Posted on August 26, 2011

Brainwashing U

Robert Shibley, New York Post, August 25, 2011

Parents sending children off to college for the first time, beware: Their “freshman orientation” is all too likely to include being herded through a “tunnel of oppression” to learn about the evils of “white privilege,” being lectured about how they’re part of a “rape culture” or being forced to discuss their sexual identities with complete strangers–before they even meet their first professor.

That’s right: For all we hear about faculty ideological or political bias, campus administrators are often worse when it comes to brainwashing students.

Consider the shocking account from a student trained to be a dorm supervisor–a resident adviser, or RA–at DePauw University in Indiana. One of her first duties last fall was to lead her new students through a house decorated as a “Tunnel of Oppression,” where supposedly “realistic” demonstrations in each room taught lessons such as how religious parents hate their gay children, Muslims would find no friends on a predominantly non-Muslim campus and overweight women suffer from eating disorders.

Indeed, in her training to become an RA, “We were told that ‘human’ was not a suitable identity, but that instead we were first ‘black,’ ‘white,’ or ‘Asian’; ‘male’ or ‘female’; . . . ‘heterosexual’ or ‘queer.’ We were forced to act like bigots and spout off stereotypes while being told that that was what we were really thinking deep down.” {snip}


DePauw is no rare case. At least 96 colleges across the country have run similar “tunnel of oppression” programs in the last few years.

Perhaps the most infamous re-education program was the University of Delaware’s: Every single student in the dorms endured an Orwellian “treatment” (the school’s word) program to expunge supposedly incorrect beliefs. Delaware demanded that its RAs ask intrusive questions about students’ sexual identity and write reports about their responses while lecturing students on environmentalism and telling them that “citizenship” required them to recognize that “systemic oppression exists in our society.”


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  1. Seek says:

    Homework assignment for parents: Obtain a list of those 96 institutions of higher “learning” and make sure your kids don’t attend any of them. I’ve been a college professor myself. Believe it — had I been forced to acquiesce before such tyranny, I would have resigned and become a construction worker. The pay would have been nearly as high and I wouldn’t have had to deal with such petty madmen.

  2. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    I’m reminded of a memorable observation:

    “…How many millions of American homes have been mortgaged in order that ordinary people can send their children to these pits called the universities, where they are then, at the best, not being educated. At the worst, being sucked into this low culture. There’s no culture anywhere lower than the culture of the American University. There is no question about that. It’s really the pits.”

    Midge Decter, author, “Always Right: Selected Writings of Midge Decter,” author presentation on C-Span BookTV at the Conservate Women’s Network, Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC, 11-1-02

    Author Bio: Midge Decter has worked as an assistant editor of Midstream magazine, the managing editor at Commentary magazine, and editor of Harper’s Magazine. She is the author of several books, including “The Liberated Woman & Other Americans,” “The New Chastity and Other Arguments Against Women’s Liberation,” and “Liberal Parents, Radical Children.” Decter currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Heritage Foundation and is a senior fellow at the Institute of Religion and Public Life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    David Horowitz’s website Frontpage archives has a lot of articles about this very thing.

    Ever heard of the self criticism thing where all the Whites in the group are forced to stand in front of the affirmative action admission students and apoligize for being White?

    They have no choice, away from home in the dorms 18 years old. $40,000 per year and no job at the end. What a waste college is.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what Bolshevik Soviet Russia implemented in the 1930s. Those that didn’t “get” it were sent off to the Gulag work/death camps for re-education at gun point. Those that still resisted were executed.

    Between 1930 and the end of WWII, at least 20 million (some estimates are as high as 50 million) Russians who didn’t get it”–the politically correct programming–ended up dead. Whatever horror stories you’ve heard about evil “right wing” extremists” pale in comparison to the intolerance of the ideological Leftists.

    Marxism is murder.

  5. Not O-Pressed says:

    The state university where I work (in fly-over country) has one every year. I call it the Tunnel of Whining. “Poor Me I’m So O-Pressed” etc. Not sure how much of it the students buy, or whether they’re just going through the motions because it’s required of them. I will say, though, that stuff like this has kept me from taking classes there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good! The more the merrier! Let’s hang out this dirty wash for all to see. Then let the public backlash begin. I’ve got a daughter going to college next year, and I will make a special point to ask whether the applied-for schools practice this type of thing, and letting them know that it will be grounds for disqualification.

