Posted on August 23, 2011

Bullying Bruises Grades for Black & Latino Achievers

Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience, August 23, 2011


Students who reported being bullied in the 10th grade saw a drop in their grades in 12th grade compared with their pre-bullying 9th-grade scores, according to research presented today (Aug. 23) at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas. The drop is sharpest for high-scoring black and Latino students, said study author Lisa Williams, a graduate student at Ohio State University. That may be because these high achievers don’t fit their communities’ racial stereotypes.


The effects were starkest when looking at academically talented minority students. An African-American student with a 3.5 GPA (out of a potential 4.0) in 9th grade who was bullied lost, on average, 0.3 GPA points by 12th grade. For a white student with a 3.5 GPA, that same number was only 0.03 points, 10 times less severe.

Victimized high-achieving Latino students fared even worse, losing 0.5 GPA points on average in 12th grade as a result of bullying.

Low-achieving Latino and black students’ GPAs were not as affected by bullying, dropping less than 0.1 GPA points. Low-achieving whites were more affected than high-achievers, losing just over 0.1 points. For Asian students, being high- or low-achieving made no difference in the amount of GPA lost: Bullying in 10th grade translated to about a 0.3-point drop in GPA across the board.

{snip} According to stereotype, blacks and Latinos do worse in school, she [Williams] said, so those students might be picked on for failing to conform.

15 responses to “Bullying Bruises Grades for Black & Latino Achievers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You never know what to believe, when it comes to black and Hispanic students and reported statistics. Are the scores inflated to begin with?

    But one thing’s for sure, and it’s alluded to with the sentence “That may be because these high achievers don’t fit their communities’ racial stereotypes.” The truth is, their peers mock them and beat them up for studying and learning, otherwise known as “acting white”. Then, the blacks howl about “white privilege”. I think we all need to do more to fling this paradox back into their faces.

  2. margaret says:

    I don’t know how hispanics operate, but I do know that from the day they can walk to the day they die a major activity of blacks is bullying and dominance behavior.

    Asian kids are horribly bullied by blacks mostly because of size especially in the 10 to 16 year range. But Asians do very well even when they are bused into horrible ghetto schools.

    There was a recent article about Asian parents protesting the dangers and bullying their children are subject by the blacks in Philly.

    Any old excuse for poor performance. I think I will apply for a federal grant doing research on the effects of the 100 shades of off white and cream on classroom walls on black and hispanic school performance.

    I will use the name Margarita Garcia on the application. I’ll put my relatives on the payroll at $80,000 consultant and anylist jobs. Some live 800 miles away but they can just use their computers. Brand new computers of course bought with grant money. Then too, they will need home offices, maybe a 30 ft long 50 ft wide new living room with furniture. Or a nice 3 bedroom guest house.

    I of course will get a $200,000 per year salary, a company car, cellphone, computers,Ipods etc galore and I’ll rent my house to the non profit for another $70,000 per year as the office.

    We will eventually, eventually, publish a scholarly paper announcing that any shade of white or beige can’t help blacks and hispanics because they associate white walls with evil whitey.

    The feminazi commies at the federal dept of education will decree that all classroom walls be repainted black and brown.

    I will arrange that my friends and relatives get that contract.

  3. StepnKickIt says:

    No kid can learn in an environment where s/he stands a good chance of getting attacked in the school bathroom where they went to try and have a pee. It is disgusting. If I was a young white parent, I would (a) arrange to have my kid well-trained in the most disciplined and vicious self-defense martial art I could find, and (b)home-school him or her. Public school is NO place for white kids today – the blacks and Mexicans drag them down to their level, or beat them into cowering shadows of their former selves. Take care of our own, white people!!! (And I’m a white former public school teacher).

  4. CDE says:

    “According to stereotype, blacks and Latinos do worse in school, she [Williams] said, so those students might be picked on for failing to conform”

    No doubt. Doing well in school is considered acting white. Science and math were invented by dead white males to keep the black man down. Funny, sports were invented by dead white males as well.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    One thing this clever article fails to tell us — Who is doing the bullying?

  6. Boondoggler says:

    When whites are being beaten virtually to death by blacks, who is doing the bullying to minorities?

