Posted on August 1, 2011

Murder: New York City

New York Times, June 18, 2009

Each day, the New York Police Department announces major crimes, including most homicides, in the five boroughs. This data is compiled from those reports, in addition to news accounts, court records and additional reporting. The map will be updated as new information becomes available.

[Editor’s Note: The original article includes excellent interactive graphics that show many interesting homicide patterns.]

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  1. AmericaFirst says:

    Go to the original article, and you can see the race and age of the victim and perpetrator, where known. An astounding number of murders of elderly (80 years+) white are committed by much-younger blacks. I would say that there is a targeting of older white people by predatory blacks throughout NYC.

  2. Follow The Light says:

    The interactive map is interesting. In the spot checks I made, the White perps (thus the victims, too) were domestic disputes.

    This was in the caption of the map:

    “Do you see patterns that should be explored further?”

    Do they really need our help in that? Obvious! I think it is so great that this was published so numbers could be used in rational discussion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Again, I am reading another article that discusses the diabolically evil and clearly sinister obsession on the part of our hostile, alien ruling elites to find some pretext, no matter how flimsy or erroneous, to justify more laws which seek to disarm the ‘citizens’ – and the comments thus far have missed the entire point of this obsession of our hostile ruling elites.

    Allow me to clarify this issue.

    Fact #1: Our hostile ruling elites are not stupid; they fully understand that non-whites, especially blacks and mestizos, according to all available crime statistics and compiled data, far more likely to commit crimes where a firearm is involved. AR readers might recall the study that came out a few years ago, where some white liberal who was a big fan of abortion wrote that, thanks to abortion, the inner-city crime rates weren’t nearly as bad as they would have otherwise been due to the fact that lots of black male babies were aborted and therefore didn’t grow up in fatherless families and carry on the ghetto gang banger traditions. Well, that was about as close as the white liberal left has ever come to admitting the truth about minority crime statistics.

    Fact #2: The current crop of anti-white, virulently hostile ruling elites are literally consumed with a raw, deep-rooted hatred and disdain for both the old, traditional American nation and all it’s institutions and traditions, as well as a hatred for the White European descendants of the 100 percent White European Founding Stock. We have all taken note of the endless attempts by this same ruling elite to turn these un-Constitutional ‘Patriot Act’ laws and their sinister, totalitarian police state apparatus inward against….whom? White Americans, and in particular, racially healthy, racially conscious, racially awake white males. Notice how the enemy controlled media and high ranking government elites are attempting to capitalize on the Norway tragedy – and demonize the very legitimate writings of the Breivik suspect where he expressed anger at the hostile ruling elites of White Western nations using multiculturalism as a weapon to destroy their own European nations – and doing so in direct and vehement opposition from the vast majority of Whites in those nations. These concerns, as expressed in Breivik’s writings should not be rendered invalid simply because of his clearly criminal decision to step outside the law and commit horrific criminal acts – but, that is what the mainstream, enemy controlled media is attempting to do. Don’t fall for it. Breivik’s crimes were abhorrent; his concerns for the survival of White European people were not – so, do NOT allow either our media enemies or our hostile ruling elites to muddle these two issues and try to insinuate that unless whites embrace their genocide plans we are the same as Breivik.

    Fact #3: The primary reason why these hostile ruling elites are now trying to demonize and categorize white males, including white males who are military veterans who are returning home from all these wars that we’ve been lied into, as ‘potential domestic terrorists’ is because we represent the biggest obstacle to their clearly transparent plans to recreate the USSR right here in North America. Of all the demographic groups considered, whites and white males are the most passionate supporters of the original U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that existed prior to 9-11. The First and Second Amendments are particularly important to this segment of our society, and these hostile elites despise both of those liberties intensely and lust to abolish them both.

    Fact #4: White racial realists, such as those in the AR community and in the white nationalist community, also present an obstacle to the goal on the part of our hostile ruling elites to engineer the ethnic and cultural genocide of White European people and the destruction of White, Western Civilization. We, and we alone, are willing to stand up for, and speak out in favor of, the simple truth that whites, just like every other ethnic group, have legitimate interests and concerns that are specific to our race and ethnic group. Opposing and resisting the efforts by our hostile elites to reduce us to minority status and thereby render our people and our children and grandchildren to a permanent position of subjugation inside our own native and historic homelands, subject to being ruled over by a motley collection of non-whites from every failed third world society on Earth – these are perfectly LEGITIMATE concerns and we have every legal, moral, and justified right to oppose this evil agenda.

