Posted on August 19, 2011

Georgetown Basketball Players Brawl with Chinese Team

New York Post, August 18, 2011

What was supposed to be a friendly exhibition between the Georgetown basketball team and a Chinese pro team descended into a chaotic brawl Thursday, as players threw punches and chairs at one another.

According to the Washington Post, the benches-clearing melee erupted in the fourth quarter as Georgetown played the Bayi Rockets of the Chinese Basketball Association.

A Georgetown University spokesman told CBS Sports no one was injured, calling it a “tense situation.”

The game was unusually physical, with 28 fouls assessed to Georgetown and 11 to the Rockets, according to the report. When Georgetown guard Jason Clark was fouled hard by Rockets forward-center Hu Ke, the two got into a shoving match, and the bedlam began.

Head coach John Thompson III pulled his team off the court as fans threw plastic water bottles at his players.

Tensions were reportedly building throughout the contest. Earlier in the game, a Rockets player yelled at Thompson during a timeout, and later in the second half Georgetown forward Nate Lubick exchanged words with a Rockets player.


At the time of the fight, the game was tied at 64 with nine minutes remaining.


35 responses to “Georgetown Basketball Players Brawl with Chinese Team”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beneath the sometimes impassive face of China, emotions are seething.

    The Chinese nation is eager to take on the world in combat, and you can see it in the behavior of their players.

  2. Uptown says:

    Competent referees would never have let a game get to this point.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You see that! Chinese are not afraid to fight black thugs. The article tried to blame the Chinese player for fouling a black player “hard.”

    But if the black players fouled the Chinese team twice as much, 28 vs 11 times, then the Chinese players were getting mad anyway.

    I cannot imagine any white people fighting back like that these days in the face of clear provocations.

    I do know from a lot of personal experience that black people are very racist against Chinese, and that Chinese people consider blacks sub-human.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A fine group of American “Ambassadors” playing on a un-PC court, how’d it feel Nate?

  5. Rhialto says:

    Well, who can blame the black basketballers? The Chinese were even up in a game which their black self esteem demands that blacks should easily triumph. Somehow, someway Racism was responsible, and the blacks were attacking that Racism. I can think of only one other area of comparison by which black self esteem would be more damaged.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Of course I only saw edited footage, but the striking- and wonderful thing here, is that it blasts the fairy-tale of Diversity, makes blacks look worse (hard to do), and makes it clear the Chinese hate blacks.

    My, this IS a good news day!

    And with so many more to come.

    I laughed with true glee when I saw this…

    The days of black acceptance in the USA and the world are going to collapse- maybe by summer’s end.

    They will revolt, but that’s the end for their petty little reign!

  7. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    One of the few times when I cheered for China on the sporting circuit. Georgetown’s always been a “gangster” basketball program. John Thompson II was a race-baiting head coach in the ’80s & 90s, but now his son apparently is carrying the torch. Except the Chinese team won’t tolerate it. I wonder if many of them are professional in the martial arts? That’s one way to beat down a flash mob.

    Now during the Summer Olympics in ’08, I really didn’t want the Chinese to keep winning medals because of their sense of entitlement. But with so many people and a new world power they are bound to get involved athletically and be hard contenders.

    But their government is complicit in dangerous & poisonous consumer pproducts, food, safety chemically enhanced vitamins and they have a huge market in hijacked, or counterfeit, products. There was a major railway accident there earlier this Summer in which many people were killed because of a lack of safety standards. It seems that they don’t have much regulations over there either. Ah the joys of capitalism. Profits over people. One reason why I’ve soured on the GOP. They’ll go to their graves defending unethical practices. Just like libs look the other way on things like AA & flash mob hate crimes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Of course Georgetown University has become synonymous with all-Black basketball teams. The “legendary” John Thompson was instrumental in making sure that GU relaxed their admission standards so that he could take advantage of all the inner city talent in and around Washington D.C. His specialty was “ringers”.

    You might be surprised to find out that NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue played Hoya basketball–and set a school record for rebounds in 1962. I seriously doubt his team was involved in any international incidents of violence–and had out-fouled their hosts by almost three to one.