  7. Anonymous says:

    #4 – You are correct that Marxism means murder, and I was thinking it would be indeed educational to continue these “tunnel” exercises, and then, in a week’s time, teach about Marxist murder. The true message of the exercise will then become apparent to students.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A lot of the private colleges and specialty campuses with a lot of live-in students do this. Your local run-of-the-mill commuter college usually has no time for these frivolous things. To protect your kids, send them to a commuter college. Never let them live on campus anymore. So sad, but true.

  9. Mike H. says:

    People in my age group with no spine disgust me.

    If even a dozen of the students protested this like most minorities protest when they don’t get what they want(hint: it involves breaking other people’s things) then these programs would have been shelved right after they started.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s so sad that the greatest minds of a nation should dedicate themselves to vocational work and trying to game the stock market. Better money and mental health than trying to be a government scientist or engineer. Probably a better chance to learn an alternative language too, which might be absolutely priceless one day.

    The highest skilled jobs are not for America anymore. That’s best left to East Asia, which has higher IQs anyway. They just come here for the education, and predictably are excluded from the brainwashing extra classes Americans have to pay a fortune for.

  11. Whiteman says:

    You can agree with the methods, or not. What’s wrong about it is teaching students it is white men who are the oppressors. This couldn’t be more wrong or opposite from reality.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don’t even think white women believe this stuff anymore, most of them. It’s understandable people of color agree with it, they’ve been fighting ‘colonialism’ their whole lives. Whites go along with it out of fear, out of oppression. Many of the smart folks going along with the white privilege factory are mimicking the behavior of leaders and elder classmen who are surely more ‘sensitive’ than they are. I suppose some figure this ‘sensitivity’ training may one day benefit whites, and that’s the biggest fallacy of all. The well-funded, well-connected interest groups supporting students of color would denounce this as hate if applied to them.

  13. flyingtiger says:

    How colleges have changed. In my day, the only tunnels we went in were to the steam tunnels to play Dungeons and dragons.

    Now they probably have orc sensitivity classes.

    College age students nowadays would probably learn more playing D&D than going to college, and it is cheaper.

  14. madison grant says:

    Since some fundamentalist Christians dislike Halloween, they came up with an alternative: Hell House, a Christian version of the haunted houses found at amusement parks.

    Liberals have been complaining for years about Hell Houses but now seem to have copied the idea and renamed it The Tunnel Of Oppression.

  15. Howard W. Campbell says:

    Far too many parents think that the world will come to an end if junior does not follow the college ritual in lockstep with his/her peers. Spending money for this nonsense is nothing more than “Keeping up with the Jones”. The people who run our colleges and universities know that you will submit to castration rather than listen to how your child will never make anything of himself if he doesn’t follow the plan.

    This is what you are shelling out for the price of a car (annually):

    “Consider the shocking account from a student trained to be a dorm supervisor—a resident adviser, or RA—at DePauw University in Indiana. One of her first duties last fall was to lead her new students through a house decorated as a “Tunnel of Oppression,” where supposedly “realistic” demonstrations in each room taught lessons such as how religious parents hate their gay children, Muslims would find no friends on a predominantly non-Muslim campus and overweight women suffer from eating disorders.”

    First, I served in the Middle East, the Muslims are not our friends. I would much rather be Abdul on the campus of Kansas State than Joe Smith at the University of Teheran. While I can’t speak of the religious parents who hate gay kids, can you imagine the Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Antioch, Missouri swearing out an honor killing on his 18 yo daughter who got pregnant in her last year of high school? The parents will be upset and might even ship her off “To live with Aunt Mildred”, but a round through her skull is not likely. As for fat chicks (and guys) well, if you haven’t been to the mall, the license branch, the grocery store, etc., there is no shortage of rather large individuals out there. If you are a chubby chaser, you might even hang out at the license branch to go trolling.

    Break the chain of this nonsense. First, have junior throw boxes at UPS/Fedex and earn his money to community college for the first two years. This will also give him some real world experience, especially if he takes on team leader/ramp agent or other types of positions. While I am not a fan of debt, look on Craigslist for apartments or other living arrangements if this is the nonsense your precious child will subjected to while at Indoc U. Pre-9/11 I would have suggested a tour in the military for the college money, but generally not anymore.

  16. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    Best sentence in the article:

    “Did Hamilton warn incoming female students of the campus ‘rape culture’ before it took their tuition?”

