Posted on July 8, 2011

The End of an Era for Zimbabwe’s Last White Farmers?

Colin Freeman, Telegraph (London), June 26, 2011

Driving through land his family have tended for half a century, Colin Cloete stops to inspect a harvested tobacco field, rows of green stumps sprouting from a terracotta soil.

As a seasoned professional farmer, he knows the field needs to be reploughed before pests infest the weedy growths left behind. As a tired political campaigner, however, he knows it is no longer worth his while.

“We should be replanting these fields now, but I don’t know who is going to benefit from the next harvest,” he says, shaking his head. “I will probably do it anyway, but I do wonder whether it’s worth it.”

After an 11-year struggle in which their ranks have been murdered, beaten, jailed and bankrupted, the last of Zimbabwe’s white farmers are finally facing defeat in their efforts to resist President Robert Mugabe’s land-grab programme.

Despite the introduction of a power-sharing government two years ago, state-backed farm seizures have continued, and earlier this month, Mr Cloete lost a final appeal at Zimbabwe’s Supreme Court to keep his one remaining property.

Next Monday, he will appear before a local magistrate to answer a charge of trespass, for which the only way to avoid jail will be to pack up and start looking for a new house in Harare, an hour’s drive away.

With his departure will also go the hopes of some 300 other white farmers–all that remains of a community that was once 4,000 strong–for whom similar legal challenges had offered some last chance of protection, or at least a stay of execution.

“They will probably give me about 24 hours to get off my land, as they will say I have dragged things out through the appeal process already,” sighed Mr Cloete, whose fields supply British American Tobacco, makers of Dunhill’s and Benson and Hedges.

“To be honest, I don’t really fancy the idea of moving to Harare, and the idea of giving up farming is heart-rending. If I was going to serve a couple of years in jail and then get the farm back, it might be worth it, but that’s not how it is.”

A former head of the Commercial Farmers’ Union, Mr Cloete has spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills fighting the land reform programme, which put Zimbabwe on the path to economic ruin a decade ago when black squatters were first encouraged to “invade” white-owned farms.

Purportedly to redress the injustices of white colonial rule, its effect has been largely to create a new landlord class: the pick of white-owned land has gone to Zanu-PF cronies, leaving an agricultural sector that was once the pride of Africa in the hands of people with no experience of farming.

Hopes that Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC might use their presence in government to halt the programme have proved premature, with the party fearing that vocal support for farmers could allow Mr Mugabe to portray them as the stooges of British rule.

However, the prospect that the MDC might still curb the programme should they win the next elections has encouraged Zanu-PF supporters to continue to grab the remaining white-owned farms while there is still a chance.

“Morgan knows that the land issue is too sensitive to broach because everything is tied in with the liberation struggle,” said Mr Cloete, who lives on the farm with his wife Charmian, 57. “But do hope that at some point, we will get a new government and there will be a change of stance.”

Mr Cloete’s central claim to the Supreme Court was simple: he argued that as had bought the farm after independence in 1980, it could hardly have been considered the booty of a white colonial overlord, and therefore should be exempt from land-grab laws.

That the judges rejected it, though, came as no great surprise to him or his Harare-based lawyer, David Drury.

Zimbabwe’s courts are dominated by Zanu-PF judges who are often beneficiaries of land-grabs themselves, says Mr Drury, while the few judges who find in favour of white claimants often end up losing their jobs.

Mr Drury, though, says the intention was not to triumph against odds that were always stacked against them, but to stage what he calls a “show trial”–a record of events that some post-Mugabe government may use to help rectify matters.

“It is a chance to provide a record of the injustice, in the hope that some sort of sanity will eventually be restored to cloud cuckoo land,” he said.

“I am the first to support genuine land reform, and to support people who have been marginalised to become productive. But handing land to people on the basis of party connections is completely illogical.”

In similar fashion, the Zimbabwean government has also chosen to ignore what should have been a legally binding 2008 ruling by a tribunal of the 15-nation Southern African Development Community, made in response to a petition by 77 white farmers, that the land reform programme was inherently racist as it operated purely on the grounds of colour.

Legal challenges by a few other white farmers are due to be heard by the Supreme Court in July–with some claiming, for example, that they hold their land as a company rather than an individual–but the way every other case has so far been struck down means lawyers are already advising them to prepare to leave.

Even farmers who thought they were on solid legal ground have had no protection.