    But then again, in 1962 the Georgetown Hoya Basketball team looked a lot different from what it does today:

    Kind of makes me a little choked up to look back on those innocent days.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I thought this was very amusing.

    East Asians are often portrayed as even more passive than whites, but these Chinese players stood up to a bunch of thugs. I love how surprised the blacks look when the Chinese players start attacking them and defending themselves.

    Many people are saying that they attacked “us Americans”. Why is it blacks suddenly act like when we are a big happy family as soon as it benefits them? Regardless, I don’t consider them my kin in any form. East Asians also recognize this. They don’t see us as “Americans” they see “Asian, white, black, etc.”

    I feel about as much connection to the average African American as I do the average Kenyan or Ghanaian.

    Blacks have, for too long, assumed that no one will stand up to them. Why don’t people? They may act that way but they aren’t stronger than we are, they definitely aren’t smarter than we are, and they are just as vulnerable as we are, the only difference is they talk a big game.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is just one basketball game between two countries that did not turn out well. Of the basketball games I saw between the USA and other countries, I cant recall seeing any game ending like this one. Before we jump to any conclusion we should look at many games played between USA team and International teams not just one game. However, there is no excuse for the actions of some players.

    And there are too much violence in sports from fans and players. English soccer fans, for example, are known for hooliganism which usually ended in brawls, vandalism and riots . It is referred to as the English Disease by the British media . Many English soccer fans are banned from entering soccer stadiums in certain countries.

    Some hockey games turned into a UFC match as players began to throw fists at each other .

  11. Henry says:

    I stopped in a gas station the other day and the clerk was an African black we talked a little and he told me he wanted to get back to Africa as soon as he could (he was in college) he told me he was ashamed to be black in America that the blacks here were a disgrace to their race.

    He said nowhere in the world are blacks treated better than in America and that they spit in the eye of every real opportunity they had offered to them.

  12. Great White Observer says:

    I once saw a black try to get away with paying only five dollars for six or seven dollars worth of takeout Chinese food by acting threatening and claiming that was all he had. The young Chinese guy snatched the bag of food out of his hand and told him to get the hell out of his store, the black seeing that his act of intimidation was not working just sulked and cursed as he left the store with no food. If only Whites would start acting this way maybe a lot of this nonsense would end.

  13. Wayne Engle says:

    Looks like those Chinese players gave the dusky denizens of Georgetown “what fur,” and then some. Did my heart good to see some blacks get thumped, for a change.

  14. MrGJG says:

    I guess the Chinese disrespected them. Blacks hate being disrespected. Their the only race on the planet who demands respect just for breathing.

  15. François says:

    Those Chinese men were just acting the way that White men would act towards such provocative Blacks, if it weren’t for that sick, totally pathetic White guilt thing.

  16. Tim in Indiana says:

    I think I should make that photo of the altercation the wallpaper for my computer! Nothing epitomizes the culture clash between the races like that picture does!

    Chinese are about on the opposite end of the racial spectrum from blacks, but without whites’ moral compass. I think if large groups of Asians came into contact with large groups of blacks more often, we would see far more clashes like this, but Asians tend to keep their distance from blacks, so we don’t. Certainly the Chinese don’t invite large masses of blacks into their country for a permanent stay like we do.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Chinese’ locker room after that brawl (and to be able to understand Chinese)!

  17. Dean says:

    6 — Anonymous at 8:28 PM on August 19:

    According to many reports, this same Chinese basketball team has fought with a number of European and South American teams as well. They need to be banned from the Olympics. Blacks are not there only target.

    I see nothing to be gleeful about. You are obviously misguided.

  18. Anonymous says:

    China is scratching its head and wondering who they were playing? Was that an African team? How can an American team be all African?

    They are extremely confused because in China only yellows of Chinese heritage are allowed to be citizens and they thought every nation was like that.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The obvious Chinese ethnocentric mentality is on display here, and American Multiculturalists should be aware that this uniformity is horizontally and vertically almost unlimited. There is nothing we can do culturally to influence the Chinese “attitude” towards race annd ethnicity, since they know little else but ethnic uniformity and anyway are convinced it is a strength, not a weakness.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Poster # 8–Thank you for including a “sadness” warning to your link of the 1962 Hoyas…My heart just aches for what America has become. I have a clueless “friend” from junior high that I can no longer talk to–she (as are many Americans) either 1: doesn’t get it, 2: doesn’t care, or figures that 3: she’ll be dead when the fit really hits the shan. Trouble is, her kids and grandkids might still be alive to battle it to the end, if THEY can figure it out. One seems to be as clueless as she is.

