Posted on August 1, 2011

List of Flash Mobs, Wildings, & Group Criminal Mischief

Violent Flash Mobs, August 1, 2011

Date City # of Participants Casualties/Damage Source
7/29/11  Philadelphia 30-40 Teens assault and rob pedestrians, damage property
7/26/11  Winfield, NJ 150 Fighting and arrests at firefighters carnival
7/25/11 Washington DC 4 Victoria’s Secret store in Georgetown looted midday
7/23/11 Greensboro, NC Hundreds Man assaulted in park, former mayor’s business vandalized
7/17/11 NYC 5 Assailants assault and rob subway passenger

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the list I’ve wanted, so that I can show others what is happening. Already it’s not up-to-date, given the Pittsburgh event in the other AR story today.

  2. Tim in Indiana says:

    At first I thought, “that’s all?” but then I saw this was just for the past two weeks! Great antidote to the “Obama as positive role model” myth, and kudos to the compiler of the original website for putting in the no doubt long hours to compile such a comprehensive list!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget Milwaukee earlier this summer. The police sought to blame the white victims at the time, and then cover up the beatings for a day and blame after that. Then the liberal mayor got some parents to bring in their children who had helped loot a store. But the more serious series of crimes, those involved in taunting and beating whites nearby the store, I do not think there have been any arrests.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Myth Busters — apparently no white-on-minority flash mobs. I am not surprised although the Main Stream Media would be confused. How could this be?

    This would be a good compare and contrast question for those in journalism school. Or the “Digital Divide”, social media uses by different groups.

  5. Steve says:

    What about the April 20 Atlanta attacks on the 2 Delta employees that were beaten bloody by a group of 30 Blacks on the commuter train? Many of the passengers were terrorized because the were unable to leave the train car.

  6. The Bobster says:

    Here’s another one:

    I am Sureesh. Would you yoofs like Squishees while you raid my Quickie Mart?

  7. Greg says:

    Man, I thought that was a very short list then, I realized it is only for a bought a week and 1/2.

    Surely it is not complete.

  8. olewhitelady says:

    One day, I suppose, news of these events will have to make an appearance on TV. The national implications will have to be dealt with in print media, which has so far addressed only local events and hidden the perps’ race or even indicated, in fake photos, that they are white. Maybe the MSM is trying to hold off until after the 2012 elections.

  9. zone says:

    This is a fight over territory – e.g. where is it safe to shop, ride, or even walk? Violent flash mobs are organized crimes intended to terrorize and cower victims.

    How much does the outcome of violent flash mob activity of today vary from the infamous Al Capone’s thugs?

    Today’s store owners, just as those of Capone’s times are now faced with a need to better protect their wares. Next, store owner’s may face extortion and threats of more violent or costly attacks, and if unwilling face consequences.

    The DOJ should be applying the now existing RICO statues to Today’s organized flash mob crimes.

  10. Tired of It says:

    #3 zone wrote: “The DOJ should be applying the now existing RICO statutes to today’s organized flash mob crimes”.

    Yes they should. But with Eric Holder in charge of the DOJ, we’ll never see that. That racist clown let members of the New Black Panther Party get away with standing in front of a polling place with clubs intimidating white people. Holder has also publicly stated that there can be no crimes committed against white people that can be called “hate crimes” because we haven’t suffered as much as black people. He’s just one more reason we have to vote that socialist Obama out in 2012 – send him and his court jester packing.

  11. Bill Harzia says:

    Pardon me, “Zone,” but the DOJ couldn’t make a RICO case stick against the Hell’s Angels, even after months of undercover work and surveillance. How would they prosecute a gang that forms in a few minutes or hours? Whose members may not know each other by anything other than a street name or an Internet “handle?”

    The fact is, these flash mobs can commit crimes faster than the system’ ability to prosecute the (or even identify the participants). They are practicing not crime, but low-level asymmetric warfare against us.