South African Dirk Visagie, another Chegutu farmer, has suffered constant harassment from farm invaders intent on grabbing his land, despite it supposedly being protected under a bilateral investment agreement between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Mr Cloete, whose parents first came to Chegutu in 1955 and still live nearby, is in many ways typical of the white farmer’s dwindling breed.

He wears the standard attire of khaki shorts and bush shirt, follows cricket keenly, and contrary to Mr Mugabe’s narrative of white farmers as uncaring feudalists, shows a country squire’s concern for the welfare of his black farm workers.

His mother, he says, built the 700-pupil local school, his father sat on the local council, and whenever his black neighbours need helping out–be it a fellow farmer borrowing a tractor, or the local police borrowing fuel for their cars–it is his door on which they knock.

“There is a perception that we had an elitist, privileged lifestyle, and just took advantage of our workers,” he admits.

“And yes, I agree that there are some difficult farmers about–I learned that while dealing with them as head of the CFU. But there is never any talk about the schools we built, the clinics we built. We have never tried to live in isolation from the community.”

He has already handed over another farm he owns to a group of black settlers who turned up in 2006, since when, he says, he has done his best to be neighbourly.

He helps prepare the land for cultivation and offers advice when they need it, although driving through his estate, it is clear that some of what is now in black hands is being used for little more than subsistence agriculture.

Such goodwill, however, counts for little when groups of club-wielding “war veterans”–ostensibly men who fought in Zimbabwe’s war for independence, but in practice often just hired thugs–turn up to demand a farmer’s departure, as they last did with Mr Cloete in late 2009.

The men, who he suspects were sent by Colonel Norman Kapanga, the retired policeman who has claimed his second, 450-acre farm, wielded clubs and lit a fire in his front garden, although they eventually left without further confrontation.

What stung more, though, were the “Go back to Britain” slogans they shouted–meaningless to a man who is in fact of French Huguenot stock, has only ever held a Zimbabwean passport, and has nowhere else to go even if he wanted to.

Infuriatingly, the view that he has no longer a citizen of his own country is shared by the black prosecutor who will oversee his trespass case next week, who has described him in previous court appearances as merely a “visitor”.

“I have never viewed myself as anything other than Zimbabwean, and that is what hurts me most,” he said.

“We are not being looked at as citizens of this country, yet my father was born here before Robert Mugabe. What future do we have when you are fighting people of that mentality?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    High IQ = integrity, persistence, loyalty, hard working, intelligent as shown by Colin Cloete. But his main fault, denial of a hopeless situation. He is lucky, his is still alive, and not disable by a beating(s), etc. The blacks do not care if they live in a hell hole. Most of them are hopeless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rhodesia Becomes Zimbabwe, Prosperity Becomes Wretchness

    [2-minute video]

    IAN SMITH DIES: BBC NEWS (2 min, 21 sec. video summary)

    “Ian Smith dies aged 88,” November 20, 2007


    BBC: “Ian Smith believed Africans could never run their own countries. He went to his grave convinced he was right.”

    “In the 1960s, Ian Smith, as Rhodesia’s prime minister, defied the winds of change bringing independence and black rule to Britain’s colonies. White Rhodesians wanted independence from Britain but without handing power to the black majority. This was unacceptable in Britain. Harold Wilson’s Labour government was plunged into its first real crisis …Talks went nowhere. Ian Smith rebelled and in November, 1965, he made his unilateral Declaration of Independence … The British [eventually] dismissed Smith and his cabinet, but the [now] illegal regime carried on and didn’t seem to care much.”

    SMITH: “I don’t believe in black majority rule EVER in Rhodesia, not in a thousand years.”

    BBC: “It was black-armed opposition which eventually forced change … Robert Mugabe emerged as the new leader. But now, 27 years after independence, President Mugabe has reduced Zimbabwe to ruin, its agricultural riches destroyed, food in desperately short supply, with hyper-inflation running out of control and any and all political opposition met by violence and repression. Ian Smith felt vindicated.”

    SMITH: “Standard of education and health and housing for our black people of any other country in the African continent. That was what Rhodesians did, and I wonder if we shouldn’t be given credit for doing that.”

    BBC: “But the world did not tolerate Ian Smith’s rebellion to prevent black majority rule. He lived his life out of step with the times…”

    Out of some 6,000 large white-owned commercial farms in 2000, less than 300 remain, with half of those facing eviction orders, 80 seized in the year since a unity government was brokered between Zanu-PF and the Movement for Democratic Change. That indicates very little has actually changed, even with MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai installed as prime minister.