    Also, look for some affirmative action rapist to now claim that he was a fine young man until his character was undermined by the campus rape culture.

    Like black student Orange Amir Taylor III perhaps, who raped and killed white student Laura Dickinson in her dorm room at Eastern Michigan University a few years ago.

    Eastern Michigan University showed its great concern for the safety of its female students after that crime by not revealing FOR TEN WEEKS that Ms. Dickinson had been raped and murdered, by someone who was STILL AT LARGE!

    “…the school put out a news release announcing that student Laura Dickinson had passed away unexpectedly in her dorm room. There was no foul play, the school said. Staff members assured students there was no reason to worry about safety. The campus fell into mourning, with candlelight vigils for Dickinson, 22, a member of the school’s crew team.

    Neither students nor her parents knew investigators had found a grisly scene in room 518 of Hill Hall.

    Dickinson’s body was lying on the carpeted floor. She was naked from the waist down. A pillow covered her head, and traces of semen were found on her leg.

    For 10 weeks, neither her family nor fellow students knew state and campus police were investigating several suspects.

    As the investigation progressed, seminal-fluid samples taken from Dickinson’s body and her bed matched Taylor’s DNA, police said. Surveillance cameras showed Taylor sneaking into Hill Hall early Dec. 13 and leaving 90 minutes later, carrying a gift bag, police said.”

    Reading again the entire article, it strikes me that the circumstances that permitted that crime were very similar to the circumstances that permitted the Knoxville Christian/Newsom car-jacking torture/murders.

    Christian and Newsom were car-jacked in the parking lot of the apt. complex where Channon Christian lived, by blacks who were visiting a black female drug client who lived in the same apt. complex.

    If not for residential integration, a black woman entertaining convicted black criminals would never have been living in the same apt. complex as a nicely raised white girl.

    Likewise, if not for school integration, rapist/murderer Orange Amir Taylor III would have been nowhere near the school that Laura Dickinson was attending.

    In the sane days of segregation, blacks might have been working at such a college, or even at an apt. complex, but in those days they were accustomed to being adequately controlled, and with rare exception they probably never considered the kinds of acts that they commit today.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To get my degree in WI I had to take a required multiculturalism class. It was an entire semester of this trash, not just a seminar. I thought it was great. I got a daily dose of what college really is, an indroctrination center, pure and simple. This class more than any other taught me that everything about college was a series of hoops to jump through. Every male in that class felt the same way as me. We had way too much pride to let some feminist “expert” tell us we were guilty for all the failures of minorities in OUR country.

  18. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    “Speech codes” and other oppressive mandates by universities that are supposed to be open bastions for exchange of ideas — no matter how offensive — absolute disgust me!!

    These communist re-education programs violate students’ freedom of thought and conscience, both of which are protected by the First Amendment.

    DePauw in Indiana rightfully earns a red-light rating from FIRE:

    A ‘red light’ institution has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.

    Yet, according to DePauw’s hypocritical student handbook:

    DePauw University exists for the transmission of knowledge, the nurturing of integrity and the cultural development of its students. To attain these goals, free inquiry and free expression are imperative.

    Here are FIRE’s list of the The 12 Worst Colleges For Free Speech:

    1. Syracuse — Syracuse, NY

    2. DePaul U — Chicago Il

    3. SUNY, Binghampton — NY

    4. UMASS Amherst — MA

    5. Yale — New Haven CT

    6. Bucknell U – PA

    7. Michigan State University — MI

    8. Colorado College — CO

    9. Tufts U — MA

    10. Brandeis U — MA

    11. John Hopkins — MD

    12. Marshall U — WVa

    Eastern Michigan University showed its great concern for the safety of its female students after that crime by not revealing FOR TEN WEEKS that Ms. Dickinson had been raped and murdered, by someone who was STILL AT LARGE!

    –H. Dumpty

    I well remember this case! EMU tried to bury and cover up this heinous murder — THIS is how the Soviet Bosses at the LA Times reported this black-on-White murder:

    As most students at Eastern Michigan University were heading home for the holidays in December, the school put out a news release announcing that student Laura Dickinson had unexpectedly passed away in her dorm room.

    There was no foul play, the school said. Staff members assured worried students they were safe. The campus fell into mourning, with candlelight vigils for the lanky 22-year-old member of the crew team.

