Posted on July 29, 2011

Churchgoing Teenagers Biggest Backers of Muslim Identity in Britain

PhysOrg, July 26, 2011

New research released today from the University of Warwick’s Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit demonstrates that churchgoing young Christians give much more support to their Muslim peers, in comparison with young people who have no religious faith.

The survey was led by University of Warwick researcher Professor Leslie J Francis, Jennifer Croft, Alice Pyke and Mandy Robbins and involves 10,000 13- to 15-year-old pupils, 2,000 each from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and London. The results, looking at responses from the first 3000 of those young people, were presented, today Tuesday 26th July, at a conference at the University of Warwick is organised as part of the AHRC/ESRC Religion & Society Program.

The three key questions demonstrating that churchgoing young Christians give much more support to their Muslim peers in comparison with young people who have no religious faith gave the following results

Muslims should be allowed to wear the headscarf in schools:

• no religion 60 %

• nominal Christian 59 %

• practising Christian 79 %

Muslims should be allowed to wear the Burka in schools:

• no religion 51 %

• nominal Christian 52 %

• practising Christian 63 %

I am in favour of Muslim schools:

• no religion 18 %

• nominal Christian 23 %

• practising Christian 29 %

Professor Robert Jackson, Director of the University of Warwick’s Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit. said: “This new research shows that the difficulties in Britain over religious diversity are caused less by conflicts between religions and more by the hostility to religions shown by some young people who have no religious identity of their own. Young people who practise a faith have the opportunity to learn about their own faith and about people of other faiths.”

“The place of Religious Education in schools offers a crucial opportunity for those young people who have no faith of their own to learn what religious faith means for young Muslims and young members of other faiths. If we stop investing in religious education we are fuelling religious discrimination and religious hostility into the future.”

University of Warwick researcher Professor Leslie Francis said: “This survey has really given voice to the views of young people from across Britain into their experience of living in a culture that increasingly reflects religious diversity. Young people from different religious backgrounds clearly show respect for each other. But the challenge facing schools today is to enable those young people who do not come from a religious background themselves to gain insight into how their peers from religious homes feel about things.”

“It is those outward signs of faith like the headscarf or the Burka that really focus the issues. It is not acceptable that young people should grow up in Britain today without knowing about religious traditions and without showing respect for religious differences. It is unacceptable that young people should be bullied in schools because they take their religious faith seriously. Never has there been a more important time for the Government to invest in high quality Religious Education throughout the school system.”

17 responses to “Churchgoing Teenagers Biggest Backers of Muslim Identity in Britain”

  1. Welshman's says:

    As a Christian, I can tell you that the word “Inclusion” has become more important than anything else in the church. Christians actually believe if they include Muslims, that Jesus will be happy. When the churches all become mosques, well, that’s just what Jesus wanted, because we helped it happen, and it was through us that he was speaking his will for change.

    Apostate Christianity is all the rage. Antique Christianity is now “racism”.

  2. ATBOTL says:

    Fortunately, the percentage of teenagers in the UK today who are practicing Christians must be tiny.

  3. fred says:

    “This new research shows that the difficulties in Britain over religious diversity are caused less by conflicts between religions and more by the hostility to religions shown by some young people who have no religious identity of their own.”

    That and the fact that ministers in Britain are so linguini-spined that that anyone with a backbone has already left in disgust.


    Whenever you want to know what a story is rally all about then read the last paragraph. Or in this case, the last sentence.

    Never has there been a more important time for the Government to invest in high quality Religious Education throughout the school system.

    So there it is. Now that the government has spent decades attacking the majority faith of the British they want to replace it altogether by preaching the state religion of politically correct stuff in the schools.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the reasons why I am not religious at all. No offense to any Christians here, but this whole “love your enemy” and “turn the other cheek” stuff just doesn’t work in this day and age. Those who support these muslims in Britain are basically being passive and letting their enemies take advantage and walk all over them. Something that most people would not be okay with.