    Notice the local “starving” population, the population living on 2 dollars a day, the population that depends completely on the outside help of an international group made up mostly of white people – do nothing to stop the attacks on white farmers that have left their country in ruins. Amazing, isn’t it? Everyone knows there is a direct correlation between the prosperity of that country and the number of white owned farms yet the local population which could rise up in revolt does nothing – because they’d rather be starving and poor on their own than be normal and have to thank white people – that is how deep their racism runs.

    This is what you get when idiot white liberals and leftist media clowns push an agenda which suddenly shifts power to blacks for no good reason.

    Seriously, Zimbabwe is so far gone it’s never coming back no matter who is in charge. The reason the nation is starving is obvious – the low IQ masses attacked and destroyed the white farmers for basically being white and productive without stopping to think what exactly would happen if the farms shut down. In ten years, according to the article, 95% of the country’s white farms disappeared.

    For black Africa as a whole, and not just Zimbabwe, the party will really be over when the last whites leave (before they are killed) and the international aid dries up thanks to the worldwide recession. Mass starvation in third-world African countries filled with violent, impulsive populations having an average IQ of 70 is not a recipe for progress.

    This story has been played out again and again and again over the decades, even over the centuries. How much more proof of a dangerous genetic difference does any sane person need? The forced mixing of Africans into civilized white cultures that incredibly encourage and pay for this “privilege” is the true threat to the planet. Until whites summon the courage to face this reality – and take the necessary action – we are doomed.

    IMF and World Bank are just fronts for Elite investment groups (like the one which threw some weight to maintain a presence via that German farm) and they are holding things together for just one reason: when things get really bad, probably starting with a white massacre and then running down through the ranks of the society as a whole, they can go in _with troops and guns_.

    And lay waste before starting over.

    There is a vanishing small number of wealth generation opportunities in the West. Collapsing countries represent one of them as these so-called multinationals get to effectively create a nation from nothing with ZERO oversight because THEY ARE ‘the UN’. Imagine what that must be like: roads, power, water, medical, housing. Anything that can make money.

    And these groups operate so far behind the line of reported news that the only way you ever catch them is in the manner by which their nationalist mercenary forces are criticized for their ‘brutality’ in occupying ‘innocent’ lands. Just like Iraq.

    And just like Iraq, if you **don’t** go in with intent to recreate a corporate order (which is why the whites have to go, permanently, so that there is no record of prior ownership) that supercedes the nominal sponsoring State/s; someone else will (French ELFI oil production rights in the Majnoon fields for instance).

    If Rhodesia wants an out, they need to start by acknowledging that their drouts are not just going to ‘go away in time’ and so will require a long and very expensive desalinization/pumping system to be set up in eastern neighboring Mozambique with the water brought inland at least 250nm and held in large reservoirs.

    That’s going to take some serious money and that’s going to mean China if not the West. China is exactly the kind of country which would cut in line on the Mugabe ‘wait for death’ scenario, dealing with Mugabe as the sole despot in charge and then nominating his successor rather than allow hundreds of ‘like minds’ begin a genocidal campaign to test each other’s strengths.

    As will otherwise arise in the aftermath of the Zanu-PF.

    In trade for a continuing payout to X to basically do whatever he wanted with, the Chinese would expect ‘enclave’ hegemony over entire regions of the country and would drive out and exclude those areas from African participation, which they know better than to trust. They might even bring the white farmers back, though it would be as managers not be as owners.

    And the West would say nothing, as they already do about many of China’s African holdings, because it is embarrassing to be beaten at your own game of robber baron capitalism (I’m convinced that overweaning ‘human rights’ politics is about 90% of the reason why America’s elites are actually sabotaging this country as well…).

    This is the reality of Zimbabwe right now. A land waiting for an excuse to be overrun so that companies that owe allegiance to no one can ‘save’ it. For themselves.

    Humanitarian, no?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I suspect the blacks in Zimbabwe and the US have something in common: they don’t want equality, they want revenge.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If it where up to me I would grant asylum to these white farmers and give them land in the US to farm. Then never and I mean NEVER provide any aid to Africa. They want the farms fine, use them to feed your own people, but farms don’t just magically produce crops, somehow I don’t think they know that. This is typical the world over, replace whites with blacks on farms and businesses and they just sit there expecting things to run by themself with no work while they collect all the rewards. The more I hear about Africa the more I hate Bob Geldof, U2 and any other liberal in pop culture who tried to brain-wash me in the 80’s!

