Posted on August 31, 2011

Marital Strife Preceded Slayings in Chesterfield County

Mark Bowes and Reed Williams, Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 30, 2011

A Fort Lee Army captain suspected of killing four people in Chesterfield County and Pennsylvania before taking his own life was in the final stages of a divorce and engaged in an ongoing custody dispute with his wife over their young daughter.

Chesterfield police believe Leonard J. Egland, 37–who served combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq–fatally shot his estranged wife, Carrie P. Egland, 36; her friend Scott T. Allred, 40; and Allred’s 7-year-old son, Morgan, in the Chester home the Eglands had shared before they separated about a year ago and Leonard Egland moved out.

Leonard Egland is suspected of later killing his mother-in-law in Pennsylvania before dropping his daughter off unharmed at a hospital.

Rick Friedman, Carrie Egland’s divorce attorney, said the couple had separated in September 2010, and “we were planning on moving them forward with the divorce shortly.”


Leonard Egland, an 18-year Army veteran who was assigned to Fort Lee in July 2010 as one of the training developers for the Quartermaster Officer Branch, had served three combat tours since joining the service in 1993–in Somalia, Afghanistan and most recently in Iraq, an Army spokesman said.

He was last deployed to Iraq in September 2008, but he came home for three months in February 2009 before returning to Iraq and staying until Sept. 16, 2009, said his attorney, Sharon Ten.

Ten said the basis of the couple’s breakup was over Carrie Egland’s allegedly infidelity. “It was during his last deployment … when he found out,” Ten said.

But Friedman said the infidelity issue was “not something that was really ever proved to be true. And it was something, I think, that had been building in (Leonard) while he was overseas,” he said.

About a week ago, Friedman said, Leonard Egland had contacted his wife by email–copying both Friedman and Ten–of his desire to reconcile with his wife. But Carrie Egland, who filed for the divorce, had “very, very mixed emotions,” Friedman said.


The couple met in the service. Carrie Egland enlisted in 1995 and was a quartermaster fuel handler and served with the 262nd Quartermaster Battalion at Fort Lee until being honorably discharged in 2007, an Armyspokesman said.


Keith Cady, another friend of Carrie Egland’s, said Leonard Egland had grown obsessed and controlling over his wife and could not move on. “He was consistently bringing her into court and making false accusations about her mental stability,” Cady said.


Authorities said Leonard Egland is suspected of killing his mother in-law, Barbara Reuhl, 66, in Bucks County, Pa., sometime Saturday night. Also that night, Egland flashed a handgun at a nurse or orderly at St.Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown, Pa., after leaving his daughter at the hospital with a note and some money.

Horowitz said the note “implied that he’s sorry for the things that he’s done. It’s like an apology note to the daughter.” The note also suggested he was going to kill himself.

Hospital representatives notified authorities, and Egland allegedly fired shots from a rifle when police tried to stop him in Doylestown Township, Pa., hitting a Doylestown officer in the arm.

Egland’s vehicle was seen again Sunday in Warwick Township, Pa., and officers took fire again, though no one was hit, police said.

Leonard Egland was found dead of a self-inflicted shot to the head in a field in Jamison, Pa., on Sunday about 3:40 a.m. Near the body was a 9 mm handgun believed to have been used in the Chester slayings, Horowitz said.


13 responses to “Marital Strife Preceded Slayings in Chesterfield County”

  1. Anonymous says:

    In the charity of the moment I am willing to put this down as just another domestic dispute and not necessasrily motivated primarily by race envy or what have you. I can even see where someone blinded by rage might kill another man besides his wife thinking that he might have been the cause of the breakup. But what I can`t understand or explain away is how he could kill the mans son while at the same time dropping off his wifes and his own daughter at a hospital safe and sound. That is the madness in a nutshell for me…

  2. SKIP says:

    NO compassion here, this is all to often the outcome of STUPID White women that marry blacks! It IS to bad for the other man’s son though. I am personally familiar with s number of such marriages and all have ended badly, VERY badly in one case. My grand daughter recently joined the AF and I cautioned her against having relations with blacks, which is more common in the AF than other branches…my wife did NOT like such an admonishion, but she isn’t around them all the time as I am and has no real idea what happens in those affairs..usually murders.