    And finally:

    Update on the U of Delaware:

    Following an intense campaign led by FIRE and national media attention, the University of Delaware dropped an ideological reeducation program that was referred to in the university’s own materials as a ‘treatment’ for students’ incorrect attitudes and beliefs…The residence life education program made mandatory, among other things, one-on-one meetings between students and their Resident Assistants (RAs) where students were asked intrusive questions, such as “When did you discover your sexual identity?” … there have been continued attempts to reinstate the coercive elements of the ResLife program.

    Treatment for students incorrect attitudes and beliefs!! The next step for ‘incorrect beliefs’ or thoughts is a bullet in the back of the head Soviet style!!


    Hamilton College last fall ordered all first-year men to attend a ‘She Fears You’ presentation, designed to get them to acknowledge their personal complicity (after just a month on campus!) in Hamilton’s ‘rape culture’ and to change their ‘rape-supportive’ beliefs and attitudes…Publicity forced administrators to make the seminar optional — just minutes before it started.

    Remain ever vigilant. Kudos to FIRE for doing a yeoman’s job of holding these U’s feet to the fire.


  19. Anonymous says:

    The entire watch out for rapists programs on college campuses are White fraternity boys are the rapists.

    They will never, never mention that the rapists are mostly local non student blacks and the rest black students and faculty. Try and mention that to any of the White women who run the anti rape programs on campuses and you will lose your job because of racism.

    If you get the stats from the campus and town police they will deny it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hang out this dirty wash for all to see. Then let the public backlash begin.

    This has been going on for 35 years. Where is the public backlash? Nowhere.

    My adult daughter is an electrician, a union IBEW electrician, the one union the judges have not destroyed by affirmative action. I guess the Judges who impose incompetents on the rest of us don’t want their courthouses to burn down due to affirmative action wiring.

    My adult son is a court reporter. I found and gave him an old GRegg shorthand book and started him learning shorthand when he was 16. He was able to skip several months of the shorthand requirement in court reporting school. It took him 2 years.

    The girl was very fortunate in that an apprenticeship program in our city started the year she finished high school. She turned 18 in August and started her apprentice class in September. As an apprentice she made half a journey man’s salary at age 18.

    It took my son 2 years to finish his schooling and get his first job.

    Both make a little over $100,000 per year. Electricians get laid off sometimes, but she has rental properties for supplemental income and tax write offs.

    He started a worthwhile career at 20. She started at 18.

    The average income of a court reporter is $50,000.

    The average income of an attorney is $88,000. But when you factor in 8 years lost income in school and the year of studying for the bar exam, maybe having to take it 2 or even 3 times and the life long debt of student loans college and even law school doesn’t pay anymore.

    Then there is home equity. Who has more equity, someone who bought their first home at 23 or 25 or someone who bought their first home at 40?

    My history BA was totally useless. That’s why I looked for a well paid vocational school for my children.

    The worst thing about these useless BAs is that people spend $30,000 per year for 4 years and find themselves unemployable.

    So they go back to school for more years and more money.

    Girls used to be able to take the business course in high school.

    They were decently paid secretaries at 18 and 19. If their parents sent them to one of the secretarial schools for 6 months they also learned office management.

    Now girls go to college for 4 years, spend $100,000, most of it debt and end up as administrative assistants, same salary, same work as their Mothers did at 19.

  21. nokangaroos says:

    Well … all I had to do was one lecture “theory of science” and two “history of science”. The worst was seeing my tuition going to things like womens´self-actualization camp “Self-liberation through daring to be ugly”(I´m not making this up).

    And that was twenty years ago.

    Nowadays I hear the HARD scientists are forced to attend “feminism studies” and “sensitivity training”. What a hideous waste of money, resources, motivation and talent!

  22. Julie says:

    #15 Howard W. Campbell

    Following the plan is right. How many times do you hear people just automatically say that they are saving up for their children’s college fund as soon as their children are born? How often do we hear this mentioned on tv….our six year old Johnny is going to college. How do they know that Johnny is really going to want to go to college and how do they know that Johnny will have the capacity to enter college?

    College has become a racket. At one time, only the cream of the crop went to college. Now everyone wants to send their kids, it is almost like they felt compelled to do it. Everyone sends there kids to college–it is the only way to have a future.

    College used to be a place with high standards but not everyone felt that they had to go there. There are other ways to make a good living. But for those who are college material, entering college should not be at the cost of losing your soul.