  5. Brian says:

    Race is EVERYTHING to Blacks, it doesn’t matter if the whole nation starves, millions die and they’re reduced to begging, as long as they get Whites out.

    Take this is a lesson, America.

    Those farmers should have seen the signs from the start and quit while the going was still good. Even my boss at work said that when the violent evictions began, those farmers should have burned their crops, their machinery, their homes, then walked away, instead of just waiting for the violence to come to them.

  6. fred says:

    “And yes, I agree that there are some difficult farmers about—I learned that while dealing with them as head of the CFU. But there is never any talk about the schools we built, the clinics we built. We have never tried to live in isolation from the community.”

    I’m having a hard time sympathizing with Mr Cloete. He sounds like a typical lefty who denounces others while crowing about his own liberalism.

    And what did it get him? This…

    Such goodwill, however, counts for little when groups of club-wielding “war veterans”—ostensibly men who fought in Zimbabwe’s war for independence, but in practice often just hired thugs—turn up to demand a farmer’s departure, as they last did with Mr Cloete in late 2009.

    Lefties never learn. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be lefties.

  7. sbuffalonative says:

    TO: 4 — Anonymous wrote at 7:28 PM:

    I once saw a BBC report that followed a group of blacks who chased a farmer and his family off his land. They then proceeded to burn down the house, barn, and sheds.

    My suggestion is to build a 30ft high fence around the continent of Africa and place signs reading ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

  8. Anonymous says:

    “I have never viewed myself as anything other than Zimbabwean, and that is what hurts me most,” he said.

    Ahem, that WON’T be what’s “hurting [you] most, in a while.

    Get the hell out, before they skin you and eat your intestines, white brother!

    Wake up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What I am amazed at is that this man Colin still doesnt realize

    what he is up against. He has spent thousands in legal courts?

    He hopes to do a jail sentence and then return? He thinks things

    will get better with a different set of blacks?

    What part of “race” doesnt he understand yet? The issue here

    isnt laws, or regimes, or appeasement, or misunderstanding.

    ITS GENETICS. Blacks are coded to function in this way.

    When their nature is curbed by some outside force they

    behave differently. But notice that that force has to be relentless, constant policing, constant jailing, constant

    surveillance. Once white mans laws are gone..the real brutality


  10. aj says:

    I suspect the blacks in Zimbabwe and the US have something in common: they don’t want equality, they want revenge.


    I live in the ghetto in Brookly and I always see blacks wearing pins and t-shirts praising Zimbabwe and Mugabe. Blacks would kill a white farmer even if they knew it would lead to 10,000 blacks starving to death.

    Members of the ANC in South Africa openly talk of following his model of land reform despite the fact that Zimbabewe has lost like a third of its population to starvation and mass exodus following the land “reform” in Zimbabwe.

  11. Anonymous says:


    It’s just a matter of money to the white one- world elite. To take a drop of pressure off in AFREAKA, they’ll dump the blacks on US!

    Then, piecemeal, or en masse, white soldiers will go into africa, and spill their blood to secure economic interests for said one world whites. Really sick, isn’t it?

    But that’s what we’ve been doing for a century.

    Read Smedley Butler’s (GENERAL SMEDLEY BUTLER’S) book, “WAR IS A RACKET.”

  12. SKIP says:

    “(French ELFI oil production rights in the Majnoon fields for instance).”

    To funny! “majnoon” is the Iraqi Arabic word for CRAZY! I like the fellow saying he is going to move to Harare! Does he seriously think that when the farmers are all in one place they will be left alone! NO! they will still be hunted and then murdered. As so many other Whites in Rhodesia and ZA, these men that continue to hang on will have to watch their spouses be murdered.

  13. Mike H. says:

    Instead of burning his farms down when they were seized, he helped the black thieves raise crops on the land. Then he’s surprised when they try to take the rest.

    I have zero sympathy for him.

  14. Realist White Guy says:

    This is why I chuckle at the comments, in other threads, about waiting until things get bad enough. Just how much worse could they get for white people than there in Africa? And, not only do they accept it, they even feel bad for the “poor” black people!

