mob crimes. Good white kids who obey the law will have their liberties curtailed and be made to pay for the crimes of the flash mobs, when they are completely innocent.

    What good will a curfew do if these any more of these flash mob crimes happen at noon in broad daylight?

    And what if criminally-inclined adult blacks decide to copy the younger blacks and commit these flash mob crimes, as well?

    What then? Will Mayor Nutter then order a 9:00 P.M. curfew for everybody of all ages!?

  14. SS says:

    The problem will never be addressed. Never and this is yet one piece of proof.

    Instead of looking at non-whites, White Kids are now being lumped in with them and being punished for things they did not do.

  15. Ron says:

    This is actually a good lesson for the White kids. Hopefully this will help wake up a few that have been indoctrinated into believing that we are all equal. Remember, White kids under 18 are some of the biggest cheerleaders for blacks and it only gets worse as they enter college. Losing some of their personal freedoms prior to entering this next phase of brainwashing (college) due to the actions of blacks will breed resentment. Hopefully enough resentment to shield them from ever falling for the “diversity is our strength” lie again. Hopefully….

  16. PhillyGal says:

    I was born and raised in Philly – lived there for the first 16 years of my life until my parents fled to the burbs in the wake of the forced integration that destroyed the Philly school system some decades ago. Philly is an utter hellhole- and the only thing keeping Center City afloat is the unsuspecting tourists who wander in to see the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross’ house, Independence Hall and Benjamin Franklin’s grave. A word of warning to all potential tourists. STAY AWAY!!!! Black wolfpacks roam this city searching for unsuspecting visitors to assault and rob. The streets are filthy, the minority population (which means virtually ALL of this town) is unbelievably rude and threatening, and one takes one’s life in one’s hands no matter WHERE they travel in Philly. It’s an east coast Detroit – an abomination that should be burned to the ground and then left to be forgotten. In the past decade, whites from the Northeast and South Philly have fled to Jersey and surrounding suburbs in record numbers. The town is now on a death watch. So when it comes to visiting here, JUST SAY NO!

  17. Mary says:

    The front page of today’s “Philadelphia Daily News” states that Mayor Nutter accused these black hooligans of disgracing their own race. I thought that was a step in the right direction until I heard about the curfew affecting all young people, most of whom have never been near a riot. That seems to take the onus off the black kids who exclusively cause the problem. Good luck enforcing the curfew, Mr. Mayor. Your city is a shambles and your own race has destroyed most of what used to be a beautiful metropolitan area. Nowadays, the decent people either live in fear or are looking to move out and escape the jungle. The blacks cannot be contained except by sheer force and they have proven that time after time. When they don’t have their way, they will take from someone else. All Nutter has accomplished, or can accomplish, is to penalize the last of the working class in the city. He implemented a 1% city sales tax, in addition to the 6% paid to the state. That means instead of shopping at a Northeast Philly Walmart, I’ll go to one outside the city. What a great incentive to keep business in Philadelphia. Now he wants a 1% or 2% tax on ALL soft drinks, coffee or tea bought in the city. I’ll just bring my own or buy outside the city. The almost all black City Council tried to increase property taxes by 6%. That is a huge burden on homeowners, most of whom are white, of course. Nutter only delayed it because there was such a protest outside City Hall. But he said it’s coming because the city needs the revenue. How about making the able-bodied welfare drones work for a living, instead of hitting up working people all the time? There’s a novel idea. The blacks always get what they want by stealing it or buying it with welfare money paid by taxpayers, so they have nothing to lose. The parents of these rioters simply do not care. Many are strung out on drugs or absent. I spent a short time teaching in Philly public schools and the attitude of these black parents is almost universal from one to another. When I called one black parent because her son was disrespectful to me and disruptive in class, she said, “He yo’ problem durin da school day, don’ drag me inta that, deal with it.” That’s their attitude toward life, toward their kids, and toward the white race.

  18. brotherlylove says:

    headline nutter gives black mobs green light..

    thekey thing for white people to be aware of now is that since these mobs are appearing from the great lakes area down to greensboro nc that means these attacks are COORDINATEDat a national or even international level remember the recent so called day of rage?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The general tyranny whites are subjected to, grow by the day!