  23. sbuffalonative says:

    “The entire watch out for rapists programs on college campuses are White fraternity boys are the rapists.”

    So true. It’s all about making frat boys look like rapists while hiding the facts about the real rapists. Even when a real rape takes place, the feminists co-opt the real rape for their own agenda.

    The big problem is the ever expanding definition of rape. Unwanted advances and persistence are now defined as rape. I remember when feminists used to define rape as an act of violence against women. Now it amounts to looking at a woman who doesn’t find you attractive. In this definition, frat boy are the rapists and the men-hating feminists make sure every young woman on campus believe it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    College is the real rape culture. They seek to forcibly remove your common sense, morals, ethics, and traditional identity. They wish to replace those with humanistic, PC, atheistic, relative propoganda. White is bad. Being a man is bad. Being a christian is bad. Because all the white christian males are evil. The pedophilic sodomites who hate God and morality, Who hate absolute moral values, standards and tradition, now those guys are A O.K.

  25. Anonymous says:


    “…If you are a chubby chaser, you might even hang out at the license branch to go trolling.”

    The word is “TRAWLING.” It means dragging a line behind the boat for fish, like Kingfish.

    No offense intended.

  26. Anonymous says:

    #18, BON mentioned Colorado College:

    I can certainly attest that Colorado College here in Colorado Springs is full of the most loathsome trust- fund-sucking Marxist little twits you could ever see. Even the Liberal natives of this town despise them.

    One word we have for them here is: “Trustafarians.” They often stink, don’t bathe, smoke dope, drive BMWs, and just urinate all over this town until they get their worthless degrees, then skulk off to Martha’s Vineyard to lay about for life.

    Basically, all and sundry HATE them. Were it not for the fact that their Largesse brings this town money, I think the whole town would raid the campus and run them all off.

    They walk out in front of traffic as if the traffic laws and physics won’t apply to them. They bump into people in the street and , far less than apologizing, often don’t even LOOK at the people they inconvenience. They are the most entitled people in the world, short of blacks. Maybe worse. These people truly believe they are superior to all else on the planet. And they are the most naive, effete group you could ever meet. Also cheap, stingy, selfish beyond belief.

    And the professors and staff…rabid and almost insanely marxist, mouth- foamingly white hating…although about 99% Lilly white.

    Truly bizarre, utterly deserving of disgust.

  27. Anonymous says:

    As stated earlier, “COLLEGE IS A RACKET.” as useless as all our foreign wars. We are told both are necessary.

    Entrepreneurship is much more likely to help the individual, the economy and the world. And I have an M. A. (almost).

    I’d trade it all back if I could: it was useless; Unless you’re in the hard sciences, where there is no substitute for hard facts, college is a wank- fest these days. It was turning into that when I was leaving, in the mid 1990s. Actually I went to a commuter campus in the CU system, that though academically totally top- drawer, was almost immune at the time, anyway, to this full- blown PC nonsense. Now that campus is residential, and it is a total anti white hatefest.

    Smart parents these days are steering their kids away from ALL institutions.

  28. Charles B. Tiffany says:

    These classes are great for those who want to learn to think rationally. A had a woman lawyer once call me a liar in open court. I told her that if her cods were a little bigger and she shaved more than three times a week I would kick them out her nose. The judge got mad, held me in contempt, sentenced me to 90 days in jail. He waived the jail time if I would enroll in the Bar`s diversity training program and sensitivity seminar. I listened to a month`s long litany of unmitigated horse dung and guess how sensitive and culturally advanced I became? I had to report to the court and apologize to the woman I had so grievesly harmed. After over an hour of atoning for a life time of unknown race, sex, and class hatred I wrapped it up with tears cascading down my face. The woman came over to me and hugged me and said I was forgiven. I wiped off the tabasco sauce I had poured on my sports jacket and called a buddy and blew 500 bucks at our local strip joint. If this program helps your kids like it helped me,they will be okay.

    Charles B. Tiffany

    Kissimmee, Florida

  29. Jill Z. says:

    Freshman orientation is where universities focus these activities.

    You can get around freshman orientation at Big Brother U. by never having been a freshman to begin with. Take college courses at your local community college or online. Transfer to your school of interest as a sophomore or junior. Just make sure to check with various colleges you may want to attend, to be sure what courses will be accepted as transfer. These places have little of the usual multicultural fanaticism present at 4-year colleges. An added bonus, you save alot of $$ paying for a year or two of courses this way instead of through Big Brother U.