  21. Anonymous says:

    People are cheering on the Chinese side, but I see as much “fault” with them as with the black basketball players. The game was rigged (massively lopsided penalty count against the US side) and still they were winning. The Chinese probably felt they were losing face (one of their achilles heels) and couldn’t hack it and it spilled over. They did the same against a Brazilian team not too long ago. Part of the reason I think China still has a *long* way to go. Now that’s not to say the black players weren’t at fault either, but I think the incident says just as much about the Chinese.

  22. Jack D.R. says:

    The Chinese Communists performed very well against our “good will” ambassadors. We need to send Eric “my people” Holder to China and, thus, try to smooth the situation out with his civil rights expertise. It is obvious in the video, the Chinese basketball mentality shows to be, no one will come to my country and physically or mentally push me around. Probably, the black basketball mentality (what there is of it) will be, when I get back to the multicultural garbage dump called America, I am going to locate a European American person and beat him or her senseless (my black self-esteem must be restored).

  23. Brent says:

    17 — Dean wrote at 1:27 AM on August 20:

    6 — Anonymous at 8:28 PM on August 19:

    According to many reports, this same Chinese basketball team has fought with a number of European and South American teams as well. They need to be banned from the Olympics. Blacks are not there only target.

    I see nothing to be gleeful about. You are obviously misguided


    I was aware of their fights with other international teams as well. I do not know why some of you seem to beleive that anytime two non-White groups engage in combat witho one another, it is beneficial to us as Whites. These same groups are just as aggressive in their behavior toward Whites.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “According to many reports, this same Chinese basketball team has fought with a number of European and South American teams as well.”

    If that’s true than it’s obvious that their behavior is OK with the Chinese Communist Party leadership. Maybe they’re thinking that showing aggression and dominance is more important than winning a ball game. Can anyone think of any other reason why a dictatorship would tolerate this?

  25. Anonymous says:

    On #23: When non-white males are fighting one another, they are not fighting white men. At this point, the only hope that white men have is that their many many emnemies will neutralize each other. This may give normal white men a chance to reorganize, regroup, and reconquer.

  26. Anonymous says:

    If you look in the video at :20 just before the fight, who do you suppose took the first swing? The black player.

  27. Anonymous says:

    In this context I think Chinese have shown their genuine attitude towards other supposedly inferior cultures.As Poster # 1 wrote behind the Chinese mask of etiquette a volcano of violence and a sense of superiority is raging. It shows throughout the whole spectrum of Chinese society. Their peacefulness and good manners are only a facade for the world. The Chinese audience were truly mean by throwing bottles on American players. In an unguarded moment the tribal spirit of China ones again bursts through, no matter how much facade of western etiquette is put on.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can any of the other posters who claim that the Chinese team is well known for “brawling” with other teams please furnish a few links? Not that it really matters, of course. The new Chinese masters of Africa are going to exterminate the locals over time. Think I’ll study Mandarin.

  29. Charles N. says:

    I think the Chinese team had to do this to stop the game. They were semi-pro and despite the refs calling constantly in their favor they were in serious risk of losing to a US college basketball team. Not acceptable to the Chicom leaders watching. If it were me, I’d rather throw the match getting a couple of punches to the gut than getting re-educated by hard labor in the middle of nowhere for the next 10 years.

  30. Anonymous says:

    When China’s 1.3 billion+ population is looking for more resources to quench their insatiable appetite for growth, they’ll turn their eyes to Africa (they actually already have). Africa (particularly sub-Sahara Africa) is loaded with natural resources as far as the eye can see (gold, diamonds, copper, oil, etc) and the low IQ, lazy Africans haven’t even touched them. Unlike us weak chinned Europeans, the Chinese will have no problem with moving into Africa, taking everything they want, and exterminating the native Africans like wild animals in the process. Although I believe Asians lack a lot of good qualities that Europeans have, they surely possess a greater wealth of common sense. (ex. you don’t see as many chinese/japanese and black admixture children as you do mulattos; even when taking population size into account)

  31. Anonymous says:

    #28 wrote ‘Can any of the other posters who claim that the Chinese team is well known for “brawling” with other teams please furnish a few links?