    No, American White people, European White people, Australian White people, you’ll not do anything. You’ll do the same as these White people. Look here! Read! See what awaits you and yours. Me? I’m old. I won’t see it happen. I’m glad I won’t see it happen.

  15. Chicagoan says:

    It’s happening here in the US. Productive whites get terrorized out of their areas; the blacks who follow destroy everything that’s been built up. The same pattern repeats itself no matter where it is.

  16. AnalogMan says:

    @ #6 Fred: It’s not leftism. Nobody knows better than your average Southern African farmer the nature of African peasants. They have no illusions of equality, and neither do the Africans, who regard the White boss as their father. The farmers generally play their feudal role, and it works to the benefit of all involved.

    It’s all over for Africa now. The silver lining is that most of the people who will starve will be the ones who asked for this. That and the fact that many of those farms were growing tobacco – no loss anyway.

  17. Beat and Release says:

    The U.S. pushed for black rule in S. Africa and helped turn it into the hell-hole it has become. We are now head down that very same path at a quick trot. ‘Black Rule’ is an oxymoron, proven time and time again to be an exercise ending in frustration, murder and welfare states.

  18. Anonymous says:

    We betrayed the Rhodesians, and then the South Africans. These farmers are paying the price for OUR blunders, not theirs.

  19. Ciccio says:

    Very few people realize that this desperate scrabble for land, not only in Rhodesia but in most of Africa has one major driving factor, the absolute explosion of the African population. Possibly because this is also the period that white rule left Africa, from 1950 to 2000 the population of Africa quadrupled. To put it into context, had the same happened in the US the population of America would now be 600 million. What is happening in Rhodesia is also happening unofficially in South Africa but there too the population is exploding and it can only get worse.

    Places like Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia also have civil unrest but these countries are front and centre with the begging bowl pushing the white guilt to the limit, the starving children parade is out in full force and aid is flowing into the countries like water. The end result of this generosity is breathtaking. Here are the figures – in millions – of the respective populations between 2000 and 2011. Kenya 30-41. Uganda 23-34. Ethiopia 65-90. Now compare that to Rhodesia where the whole world knows this mess is nothing but black misrule and is very reluctant to loose the purse strings. 2000 Population 12.6 million. 2011 Population 12 million. And that despite the fact that the #1 country in the world for population growth – 4.3% is none other than Zimbabwe. Of course it is at the bottom of the list when it comes to life expectancy, Afghanistan is still lower but not by much.

    Perhaps we should be grateful to Mugabe, he is showing the world what black misrule is capable of and if the point is hammered home often enough it might just sink in a bit. He has managed to create the one and only country in Africa where its population growth fall below the UN projections, the one and only country where a future good government would be able to feed all of its population. This will never happen in Uganda where its 2050 population is expected to be 103 million or Ethiopia with 170 million. Kenya has already fallen off the radar, it started off slightly higher than Uganda, had the same growth but for some reason they projected a 2050 population of 43 million which they will reach in 2013/4. Assuming the same growth as Uganda it will be about 120 million in 2050.

    The problem is not so much that feeding these billion will be an incredible strain on the resources of the productive members of the civilized world. As is only too evident today the problem is that having made their own countries unlivable these ravaging hordes will – as many have already done – invade ours . It has been seen in the West that once they arrive our superior health and welfare systems will bring their life expectancy to our levels. Then the population boom will take off in high gear.

  20. Lan Y says:

    Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and walk away.

    It is hard, after you have invested so much time and effort. And then you convince yourself just a bit more struggle, effort. But you have already done this, Mr. Cloete. You fought the good fight, you stuck it out, despite losses, fought in court. In some ways it probably feels like you are living in an unreal world, this isn’t happening. Its unjust, you have done the right thing all your life, worked hard, you deserve to keep your land. But in your gut, you know it has happened, and will keep happening. And won’t stop until it has completely consumed you and your family. You need to cut your losses and leave Zimbabwe for whatever you can find elsewhere.

  21. Istvan says:

    A huge tragedy is the fact that Britain will take in black Rhodesian refugees who will in turn create havoc in Britain while refusing to admit white Rhodesians who are being murdered. We are our worst enemy. The world-wide white population is morally bankrupt if not completely evil. Allowing your own people to be murdered while falling all over yourselves to save the very people who will murder YOU and YOURS is beyond insane, it is evil.