  30. Salt says:

    Pursuing a hard sciences degree doesn’t even make one immune from this kind of nonsense. What keeps diversity/tolerance/sensitivity/feminazi programs in place is fear; if you stand up alone you can be singled out, and dealt with without much fuss (thus making your investment in tuition go bye bye). What is needed is numbers for protests against this kind of thing; even if those numbers are only by implication at times. If we make every one of these things a federal issue — it will go away, but it has to be done in groups. FIRE is a good organization, and worthy of a donation if you care about such things, but ultimately it will fall to white students to organize, and to speak up.

    While there are a few dyed in the wool liberals at these institutions, most of the staff are merely going along with it because of fear of rocking the boat. Even the Jewish Professor who crammed the holocaust museum into her class curriculum backed off when she asked “Does anyone here really believe black students are less intelligent than white students?” …and I got up, and said yes with plenty of facts for my case “Yes, they are less intelligent, and less well behaved.” Did I get sent to the dean’s office? Not at all, but it was a risk. I even threw in a stab at busing at the same time. The teacher pulled me aside after class, and said to me “Of course its that way, but take some pity, 90% of the black students here will max out on the number of credit hours on repeats, or because of GPA before they get their degree.”

    The true nature of the parasitism of the university system became instantly clear to me from that conversation. They accept a ton of people that realistically have no chance of getting their degrees; those students will merely end up with a huge mass of debt, and no better career prospects than they had before enrolling. However, the university will have made a ton of money off of them through grants, and federal backed loans. They have to have a few scholarships to help the few blacks that actually are capable get through school for the numbers game, but for the most part the university was merely a parasite for that population (and for a fair amount of the white population I might add), and the professors knew it.

    My university had tried to add one of those hate whitey indoctrination seminars at the beginning of ones college career, but a group of students standing up together put an end to it. (Worse, they tried to pay for it out of the student activity fees).

    Resistance can be done, and done effectively, but the big things need numbers. Much like Christian’s need to arm & equip their children against the anti-religious onslaught on campus — whites need to arm, and equip their children to deal with the anti-white, and anti-male onslaught that exists today. The longer we wait, the harder it becomes to fight.

  31. ghw says:

    25 — Anonymous wrote:


    “…If you are a chubby chaser, you might even hang out at the license branch to go trolling.”

    The word is “TRAWLING.” It means dragging a line behind the boat for fish, like Kingfish.


    No. While you are correct, so is he. “Trolling” is perfecly appropriate as Mr. Campbell used the word. I have heard that usage all my life.

    Webster’s says: Troll: “To angle for with a hook drawn along or through the water; to allure, entice; to fish, as to troll a lake.”

    Actually, “trawling” would be [quote] “to drag a large net along the bottom”, seeking to catch, not entice. Webster’s says trawling is used eroneously for trolling. Certainly the two words are very similar. I think either would do. But in this case, I also prefer trolling.

  32. Ian J. MacDonald says:

    The leftists who run the nation’s colleges know full well what they are doing.

  33. Howard W. Campbell says:

    $30,000 a year for this nonsense is not worth it.

    I have known people who made it through college with no student loan debt. A neighbor of mine has an interesting story. Charles is in his early 30’s and is a logistics manager for a shipping company. He was the youngest of three children and lost his father when he was 15. His sister, Sarah was 22 and on an athletic scholarship to a college whom the Clinton administration deemed “Not Compliant Enough” to title nine. So she got a free ride to a place she would never have been to otherwise. His brother Tom was 19 and in the Air Force. Charles’ mom squirreled away his Social Security checks for college. After one summer at a community college, he landed a job at UPS and started taking night classes. Just before he got his Associates Degree, a classmate told him that a trucking company was in dire need of dock workers and ware housemen. So Charles took some time off from school and worked at both the trucking company and UPS. Since he was pretty industrious, he started really learning the business. This was in contrast to most of his co-workers who blew a lot of money at strip joints and on other nonsense. The summer after he turned 21, both UPS and this company paid for his CDL class. After 9/11, there were layoffs at the trucking company, but Charles used that time to go back to school and finish all but 1 semester. When he returned to the trucking company, they helped him finish school and then start into management training. It took almost seven years, but he managed to graduate debt-free. Plus, his real world experience combined with (90%) night classes helped to ward off any PC stuff he came across.