    I am not one of those posters. However , I found this from Online News Web under ‘ Georgetown Basketball Brawl Breaks Out During Vice President Joe Biden’s China Visit : ‘Although it was unclear if the brawl was sparked by a single incident or a culmination of tensions, the Chinese team reportedly has been fined many times for similar fights”

  32. Anonymous says:

    Chinese players “known” for violence? No, non-Chinese players are known for provoking Chinese players so their beloved media clowns can portray China as an evil menace.

    The story is barely a day old and every single publication be it NYT or Washington Post or AP have cropped out the part where the black player OBVIOUSLY started the fight and have started their endless, tiresome spin about how Chinese players were trying to save “face” or are just inherently violent.

    It’s so pathetic its funny. What’s even more sad is that people who complain about how corporate media portrays whites in a negative light take everything they say about China and the Chinese people as the gospel truth.

    You can find the edited and unedited videos all over the internet. The version found on major media web portals cuts out the part where a black player trips a Chinese player and then stomps on his back while he’s down, which is what really starts the fight. The shove comes AFTER this criminal act – and guess who lost the fight?

    As usual the blacks turn and run when it’s a 1 on 1 fight and the other party is neither infirm nor decrepit.

    But keep on believing the Chinese are a violent menace and that low crime rates are an elaborate plot. You and your corporate media deserve each other and every ill it inflicts upon you.

  33. Anonymous says:

    We can only hope that the black players will defect to China, claiming racism in America.

  34. WHC says:

    If the US wanted to send a college basketball team to China as part of Joe Biden’s goodwill tour, why on earth would we send a college team made up of inner city, ghetto thugs? We would have been much better off sending Duke, BYU or an IVY league team for a game of clean competitive basketball with the Chinese. The Georgetown team was playing dirty, as thugs have tendency to do. The Chinese teams play hard but they are not known for playing like ghetto blacks. My guess is that the Chinese had enough of Georgetown’s hard fouls and started giving the Hoyas a taste of their own medicine.

  35. Anonymous says:

    17 — Dean wrote at 1:27 AM on August 20:

    6 — Anonymous at 8:28 PM on August 19:

    According to many reports, this same Chinese basketball team has fought with a number of European and South American teams as well. They need to be banned from the Olympics. Blacks are not there only target.

    I see nothing to be gleeful about. You are obviously misguided.

    ———————————————————————— DEAN, ANON#6 Here:

    No, Dean, I’m not “…obviously misguided.” I won’t begin a rant on how you sound like a very Marxist thinker with a haughty statement like that, because you’re probably on my side, albeit looking at this…um…spectacle from another angle.


    I am VERY GLEEFUL that multiculturalism- or at least the kumbaya delusions surrounding it are under assault here. Furthermore, I am VERY, VERY GLAD that Georgetown basketball THUGS got a punch or two thrown at them. I am VERY GLAD that it is obvious to the world that the Chinese hate blacks for what they are. I am Very Glad that the Chinese may gradually be exposed as the rapacious breed they are, and that people may eventually learn to be yet more distrustful of them.

    I have no truk (look the word up) with the Chinese, or blacks, or multiculturalism. I WANT to see such peoples fight it out.

    (As an aside of note: why in hell should you presume I should care if some slunking, criminal , non-sportsmanlike retrograde who wears the Georgetown logo on his jersey, gets slugged…by ANYONE, anytime, for any reason. Let me make it plain to you…I don’t care. It’s not my job to give a darn!)

    I have no illusions that the chinese might swing on white Americans…if they thought they could get away with it. However, they would FEAR whites MUCH more, both for the immediate consequences, and for the long- term blowback. Lastly, the chinese hate whites less. They have much less regard for blacks than they do for whites. Good. let the white Marxists see this belief in action, over and over, and over.

    GOOD. The more the merrier, the quicker, the better. It only helps whites.

    Now, Dean, all clear?