  22. deadindenver says:

    The Chinese will pay off the corrupt party officials to create there own plantations. They will fence them in and make there own security arrangements. They will continue to allow the guilty Western White do gooders feed the natives, as why should they spend the effort when they have gullible White liberals to do it for them. However with the decline of the West, it will soon no longer be acceptable to feed other nations first when we ourselves start to starve. When that time comes we will see an internal African genocide that will make Rwanda and the holocaust seem minor in comparison.

  23. Jeddermann. says:

    I have said this before. It is a wonder that there are are ANY whitey left alive in Rhodesia. Those that are left are in great peril and need to flee while they still can. That monster Robert is just that and will not stop until they are all gone or killed!

    “Mass starvation in third-world African countries filled with violent, impulsive populations having an average IQ of 70 is not a recipe for progress.”

    This is perhaps mother nature at work? Due to a variety of circumstances, the population will tank, most the Africans either dying or moving away, the numbers of folks left in what used to be Rhodesia at a more acceptable level, the land eventually recovering over the many centuries, again a habitable place so unlike what it is now.

  24. Vick says:

    The US should be in touch with this persecuted white minority and offering them sanctuary in this country.

    Hard working, intelligent white brethren are exactly the sort of people this country can always use. A sane immigration policy would put whites fleeing political repression in Africa at the front of the line.

  25. Anonymous says:

    To poster #17, who wrote: “pushed for black rule in S. Africa and helped turn it into the hell-hole it has become…”

    – We know it’s bad there just from following violence statistics and other indicators of chaos, but liberals and leftists think it’s some kind of paradise now.

    I read some liberal articles about South Africa. They parade the singing blacks of Woweto, throw in a few praises to Biko and Mandela, quote Desmond Tutu and talk about a new ‘rainbow’ South Africa of racial ‘equity’ and justice.

    They also include pics of blond girls with their dark as night boyfriends and shots of some schools where black and white children play together in joy and happiness. This is the image that liberals believe, and they congratulate themselves to this day, even as they still blame whitey for any current bumps in the progress.

  26. Baobhan Sith says:

    What future do we have when you are fighting people of that mentality?

    A future that includes being forced to watch as your wife, daughters and grandchildren are brutally raped, tortured and murdered in front of your eyes before YOU yourself are hacked to death with a machete in the most vile manner possible.

    white farmers, that the land reform programme was inherently racist as it operated purely on the grounds of colour.

    To the UN this blatant racial discrimination doesn’t matter. Killing of whites anywhere worldwide is acceptable, if not welcomed.

  27. Yorkshireman. says:

    For the past week, we, in the UK, have been bombarded by continuous appeals to give money to help this years horde of starving Africans. The aid agencies say they need money to buy food locally with which to feed the natives. If all they need is money and food is available to buy, then Africans should simply give out the food to their starving brothers and sisters. African leaders are totally silent about starving Africans and I doubt if any has even met one or visited a refugee camp. Blatter (FIFA) being investigated for fraud and vote rigging in international soccer circles, met with Mugabe last week and exchanged hugs and shared several jokes. Vote rigging and corruption is not new to either of them but Mugabe says nothing at all publicly about starving African kids with flies crawling around their eyes and mouths although such images are shown hourly on UK TV news programmes. Africa starves but throws out the only farmers capable of feeding them. There are ‘civil’ wars everywhere, no doubt funded by misappropriated aid money. There is no need to build a fence around Africa, it is surrounded mostly by sea and desert. True the Chinese are exploiting Africa and do not ‘get involved in local politics’ which means they simply ignore petty corruption and deal only with the top African leaders. Eventually the mineral mines and ivory will be exhausted but the Africans will have no need to expel the Chinese as they will simply have left long before the shiggy hits the fan. White farmers should leave Zimbabwe and leave a trail of unserviced equipment and irrigation systems. Anyway, these will decay rapidly under the African system of maintenance so harm done in the long term. There are plenty of women to walk miles to the nearest polluted stream to carry water in buckets on their heads as they have done for years. The men don’t do this as they consider carrying water to be woman’s work, along with everything else that needs doing.

  28. Anonymous says:

    China is rapidly buying up huge chunks of African territory. It will be interesting to see how the “White Colonial Overlords” will be remembered once China is in control of everything. China isn’t exactly known for its human rights policies or humanitarian efforts.

  29. BRUNO says:

    When will the foolish white people learn, blacks want to be and live as blacks. The like living in mud huts, they like sleeping all day, they like having 10 starving children, THEY LIKE IT, what part of that don’t white people get?

