Posted on August 11, 2011

Darcus Howe Cites Racial Profiling as Key Factor in London Riots

Joshua Hersh, Huffington Post, August 11, 2011

The riots that broke out across England this week were the consequence of years of built-up resentment among Britain’s young, mostly black, underclass, the Caribbean-British writer and activist Darcus Howe told The Huffington Post on Wednesday.

“It’s an insurrection of a generation of poor, primarily, black people from the Caribbean and from Africa,” said Howe, who became something of an Internet sensation on this side of the Atlantic after his recent appearance on the BBC turned into a testy exchange over his claims that the authorities were failing to listen to the riots’ underlying cause.

The police “do not have any sense of what informs the explosive character of what is happening here,” Howe said, pointing his finger at the increasingly controversial practice of stopping and searching youth in working class neighborhoods.

The killing by police last week of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old black man from the London neighborhood of Tottenham, has been widely credited with setting off the flood of outrage that led to the riots. {snip}

“That was the catalyst, and residing in the catalyst is the cause,” Howe said. “And the cause was the constant stopping and searching of young blacks.”


By and large, the response to the riots across British society has been outright rejection and condemnation, with the youth in the street branded wholesale as thugs and criminals.


In a poll published Wednesday by the conservative newspaper The Sun, a third of respondents said they would welcome the use of live ammunition against the youth in the streets.


“They’re all behaving like President Assad,” he said, referring to the embattled Syrian leader who has lately confronted a popular uprising inside his country with tanks and mortar shells.

“What we found out recently is the prime minister and his ilk have no idea who their citizens are,” he added. “Even the blacks among them do not know who they represent. There is a black member of parliament from Tottenham when the riots broke out, and he said, ‘These people who burned the place down are not from Tottemham; they came from elsewhere.’ Nobody knows where Tottenham begins, and where it ends.”

Howe, who was born in Trinidad and is 68 years old, has a long history of social-justice activism in England, and has become a familiar face to British television viewers on the subjects of race and urban discontent.


The youth of today, Howe said, are much more determined and disappointed than even his own generation, and they see in the present moment an opportunity to express their discontent.

“They are much more mature and they have greater expectations,” Howe said. “[In the 1980s], we’d say, ‘Well, we weren’t born here, we must accept that.’ But this is a generation who has this feeling, like instinctive animals, about who they are, and what they won’t put up with, and that is what has brought them to the streets today.”

“There is a sense of uprising, because the kids see it on the television,” he added. “They see the Arab Spring. And once [the police] killed Mark Duggan, they felt, ‘No. They’ve gone too far.'”

26 responses to “Darcus Howe Cites Racial Profiling as Key Factor in London Riots”

  1. Blaak Obongo says:

    So the black loafer–oops, I mean “writer and activist,” of course–Darcus Howe (love that name) says that black rioters are just victims of Social Injustice, and it’s all Whitey’s fault.

    Sounds to me like a fairly typical “dialogue on race.”

  2. Miss Lily White, rosy cheeks, blue eyes, puffy lips says:

    We are mostly disappointed in the Whites who are racially profiled by the NAACP for citizenship dispossession, and the Whites don’t fight back.

    When blacks in UK get racially profiled, they burn the mutha down. When Whites in Ga. are racially profiled, they keep quiet so nobody will become suspicious that they might not embrace diversity and commit to “doing more”.

  3. Rotunda Washington says:

    Guess they didn’t learn anything from their American counterparts. Lower class blacks always riot when things don’t go their way. Just look at 1965 in LA, 1990 in LA, Rodney King in LA – and a lot more places here in the US I’m not that familiar with. That’s just what low class blacks do. If you want to avoid it, don’t let those kind of people into your countries. It’s pretty simple, really.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Afro-Caribbeans are not discriminated against, they simply cannot compete. In Canada there is free education to grade 12, free health care, a robust economy, a very tolerant society and so on and so on yet they still have high unemployment and there is constant belly-aching in the media. My local town is experiencing a rapid influx of this “culture” and also a corresponding rapid increase in street level muggings, convenience store robberies and shootings (as evidenced by news releases on the local police website). BTW The rapid influx is due to an aggressive social housing policy in Ontario, thank you Dalton McGuinty for screwing up my town.

