Posted on August 4, 2011

New Jersey Must Dumb Down Police Exams to Promote More Non-Whites

American Third Position, August 4, 2011

Under federal-state settlement a new exam would have to be created.

The civil service test for selecting sergeants in New Jersey municipal and county police departments discriminates against black and Hispanics applicants and government officials must create a new one, the U.S. Department of Justice announced on Monday.

If a settlement that includes the finding is approved by a federal judge, the state will also be required to pay $1 million in back pay to black and Hispanic officers who the U.S. Civil Rights Division declares were harmed by the promotion process. The officers may also be given priority for the next openings for sergeants.

According to the settlement, the use of the written exam prevented at least 48 more black candidates and 20 more Hispanics from becoming sergeants, The Star-Ledger reported.

“Police officers, whose daily responsibilities include protecting the public and ensuring the safety of others, have the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of race or national origin on the job,” Thomas Perez, the assistant attorney general in charge of the Civil Rights Division, told the Star-Ledger. “The Department of Justice will challenge discrimination in employment on the basis of race or national origin, whether that discrimination is intentional or the result of promotional practices that have discriminatory impact.”

The state did not admit any liability in reaching a settlement.

A Department of Justice lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Newark charged the written civil service test required for police officers to advance to sergeant was discriminatory.

Federal officials charged the examination was not useful in finding the best candidates for the job and led to disqualifications for a disproportionate number of black and Hispanic applicants, the Star-Ledger reported. When the lawsuit was filed last year, the Department of Justice maintained that at least 120 New Jersey municipal and county police departments used the discriminatory system from 2000 through 2008.

During that time period, 89 percent of white candidates who took the test passed, compared with 73 percent of African-American candidates and 77 percent of Hispanic candidates, the Star-Ledger reported. If the settlement is approved, police departments would have to stop administering the exam.

24 responses to “New Jersey Must Dumb Down Police Exams to Promote More Non-Whites”

  1. Anonymous says:

    They did this in Miami some years ago and they ended up with a corrupt and incompetent police force.

  2. anonymous says:

    “During that time period, 89 percent of white candidates who took the test passed, compared with 73 percent of African-American candidates and 77 percent of Hispanic candidates, the Star-Ledger reported. If the settlement is approved, police departments would have to stop administering the exam.”


    The above is pretty good result. If at least around 3/4 of everybody passes, the test just weeds out the slower wits. The rest, I assume, are evaluated for promotion by a variety of criteria. I don’t see where there is any discrimination here. I don’t think an effective test has ever been designed that has closed to the test gap.

    Those who do not pass, including the whites, should be glad they have the job. If someone isn’t proud to wear the uniform and the badge, and is not at peace with who they are, they should find a new career.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is nothing but Orwellian double-speak. It reads like something out of the Soviet Union. Who knew the Soviets in fact won the cold war?

    The only reason no one can tell the truth anymore is because the truth is we’re discriminating against whites? Whites have to still be the bad guys even when they are giving up something and being discriminated against.

  4. Bill R says:

    Sounds to ME like that test was ALREADY dumbed down if 73% and 77% of hispanics and blacks passed it. How about, instead of shooting for “fairness” based upon percentages of population for these tests, or assuming that a “fair” test would show equal percentages of passing grades across the ethnic spectrum… about we tie the expected percentages of passing grades to that of those percentages graduating high school for each ethnic group? Eh? Wouldn’t that be a more common sense expectation?

  5. Madison Grant says:

    Do liberals care that having dumber cops and detectives means that less crimes will be solved?

    Which means higher crime rates.

    It also means more police corruption and brutality- two things liberals are always harping about.

  6. A Comment from Australia says:

    It goes well beyond “dumbing” down entry tests. Whether it be a police officer, school teacher, public official, military officer etc, you are putting someone into a position of AUTHORITY who has NO right to be there. Dear American people, you are just signing your death warrant, as a society, every time you do this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The problem Is that if they make the test easier for minorities then the test will still be biased towards Whites because now 100% of Whites will pass the test. Then what? Whites will no longer be able to be promoted? Or do they still have to take the same test as they do now while blacks and hispanics take the test made for them which the only requirement is that they spell their name right?

