Posted on August 18, 2011

New Video Shows Philly Teen Attack

My Fox Philly, August 17, 2011

First on Fox 29: a new video surfaces of another unprovoked attack in Philadelphia, right outside City Hall, by a group of teen girls on a worker.

A woman attacked in broad daylight in May is now coming forward. And Fox 29 has obtained chilling video of the attack on her by a group of teenage girls.

The exclusive video shows her walking outside City Hall, before dark at 8 p.m. on a Thursday, when out of nowhere, a group of girls comes up behind her, slams her on the ground, and starts hitting her repeatedly.


“I initially came out the back corner right there near the Courtyard Marriot turn the corner, said bye to my coworkers and had an inkling to look behind me,” she said.

“At that point the girl in front was already five feet off me.”

The pack then attacked the woman.

“They are like dancing and screaming so a good 95 percent of them knew what was happening at the point.”

The woman said one teen grabbed her shoe and started beating her.

“The one girl kind of grabbed me I was thrown in mid-air, for 25 seconds they were just hitting me there. I twisted and fell down and they continued to hit me and kick me, my shoe fell off one of the girls had that to continue to hit me.”


“When I was in the air was when they got the first punch on my face that scared me I’ve near been punched like that,” she said.

“Their primary concern seemed to be laughing and beating on me so it seems like teens all girl,” she said.

“It seemed like they were on a roller coaster the way they were laughing.”