  5. GenX ANZAC says:

    Racial profiling, how about the constant Hollywood-esque ‘police profiling’ by the media depicting them as brutally backward thugs who arrest people willy nilly with no basis and who have free reign to dispense their own brand of draconian justice as they please.

    When in truth most police forces go through endless sensitivity training programs, are victims of ‘positive discriminatory’ hiring practices and who are constantly watched on CCTV themselves.

    Watching reality shows of the British police in action, you see the ‘youths’ acting with pure vile contempt towards the police, right up in their faces taunting them to arrest them, then once the line has been crossed and the cuffs go on, the crying and whining starts “y ya do dat I wuz doin nuffin.”

    Stories of blacks being freed from prisons because of retroactive analysis of DNA evidence are constantly shown as leading stories in our news. Even last night on our local news coverage regarding these riots, they gave some accused black looter leaving the courthouse a platform to whine about being incorrectly charged due to being racially profiled.

    Then in the next shot for this story, they had the British PM David Cameron outside 10 Downing St practising ‘muscular liberalism’ (…aka faux conservatism?) while being very deliberately protected by an African police bobby, positioned just left of the centre of the TV screen.

  6. CDE says:

    Its time for a serious discussion among Western leaders. I know none would ever propose such a thing. The Russian Senator in the previous story has it right. Its time to think about repatriation of all non-indigenous Europeans and ethnic minorities in Europe and America. All Muslims back to Muslim countries, all blacks to be resettled in Liberia. Financial incentives for resettlement stipends can be negotiated. Anyone wishing to stay (like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, etc.) may be allowed under certain conditions. None would ever be allowed back for visits or any other purpose whatsoever. Its way past time we stopped kidding ourselves and pretenting that we’re all the same and blacks, Muslims, or whatever are good and decent.

  7. HH says:

    Yes, it’s true Darcus – we Whites are just hopless, racist meanies. Thus, the only solution is that you and ALL your kind go away! That’s right, go home to where you came from, and we will have to learn – somehow – to deal with life absent all that glorious “diversity” and “vibrancy” that you bring into our midst.

    See ya…!!!

  8. sbuffalonative says:

    ” his claims that the authorities were failing to listen to the riots’ underlying cause.”

    Does anyone remember Flip Wilson’s “Geraldine” catch phase, “The devil made me do it”?

    The white, blue-eyed devil drove this poor black youths to “insurrection”. What other explanation could there be?

    As I wrote yesterday, when order is returned, the simmering anger and hatred will remain and grow until it’s set off by the next perceived racial slight leading to even larger “insurrections”.

    As much as they claim to be abused by the white man in England, not one of these Caribbean youth will return to their black island paradise.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s not years of pent-up “resentment”, rather it’s years of pent-up frustration at their own futility in trying to join Western civilization. They simply are not wired for it. They are unassimilable, and realize it. Other recent immigrants are passing them by in a single generation. There is no solution to the problem, other than deportation, sterilization, or quarantine. Go back to Trinidad, Mr. Howe, take your minions and their pathologies with you. England will do fine without your brand of diversity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If bad behavior were caused by racial-profiling whites would be the worst behaved people on the earth.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If men with red beards were known to be ten times more likely to commit violent crimes than other people, the police would be condemned for not paying special attention to them in reducing and investigating those crimes.

    What part of this common sense approach do Blacks have a problem with?

  12. Istvan says:

    If you don’t like Great Britain, leave! It is not your native land. You were not forced to move there. Leave and then you won’t have to be offended by YT!

  13. Mark says:

    My country has turned itself upside down in its efforts to accommodate this violent, psychopathic, low-IQ sub-species and still they are not satisfied. The offspring of the original Caribbean immigrants from the 1940s and 1950s have proven to be a curse but one that could be controlled and one that could possibly be resolved with fairly dramatic measures if required. The addition of millions upon millions of resentful, lazy, parasitical, disloyal, arrogant, mostly black foreigners since the start of the New Labour Project in 1997 has ensured that the only way I will be able to claim my country back is by winning a civil war that would see death and destruction on an unimaginable scale.

  14. Jeddermann. says:

    “And the cause was the constant stopping and searching of young blacks.”

    Maybe if all those many young black men did not engage in the HABIT of carrying knives and guns they would not be stopped?

