Posted on August 25, 2011

500 Witnesses and No One Is Talking

Mike Newall, Philly, August 23, 2011

About 500 spectators were packed around the Kingsessing Recreation Center’s outdoor basketball court Monday night, cheering on an adult league playoff game.

Then, at halftime, a thug in a red and black baseball hat loped across the court and fired a .40-caliber handgun 11 times into the bleachers, wounding six people.

As of Tuesday afternoon, none of those 500 witnesses were saying much to police.

So at an afternoon news conference, Mayor Nutter, flanked by Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey, and a dozen other police and city officials, stood on the still blood-spotted court and offered a $20,000 reward, imploring residents to come forward and identify the “coward” who shot up the game.


“We will not tolerate this kind of insane, asinine, idiotic behavior at any of our facilities,” he said. “They are safe havens . . . they are off limits to this kind of heinous behavior. We will not stand for it.”

Of the gunman, Nutter said: “We’re going to find you’re little butt and lock you up.”


About 8:50 p.m., one minute into halftime of an over-17 semifinal game, the shooter walked down a crowded ramp leading to the court, and opened fire on a crowd of people on the sidelines, police said. He hit five men and one woman, none of them players, between the ages of 18 and 23, and sent the large crowd of spectators running through the streets.


Five of the victims were shot in the lower extremities, said Inspector Dennis Wilson of Southwest Detectives, and one man was shot in the stomach and in critical condition. The intended target was shot in the attack, Wilson said.


The gunman, who is black and believed to be around 22 years old and about 5-9 and 150 pounds, escaped the court through a hole in a fence, police said.


It is the second shooting at the recreation center this summer.


That shooting was over drugs, police said, and not related to Monday’s shooting.


21 responses to “500 Witnesses and No One Is Talking”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Those who believe that blacks commit violent crime because they don’t have enough recreational opportunities, should read this article. Actually they shouldn’t, because their brains might blue screen.

    Related news from Chicago:

  2. fred says:

    So heshoots into the bleachers crowded with black spectators wounding 6. Does anyone doubt he’s participated in some of these racial flash mobs? That’s why EVERYONE should be against criminals of their own race as much as criminals from another race. Sooner or later they always attack their own.

    I don’t know much about Nutter other than he’s enacted curfews to curb some of the racial mob violence in Philadelphia. It certainly looks like he’s trying to take a stand. Now, if only some of these white mayors will pull up their panties and show the nerve he has.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If the shooter had been a lone White in a sea of black faces, you’d have 500 witnesses howling for “justice” as well as countless cell phone pictures of the “evil gunman.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Blacks know that if potential witnesses actually talked to the police, there would be very few Blacks left on the streets to commit any more crimes.

  5. Uptighty Whitey says:

    At first they said it was a “shooter” then later they said he was a “gunman” well, which is it? And how did they know who the intended target was? Just because he died, yeah, obviously he was the target, not the rest of them!

    Yeah, that Nutter guy, he sure knows how to do something to stop violence! Talk sure isn’t helping! And his verbal abuse isn’t helping! They just laugh that Uncle Tom off…

    Maybe all them witnesses, aren’t talking because they value their lives? It’s a sad day when 500 people are afraid of one guy! But, as they say, when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns!

  6. reply fred says:

    reading this comment about mayor nutter trying to get control i kind of agree but it made me think would the mayor of baltimore do the same and considering its a black woman i had to figure no and the reason being i think black females are even more hateful of whites then black males.

  7. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Pay to say.

    Believe me: There’s nothing like reward money to loosen the jaws.

  8. Anonymous says:

    One black guy shoots six black people and blacks do nothing. Yet IF ONE black guy had been shot by a white police oficer blacks would howl in “outrage”.

  9. Buster says:

    This is exactly what I told my wife would happen when Mayor Nutter announced the curfew along with later hours at the rec centers. I guess maybe he will realize that the problem is with the people, not with their lack of a legitimate gathering place. By the way, I haven’t been watching the news or reading papers much lately so can someone tell me whether this has gotten the kind of publicity that recent shootings by whites have gotten?

  10. Whiteman says:

    They all just know? . . on some level? Prisons are filled with noble black men unfairly placed in jail or unfairly in situations where they were likely to end up in jail. So the matter of another black man going to jail weights heavier on their mind than the crimes this particular man committed? a crime committed, no doubt at least in small part due to living in a world where so much racism takes place against him?