  5. Ciccio says:

    When the spineless bishop of Oxford not only claims to love the sound of the allah howler from the minaret but now wants to exclude Church of England pupils from Church of England schools in favour of minorities you can well imagine what they preach in church. One point that has also been overlooked is that when you talk about Christian church-going teenagers in the UK you are talking mainly about black evangelicals. C of E is dying but the black churches are booming.

  6. flyingtiger says:

    This is what I fear the most, good christians allowing moslems to practice their hate openly all in the name of “Toleration.” Good Christians are the group that will convert to islam the quickest, if forced to.

    I wish atheists would stop their war against christianity and western civilization and fight the real enemy- Islam.

  7. Fr. John says:

    One of the primary targets of the ‘red menace’ in the 1950’s were the Churches, for the Communists knew that, if they could co-opt the Churches, they would have the continent of Europe and her satellite nations (US, Canada, Oz, etc.) for the picking. Tolerance of Islam is the next step on the road to the Great Apostasy.

    Also, the fallacy of ‘three great monotheistic faiths’ worshiping the ‘same God’ is high on the list of errors masquerading as ‘Truth’ these days. But the historic facts of the Crusades, the memory of the Gates of Vienna, as well as Roncevalles, are all testimony that our forefathers (who were closer to the source of the Christian faith in time, as well as much more ‘in touch’ with the ‘religion of peace,’) knew better!

    Fraser’s new book,’The WASP Question’ poses the thesis that Europe cannot regain her position, until she regains that ethnobiological faith that once informed her total concensus- i.e., a Christian, White Europe.

    This article does not delineate ‘Christians’ but ‘Modernists’ who are no servants of the Most High, but are like those in Rev. 2:8,9 – worshiping a false god that appears to be the real one… sort of like “Tashlan” in C.S. Lewis’ prescient book on the same issue, in the Chronicles of Narnia.

  8. Spirit Wolf says:

    This will only come as a surprise to those Christians who so desperately want to blame the present situation on atheists. The Leftist types apparently misinterpreted “no special dispensation for believers under the law” to mean “no special dispensation for mainstream Christians” (who don’t need it anyway.)

    Anyone with a brain should see that once religious people start getting exemptions from the law, pretty soon the only people who have to follow ALL the laws to the letter are, in fact, atheists, and that would be more discriminatory than asking everyone to follow the same laws, even if it means some Sikh has to ditch his short sword, or some breakaway Mormon a few wives. I mean, can you imagine some Furry with a bona-fide identity disorder being allowed to wear his costume – with full _mask_ – everywhere like a Muslimah wishing to also hide away from the world? No way, unless he was self-employed as a novelty messenger.

    These guys in the article are taking the wrong approach – they’re trying to convince atheists that it’s only right that they be discriminated against!!

  9. Bernie says:

    “Young people from different religious backgrounds clearly show respect for each other.”

    What data can she point to that shows young Muslims respect Christians or non-Muslims? This is an unsupported and stupid statement.

  10. Anonymous says:

    4 — Anonymous at 10:23 PM on July 29:

    Today’s Christians (WHITE ones, that is) are so PC and delusional that they wouldn’t know God’s Word if someone (who does know it) pointed it out to them in black and white. To them Christians are suppose to be “nice” to everyone and “help” everyone. They want PEOPLE and the WORLD to love them and pat them on the back. They aren’t out to please and obey God, they are out to please and obey “the world”.

    The Christian Church was infiltrated a long long time ago. As for that “love thine enemy and turn the other cheek”, it has been so watered down and turned on it’s head, that most Christians haven’t a clue of WHO that was meant for and what it meant in the first place, thanks to their seminaries and preachers. It is much like us listening to the mainstream news today and believing every word they told us.

  11. RegvlvsSeradly says:

    I have seen many churches in the Anglican communion do good things whilst being raised in the denomination. They are proof that evil is more than an absence of good.

    The same with the Lutheran Churches, the Mormons, the Roman Catholic Church. Regardless of the good things their memberships do, these organizations are complicit in vile worship at the liberal alter.

    Are there any churches not doing this today? That do not worship post modern multiculturalism, and take the money of their believers to send “missionaries” out into the world to harass foreigners in their own lands, whilst “resettling” other bunches of outlanders here?