    This whole riot was sparked when the Trident task force stopped the cab to make the arrest. The man they were after was “into” things and one of those “things” was gun possession. Maybe if no gun – – no stop? This is hard to understand, isn’t it?

  15. Jeddermann. says:

    “a third of respondents said they would welcome the use of live ammunition against the youth in the streets.”

    Actually, if the “youths” are in the motions of committing arson and the cops come upon the scene, arson is the only property crime normally where lethal force can be used to stop the perps. You do not know if someone is inside the building and be killed by the burning.

  16. Bond says:

    Dear Mr Dorkus Howe your son was a bum and a known criminal how many people has this piece of trash murdered?

    No Dorkus he got what he deserved is my guess?

  17. Anonymous says:

    See Derbyshire’s statistics:

    Pakistanis and Indians Jailed for Starting Birmingham Riots

    John Derbyshire estimates that blacks comprise about 2% of the British population but 60 – 70% of the rioters.

  18. Kenelm Digby says:

    Most of Britain’s blacks originate from Jamaica.

    I would love to see these blacks repatriated to Jamaica (which has no social security or council housing whatsoever), and try to survive in the general impoverished atmosphere of Jamaica.

    – I’d love to see them try to loot Jamaican shops and property to survive.

    The Jamaican police would blast their heads clean off with high caliber guns in a heart-beat.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This man’s son became a drug addict because his father was absent during his upbringing. Ring any bells?

  20. Paleface 6 says:

    The White man’s greatest trait is to be able to see ahead and make plans. That’s what allowed us to survive the harsh winters in the Northern countries from which we are descended. So start planning if you haven’t already done so.

    People, it’s time to re-read your Thomas Chittum, re-read the Northwest novels by Harold Covington (or any other source of inspiration and hope for White people you prefer and can find), and start planning your response to the scheduled Day Of Rage on September 17th (and by “response,” I don’t mean plans to commit murder). If that so-called “peaceful protest” doesn’t explode into violence at least you’ll have been ready.

    Use that White brain! God gave it to us for a reason! Read ten more minutes of AmRen, then push back, start a fitness program right now, today if you haven’t already;go to the store and buy foods that have a long shelf life right now, today; and most of all get some method of self defense and begin a practice program with it right now, today.

    Even the slightest idea of what to do in the “coming unpleasantness” is better than sitting frozen with fear as the wave washes over you. So get busy! Get it done!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Darcus Howe was saying exactly the same in 1985, 1981 and 1980. I expect he was saying the same in 1976 as well. In those years, riots rocked Brixton, Toxteth, Handsworth Notting Hill and Tottenham. In the years since, millions have been pumped into those areas. The police have been given sensitivity training, and guidelines on how to deal with black youths, so as to not upset them. Blacks are able to join the police force as easily as Whites are, in fact, it’s even easier. If you are Black, and want to join, they will bend over backwards to make sure you get an easy passage in your attempt. Go to London and there are hundreds of thousands of Blacks doing a whole range of jobs in shops, restaurants, tourist venues, public transport, you name it. Their equality is enshrined in law. If you are convicted of a “racist” crime, you will get a harsher sentence. A police officer racially abusing a black man is risking his career. Things have never been better if you are black. So why are they still starting riots? When a White man was shot by the police in Northern England a bout a year ago, his family were understandably outraged, and protested. But I did’t see Newcastle being burned and looted. Sorry if my spelling and grammar are a bit poor, I can’t see the screen properly, there’s an elephant in the room and its standing in the way.

  22. Laager says:

    No Mr Digby.

    Most of Britain’s blacks are from Africa VIA the Caribbean

    You think you have problems?

    Africa has every God given resource it needs it to be self sufficient and successful.

    This has been clearly proven by the European settlers/colonists. Wherever they settled on the continent they created thriving economies which benefited everyone – settler and local black alike – to the point where they delivered a level of prosperity never before experienced. The settlers achieved this by living in parallel with the locals and not integrating – thus preserving the local cultures and not turning them into half caste societies (i.e. half African/half western) like the USA.

    Peculiarly Black Africans are not satisfied with this evolutionary progress and try to enter Europe illegally in their thousands each year. Those that are not prepared to risk crossing the Sahara and the Mediterranean head south.

    Where to?

    South Africa


    Because it is the most developed and robust economy delivering a western life style on the continent.