    On the other hand:

    Recently, I had a lady cut my hair at Great Clips. She had $35,000 in student loans from a private college for a music and voice degree. In addition to this, she also had student loans for beauty school to learn how to cut hair. She had a pretty face and a lovely voice but was 5’5″ and about 250 lbs. All in all, she was over $50 grand in the hole and making maybe $10 an hour. I’m sure a lot of places look at her and see their medical expenses going through the roof. I suspect she will be still be paying on her student loans when it is time for Social Security (if she lives that long).

    How many people would be rolled out of college if they had to take an ASVAB test (old style)? As with the fellow who stated that the judges haven’t screwed up the IBEW lest their precious courthouses burn down due to faulty wiring, some of this holds true for the military. The Navy does not want the “China Syndrome” on it’s carriers or subs because a bunch of AA people are running the nuclear power plant. If you can find class pictures of Nuclear Power, Electronics Technician, Fire Control Technician (Weapons Systems Specialists), and a few other Navy Schools from the 1980’s, the graduates will be almost all White males.

    When I was on active duty, guys would engage in contests known as “hogging” or “squeal chasing” to see who could pick up the most obese woman. This would probably send the woman from the tunnel of oppression over the edge. I wonder though if the military has gotten so PC that you could get busted for this along with underage drinking?

  34. Spirit Wolf says:

    Flying Tiger #13:

    Hear hear! The thing about RPGs and their computer equivalents (such as World of Warcraft) is this – no wimpy multiracial “understandings”. You identify the enemy by his species (miscalled “race” in most fantasy works). The closest I came to anything politically correct playing tabletop AD&D was when my mantis-warrior had to find a reason not to eat the party’s elf. In the end, the reason was purely personal. The mantis liked the elf, in the way that one might bond with an amusing sheep or calf.

    As far as WoW goes, well, there’s Thrall, who comes off as a peacenik (for an Orc) from time to time, but a recent patch has shown that he is no passive wimp, not really, and is willing to crush the Alliance if they won’t leave us Hordies alone. 😉 (I do understand Orcs to be invaders to Azeroth; however, in the Real World, they would be considered refugees, and given a silver platter if they had come through the portal to Canada. And actually, I run every Horde _but_ Orcs.) Though I do like Hellscream as WarChief, no matter what anyone fears …

    Anyway, yeah. RPGs, especially tabletop ones that give ultimate freedom, are informative and instructive if handled correctly, and can be used to counter modern political-correctness ideas, simply because the way they are constructed, the plain fact that you cannot have proper rapport with some people becomes clear. If you are playing Werewolf: the Apocalypse, just TRY talking reason to a Black Spiral Dancer! I dare you! 😀

    –co–author, “Book of the Weaver”, copyright White Wolf Gaming Studio

  35. Spirit Wolf says:

    “she fears you”. Snort.

    I’m a white, 43 year old female. I fear every human I see; but that’s only because of instilled anthropophobia (I was the class nerd, in the 1970s, where all you got was “boys will be boys” and “they really actually like you” garbage.)

    I’ve never been stupid enough to date a black or an Asian of any sort. The farthest away I dated (but never bred with) was with Metis, and those two incidents resulted in disaster, the latter more physically, emotionally, and mentally devastating than anything else in my past.

    I’m now happily involved with a man of Irish-Scot ancestry – like myself (though I have Welsh and French as well), and have never been better.

    Violence? Humans are predatory, at root. As Konrad Lorenz stated, we lack the deep-seated control mechanisms that true predators, like wolves, have, that control intra-species violence. But some groups of humans are indeed less brutish than others.

  36. Anonymous says:

    As regards an ingrained mindset imposed upon our youth by American campus “red guards”—Consider a joke current in Moscow in the early 1970’s: Covertly dissident parents are asked one night by their only child: “How is life in our socialist motherland different from life in the imperialist nations?” Whispered reply: “In the imperialist nations, a few people dictate how all the others live and think. Here, it is just the reverse of that.”

  37. Cogitator says:

    As some others have pointed out, college is a racket. The high schools judge their success by how many students they can send off to college. And the colleges, are going to encourage everyone, since they want and need the tuition money. Just like the fast food places are not going to tell you most of what they serve is not that good for you, the colleges will not tell people that there are better options for them. The costs for attending college are now out of sight, and many students graduate with huge debt, and many of those have no job, or at least one no better than they could have gotten right out of high school.