    Our own Western churches, both popish and protestant, work for our destruction. Maybe I will go join the Russian Old-Ritualists…

  12. Whiteplight says:

    11 — RegvlvsSeradly wrote at 6:14 PM on July 30:

    “Our own Western churches, both popish and protestant, work for our destruction. Maybe I will go join the Russian Old-Ritualists…”

    I suggest to you and all Race Realists that still think Christianity is supportive of white survival that our pre-Christian spiritual outlook is what is needed. Asatru, or Celtic style spirituality is perfect. Just read this old Viking prayer;

    The Viking Battle Prayer

    Lo! Do I there see my father!

    Lo! Do I there see my mother!

    Lo! Do I there see my brothers,

    and my sisters.

    Lo! Do I there see my line,

    back to the beginning.

    They beckon me to Vahalla,

    Where the brave may live forever!

    The Celtic spirituality saw life going on through them and their land, which they tilled and cared for and celebrated the seasons and the harvest. That’s where life is and that is where our future lies. Without land, we are disposed. And if live on land without bonding with it, it is the same as no land at all.

    A great change in White Consciousness is needed. Christianity used to serve us as conquerors, but now it betrays us as the conquered.

    I really don’t want to disrespect any European tradition, but IF we are unwilling to see our necessary path, we will perish, certainly. To me it is as plain as this article.

  13. A Rev. says:

    Most often it’s the young and inexperienced who embrace the most liberal viewpoint. I personally think it’s because they aren’t old enough yet to understand by experience how things truly are out in the world, in this case with regard to Muslims. They will live, they will learn; hopefully they won’t have to forfeit their lives as the price of that learning. Islam is no religion; it is a political system disguised as a religion, primarily for the purpose of gaining acceptance from groups of non-Muslims, and in this country, to get that 501-3-c tax exempt corporate status. Give the youth a chance – they’ll find out the hard way.

  14. Korean guy says:

    I was raised by Christian parents all my life, I was very actively involved with the Christian Fellowship at my school, and I was very surprised to read this article. It is one of the biggest commandments in the Bible not to worship another idol.

    Whether I hate muslims or not, one thing I know for sure is their culture is extremely incompatible with the typical North American culture.

  15. jim says:

    There is nothing surprising here. The Chrisitans are simply following one of many tenets of one of many faiths. All religion is illogical, anti-mind and anti-individualist, some more than others. Islam is particularly deserving of hatred and disrepect, and by that I mean the religion, not the individuals. The collectivist underpinnings of religious belief can never do anything more than enslave and corrupt, and religion will ever be the enemy of liberty.

  16. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Lots of interesting posts. I was raised Roman Catholic, as was my Wife. We will raise our daughter in the faith. I do feel that the Vatican has no other choice but to change and be more parishioner friendly if they will survive. The sexual abuse scandal, as wretched and horrific as it is/was, is the same thing being done by Muslim clerics and imams all over the Middle East and South Asia, and Africa.

    But we aren’t supposed to notice this because we are Westerners. But we are not stupid. We are lethargic and many indifferent, but we are learning.

  17. crusader88 says:

    Well, we do have this one on us! Though many Christian believers were surely (and justly) motivated by fear that if Muslims are forbidden the practice of their faith, they will be next!

    Much of this is the fault of the liberal Anglicans, but I am sure liberals within my own Catholic Church are to blame also. But even many churchgoers simply confuse piety with toleraton, a doctrine that found its definitive expression in A Letter Concerning Toleration, written by the covertly anti-Christian hedonist John Locke. I am sure the orthodox Christians in the Traditional Anglican Communion and attending SSPX chapels have none of the errors of their nearly apostate brethren.

    Jim may not be surprised, but he has surprised me! Usually religion is faulted on the Right for being too anti-group! Has he forgotten that according to Christianity each of us has an immortal soul that live with God in life everlasting? The modern catechism speaks about human dignity (and human freedom) at almost too great length. Meanwhile, you have demonstrated your anti-mind attitude, and inability to reason without unjust summarizing, by lumping in a religion with a worthy philosophical/scholastic tradition with voluntaristic Islam.