Posted on July 20, 2011

Republican Congressman Will Do ‘Anything Short of Shooting’ Immigrants

International Business Times, July 13, 2011

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala) is coming under fire for saying that he would do anything necessary to halt illegal immigration “short of shooting” undocumented immigrants.

“As your congressman on the House floor, I will do anything short of shooting them,” Brooks said to WHNT, an Alabama TV station. “Anything that is lawful, it needs to be done because illegal aliens need to quit taking jobs from American citizens.”


Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, (D-Texas) head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, noted that “words have consequences” and faulted Brooks for “irresponsible words that reflect a hateful, dehumanizing undercurrent.”


“They have no right to be here,” Brooks said in the same interview. “They are clogging up our emergency rooms, and making our education system more expensive. If you go to the Madison County Jail, there are far too many illegal aliens there because they have victimized Americans.”