  8. Reformed says:

    If a test has an 73 percent pass rate for a race that only has about 30 percent of its members with a 100 IQ or higher, its already ridiculously weak. The only purpose such a test could serve is to weed out the dullards and the incompetents.

    The scary isn’t just that the average Black IQ is 85 and that more than 70 percent of them passed a test to be promoted to Sergeant. No. The real scary thing is that was discriminatory, and the dumbest and inferior will be promoted at the expense of whites.

    Eric “My People” Holder and his Department of So-Called Justice love to do these challenges. Does Ricci V DeStefano mean nothing to the Attorney General?

  9. True Blue says:

    Whenever I see this kind of perfidity, “Police officers, whose daily responsibilities include protecting the public and ensuring the safety of others, have the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of race or national origin on the job,”

    I have to ask; “What about the rights of the public, who have a right to responsible fire and police protection that their taxes are meant to pay for? To be free from the fear that the paramedic transporting them can’t read their life alert; to sleep safe at night knowing that when the man who broke into their house won’t be released from jail because his arresting officer could not read or write well enough to fill out a report on the incident that would stand up in court; that their insurance won’t refuse payment or raise their rates because the local fire department is riddled with systemic incompetence.

    Only 23% of ‘african-americans’ (I still can’t find african america on Google Earth)failed this test and still it is somehow ‘racist’. This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic; when it comes to violent ‘flash-mobs’ of ‘youths’ we mustn’t judge the entire group; but when too many of them fail to reach a scholastic, or skill, or behavior based standard, suddenly they are a group -a group that somehow ‘deserves’ special consideration.

  10. whiteraven says:

    Here’s hoping the rest of New Jersey will follow Camden and Newark’s lead and reduce their police forces by about 50% at least.

    The pro-black AG and president are pursuing the policy they planned all along.

    Like their handling of the economy, this social injustice too will fail.

  11. Lost in Paradise says:

    Why not just go to quotas? The perversion of logic that trying to achieve equal outcomes with unequal participants is causing more damage than simply using quotas – and the results are the same.

  12. SF Paul says:

    I would sure like to see a copy of this test that is biased for whites. I wonder what sort of “white” questions are asked. Name the Beatles? Which of the following are Rolling Stones songs? Describe Julie Andrews character in the movie Sound of Music? I want to know what questions on a police exam favor whites.

  13. John Engelman says:

    Discrimination on the basis of race alone is illegitimate. Discrimination on the basis of what correlates with race is appropriate.

  14. John Engelman says:

    Judges have too much power in the United States. If an issue like this was determined democratically I suspect that even blacks would rather be protected by police officers chosen on the basis of merit. Blacks, after all, are much more likely to be crime victims than whites.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This Disparate Impact doctrine is exceedingly pernicious and is the key to race-based management of many or most aspects of society in perpetuity. Given what we know about the inherently unequal aptitudes of various racial/ethnic groups – but which it is a core doctrine of the multiculturalists to deny, no matter the evidence – merit-based policies simply cannot be allowed.

    The real world effects of such pervasive interference are huge, in terms of cost, competence and efficiency, and getting bigger all the time – never mind the moral offense.

    And quota systems have not been and will not be any sort of mild and temporary tinkering at the margins to ensure all are welcome to compete, nor in any way related to actual unfair discrimination against blacks and browns, past or present.

    Already, via Supreme Court decisions, which simply must be overturned (precedent be damned), the ‘legality’ of ‘Affirmative Action’ has been extended to actions based simply on managing for DIVERSITY (all caps for this supreme god), and that is a justification which will never expire no matter that ‘invidious discrimination’ (simple blatant ‘bigotry’) may have long withered away.

    “Federal officials charged the examination was not useful in finding the best candidates for the job…”

    And they know or can prove that, how? They simply assert it because they didn’t like the results. That emperor has no clothes. One simply cannot avoid using the increasingly ubiquitous word Orwellian in such matters.

    BTW I recall the name Thomas Perez in connection with the whistleblower scandal revealing the Obama/Holder DOJ explicitly refusing to enforce the laws to the benefit of white people. Remember all that stuff that emerged in the wake of the Philly New Black Panther incident? He should be one of the first people canned in the new Republican administration. Some sort of prosecution, if possible, would be a bonus.