    So, considering all of the above facts that I cited – the real reason our hostile ruling elites are so consumed with their lust to pass more and more gun control laws and to make it harder and harder for the most law-abiding demographic segment of our society to purchase and possess firearms – is because they want to strip law-abiding white males, who they despise and hate with such intensity, of their ability to defend themselves against (a) minority crime and (b) government tyranny, aka, what happened in the former USSR following the 1917 revolution.

    Hence, do not be fooled by these transparent attempts by these enemy elites to cloak their gun control desires under the camouflage of being “concerned for the safety of our children” or for any other, liberal, leftist, Utopian sounding mumbo-jumbo. Never forget that these leftists and Cultural Marxists will lie, cheat, conspire and use any devious and underhanded means that they can think of – to try to advance their diabolically evil, anti-white, anti-Western, anti-freedom agenda.

    Exhibit A for the prosecution: The ATF Gun Runner fiasco that is now in the news.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will wager that in the White category they have included Jews, Arabs, etc……Whites more than likely only have about 1% if the truth were told.

  5. HH says:

    Again – remember that the category “white” includes various ethnicities that most WN’s, race-realists, etc., would hardly consider White. Thus, that figure is almost certainly not reflective of reality.

  6. madison grant says:

    Not bad for the p.c. New York Slimes, but they still left out a list of population by race for the Big Apple to put these numbers in context.

    Had they included that, we’d find that Asians make up 13% of NYC but committed only 3% of the homicides.

    Whites are 33% of the residents but were responsible for 7% of the killings. Hispanics were 29% of both categories.

    And unsurprisingly blacks comprise 23% of New Yorkers and commit 60% of the murders. How typical.

  7. jbrennan says:

    89% I thought it might be higher

  8. Great White Observer says:

    To #2 I am sure once it is found out how many Hispanic’s are being classified as White the Hispanic% will go up by at least two to three points. It is a known fact that in NYC black’s and hispanic’s are responsible for 91 to 94% of street crime. Just visit any Central Booking facility, Criminal Court, or the main jail at Rikers Island and you will see for yourself.

  9. AwakeWhitePeople says:

    To the first poster:

    This isn’t just happening in NYC. Even here in the South, there are a large number of elder murders committed by blacks. This goes back to blacks taking the easy route, they prefer a helpless, easy target.

    White America better get the blinders off before we reach the point of no return on what is happening in this country.

  10. jack says:

    One factor in quickly reversing this trend would be the ready issuance of concealed carry permits in NYC. Any potential mugger in New York knows with utter certainty that his victim will be unarmed and helpless when confronted with multiple attackers.

    A few dead muggers would have a remarkable effect on street crime in the Big (wormy) Apple.

  11. sam says:

    I have been teaching at a NYC college for many years; over time I have witnessed my classes becoming darker. And now it is also the Muslims. Years ago, perhaps there were a few Muslims in the school–now they truly are taking over. I am fortunate to have a handful of White kids in my classes.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The extra 11% could have included arabs. I don’t think “woody allen” committed too many murders.

  13. Anonymous says:

    According to this newspaper article from two years ago, Whites are responsible for only 1 percent of shootings in NYC.

  14. Anonymous says:

    To give them due credit arent they 89% of the NYC population?

  15. rjf101 says:

    My guess is that a fair number of even those 7% of murders committed by “whites” were committed by Arabs. The mafia is also probably responsible for a good number of them. But even 7% is very, very impressively low for a group that still makes up one-third of New York’s population.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I will wager that in the White category they have included Jews, Arabs, etc……Whites more than likely only have about 1% if the truth were told.

    You are exactly right. However to be fair Jews have the lowest murder rate of ANY group in the U.S. Jews are almost unknown in State prisons. You will find then in federal prisons for White Collar crime. However the number is very low.