  12. Beetlejuice says:

    How much does the outcome of violent flash mob activity of today vary from the infamous Al Capone’s thugs?

    The old “Al Capone” -type mob did not target innocent people, certainly not women and children, for mindless attack– mindless violence is a “black thang.” The old Italian mobsters had a code of conduct, they were intelligent, blacks do not and are not.

    Also, it needs to be made clear in the above data that these are BLACK flash mobs — otherwise our enemies in the media will write that “the mobs were multi-ethnic, multi-colored” or “all races participate in flash mob attacks.”

    Don’t assume the general public “the sheeple” understand these are BLACK flash mobs, they do not.

  13. Question Diversity says:

    Problems with using RICO against flash mobs much less “real” black gangs — It’s really hard to prove who is or isn’t part of the gang. RICO requires a known group whose existence can be documented to have committed three crimes within a decade at the direction of some demonstrable central leadership. As 5 Bill Harzia wrote above, RICO can’t even stick against the Hell’s Angels, much more organized and much easier to prove a structure than a “real” black gang much less an impromptu black flash mob.

    We’re not suffering from a lack of laws to deal with flash mobs, only a lack of will.

  14. patthemick says:

    What amazes me is how simple it would be to put this activity to a stop. All you have to do is treat a flash mob as looters and shoot them once the theivery begins. This might seem harsh but consider the shop owner. He/she has poured their life into building a business and these teenagers can just walk out with as much inventory as they can carry. It wouldn’t take many raids to drive a small business out of business. This kind of activity would lead to organised crime with shop owners forced to pay protection to gangs to avoid ruination or at best higher insurance rates to cover this criminal activity. The true victims aren’t the flash mob members who have a great time taking loot out of the store knowing if they are caught they are only guilty of a misdemeanor but if they know the shop owners can shoot them this will stop the criminals very quickly.

  15. Cliff Yablonski says:

    The media is ignoring/covering up these atrocities, but if the day comes when a white flash mob attacks a black, it will be front page news around the world for months.

  16. Anonymous says:

    #6 Steve – did you not read the list? The ATL MARTA incident is on there…

  17. The Bobster says:

    Also, it needs to be made clear in the above data that these are BLACK flash mobs — otherwise our enemies in the media will write that “the mobs were multi-ethnic, multi-colored” or “all races participate in flash mob attacks.”


    Would you believe that after the latest Philly incident, some libtard (Starbuck) was spamming telling people that flash mobsters come in all colors? The other posters tried to set him straight.

  18. Bandmo says:

    If any of those Whites would have used the “N-word” AS they were being beated and robbed, like as in “Stop beating me,n-words”, they would be charged with a “Hate Crime” and held in the ER, till the cops got there to arrest them, or at least handcuff them to the rails of the bed so they couldn’t escape. The black defence will be “No, he didn’t use the ‘N-word’ before we attacked, but could tell he was thinking it, so he had it coming”.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t get the link to this but found this story at

    I hope it’s ok to post the whole story here

    Black publication boasts of black flash mobs

    In their stories about the black flash mobs and black-on-white wildings that are an ongoing occurrence in American cities, the liberal media conscientiously exclude any reference to race, by speaking blandly of the violent mobs as “teens” and “youths” instead of as “black teens,” “black youths,” or (heaven forbid) “black flash mobs” (see previous entry). But at least one black publication,, an organ of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), has had it with the white liberals’ euphemisms. In fact, they seem to be offended that the “white ruling class media” conceal the blackness of the flash mobs–mobs that, from InPDUM’s point of view, are not doing anything wrong but are simply demanding justice from an oppressive white system.

    African youth in Philadelphia threaten to shut city down–InPDUM demands hands off the so-called “flash mobs” (African youth)


    Published Mar 26, 2010

    Philadelphia, PA–Since February there have been occurrences of what the white ruling class media are calling “flash mobs.” In reality they are gatherings of young African people, male and female, who have come together to demonstrate their rejection of neocolonialist authority and rule.

