Posted on July 15, 2011

Plan That Flies Immigrants to Mexico City Resumes

Daniel Gonzalez, The Arizona Republic, July 14, 2011

The United States has resumed an 8-year-old program that flies undocumented immigrants, caught at the border, to Mexico City during the hot summer months as part of an effort to stem illegal immigration, thwart smuggling organizations and prevent migrant deaths.

The voluntary program, operated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, will run through Sept. 28 and is expected to cost $9 million to $11 million, said Vincent Picard, a spokesman for ICE based in Phoenix.

Under the program, undocumented immigrants from central and southern states in Mexico apprehended by the Border Patrol are given the opportunity to fly on a chartered flight from Tucson to Mexico City, where they are given bus tickets to return to their hometowns.

Ordinarily, undocumented immigrants from Mexico caught by the Border Patrol are simply returned to Mexico through ports along the border, where many simply reconnect with smugglers and attempt to cross illegally again.


But the U.S. pays for the cost of the flights and the bus tickets. Mexican consular officials interview all migrants before they board the flights to make sure they are participating voluntarily, Picard said.


8 responses to “Plan That Flies Immigrants to Mexico City Resumes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great program. The $9 million to $11 million spent is a great savings over the Billions and Billions that we would have to spend educating, medicating, policing, feeding, housing, incarcerating, and pandering to them and their children and grandchildren for generations to come.

  2. Mr.White says:

    This is nothing but window dressing folks! We have upwards of 20 million illegal invaders currently squatting on US soil, largely from Mexico. We should be rounding these invaders up and putting them on planes 24 hours a day, seven days a week until they’re all gone!

    The current voluntary program (has to go be ok’d by the Mexican consulate, to make sure the invader is not being removed against his will) is nothing but a paid vacation for the invaders who are unlucky enough to get caught at the border.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hell, I say Let’s just recomission all the French Concordes, and fly them to Mexico in 30 minutes. It’s noisy and expensive, but those are sonic booms of JOY!

    Let me take this moment to paraphrase the late great Terry Anderson, (black Los Angeles mechanic- turned talk radio patriot) who said :

    “The only thing we owe these people is a bologna sandwich, a bottle of water and a ticket back home on the next thing smokin’.”

  4. anonymous says:

    The key to a successful policy in our age is to make what is necessary fun. A plane ride might be fun for someone from a poverty stricken village. But they could try a train too. Free bottled water and drinks. Free sandwiches. Free cigs. A hat and a jacket!

    Come to think of it, why not offer a free ticket and “gate” money to any illegal who voluntarily repatriates? Whatever the country.

  5. budro says:

    acutally, they should fly them to afghanistan, hand them a rifle

    and tell them to shoot at the turbans…if they dont want to do that, then fly them to moscow and see how they fare, pretty sure they dont have signs in the stores in moscow in “spanglish”

    better yet, drop their illegal invading asses into Tehran suburbs via night drop with a case of tequila and see if they

    wanna play “LA RAZA” and pinata games like they do in our neighborhoods…..

    I would guess not….

  6. Jack says:

    “But the U.S. pays for the cost of the flights and the bus tickets. Mexican consular officials interview all migrants before they board the flights to make sure they are participating voluntarily, Picard said.”

    Why should we pay for bus tickets once they are in their country?

    Why in the heck do we have to make sure they are “voluntarily” participating?


  7. SKIP says:

    ILLEGALS should be jettisoned out over the Pacific, that would likely preclude the chance of THOSE illegals coming right back across our border like the Fred Flintstone can when he throws it out, jumps right back in the window and then throws FRED OUT! Does this scenario hit the right note with anyone??

  8. Anonymous says:

    Typical American stupidity to think this is a deterrent to illegal immigrants. It only requires common sense at the level of a three year old to know that of course they will simply come back.

    Let’s look at how China does it.

    When an illegal is arrested in China he is immediately jailed. He will have to find the funds for the airfare for his own deportation by himself or else he remains in jail. So calls to relatives at home are made and only AFTER paying his own airfare (ONE WAY OF COURSE) does he earn the privilege of deportation. You think a guy like that will want to go back to China illegally? Of course not

    Now THAT is a real deterrent!