    And who built it?

    The largest concentration (5m max) of white people on the continent.

    It is guesstimated that since majority rule in South Africa in 1994 somewhere between 5m and 10m illegals have entered the country.

    Not only do blacks in Africa flee everything they need to be successful, their corrupt leaders rob their countries blind and deposit their ill gotten gains in European bank accounts.

    So don’t be too disturbed by the images that the left wing media fill the western TV channels with of starving hordes in refugee camps in a desolate semi desert environment. There are plenty of fertile and verdant areas in Africa which can comfortably feed the continent.

    Why do you think white farmers in Zimbabwe and now South Africa are being chased off their properties by the local blacks?

    Simply because the blacks are envious and jealous of their success.

    They seem to think that simply by owning these farms they too will be successful.

    Yet they won’t be for they lack one simple ingredient – consistent diligent hard work.

    There is vacant fallow land equally fertile adjacent to the white farms which they could develop.

    But will they?

    It is these grass roots attitudes that have been transplanted from rural African into urban England which is the root cause of all the mayhem.

    No amount of excuses and spinning by the liberal left media will conceal this reality which is now becoming ever more visible in the west.

    Whites in Africa encountered this reality about 230 years ago and developed a system to co-exist with it. Correspondents 6, 7 and 9 are now saying exactly the same thing. The western liberals called the Southern African system “a crime against humanity” and destroyed it. Now they have to live with the same reality in their own countries.

    When the era of repatriation arrives all liberals should also be sent to these home nations and be allowed to live their dream of multi-culturism, diversity and enrichment amongst the people they have supported for so long.

  23. sheila says:

    Racial Profiling is a code word, as are so many others, used to ignite the lumpenprolitariat into rioting…it has always been the desire of certain groups to cultivate the expendable in society. The need to cultivate groups of people, mostly black and immigrants, to feel *abused* by the *establishment* (THE MAN=The system), the system… believed to be WHITE whether it is or isn’t (!) is necessary for instant violence against all who are not percieved as *victims of white society*…it’s a perception thing…subjective and manipulated and used for the purpose of putting the white privileged in their place. To threaten, to kill, to burn, to create mayhem is an honorable thing to do in the eyes of DH and those of his ilk…right out of the pages of SDS, The Weatherman, SLA, UAFront, Black Panthers (I could go on and on…but why?)…the expendable is necessary! Else…who and what would make up the cannon fodder?

    Those who create and cultivate the fodder? The *intellectual revolutionaries* of course. What a brilliant idea…and such an old one…la la.

  24. jonny english says:

    Darkus Howe is so blatantly anti-white i get angry when he is given air-time to blame whitey for all the failings of his own race. He is, of course an absent father and his son, of course is in trouble with the law. Howe has recently been treated for cancer– I wonder if he thanked god for white medicine that helped him get better? I doubt it. I just wish he would go back to Trinidad.

  25. Steven says:

    The man shot: Mark Duggan was well known to the police as a crack-dealing, gun-toter and his family wanted justice for what happened to him? Justice was already served when he was shot dead!

    Now we get this racist anti-white ex-black-panther called Darcus Howe trying to convince everyone that black violence is a racial struggle against the oppressive white man. The days of slavery are over and now in Britain ethnic minorities are treated far better than the indigenous population, this is obvious as Britain is stepped on left right and centre because of its soft touch human rights over common sense approach.

    Furthermore, Darcus Howe is an ex-con who assaulted a police officer and took part in the Brixton riots. He has seven children over three marriages and a son he neglected completely that turned into a criminal. The questions asked of him during the BBC interview by Fiona Armstrong were legitimate and he only took offense because the answers wouldn’t match his blame the white man agenda. The fact that the BBC had to apologise to someone who was so blatantly making excuses for outright lawlessness and violence is inexcusable and totally outrageous. This trouble causing black is the kind of mentality that was the root cause of the conflicts we have seen in Britain and anyone with the tiniest bit of moral fibre and national pride should ask for his deportation.

  26. Anonymous says:

    If men with red beards were known to be ten times more likely to commit violent crimes than other people, the police would be condemned for not paying special attention to them in reducing and investigating those crimes.

    What part of this common sense approach do Blacks have a problem with?

    Who says they even have common sense to begin with?