    First it was in Center City. Then it happened on South Street.

    These large groups of African youth are actually rising up, coming together to show their unity and resistance against a city that attacks African people.

    Reports state these defiant youths are organized primarily through cell phone text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. One message sent travels through thousands of cell phones–resulting in thousands of African youth converging on a central location in the city.

    The last gathering that occurred on South Street–a gentrified section of South Philly–had the white people too scared to leave the trendy restaurants they were dining in. [LA replies: So acknowledges that the blacks were terrorizing whites.] The city has responded to these uprisings with arrests of dozens of young Africans and a media campaign to criminalize all African youth, thus the term flash mobs.

    But every black person in this country knows that the term mob refers to the gangsters in Chicago and Philadelphia or white lynch mobs who have historically and continue to terrorize our people. [LA replies: The author seems to have forgotten that in the previous paragraph he said that blacks were behaving in ways that made whites afraid to walk on the street.]

    Currently 11 African teenagers have been wrongfully convicted of rioting and given sentences ranging from probation to imprisonment in a juvenile prison. [LA replies: Of course, from the African perspective, no African is ever rightfully convicted of a crime.]

    Youth uprisings trying to achieve consciousness–response to Philadelphia war on African community

    One article in the Philadelphia Daily News reported that the Africans who stormed on South Street were chanting “Burn the city down!” and “Black boys! Black boys!” During the February 16th near rebellion in front of the Macy’s department store, Africans started throwing all sorts of objects at the police.

    It is clear that young Africans as a whole are resisting the oppressive conditions being imposed on our community by the real flash mob–City Hall. The contradictions between the government and the African community is growing sharper by the day–as Africans continue to have no confidence and no respect for a system that only can imprison them and shoot them down in the streets. No jobs and no future is the reality in this present system.

    On May 5, 2008, three young African men were stopped and viciously beaten by a gang of at least nine police. The beating looked like the one Rodney King received before the African community rose up in rebellion demanding justice.

    The entire world saw the beating on a FOX News video camera. However, in July 2009, a grand jury investigation under former district attorney Lynn Abraham found that the cops who beat these brothers did not commit any crime!

    Now, the American Arbitration Association has announced that the pigs who brutalized these brothers are going to get their jobs back–with back pay!

    That is just one of many examples of the terror against African people being funded by the City of Philadelphia. However, everywhere we go in Philly Africans are faced with poverty, police brutality and powerlessness.

    The city spends 25 percent ($1.1 billion) of its budget on police, prisons and courts that keep Africans separated from our resources.

    Only 7 percent ($300 million) is spent on education. That funding which does go towards education is spent on a school system that is anti-African. Our youth are taught white nationalist curriculum and attacked by police, faculty and staff.

    Meanwhile there is no economic development. Fifty percent of African youth are unemployed and students have no job market to look forward to after graduation. The only option is the illegitimate drug economy which the government uses as a means of trapping the masses in prison. Forty percent of the African community lives in poverty.

    It is not just the government that participates in our oppression and exploitation however. Parasites like Macy’s and the stores on South Street, the targets of the outrage, take resources from the African community everyday but they don’t do anything for the community. This blood sucking relationship is the real crime in Philadelphia.

    The war on African youth is a war on the African community

    The State is using our youth as an excuse to criminalize African people the same way it uses “the war on terror” as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

    While he portrays African youth as a threat to the public’s safety, Philadelphia police chief Charles Ramsey makes announcements to intensify the police presence in the city. However, Ramsey had nothing to say when the white people tore up South Street after the Phillies won the World Series, or when the white boys got drunk on St. Patrick’s Day and ran wild through Center City.

    If Charles Ramsey, Michael Nutter, Seth Williams and the black judge who sentenced the young Africans involved in the February 11 police attack represented the black community’s interests they would prosecute the real flash mobs: the police who murder, brutalize and violate the rights of African people and the city administration that steals African resources.