    I’m not saying that college is not for anybody, but I am saying it is not for everybody. If you, or your children are considering taking the time, and paying the costs of a college education, ask yourself, what job do you expect to have after graduating, and if a degree is necessary for that job, and will a job be waiting for up when you get the degree. If the answers are not yes, seriously reconsider whether college really makes sense. If it is not a ticket to the gravy train, it is hard to justify the time and expense for ordinary people. If of course you come from money, and will never really have worry about earning a living, then go. You can learn all sorts of esoteric stuff that you can wow people with during cocktail party conversations.

    Remember colleges, basically prepare you to work in the corporate world. I’m not sure that is where the future is. Learning a trade takes less time, and the cost is a fraction of what it costs to go to college. Trades like an electrician, and an air conditioning pay good money — more that many college graduates will earn, and with a greater chance that you will actually have the job. Neither one can be exported to Mexico, China, or Malaysia.

    I tell my grandchildren they are going to live in a different world than than the one I lived in. Getting my degree back in the 60s made sense. Of course back then, they did not try to send everyone to college. The cost was not so great — I graduated with no debt — and there were jobs a plenty waiting for us. That is no longer the case.

    Be sure to watch:

  38. Krister says:

    What is it like in the various workplaces especially those that

    are funded by the government? Here we have this woman whom have

    constructed this game called “Mångfaldsspelet” (the diversity

    game) that everybody that have employment with the city and

    the county has to play, it is ofcourse silly, my favourite

    question is this one: You are attending a officeparty in a nightclub when your boss steps up to you and ask you to slowdance a with him/her (same sex as yourself ofcourse)what do you do? People

    are terrified of this stupid game because if you answer

    incorrectly there is a risk that you are seen as intolerant and

    at a risk of losing your job. One last thing what is a

    chubby chaser? I know the words but not the context.

  39. *OTTO* says:

    This course could be taught in just one week.

    Have all the whites go live in a black neighborhood for seven days and they would Fully Undrstand The Tunnel OF Oppresion in a matter of days and it’s not the blacks being oppressed.


    Just saw where Osama’suncle was arrested DUI he is here illegally just as his aunt is, guess the whole family is a bunch of liars and cheats?

  40. ghw says:

    “If you, or your children are considering taking the time, and paying the costs of a college education, ask yourself, what job do you expect to have after graduating, and if a degree is necessary for that job, and will a job be waiting for up when you get the degree. If the answers are not yes, seriously reconsider whether college really makes sense.Remember colleges, basically prepare you to work in the corporate world.”



    What you write makes sense, and is the most common point of view found nowadays. I cannot fault you on that.

    Still I do not care for that modern, utilitarian, grasping outlook. I would prefer the older, more genteel attitude from a time now past when college was not viewed as a way of getting a job, or of “getting” anything, but simply a means to broaden oneself and enhance one’s own personal existence as a fully rounded human being who comprehends life and the world around him.

  41. Jack says:

    “…required them to recognize that “systemic oppression exists in our society.”

    Yes, I agree 100%

    Decent hard-working people with values and standards are systematically oppressed in this country to support the most worthless in their society.

  42. Ken says:

    Fortunately sooner or later the naive lads find out how things really are on their own, through life experience. I think one has to be feeble-minded to be influenced by such nonsense, and even then the brainwashing is usually transitory.

  43. Anonymous says:

    The very term “university” in the realities of today’s typical

    mega-campus is a resonant sarcasm. The term “university” stems from the catholic world view of the Middle Ages during which the aim of higher education especially was the salvation of the soul–all a matter of integrity within an integral worldview. Teaching/teaching dialogue/ was a kind of sacrament between teacher and student. The main aim was diametrically opposite to

    egoistic, anarchistic “discovery learning” and its cultural fragmentation. Forms of catechism imparted verbal and metaphorical vessels that aided the sound soul in the accretions of personal experience leading to a personal appreciation of the traditions of the culture and to a shared ethos. None of this prevented genuinely meritorious changes and discards but such took place on the basis of “reasoned heresy”–not merely from “passionate barbarism”. That is to say, once the traditional view was mastered, it could be soundly discarded on a reasoned basis. Nearly all of this has been taken from us. BRAINWASHING?

    Why complain now? It’s a logical culmination to a long train of tolerated (that word!) abuses.

  44. François says:

    If one of my kids was subjected to such treatment, I think I would go to a lawyer and sue.