Posted on June 24, 2011

Zimbabwe PM Aide Arrested; Called Mugabe a ‘Liar’

Buffalo News, June 24, 2011

Police arrested a senior minister Friday after he called President Robert Mugabe a liar, the party of Zimbabwe’s prime minister said.

Hard-liners in Mugabe’s party accused Jameson Timba of insulting Mugabe, an offense under sweeping security laws, when he said Mugabe lied over the outcome of a recent regional summit on Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis.

The former opposition party of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said in a statement police accused Timba of “undermining the authority of the president.”


Timba, minister of state in Tsvangirai’s office, was being held late Friday at the main Harare police station, said party official Nelson Chamisa.

Timba attended the summit and contradicted Mugabe’s account that regional leaders withdrew a damning report on the slow pace of reforms and continuing political violence blamed on Mugabe’s party.

Mugabe insisted the Southern African Development Community, a regional economic and political bloc, cleared his party’s name over allegations reported to the grouping by the chief Zimbabwe mediator, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa.


Mugabe’s party has also called for his arrest for insulting Mugabe, accusations usually applied to remarks made by political hecklers or those who curse Mugabe in bars or on buses. Those convicted have been fined or briefly jailed.


8 responses to “Zimbabwe PM Aide Arrested; Called Mugabe a ‘Liar’”

  1. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “Arrested a senior Minister after he called Presidnet Mugabe a…” Wow!! Ouch Wham Bingo!! Heard this once a long time ago and it was just a joke then. “Today a member of the Politburo was arrested for calling Kruschev a fool and a simpleton. They gave him five years for insulting the dignity of the Soviet leader and tacked on another twenty for disclosing state secrets…”

  2. sbuffalonative says:

    As someone who listens to Washington Journal on c-span, I can assure you that many US blacks would love to see criticizing President Obama made a criminal offense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I recall some months ago in some country, (which one was it?), a member of the legislative branch blurted out “You lie!” during the speech of a black President.

    Hmmm. That guy caught a lot of flak over it, and the whole country was abuzz about how this was an evil thing, full of hate, spoken by a bad, bad man. People called for his head, wanted him run out of office, it was a little inquisition. All over two words, which were merely the plain, unedited truth. That president is a fantastic, unabashed, shameless liar.

    Seems familiar!

  4. Anonymous says:

    We may be looking at the future of free speech in our own country. I can’t see Obama letting anyone get by with calling him a ‘dis’ name.

  5. B J Deller says:

    It is amazing that those who wholeheartedly agreed with Mugabe taking over from Ian Smith (the then Prime Minister of Rhodesia) in 1980 are now very quiet when I quiz them how they feel about the thousands that have since died from Mugabe’s genocide of the Ndebele tribes soon after taking power and starvation and disease since.

    This is why I am happy to place my name and address on my posts here and everywhere. We must have the courage to speak the truth and potentially save thousands of lives in te future. God save us all from Liberals and Left-Wingers. History repeats itself as we all know: if we allow it to.

  6. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Poster #3- You can’t even compare the two. Mugabe’s regime had the guy jailed over it. In the US, the lawmaker wad lambasted in the press for his comment, but he was an idiot for shouting out during a speech any how. Yeah, Obama lied, but show me a president who’s told the truth about anything recently and I’ll show you a gas station selling petro for 99 cents a gallon. Hint: they don’t exist any more.

    The truth is that presidents are hindered by political correctness more than any body these days. Bush was a pretty bad president too. It all goes back to Carter, really. He was inept, as was Reagan, HW Bush, Clinton, W., & Obama. No end for inept presidencies in sight. Alot like the wars in the Middle East & Africa.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Look ye upon the future of hate crime legislation in the U.S..

    Though in fairness, there was likely billion$ in foreign aid on the table that will now never reach one of Mugabe’s numbered accounts.

  8. Weatherman says:

    Mugabe learnt his tricks from the British. That terrible famine had nothing to do with white farmers or a downturn in agricultural production. They switched crops to cash crops to buy guns and luxury goods for the Zanu PF tribal loyalists. No one except his enemies and their families starved. Old school British tactic the Africans learnt from the British Empire. It was done in Ireland with shocking results. Ask the Afrikkaners about the camps they were put in as well. Crunch the food supply and there is no need for gas chambers,crematoriums or sterillization programs. The families bury their own children and can’t conceive any more. Only option left is to flee as many many did causing chaos in SA. Keep an eye on the food supply before you worry about arabs oil and black mobs.