    A pox on these DIVERSITY Enforcers! It is just sickening. Let’s just hope that these pseudo-legal atrocities sicken enough of ‘our people’ soon enough.


  16. Anonymous says:

    “This is nothing but Orwellian double-speak. It reads like something out of the Soviet Union. Who knew the Soviets in fact won the cold war?”

    How the Left won the Cold War:

  17. Ciccio says:

    As an aging male I have suffered severe discrimination in my chosen field of exotic dancing, when can I expect the Feds to come to my aid.

  18. Tim says:

    Young Boy Asking New Breed Of Policeman For Help:

    “Excuse me officer I’m lost can you tell me where the library is”

    black Officer To Young Boy:

    “what ya’ll mean library, say what” ?

  19. ex-Indianapolis says:

    All the more reason to visit New Jersey. Ridiculous gun laws, sky high taxes, regulations through the roof, etc. Now you wonder that every one of the “boys in blue” who happens to be a minority is suspect. Are the minorities that actually pass the test complaining that it is racist? Don’t they announce to the candidates: This is the day the test is proctored and this is what you need to study?

    The city of Indianapolis was (and may still be) under a consent decree to increase the number of minority hires. Google the name “Myron Powell” to see the train wreck that this has become. Every time there is some sort of scandal with whites, it tends to be alcohol or financially related. With blacks, more often than not, it is because they were affirmative action hires. Not too long ago, there was this really sad scene where the Chief of IMPD went almost on his hands and knees begging forgiveness from the “concerned ministers” because a not too bright mulatto got his bell rung by the cops. This mulatto (Brandon Johnson) has become a minor version of Rodney King. Every time the cops arrest somebody in this kids circle (and it happens with some frequency), they treat them with kid gloves. I would not be surprised that within a couple of years, this kid dies or is crippled by: gunshot, train crossing accident, car wreck, falling off an overpass, or something similar. Even if the closest cop is having dinner at a neighborhood hole in the wall, I’m sure that all of the local media will blame it on IMPD.

  20. rjf101 says:

    That’s disgusting. What would they replace the exam with, a quiz over how to cook fried chicken and jump the border without getting caught? Seriously, if the police system were really discriminatory, there wouldn’t be half as many minorities on New Jersey police forces. A 73/77% passing rate is not even that much lower than an 89% passing rate. And its their own fault. Stop blaming white people and get over yourselves.

  21. Anon says:

    Actually, I can see some justification for hiring “underqualified” blacks and Hispanics for entry to “the academy.” Blacks and Hispanics probably don’t like a predominantly-white police force patrolling their neighborhoods any more than we whites would like our neighborhoods to be patrolled by a mostly-black police force. The issue is just how far you lower standards; but there are probably enough blacks with adequate intelligence (100 IQ?) and sound moral character for routine patrol work and traffic enforcement to avoid the specter of having an “all-white police department” in black areas.

    I think promotional examinations are fundamentally different. Supervisory personnel should be selected strictly according to merit. If any particular black or Hispanic can’t make the grade, tough; he’ll just have to be satisfied with the job he already has.

    Doesn’t the military operate on a similar principle? They take a lot of blacks, but aren’t job placement (MOS) and promotions merit-based?

  22. David Gurney says:

    Al Campanis told the truth to the world on Nightline 24 years ago, but the world refused to listen.

  23. Daniel H says:

    Yes, in a time of economic crisis, staggering unemployment, and flash mobs gone wild, it is an excellent idea to dumb-down the police force in your city to ensure domestic tranquility. A surefire way for any government official to get re-elected after the results of this innovation become apparent.

    After all, its clear that all we really need to do to ensure a civil, orderly society is just crackdown a little harder on 4 yr old white girls and their scofflaw lemonade stands.

    Just more evidence that Mr. Taylor’s hypothesis that liberals actually believe their views might be true.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with “dumb cops”? I knew America was doomed when the 9th place little league team received a trophy. Stop with this “feel good” culture, only the strong survive and higher the best man for the job, not by some quota!