Posted on July 14, 2011

Arizona Governor Orders Recall Vote for Immigration Law Author

David Schwartz, Yahoo! News, July 12, 2011

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Tuesday ordered a special election for November 8 to decide the fate of a high-profile state lawmaker behind Arizona’s controversial immigration crackdown.

Brewer ordered the vote to recall Republican Russell Pearce, the state senate’s president and chief architect of Senate Bill 1070, after a citizen’s group turned in enough valid signatures to force it.

Barring any legal challenges, voters in Pearce’s Mesa, Arizona, district will go to the polls in what is believed to be the first recall election of a state legislator in Arizona history.

Pearce said he had no plans to resign and would launch an aggressive campaign against those seeking to oust him from office. He said in a statement he plans to focus on his record on key issues including economic recovery, job creation, balanced budgets, law enforcement and border security.

“These are the issues that my constituents believe in and why they have voted 16 times to send me to the legislature,” Pearce said.

“I have never lost an election and will fight these outside forces that support lax law enforcement, amnesty and open borders.”

Last week, the state verified that Citizens for a Better Arizona had collected 10,365 signatures to force the election. The group needed 7,756 valid signatures.


4 responses to “Arizona Governor Orders Recall Vote for Immigration Law Author”

  1. Bobby says:

    Yes, the leftist open borders crowd, is working feverishly to get Pearce removed. Contributions are coming in from across the Blue states. Americans for sanity, don’t get the damage the left has done, does, and will continue to do to this nation.

  2. BannerRWB says:

    Pearce may win, this time around, but think of where we will be in 100 years. You cannot have an island of legal citizens surrounded by large areas which allow the influx of millions of illegals. At least, not one which will survive for very long. The invasion of America continues apace. I believe the country is lost and it is only a matter of time before conflict on a larger scale begins. I am certain many Native “Americans”, in the years, decades and centuries before 1890, thought Whites would stop soon, somewhere to the East, before reaching their area. They were wrong. We are just as wrong to think we will only lose the Southwest.

  3. Question Diversity says:

    I fail to see how this recall will be successful, because Pearce won this State Senate seat several times before, so I can ill imagine the same constituents would want to vote him out, because they voted him in several times for the same obvious immigration reasons why the open borders crowd wants him recalled. What I think the open borders rabble rousers are up to is the “process is the punishment” axiom, and that they want Pearce to drain his war chest to defend against this recall so he won’t have the money to run for statewide office.

  4. True Blue says:

    I wonder how many of those ‘valid signatures’ were of valid citizens of this country, much less the state and within his particular senate district?

    Did Acorn circulate the papers?