    The fact is that the white man put these thugs in office as part of a strategy to convince Africans that the government is helping us by locking up our youth. As long as the black community thinks these forces represent power then we won’t demand real black power. Black power is when the African working class achieves the ability to be self-governing–in control of our own government.

    Only revolutionary organization will fulfill true purpose of youth resistance

    The State fears large groups of Africans gathering because it is only a matter of time before these gatherings become politically conscious of their power and aspirations. This is why the youth are starting to resist. We must not unite with the government’s attack on us.

    Philadelphia InPDUM leader Diop Olugbala conducting outreach on South Street to organize the youth for black power.

    The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement has been on the ground in Philly struggling to forward the Revolutionary National Democratic Program (RNDP) calling for reparations and independence for African people.

    We support the African youth disobedience to a criminal government. We believe Africans have a right to resist. We also believe that the uprisings will only realize their full significance when they are fighting for the self-determination for the African community.

    At the same time, InPDUM will only reach its full significance when we have successfully organized the masses of Africans in their own interests. Only when the masses are organized to take power we will solve the problem.

    We are calling on these same young Africans to reach their full potential as freedom fighters by joining InPDUM and fighting for the following demands derived from our RNDP:

    1. Hands off the Philly African youth gatherings: drop all trumped-up charges against those Africans rounded up in the Center City and South Street incidents.

    2. Reparations to the African community: $1.1 billion for community-controlled education, housing and economic development–not police containment.

    3. We demand community control of the police.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If you have additional mob attacks to add to the list, please go to the linked website and notify the administrator, who will add them to the list.

  21. Dawn is nearing says:

    I suspect this is the same behavior that occurred after the civil war and blacks had new laws protecting them. Then came Jim Crow and segregation NORTH & South out of white’s desire to preserve order and safety. So here we are again.Its a mathematical equation, segregation(but disguised in seemingly inocuous language)will be put to a vote in many cities within 2 years. The alternative is flash mobs in your living room if we don’t.Even white liberals will be with us on these laws. Book it, count on it.

  22. mike savage says:

    what really makes me mad is these attacks only get media coverage when the white victim is a homosexual or transgender etc if its just a normal white person IT DOESNT MATTER

  23. Zach Sowers says:

    The shop doors should be able to be instantly electronically lockable by pressing a button. Then the flashers/wilders will be unable to leave until the cops arrive. If a fire is started activate sprinklers. If violence is threatened use tear gas foggers.

    Incarceration should teach those particular unmotivated, indolent ‘youths’ to play nice next time.

  24. Anonymous says:

    What irony . I knew an 80 something fellow in Columbus Ga. , unfortunately deceased now , who was from the Montgomery-Selma area and was vehement that during the march protesters ransacked little mom and pop country stores along the way completely ruining these people’s way of earning a living . These little stores were very common in the south even into the sixties . And now it is happening all across the nation .Perpetrated by the progeny of the very mobs who worked so diligently to undo the South fifty years ago .

  25. Angry Bird says:

    The shop doors should be able to be instantly electronically lockable by pressing a button. Then the flashers/wilders will be unable to leave until the cops arrive. If a fire is started activate sprinklers. If violence is threatened use tear gas foggers.


    Unfortunately, this destroys businesses have to resort to bars on windows, electronic buzzers to let customers in or had cops use tear gas against black mobs in their vicinity.

    Bars on windows=unsafe neighborhoods, it’s as good as an advertisement blaring “Unsafe Area! Crime Prone! Beware!”

    Do you think I’d take my daughters or grandchildren into such an area to shop? People have long memories about these things and I don’t think these businesses will be able to recover. Their areas will be known for black gangs and rioting until the end of time. How to you get rid of this image and stay in business?

    Is it any wonder that people are shopping on line now?

  26. Anonymous says:

    What about the attacks on whites at the Wisconsin State Fair? No reports in mains stream media that I’ve seen.

  27. Anonymous says:

    then they wonder why we want to carry guns!!