    In a world built on political correctness, one idea is always more important or more correct than another. And in our world no one is more correct than a black man?

  11. Uptown says:

    I snitched once. It felt good. A black juvenile had jammed open the door to a fast food place. The police were called. When the juvenile was asked if he had jammed the door, he vigorously denied it. The officer then asked those of us waiting at an adjacent bus stop if we had seen what happened. I raised my hand, and told the police that the juvenile had jammed the door. The juvenile gave me a look of fury impossible to describe. Neither he nor the police got my name. It feels sooooo good to tell this story.

  12. patthemick says:

    Well the shooter has a crew of gangbangers that will shoot any witness. I think that witness protection is a good way to find a witness.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Mayor Nutter’s bp is rising. He thought he could use some strong language and voila!…the thugs would “turn their lives around”. At least, though, he’s trying and now HE is learning and Nutter may soon be the sounding board we all need.

  14. ThaddeusQuay says:

    “… Mayor Nutter … offered a $20,000 reward, imploring residents to come forward and identify the “coward” who shot up the game.”

    Um, what? Nutter wants to hand over TWENTY THOUSAND of MY tax dollars to someone (who is likely black) to do something which they should do automatically and for free? This is yet another example of how blacks always need some sort of incentive to do what most Whites would see as their civic duty. Blacks have to be paid to be good citizens.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “We will not tolerate this kind of insane, asinine, idiotic behavior at any of our facilities,” he said. “They are safe havens … they are off limits to this kind of heinous behavior. We will not stand for it.”

    Of the gunman, Nutter said: “We’re going to find you’re little butt and lock you up.”

    Understand I think that Mayor Nutter is a decent guy but it bothers me that he describes what happened as insane, asinine and idiotic. These are trivial adjectives to describe attempted mass murder.

    Then the part about finding “your little butt and lock you up” as though he were referring to a kid who put a tack on the teacher’s chair. They’re always minimizing the atrocious Black behavior . THis prim was not a kindergarten pupil who has a little butt. He is a hardened murderer who’s probably already killed people.

    Mike, take off the gloves and tell it as I hope you know the way it is. You are the Mayor of one of the largest cities in the US that happens to be populated by people of your race many of which are violent, totally sociopathic monsters. Just because you look like them doesn’t require you to dance around the atrocities that they commit on a daily basis. You owe them nothing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just wait till school starts and the thugs are together all day and charge out to rape and pillage after school.

    My brother says the best way to research a neighborhood you are thinking of buying in is to check out the schools and areas around the schools after 2:30 pm. If there is more than about 5 percent black don’t buy there.

    And be sure to tell the real estate agent why you won’t buy there. If the real estate agents replies “they are the children of respectable government workers” tell him that the young of government workers are as bad as the young of prison inmates.

  17. Philly Gal says:

    Going virtually ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME in Philadelphia anymore is an out-and-out death wish. You should see the way our darker citizens smack their lips at the prospect of so many dumb white tourists all in one place. You’d have to be an absolute MORON to visit this city! Or is a glimpse of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell worth you or your spouse or your child taking a bullet in the head? Violent flash mobs RULE this town now. And just wait until school starts – herding all these thugs together under one roof will result in the sort of hellish scenario only horror films could do justice to. Bottom line: STAY AWAY!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    To ThaddeusQuay at #14:

    “…blacks always need some sort of incentive to do what most whites would see as their civic duty. Blacks have to be paid to be good citizens.”

    What an insightful comment. And you are so right. This largely explains why black communities are so dysfunctional, dangerous and lacking in “social capital”. Blacks have no sense of any ‘duty’ to society, the community, etc. If there is nothing in it for them, they don’t do it. This mentality is, I believe, at the very root of why black societies fail. They have no concept of ‘the greater good’. Even allowing some people might be scared or intimidated, one could always provide information anonymously.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see an investigation into the motivation of the shooter. You wonder if he was reacting to Nutter’s speech on flash mobs and this was the response. We might also ask if this is all building towards something. We’re going from terrorism to urban guerrilla warfare to … what next?

  20. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing to me that any discussion of the dysfunction within the black community is called racist yet burying our heads in the sand and letting events like this occur where six black individuals are wounded and could have been killed is not.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Certain topics cut cleanly across the political spectrum and also across lines of race and class, etc. In too many locations within the US, the nature of the law enforcement system, the legal system and the criminal “justice” system can all amount to something in aggregate that no one wishes to have contact with. Been there, seen that.