    There is a black minister who has dozens of videos on Youtube his name is Pastor Manning he tells blacks without the white man you would be living in a world of hunger and sickness, wake up my black friends he tells them. Without whites we and the world would Have Nothing.

    When whites were allowed to operate as whites do, Africa not only fed itself it sold food to other nations, under black control their idea of gardening is getting their women to carry the Free Food America sends, home from the landing strip.

    Thomas Jefferson our third President told us of our fate it we tried to change these people and his words are still 100% true today.

  30. Question Diversity says:

    28 Anonymous:

    I’m going to borrow some of Skip’s psychic abilities, and predict that black African whining about Chinese occupation will be virtually or literally zero. The reason is is that they know their whining will get them nowhere, because the Chinese aren’t some gullible egalitarian white people. In fact, as the Chinese become more oppressive in their occupation, the black African complaining about whites will grow louder. They’ll find some way to blame Chinese cruelty on whites, and the Chinese overlords will be more than happy to hear that, and in fact, will probably push that snow ball down the mountain, because it distracts from them, and because the white world is their economic rival.

  31. South African says:

    “…to a man who is in fact of French Huguenot stock..”

    Cloete Huegenot? Cloete is a German surname as German as it comes!

    The original surname, before it was Afrikanerised, was Kluthe.

  32. Ciccio says:

    #27 Did you chance to read the BBC report on those poor starving?

    Let me quote the very first interview with the mother of a three year old child.SHE WAS SO EXHAUSTED BY THE LONG TREK TO THE CAMP, SHE COULD NO LONGER CARRY HER CHILD AND ABANDONED IT ON THE ROAD.

    Another family tells of leaving half their children because it was too much to bring all.

    A mother will leave her home for her child

    A mother will leave her husband and family for her child.

    A mother will starve for her child.

    A mother will fight to death for her child.

    A mother will die for her child.

    An animal will leave their offspring at the side of the road so that they can make it to safety.

  33. john says:

    The simple truth is that black Africans have no history of creation or invention, excepting squalor and destruction.

    They’ve never had a written language, never built anything but the thatched hut, never advanced beyond the spear in weapons technology. Their main “achievement” is their universal penchant for destruction, which they’ve demonstrated every place on earth where they’re found in significant numbers.

    The Founders never in their wildest fantasies ever dreamed that blacks would be granted citizenship and equal rights with whites. Even Abe Lincoln had no illusions about their ability to live among us peaceably and productively. He intended to relocate them either back to Africa or to the Caribbean and Central America, the latter initiative being met with threats of armed conflict by the outraged inhabitants of these areas.

    The poor sod JW Booth may have had his heart in the right place, but, truly, he knew not what he did.

  34. Anonymous says:

    “After an 11-year struggle in which their ranks have been murdered, beaten, jailed and bankrupted”.

    Really? White farmers have been struggling in Africa all of eleven years now? Reminds me of the media here in the West still riding the minority greavence train even up till today in 2011.

    It’s not really about keeping people of color angry and vindictive but about keeping whites quiet and pacified. Wonder why that could be?

  35. SKIP says:

    29 — BRUNO wrote at 9:44 AM on July 10:

    Right you are about the Rev. David Manning, an outstanding black man and truthful to the point of many blacks hating him. He has a thousands strong congregation and his sermons on youtube are truly inspiring in that here is a black man that preaches the truth about blacks and Whites. A black man that says good things about Whites are few and I say his sermons are worth a look..especially his “they call her ms ANN” one on BHO heritage

  36. Ciccio says:

    #28&30 What poor memories everybody seems to have. Just google “Zambian miners shot by Chinese managers” and you will see the shape of things to come. You cannot really blame the Chinese, those miserable workers dared protest a pay cut.

  37. Zach Sowers says:

    Is there any white nation in Africa, think Rhodesia, that I can emigrate to in order to fight for its survival? If so, sign me up!

  38. Rebelcelt says:

    Colin Cloete is the liberal white guy that keeps trying to point out to the Blacks that he and his family were the good whites that helped them.

    You were stupid to support reforms that helped the marginalised blacks.

    “I am the first to support genuine land reform, and to support people who have been marginalised to become productive. But handing land to people on the basis of party connections is completely illogical.”

    They hate you because you are white stupid!!! Do you really expect blind justice from blacks? Stupid

  39. South African says:

    “On the northern verges of Harare the ­massive new military ­college is taking shape, a monument to China’s tightening hold on Zimbabwe”.

