16 responses to “Town Moves to Ban Free Speech in Private Homes, Group Meetings”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t think that this idea popped into their heads. This is a tactic that is much desired by those who would “teach tolerance, seek justice, and fight hate, bigotry and extremism”.

    When they think “fight hate,” they think “fight haters by shutting them down so their virulent and toxic racism can’t spread to others and inflame the hate and racism that resides in the hearts of all Whiteys.”

    This is not a fluke- it will become a trend fully entrenched in our body politic during Obama’s second term.

  2. sbuffalonative says:

    “You’ve got to be kidding.”

    Blacks understand nothing of the Constitution or western values other than to twist them to their advantage.

    Funny how the ACLU hasn’t jumped on this one immediately.

  3. Anonymous says:

    According to City-data.com, Gould is 86% black. No surprise – blacks are naturally drawn to power plays (tribal politics) and don’t believe in individual rights. Wherever you find Africans, you’ll find Africa.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like maybe this is is a 100% black council?

    Gee, I wonder…

    Only Africans could be so stupid and totalitarian as to even try this. They have no concept what planet they’re on.

    But you can see other examples of African rule of law all over youtube…people being set on fire, boys eating the guts of dead foes, etc.

    BRA is sure a vibrant place!

  5. Mike B. says:

    As obviously insane as this seems, don’t think for a minute that The Messiah wouldn’t pass this nationwide if he could get away with it. (And I’m not just saying this to get something posted.) As a certain commentator on the radio always says, “Don’t doubt me.”

  6. Istvan says:

    Sounds like the USSR, China or Cuba. Neighbors spying on neighbors to enforce the law.

  7. SKIP says:

    “Funny how the ACLU hasn’t jumped on this one immediately”

    You mean the “African colored lovers union”?? Would you believe this article itself is “”requested page is currently unavailable”” to us here with the military in Afghanistan!!!

  8. Reg says:

    Kudos to the mayor but is this where we are headed? Robert Mugabe and Sheila Jackson Lee would be proud.

  9. DrBilbo says:

    People have got to be punished for their actions. The presumption of this town council is beyond belief! Not only should the resolution be struck down, the council should be fined, stripped naked and whipped before the citizens of the town.

  10. Fresno Dave says:

    We need to rent some buses and ride into Gould, Arkansas, as Freedom Riders. Liberate the oppressed and all that…

  11. HH says:

    This is what you get when a racial-group of essentially overgrown children, who have been fed Neo-Marxist propaganda their whole lives “play” government. At least the Mayor has some sense.

  12. GreatNorthWoods says:

    Notice how they try these unconstitutional, strong arm tactical test runs in small southern boss-hogg type locations?

    Here’s a couple more examples of boss-hoggism.

    Tennessee police agencies ripping off motorists of their cash along I-40 on there supposed “War on drugs” and not charging them with any crime. They then divide the loot up among participating agencies. Although this has been widely covered by the press. This thievery is still ongoing, unabated.

    Police in Tenaha Texas forcing out of state travelers(usually non- whites) to sign over their cars and personal property to avoid trumped-up criminal charges. This strong arming went on for years before it caught the attention of the media. No charges to date have been levied against the police or “any” city official.

    Police and elected officials would never be so bold as to try these unconstitutional and criminal acts in states outside the sunbelt. Yes, where you live still makes a big difference.


  13. Bill Harzia says:

    If the mayor persists in criticizing the city council, will they order the police chief to arrest him?

    And to give credit where it is due, at least the mayor and the citizens realize that the City Commisars are wrong.

  14. shaunantijihad says:

    When a group of individuals from a race renowned for their impulsiveness and lack of ability to predict the likely consequences of their actions make group decisions, this is what results.

    It is no accident that black societies are just gigantic slums.

  15. Marc B says:

    As ludicrous as this ordinance is, the provisions in the Patriot Act and various hate crimes bills that have passed aren’t much better. It’s good to see the mayor cites the constitution for the rights of free speech and assembly, but animosity toward our founding documents is becoming quite popular among blacks, mestizos, and post-modern liberals.

  16. Former Legal Eagle says:

    It’ll never stand up in court, folks. All this one needs is a lawsuit from folks willing to go thru the appellate process. I’m sure plenty of white locals would donate to the cause….