Posted on July 28, 2011

Woman Charged After Snatching Infant from Stroller, Slamming Him into Truck

CBS (Los Angeles), July 27, 2011


Natasha Hubbard, 36, was arrested July 21 after attacking the infant in the Toy District, near Skid Row. Police say Adriana Miranda was pushing her infant son, Alexander, who was belted into a stroller with her sister walking nearby.

Without warning, Hubbard unbelted the boy from the stroller and grabbed him by the leg. Witnesses told police she swung the child over her head and slammed him into a metal rail of a nearby truck.

“The mother and aunt fought off the woman and mom grabbed the baby,” Los Angeles police Lt. Paul Vernon said. “Hubbard attacked [Miranda], scratching and clawing her as she clutched Alexander in her arms.”


Hubbard told detectives at the police station that she tried to break off the baby’s arm so she could eat it.

“We’re so lucky Alexander was not more injured than the bruises and swelling he received,” Vernon said.


Police believe that Hubbard may have attacked others near Skid Row.


13 responses to “Woman Charged After Snatching Infant from Stroller, Slamming Him into Truck”

  1. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Obviously “coked” up on some sort of mind-alterring drug. But whay is a White woman with a baby doing on that stretch of Hollywood Blvd? If it was me walking my daughter, this “woman” would have taken her last step on this Earth. But that’s another story. I got a younger sister in Santa Monica and I tell her to stay away from Venice Beach at night. She seems to have a good race consciousness about her. More than I could say for myself when I was 21. I’m a pretty big guy, 6’1 & 235, and there’s places now that I won’t go because to fire a weapon in a situation that I put myself into would look bad to an outsider. And there’s no way I could answer the naysayers. What good reason would I have being in a black neighborhood, when I am in the suburbs. I grew up in the inner city and lived in it for 25 yrs. But I got married, had a daughter and wanted my own home. It’s been said on the evening news that we gotta refinance before the debt ceiling collapses on all of us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the baby was latino. See the mother’s name.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The mother may not be white; her name is Adriana Miranda. Sounds like a Wise Latina.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As I’ve said here before, this is the sort of thing that was bound to happen when they closed down all the inpatient and long-term care facilities for the mentally insane. Liberal do-gooders thought these people would be better off living on the streets or under freeway overpasses, preying upon the general community. They somehow envisioned that these people would voluntarily buy and then take their medications in an uncontrolled environment.

    Here we have a woman who assaults a 4 month old baby WITH THE INTENTION OF EATING HIM(!). Last time it was a woman strolling around town with pieces of her dead boyfriend in her cart… Where will this end?

  5. Anonymous says:

    “she tried to break off the baby’s arm so she could eat it”

    Returning to cannibalism, just like they do back in the Dark Continent. Like native Africans who eat albinos, she probably believed eating white flesh would cure her problems.

  6. Brown-Eyed Devil says:

    That crime has got to be the fugliest “woman” (?) I ever did see.

    I’ll tell ya’ why the victim was there, R1. (a) She’s comfortable around this element, (b) the element hadn’t bitten her on the ass yet. I’ve been around plenty of these Maury Povich Show-type whiggers and even if they don’t marry out of the race, they retain well into adulthood the “thug” affectations. The look, and the sound of them..always reminds me of WLP’s remark about the potential use for an oak table leg.

    Elsewhere I’d heard that the woman and her companion attempted to barricade themselves in a store, but the owner chucked them back out the door. Since white privelege doesn’t appear to apply to convenience store ownership in this toilethood, I can see why that happened. I hope White Girl wises up, and presto!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who hasn’t tried to nibble on that tender baby meat sometime? I mean come ON people REALLY. You are so racist! She was just hungry! If she wasnt oppresed by whites she’d have money for mcdonalds.

  8. tryclosan says:

    The news presenter describes the incident as “bizarre,” as if it’s just some blip on the radar screen. Had the races been reversed, he would have rightfully been voicing his disgust and calling it “awful” or “terrible.”

    Also the perpetrator looks like she just stepped out of the paleolithic. Erectus truly walks amongst us.

  9. patthemick says:

    My goodness this is one sick woman. I hope they can help her get it together. The problem is that we no longer put mentally ill individuals in a safe enviorment. (Mental health sanitorium) and for some reason let them wander the streets being a danger to themselves and others.

  10. Spartan24 says:

    I don’t even understand how she got hold of the kid in the first place! I would slap anyone who reached into my son’s stroller and tried to unbuckled him. It is pretty hard to unbuckled one of the newer seats to begin with. Who cares if the mom was Hispanic? The perpetrator is obviously unhinged and needs to be detained.

  11. Bernie says:

    Blacks are the only people I know who attack babies (or parents with babies). A year ago in Iowa, a white family with kids was beaten and surrounded by blacks chanting “It’s a black world.”

    Two weeks ago, a black woman attacked another black woman on a NYC subway who was pushing a baby carriage.

    Also two weeks ago, blacks attacked a white lady with a four year old was attacked while walking in a park.

    In the DC area recently, a black tried walking out of a department store with a white kid (I was pleased to note the white father actually fought the black attacker – how many whites would fight against a black man stealing their kid)?

    I don’t care if this is a Hispanic baby that was attacked by the black. It just shows what type of people we are dealing with. Hispanics know to travel in packs. We must learn the same for blacks will think nothing of attacking you or your kids.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just another result of a federal Judge obeying the diktats of an ACLU/ADL lawsuit.

    Free the lunatics. Give them the right to sleep outside in winter snow, eat out of garbage cans and harass, assault and even kill people.

    The liberal Judges are sooo proud of themselves for freeing the mentally ill from those mean old mental hospitals.

    Vincent Van Gogh, an indigent illegal alien got excellent, free medical care in a very nice attractive city mental hospital off and on when he needed it. Upon recovery from his episodes he had help with housing and free out patient care. The housing was arranged before he was allowed to leave the hospital.

    4,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians housed mental patients who could not cope with the outside world in the hospitals and clinics attached to the temples.

    Supposedly about 40 percent of the homeless are mentally ill.

    Some progress.

  13. Everyone complains about the Governmt doing nothing, but in reality it’s us doing nothing. If the Americans of this country would make a stand and make a demand for what is right then things would finally change. It’s tiring watching about what’s incorrect with our land without action. Stand up for what you believe in.