  7. RegvlvsSeradly says:

    Black and Hispanic kids are far more likely to get bullied for being smart (by individuals of their own race) than White kids, who are frequently bullied instead for being dumb.

    Paul Kersey had it right, when he compared the accusing of someone for “acting white” amongst Blacks had similar force to the accusation of “communist!” in 1920s America.

    I would go further, and compare it to declaring someone an “atheist!” in Cromwellian England.

  8. Bill Harzia says:

    Maybe if the black and brown bullies would knock it off, and crack a book once in a while, their scores wouldn’t drop.

  9. sbuffalonative says:

    Bullying is the latest trendy theory to explain failure. It’s another liberal-progressive theory that makes the liberals and progressives feel good and gives them more power to be the real bullies.

  10. Duran Dahl says:

    I have frequently observed bright-enough black high school students ostentatiously fail all of their classes…or face social isolation from their cohorts. Academic achievement was “acting white,” an absolute taboo. American blacks worst enemies are “civil rights activists” (i.e., enablers)and their own monkey see/monkey do mentality. They cannot compete even when the game is fixed in their favor.”Crabs in a barrel,” indeed!

  11. WhiteIgniter says:

    I agree that most blacks in public schools are bullied if they study. And I think it has everything to do with jealousy. I live in Cleveland but I went to a private Catholic High School. Mainly White & East Asian. A very successful school to say the least. But the kids who were off the charts smart were not popular, unless they were athletes. If you were smart and non-athletic, you were ridiculed just as a kid who didn’t care about school (unless you were a dumb athlete, of course). Then you really had to be a drunk, druggie or discipline problem from keeping you off the field of play.

    In the Cleveland public schools, the blacks were an overwhelming majority & if you were White you were an easy mark. I had friends in my neighborhood who had no $ and they were shipped off to some of the worst schools in the world. Most had to conform to the gangster lifestyle just to fit in there. Sadly a lot of those guys and girls never got out of that lifestyle. Some knocked up by blacks/Puerto Ricans and some locked up with the same ones. I was blessed to wake up, albeit years later, to the concerns of my own people, European Americans.

  12. Jack says:

    “An African-American student with a 3.5 GPA (out of a potential 4.0)…”

    When 2 points of the total are due to AA.

  13. Priya says:

    Actually, even whites consider it ‘uncool’ to be good at math and science and put way too much emphasis on sports.

    In my culture (guess which culture I’m from), the hippest,coolest person is the one who is good at math and science. Brainiacs are worshiped. No, I’m not white and some of you AR readers might even mistake me for Black if you saw me.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just asked my husband if he ever had a black student with a 3.5 grade average. He had three, two had a German mother, and the other had a mother who was a teacher.

  15. Jesse says:

    Acting white is the problem. For someone who gets bullied, the rescue is in grouping up with your peers. Asian kids gets bullied by blacks, but almost all asian kids are, so they can bond together and sit by the geeks table and study with one another.

    Smart blacks seldomly have any smart peers that they can group up with. They are left all alone, against the bullying blacks who despise intelligence and success through hard work.

    And the smart asians and whites don’t want anything to do with them either, since they will identify that black with other blacks, as being a bully.

    That smart whites lose so little by bullying is because they are kinda used to it. The geeks get bullied by the jocks, it’s the way of life and everyone knows it from having seen the good old high school hollywood movies. The geeks just grin and bear and group together and then know that they will succeed later in life.

    And then there is the problem of grouping together asians. There is a difference from northeast asians, which are the “typical” high performing asians (chinese, korean, japanese) and southeast asians which does not have this (thais, filipinos, vietnamese etc). And then we have all the other people living in asia as well, which aren’t always properly put into their own groups like indians, bangladeshi, afghans and so on, which have very little in common with northeast asians.

    “6 — Boondoggler wrote at 8:38 PM on August 23:

    When whites are being beaten virtually to death by blacks, who is doing the bullying to minorities? ”

    By the white man in power of course, sitting in government and lording it over the poor black man.

    Wait, there is a black president now? Wow….well, it’s still whiteys fault.