Posted on June 29, 2011

Woman Believes Beach Violence Covered Up

Dick Johnson, NBC Chicago, June 29, 2011


City officials said they closed North Avenue Beach on May 30 because of excessive heat, but Amy Schwartz says no one is talking about the excessive violence that prompted her to call 911 that day.

“There’s a fight breaking out on the beach because there’s nothing but animals covering this beach today,” Schwartz phoned into the police. “What the hell is going on?”

Schwartz said she was walking from Oak Street Beach toward North Avenue Beach on Memorial Day when she witnessed a woman being beaten by a gang of people on the beach.

“They were being rude and abusive and throwing trash around and defecating,” Schwartz said. “The crowd became very animated. They were cheering on the beating and more people joined in, so I kept walking forward. I was afraid I could be next.”


Schwartz believes the story of what really happened that day is being purposely downplayed in the name of saving Chicago’s summer tourist business and the reputations of the city’s new mayor and police superintendent.


Police presence has been boosted significantly at the beach since Memorial Day.

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