Posted on July 15, 2011

Corruption Eclipses Sunshine

Justice Malala, Times Live, July 3, 2011

In the early 1990s South African cynics coined a phrase that they gleefully used to denigrate journalists who saw the positive side of the changes the country was going through.

As Nelson Mandela and his comrades were released from jail, the ANC and other liberation movements were unbanned and exiles returned home, these “optimistic” journalists wrote about the non-racial country we were being given and the inclusive future we had the possibility of building.

Yet the cynics kept having a go at them. South Africa, they said, would go the way of all Africa: wars, poverty, and corruption.

The journalists were accused of “sunshine journalism”. They were told they were blind to “the real ANC” and its communist allies. They were told the country would implode in 1994.

South Africa did not implode. Instead, under the wisdom of Mandela and the steady hand of Thabo Mbeki, what followed were 14 fat years of economic growth and stability. Don’t get me wrong–there were massive failures as well under these two presidents, but the trajectory was upwards and onwards.

I have always been a sunshine journalist. Whenever I have attended ANC meetings and been confronted by angry loyalists asking why I criticise them, my answer is simple: “I criticise out of love for this country.”

I see a future for South Africa and, therefore, like the members of the ANC and other parties, I also want the best for it. The most patriotic thing I can do for my fellow citizens is to write, and write again, and continue writing. Even when I am at my most critical, the point is that I am critical to help, somehow, right the wrongs that afflict us.

I am making this point because it is becoming harder to be an optimist in South Africa. Corruption is becoming endemic and it is destroying virtually everything that we stand for and hold dear.

It is becoming impossible not to, every so often, shake one’s head and wonder if the cynics were right.

I am reminded of Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel’s report a few weeks ago. It contains three haunting paragraphs. They read: “Political change brings no guarantee of social, economic or indeed political progress. Throughout history many civilisations, empires and countries have experienced dramatic decline rather than progress.

“The indicators most often associated with decline include rising corruption; weakening of state and civil society institutions; poor economic management; skills and capital flight; politics dominated by short-termism; ethnicity or factionalism; and lack of maintenance of infrastructure and standards of service.

“Elements of these indicators are already visible in South Africa, though their strength and prevalence is uneven and differs from sector to sector. If they become more prevalent, the country’s progress could be stalled, its gains reversed and even the foundational aspects of democracy unraveled.”

Corruption in South Africa has now reached unspeakable levels. It is spoken of as if it is part of the norm. For many of us, it is now part of doing business with the government. For many citizens, it is just part of what we have become.

I spoke to a group of women last week who casually agreed that they would buy their driver’s licenses. Why? They believe that driving inspectors will fail them just so they should pay bribes. These are intelligent individuals with degrees–and they have lost all faith in the system.

Can I blame them? Last week, Cosatu asked why President Jacob Zuma had not lifted a finger on acts or accusations of clear corruption in his administration. Cosatu cited several of these acts.

First, Co-operative Governance Minister Sicelo Shiceka allegedly used taxpayers’ money to visit a girlfriend in jail in Switzerland. Months after the scandal, Zuma has done nothing.

Second, Northern Cape ANC chairman and finance MEC John Block is still in his office despite charges of corruption and fraud.

New allegations on the arms deal have come up. Zuma has not acted. Why not?

When a newspaper sent questions to Zuma’s spokesman, Zizi Kodwa, he sent an SMS saying: “No comment.”

There are so many instances of cronyism, downright corruption and bribery, the whole thing has become farcical.

The ANC as a party is not much help. Its investment arm, Chancellor House, is an example of high-level looting of state resources.

There is no leadership on the issue. The Zuma family is so mired in controversy, the president cannot move.

South Africa has brilliant sunshine even in the middle of winter. Increasingly, though, it seems that’s all we’ve got. And that cannot build a country.

12 responses to “Corruption Eclipses Sunshine”

  1. sbuffalonative says:

    “I am making this point because it is becoming harder to be an optimist in South Africa. Corruption is becoming endemic and it is destroying virtually everything that we stand for and hold dear.

    It is becoming impossible not to, every so often, shake one’s head and wonder if the cynics were right.