    We may be on the verge of a revolutionary flashpoint. OK, it’s gonna’ take more, but we are closer than it may seem.

    The black on white low level war is bigger and bloodier by the very week!

    The media continues to cover it up. The DOJ (“MY PEOPLE” Holder), the “One,” the massive unending third world invasion, The Raza demands and insurrections…the TSA victimizing whites, the Fort Hood massacre, my God, the list is so long, I could type all night long. Black panthers in uniform, with nightsticks at polling places, and Holder refuses to take serious action? The biggest fast food (puke) chain in the USA is the weekly seen of horrendous black on white crime, aided by black staff? Blacks are committing violent crime on whites in cosmically disproportionate numbers, yet most whites can’t be bothered to care? (I assume this is because of the media blackout). It is sheer madness to me.

    Really, with the frothing mobs, and the martial law that will only hurt white folks, can this last?

    Any opinions out there?

  20. Mike Doyle says:

    I’ve got a better idea, when a rioter is arrested and convicted, cut off all federal, state, and local aid to the family of the perp.The idea behind feeding and housing these parasites is to keep them from rioting, insn’t it? Well, if they’re going to riot anyway, we have nothing to loose by cutting of their freebies.Seeing as our credit has just been downgraded, this should be a no brainer.

  21. jewamongyou says:

    Of course the sensible thing to do would be to target only blacks through such measures. But this would never fly because it would be seen as discriminating against blacks. Therefore I suggest that they redefine rioters as “victims” instead of criminals. They can say things like “youth of color are more likely to suffer from rioting” or “African-Americans are at greater risk of rioting”.

    The treatment for rioting would be incarceration. By defining rioting as a disease, the authorities could claim they are helping those “troubled youth” and thereby get away with targeting only blacks while ignoring whites.

  22. JoJo says:


    They have been ordered to pull out all stops and when they catch 8 or 10 of these young beasts kicking some old woman into a coma they will:

    1. Call them Little Pumpkinheads

    2. Bring out 3 foot long feathers and tickle them until they fall to the ground.

    3. If this don’t work they will take them home to let their concerned parents deal with them.

  23. thepurple gang says:

    i see many writers on amren suggesting jail etc for violent blacks this again illustrates how out of touch most whites are. for blacks jail is not a deterrent it is in fact an incentive because they cant move up in their gang without some jail behind them. blacks have a blast in jail in baltimore recently they found black gang members dining on lobster drinking expensive champange etc they have smokes cell phones the guards are their friends from the hood they have any food on the commisary any drug is brought in heroin crack pot etc jail is as much part of life for them as college ive been in jail ive seen it they even have sex with the mostly female guards etc ive witnessed these things i could go on and on

  24. What_I_Believe says:

    BillR – You summed it up well.

    Nothing will change. Curfews are a joke. The only way for things to change would be if every liberal began to wake up and let non self-hating Whites do (and say) what really needs to be done; as they would 50+ years ago. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

    Sometimes I feel that I despise the White, self-hating, guilt-ridden liberals more than the blacks. They have rendered us powerless in so many ways, such as with PC. Political Correctness is a two-word synonym for Devil in my book.

    As I’ve said before, the only positive, if any, is that the world is seeing what blacks are really made of, for whatever it’s worth.

  25. Question Diversity says:

    Here’s a glitch that nobody in Philadelphia seems to want to consider: Laws don’t enforce themselves, and much of the city’s black population really haven’t demonstrated the desire to obey laws voluntarily. Therefore, a law is only effective if men and women with badges and guns enforce them. The Phila. P.D. might be able to enforce this “strict” curfew for awhile, and they will while there is still public indignation over the mahogany mobs, but after awhile, the civil rights alphabet gang will start whining about “disparate impact” and “racial profiling.” The law will still exist on paper for PR purposes, but it won’t be enforced and will therefore be a dead letter.

  26. Michael C. Scott says:

    I’m having a tough time understanding why an unsupervised minor needs to be out after 9:00 PM in the first place. It’s not like anyone gives 16 and 17 year-olds jobs anymore; everybody hires illegal aliens instead.