  3. uncharitable says:

    Not madness, but evil.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like he killed all Whites? This is just one of many black/white relationships where they (the Whites) end up dead. There was another case not long ago where the same thing happened…black killed white girlfriend/spouse and HER side of the family…all White. I don’t know how many times over the years I have read of these mixed race couplings end up in tragedy. Maybe the “gods” are angry at what is going on in this insane world and with mixing up the races.

  5. Retired Rev. says:

    This case evokes pity more than anything else. The man was obviously mentally ill; no one commits murder, especially of a child, unless they’re playing with a short deck. It is unfortunate that the military did not find this out and get the man treatment before he committed this atrocity. It isn’t the fault of the military; it’s just that with the cops, military, and the like, dealing with mental illness is something they try to avoid because it carries such a stigma. But now a young mother and son and a mother in law are dead because it wasn’t faced and handled.

  6. Cat Patrol says:

    I’m not sure if I’d call that guy Black. He seems a quarter Black at worse, or maybe middle eastern.

    In any event, I applaud him for what he did. While he was overseas in a war zone for the third time, his wife decides to leave him. Screwing around, apparently. This guy was nearing retirement and his cheating wife would have taken half his retirement pay for sure. That crap would drive any normal man into killing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    6:33 PM

    Egland’s daughter would be half white and half black. Scott Allred’s son, Morgan, may have been all white. We don’t know. Carrie Egland’s mother was probably all white.

    Make sense now?

    Carrie was enlisted and John was commissioned. The two classes are not supposed to mix socially in the armed forces. UCMJ and all of that. How did this happen without Capt. Egland being brought up on charges? Or have the rules changed now?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just another cautionary tale for would be “coal-burners.”

  9. madison grant says:

    This woman apparently wanted to become another Nicole Simpson…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was going to say combat stress, PTSD might play a factor…

    But was this guy a quartermaster?

    If so, I know this has been a war with no defined front lines, and all and sundry are in danger, but being a quartermaster in a base tucked away , in NO way compares to being a rifleman out on patrol every day. No way.

    What did this guy do on those “combat tours?”

    There is a lot of PTSD- related violence here.

    Is this even at play in this case, or was the guy just a real narciccist?

  11. Anonymous says:

    6 — Cat Patrol wrote at 10:31 PM on August 31:

    I’m not sure if I’d call that guy Black. He seems a quarter Black at worse, or maybe middle eastern.

    In any event, I applaud him for what he did. While he was overseas in a war zone for the third time, his wife decides to leave him. Screwing around, apparently. This guy was nearing retirement and his cheating wife would have taken half his retirement pay for sure. That crap would drive any normal man into killing.


    You are delusional to say the least..You think that black guy never fooled around or beat the woman? I detest women like her to begin with (miscegenation) but to imply what the media wrote in a few lines, I would rather have the whole story and facts. Most White women who are with black men EXPECT domestic violence and most black men dish it out. Not only do they murder the woman but also the “White” kids (from a precious relationship) and the White parents/relatives of the woman. They will leave their mulatto kid alive. This has happened many times before.

  12. jdavis says:

    Here is what I don’t understand; our media and society teaches low morals, we worship people who exhibit low morals, we seem to practice degredation all around. Then evil takes over as our programming is put into practice…because our programming is a lie, it’s destructive and painful. But, to kill.

    Take the pain and move on, their is always another woman or man willing to practice their low life programming. Just not what the TV shows cracked it up to be is it? Partners are like busses, they run on schedule, just like rianna, lindsey, brad, puff daddy, ad nausem.

    The destruction of our country continues according to plan.

  13. Jonathan says:

    He doesn’t look black to me. He looks like Italian or Greek with a lot of time in the sun.