    Corruption in South Africa has now reached unspeakable levels”

    The cynics were right.

    First the corruption and then the widening gulf between the rich (those in power) and the poor followed by inept government at every level, rapid decline in quality of life, economic collapse, crime, and decay.

    The author is a black man. Like most blacks, he’s blind to the realities of blacks. As with the end of Jim Crow in the US, these people believe that when blacks are free, they will soar.

    It never happens and it never will.

    Black behavior is universal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a city in the US or a nation in Africa. When blacks are in control, it is the end of civilization.

    In 20 to 30 years, there will be no difference between South Africa and Haiti.

  2. olewhitelady says:

    Black run cities, counties, and countries devolve. There are no exceptions on the planet. Some hang on a little longer than others, but they all ultimately succumb to incompetence and corruption. Those where whites still hold some political power and/or a good deal of economic power will last the longest.

  3. TomSwift says:

    I have heard that if you try to throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out. But if you put a frog in warm water and then slowly heat it up, it will not notice the temperature increase and be boiled to death.

    The absolute greatest problem facing us is that it takes 20 years for African’s to run a country into the ground. Will South Africa end up like Zimbabwe? Certainly, but it will take another 20 years.

    When the Supreme Court struck down segregation laws, the absolute worst thing that could have happened was ‘nothing’. This let the liberals say they were right. The laws can not be justified if removing them doesn’t lead to anything bad.

    Yes, America will look like Detroit in 50 years but the thing is it takes 50 years. Too slowly for the people to notice.

    Yes, Europe will be Eurabia in 50 years but the thing is it takes 50 years. Too slowly for the people to notice.

  4. Stiv says:

    This guy should watch his back and be careful. He might be disappeared if he probes into their corrupt practices a little too much. Or maybe he could be just plain set upon, attacked by militants for criticizing the ANC.

  5. Madison Grant says:

    The author is to be commended for not being a mindless ANC cheerleader. Still, he used a strawman argument by mentioning those who foolishly predicted South Africa would collapse in 1994.

    South Africa is in the process of collapsing but it takes time. As Tom Swift (#3) noted, Zimbabwe and Detroit did not fall apart overnight.

    Same for East St. Louis, Newark, Philadelphia, etc,

  6. Anonymous says:

    The author seems not to know the difference between the best blacks can do- and the worst whites can do. He speaks of onward and upward.

    Ha! from what, to what?

    Really, this strains all credibility.

    S.A. was, and is a hellhole, everywhere whites don’t rule with an iron fist.

    This is just stupid.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Europe will wake up, particularly Western Germanic Europe. England is probably lost. The ‘IRA’ supports the black invasion in Ireland. Eastern Europe will probably hold out also. Russia? Who’s to say? China will take over most of Africa in 20 years. Anyone’s guess as to what happens. China will also ‘fill the gap’ left open by retreating European power structure. Amazing America is not waking up sooner. Obama still has a chance at a second term? Amazing.

  8. Bon, Stuck in Carmageddon says:

    I could not care less if blacks destroy themselves and “their” countries — countries built by whites, handed over to blacks on silver platters with the infrastructure intact. Any article about SA that does not mention the black-government sanctioned genociding of Native Born White South Africans, AFAIC, is not worth reading:

    I do, however, care about Caucasians left at the mercy of murderous, marxist-racist black governments, mentioned nowhere in the article of course. The black author only cares about his own, which is not surprising. All whites must do same.

    Dr Gregory Stanton of writes that his organisation is upgrading South Africa to Stage 6 of genocide – when death lists are drawn up, propaganda targeting the target-groups distributed, groups are formed, attacks are starting to culminate in a full-out Genocide, and target groups forced into camps or marginal land sites. Stage 8 is denial of the genocide.

    Legally, this designation by the world’s acknowledged expert-organisation on the process of genocide (genocide is not a singular event, it is a long-drawn out process), also means that Boers can use this status to be legally admitted as ‘political refugees’ from this government-directed genocidal violence targeting them in South Africa. It also means that this fact will also be added to the two charges of genocide lodged by Boer-organisations at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in April and May this year.

