26 responses to “Teen Victim of Urban Youth Mob Beating Speaks: ‘I Don’t Know About Forgiveness’”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Even if he doesn’t know if he can forgive his assailants, that’s largely a private spiritual matter, which does not preclude punishing them for violating criminal law. Remember, Give unto Caesar…

  2. Awakened says:

    It’s the same old stuff that we hear about. These are White people that are getting a taste of what Blacks are really like. Apparently they have not been victimized by Blacks before. I just want to say that it takes a great deal of victimization for Whites to wake up. With the tremendous job of mass conditioning that Whites have received from the major media in this country, Europe, Canada, and other White countries Whites are currently taking this far too lightly and being too “Christian” about these attacks. The media uses our own sense of decency against us in conditioning us. But I must ask the obvious questions:

    How much longer are we going to tolerate this sort of thing? How much longer before Whites not only “wake-up” but realize the fight that we’re going to have on our hands if we don’t wake-up and wake up soon?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “City officials are considering a curfew for kids 17 and under”

    How does that in any way logically follow in the wake of a pack of young adults (18+) savagely beating people? Maybe if the curfew applied to anyone with the mind of a child instead of just children it would make sense. And I love how these sociopaths shed crocodile tears in the courtroom. They easily could have killed this poor guy. Hopefully they will be charged with attempted murder and Jesse Jackson and his gang of apologists can march for “justice.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lauer said “savagely beaten”.

    That’s raciss, because the attackers were African Americans. Who associates the word “savage” with African American except a raciss? Won’t the NAACP come out with a demand for an apology for using bigoted, hurtful, and outdated and negative stereotyping of “troubled, yet valuable members of the beloved community of color,” followed by demands that NBC “do more to foster diversity of opinions in the newsroom, as well as implement multicultural sensitivity training for all White employees, to be conducted by NAACP-Episcopal Church Alliance”?

    “by a group of FELLOW group of teenagers”

    Go back and listen to his emphasis on “fellow” -pause for emphasis- “group”. Very strange and slanted reporting. He levels Carter Strange DOWN to that of a savage pack of criminal blacks. Message: Whites are really no different from blacks, even when Whites are just minding our own business and trying to get home in time to not break the law, while the blacks are roaming around looking for a Whitey to stomp to death.

    Carter Strange didn’t know his attackers. He wasn’t in fellowship with them.

    “you do not remember anything about the actual beating-I always think that is he body and God’s way of protecting people”

    Yeah, like protecting Whiteys from coming down with a full blown case of racism. If Whiteys’ remember the look on the faces of the blacks who were beating him, he’d be permanently scared with a permanent case of racism. God protects us from that.

    “the defense is saying that these are basically good kids who did a very bad thing- Vicky and John, do you feel that way, how do you feel about that idea?”

    Let’s bait the racists Southerners so they will come out and say something racist so we can say their Whitey son learned his racism in the home and that the beating was justified because he came from a racist family. Only a racist wouldn’t agree that these savage blacks were “good kids”.

    “your father has already said that, at this moment, he finds it hard to find forgiveness in his heat, what about you?”

    AT THIS MOMENT! We all know what that means. You father will no doubt eventually come round and say he forgives them, because that’s what we always do, forgive the blacks who nearly kill you son, because otherwise, that anger will turn into raciss hate! Can’t have that! You-must-forgive! Christians must forgive blacks so that we won’t make Jesus cry and he will help us fight the racism that is embedded in our hearts through White privilege. You father will eventually grow, just as Lincoln grew beyond his racist attitudes, and just as we all grow beyond our comfort zones when we build a Habitat for Humanity house or go on a mission trip to save the suffering afrovoodoos in Haiti. We grow through service to blacks.

    Carter said “I don’t know about forgiveness, bc I don’t really thing about it that much. I try not to let ‘them’ be on my mind, because, I don’t know why I would.”

    And there we have it, folks, another TOTAL WHITEY FAIL!

    It’s now hard for us to have sympathy for Carter Strange if he can come out with something better than that. For starters, how about, “Forgive them? Well, can you see my face? They were trying to kill me. According to their explicit intent, I should be in a casket right now. Would you be in the funeral parlor, looking down at me during the viewing, saying, “Carter, can you forgive them for killing you? Can you forgive them for stealing you parents son from them? Can you forgive them for the sake of civil and human rights, for the sake of social and restorative justice, because Martin Luther King would say you should forgive them and stop the violence of White racism? No, you stupid jerk, I won’t even consider forgiving them until the NAACP pays all my medical bills as long as necessary to bring justice to my family’s finances.”

    Gawd! Don’t you really HATE liberal Whitey news anchors? Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd can’t come soon enough to ask Matt Lauer to “step down to make room for a person of color.” That’s the kind of Diversity we can applaud!

  5. martin stuart says:

    No mention of race and the growing trend of groups of African American youth assaulting people for fun. They do mention forgiveness before any of the perps have asked forgiveness.

    NBC did a lousy story.

  6. sbuffalonative says:

    Basically good kids who did a bad thing and made bad judgments.

    So they were alter boys who, as a prank, broke old Mr. Wilson’s garden gnome.

    That doesn’t quite pan out in that they attacked four other people before they ambushed and savagely beat Carter.

    You can already hear the mother being interviewed before the trial saying, ‘He’s a good boy. He ain’t never hurt nobody before’.