    Are we next?


  40. Anonymous says:

    “We are not being looked at as citizens of this country, yet my father was born here before Robert Mugabe. What future do we have when you are fighting people of that mentality?”

    Maybe a nationalist future?

  41. Ciccio says:

    #27. When I first read your comment I was fresh of the net seething with indignation about the Somali exodus, stopped reading to write and I have only now read the rest of your comments. For your information, and for all those who would ever think to give a brass farthing to the world food program of the UN here, curtesy of their own statistics are some facts. They spent $50 million buying for for STARVING UGANDANS from none other than the NON STARVING BUT SELLING FOOD UGANDANS. THE NON STARVING ETHIOPIANS sold about $40million food the the UN to feed THE STARVING ETHIOPIANS. Even better than that, the NON STARVING PAKISTANIS are listed as the UN’s BIGGEST suppliers of food, over $200 a year for the last few years. According to their latest report, drought, floods, earthquakes and famines plus of course the obligatory wars have increased their needs blah blah blah blah, they need $550 million for the STARVING PAKISTANIS for this year.

  42. Meg says:

    This has gone on for too many years now. Because of taking the farms from the whites, who knew how to farm, the Africans will starve. No aid to Africa. They have brought this on themselves. Let them try and learn how to be productive.

  43. Anonymous says:

    21 — Istvan wrote at 1:26 PM on July 9:

    A huge tragedy is the fact that Britain will take in black Rhodesian refugees who will in turn create havoc in Britain while refusing to admit white Rhodesians who are being murdered. We are our worst enemy. The world-wide white population is morally bankrupt if not completely evil. Allowing your own people to be murdered while falling all over yourselves to save the very people who will murder YOU and YOURS is beyond insane, it is evil.


    So true! Remember the “what is good will become evil and what is evil will become good” to the stupid masses. We see it everywhere!

  44. chuck says:

    I am wondering what they will do when the supply of white-owned productive farms comes to an end? It’s easy when the majority can muscle a minority form their rightfully owned property and the justice and government look the other way. Should be interesting when the chinese move in and take the land.

  45. SKIP says:

    “32 — Ciccio wrote at 12:54 PM on July 10:

    WELL SAID Ciccio! the analogy is absolutely correct and right out of a National Geo program, leaving the offspring for the determined lions.

  46. Californian says:

    I was in Rhodesia (briefly) when it was still a country. The place functioned, this despite sanctions and a guerrilla war.

    But then again, it was run by Whites, with an able assist from blacks who believed that working alongside Whites would be the best thing possible. Alas, the Western world was not happy until the Whites were pushed out, and a black African marxist regime was installed, and the reasonable blacks pushed aside (or massacred). And we see the inevitable result: the usual starvation, human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing which goes hand in glove with marxism and African majority rule.

    Yet it seems that Western elites do not draw the obvious lesson: that it has been their own insane policies which have led to this debacle. What is even more incredible is that those polices are being continued today in the form of dumping more Western aid into Africa, into opening up Europe to mass third world migration, in the surrender of power to the multicult. The whole thing takes on the form of a demented children’s crusade, with Bono providing the theme music.

    Looks like we are headed for another Dark Ages.

  47. Anonymous says:

    46 — Californian wrote at 5:47 PM on July 12:

    “Looks like we are headed for another Dark Ages. ”

    The original Dark Ages were termed that because until recently, not enough was known about them and the drawn out period of the collapse of Roman centralism had yet to be replaced with strong local rule that cooperated with a less superstitious Church than earlier. It had adjusted to the idea that the world was not ending immediately.

    The Dark Ages you refer two will be a real one in more ways than one. The evolutionary cycle will have to start over, once the world human population resets at a far lower level than it is now. The decline will not be simply through miscegenation, but civil and municipal breakdown, pandemics of disease, unprecedented civil violence everywhere, and power struggles among the ambitious as the whole event unfolds. Once the bottom is reached, which would be when there are few enough people for sustaining local, cooperative communities again, the climb out of Darkness may be longer, due to the lack of natural resources that had previously assisted the earlier rise. The future may be nothing more than the subsistence society, vulnerable to fear, superstition, and all the things that accompanies the tenuous life.

  48. Ciccio says:

    #41 Slight typo

    Pakistan sell over $200 MILLION food to the world food program, a lot of it to feed their own starving.