    A refugee, as defined by the USG, is: a person, by legal definition, who has fled his or her country of origin because of a ‘well-founded fear of persecution based on membership in a political, racial, ethnic, religious or social group.’ It generally means the person is unable to return home because of this persecution.

    The USG has stretched the meaning of refugee or asylum seeker to include:

    China’s one-child policy, domestic abuse, FGM and even lack of services for the disabled.

    Whites being genocided in SA by a murderous black government??

    No, that doesn’t qualify for refugee status or asylum in the US!

    Please take note and Spread the Word. You see, Whites in SA are not so different from us Native Born US Whites, victims of a government determined to violently eliminate them. What is happening to Whites in SA WILL happen to Native Born White Americans as well.

    Of this I am sure.


  9. berin says:

    The Universal practice for black politicians includes loot the Treasury; pad the payroll; reward friends. They can only consume and destroy wealth – never create it. That’s why they follow the white man all over the world. A look at the legislative agenda of the CBC proves the point.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “South Africa did not implode. Instead, under the wisdom of Mandela and the steady hand of Thabo Mbeki, ‘

    More like the steady hand of Oppenheim De Beers diamond company, the Rothschild/Morgan bank partners of Oppenheim De Beers and other Whites of the global financial elite kept things going.

    Mandela may be a great symbol and hero. He may be very intelligent. He may have a vast amount of common sense. He may be the superman his admirers say he is. But he did spend around 30 of his most productive adult years in prison. So I cannot see how he could have developed these great administrative skills even if he had vast potential.

    He did not run the ANC. It was run by Russian advisors.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Build a country? The blacks didn’t have to build a country. All they had to do was just carry on the way it was run when the Whites were in charge.

    In just 20 years SA blacks have done to an entire country, one of the largest countries in the world with more natural resources than 90 percent of the countries in the world and a powerful strategic position and international harbor what they did to thousands of city neighborhoods in America.

    Look what the Chinese and British did with a small rocky island in Southern China. They made it into the greatest city state the world has ever known. The lease ran out in 1999. I don’t know if the Chinese have made any improvements, but they sure have carried on very successfully. Any changes will be positive, not totally disastrous like the changes in SA. Unlike SA, Hong Kong under the Chinese will continue to be a great city state for centuries.

    Wonder why there is so much difference in the outcome?

  12. margaret says:

    Bon, I absolutely agree with you about the coming White genocide.

    Forbidden to work in government, the largest employer. Laws forbidding private employers to hire us enforced by ferocious gestapo agencies at every level. Universities proudly proclaiming their gross discrimination against White applicants.

    Black on White crime is aided, abetted, encouraged and sanctioned by governent. Russian Jews called it progroms 100 years ago. That is exactly what government sanctioned black on White crime in America is.

    The government encouraged blacks to drive Whites out of the cities 70 years ago. I doubt there is one, not one instance of government at any level taking standard law enforcement procedures to keep the marauding blacks from driving Whites out of neighborhoods and entire cities.

    Most of all though, there is the incessant propaganda against Whites. Like German Jews of the nazi era, we are blamed for every problem on earth. The obvious conclusion is to exterminate us and all the problems will be solved.

    Then there is the planned racial replacement of Whites by hispanics who are helped to cross the border not just by the Mexican smugglers but by numerous marxist and christian Whites who welcome them with water, food, transportation and lawsuits against any person, whether law enforcement who attempts to enforce immigration law or a lone rancher defending his family against a home invasion 40 miles from the nearest police officer.

    Our government and the liberals plan to eliminate Whites from the southern part of the country and replace us with hispanic indians with IQs of 80 direct from their stone age villages. The UN considers this replacement to be one of the steps in genocide.

    It’s worse than Lenin and Stalin’s program of sending ethnic Russians all over the Russian empire to live with every ethnic group from Estonians to Uzbecks. At least Lenin and Stalin did not exterminate the Estonians and Uzbecks and replace them with Russians. The plan was to create the “universal socialist man”.

    I have been around liberal Whites all my life. They truly hate us and want us gone. They think they will use the non Whites to exterminate us and then they will rule the world.

    Liberal Whites should read about the French and Russian revolutions. Virtually all the revolutionaries were executed by the dictators they created.