    While this did make a national news broadcast, it certainly will not get any sustained, soul-searching coverage and commentary. The story will be quietly ignored until these thugs all plead guilty due to overwhelming evidence.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Beaten by a “fellow group of teenagers”? That’s a new one.

    Beaten by an “urban youth mob”?

    Beaten by a “group of youths”?

    Beaten by a group of “young people”?

    I think “gang of blacks” better describes the situation.

  8. dutch henry brown says:

    I could’nt watch the whole video it was making me sick. did anyone mention the “yoofs” being charged with hate crimes?

  9. it's all so strange, and getting more and more typical all the time says:

    “The case has stoked racial tensions. Strange is white, and his attackers are black.” http://goo.gl/lndZ5

    RUBBISH! We all know what that means: “Since the white was beaten by a gang of dangerous black thugs, some with priors, we must fear that the White Community will start saying mean things about blacks and perpetuate hurtful and offensive stereotypes. We’ll just report that tensions are rising, and everybody will respond on cue: ‘We must to do more to bring about a just society through the eradication of racist White privilege’.”

    Folks, only White elites are the ones that will go all into a panic over “racial tensions” and start holding conferences and listening sessions and demanding more investment in “troubled” areas of town.

    The blacks never know the difference between a normal day and one full of “racial tensions”. They are constantly tense and always looking for new ways of making Columbia as hostile and dangerously anti-white as possible.

    Whites are chumps! “Racial tensions” is code word for all the towns leaders to run to the microphones to say “it has nothing to do with race,” and “it’s not a racial black and white issue.”

    “Racial tensions” is the marching order for Whites to start doing something in their community before racism starts to come out from the shadows where it is always lurking because it’s been chased there and sequestered among those evil whites who are stuck in the past and refuse to “grow”.

    The end result? Nothing comes of this story. It will disappear. We’ll never hear about Carter Strange again. Another beating story will come up next week, then the next, then the next. One after the other, and you never will see a movement organized around a single one of them, no matter how horrific they are. Have you ever seen the Baltimore NAACP on FoxNews to explain the hate beating at McDonald’s? Durham NAACP re Eve Carson?

    Do you think the S.C. NAACP will ever be held to account for this beating? NO-NEVER, because everybody agrees that we just don’t want to “stoke racial tensions”.

    White people are beginning to disgust me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well, I need to chime in here on this “forgiveness” thing. I’m a lapsed Catholic, by the way. I don’t recall in my youth being taught that we had to forgive everybody. We were taught not to hate anybody, but forgiveness was up to God. The other thing we believed in was Purgatory, which means that God can forgive you, but you still have to pay for your sins. None of this nonsense where you can act like a total degenerate all your life, repent on your deathbed, and go to Heaven. Nope, even if you repent, you’ll have to “do some time.”

    This young man doesn’t have to forgive these barbarians. We need to get over this “forgiveness” thing and let God decide.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely sickening. It’s incredible to me how stupid we white Americans are. Why isn’t some prominent white leader calling for an apology from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, considering that they are widely recognized as black leaders? Why hasn’t Obama, who was so quick to say that the Cambridge Police “acted stupidly” when they arrested that charlatan, Henry Louis Gates, made a statement condemning this savage, pointless attack? If blacks are going to demand to be treated as a group when they’re fighting for their oh-so-precious “civil rights,” then they need to be held accountable–AS A GROUP–when some of their brothas do something stupid, even if the stupid thing they do is as indescribably bad as this.

  12. NBJ says:

    I have to agree with poster #4. I live in the Carolinas and have read about this story from several local news sites, which btw closed all the comments sections down due to whitey speaking their minds, and it seems white locals are more outraged by this attack than the victim. I’m not sure if this will awaken young Carter or not, but considering the kind of music he likes on his Facebook page, I’m not holding my breath.

  13. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    I know this sounds insane.

    But in it’s own strange way, this attack, beyond it’s base cruelty and savagery, is actually a good thing.

    I say that because when it is coupled with the rash of wildings, flash mobs, robberies, beach shutdowns, event closings, and myriad other examples of black mayhem that are making it into the mainstream media, a conclusion is forced upon the viewer. He must make an assesment of some kind. He cannot deny what is before him. And the conclusion will be that they all connected, that they are all related by their distinct racial characteristics. White victims; marauding packs of black criminals. No one will be able to deny it.

    Yes, I know the television talking heads don’t yet have the courage to mention the anti-white, black racist component of this and other related events. But the sheer number and frequency of them recently forces them to be noticed and understood, either consciously or subconsciously on some level in almost every white person who is not retarded or terminally deluded.

    People are taking notice and the summer is barely a week old. More of these things will take place, and the rage against blacks will swell and grow. And so by reaction to them will white rage and identity likewise swell and grow.

    That’s why I say in it’s own strange way this was a good thing.

  14. Cogitator says:

    The police chief says the group was out to do someone in the community harm. This makes it seem random, or that it could be anybody. Of course neither the chief nor anyone else will suggest the “someone” targeted was white.

    Had this been a group of white kids who did this to a black person, it would get more coverage, and it would be treated as a hate crime. The usual race hustlers would be getting lots of air time to spew their hateful nonsense.

  15. noneknown says:

    Whites need to be prepared to defend themselves at all times. The time has past when a White can feel safe anywhere!

    If you do not know how to handle a pistol or shotgun, learn now! There are many courses available. Contact the NRA for information about courses in your area. Get a concealed carry permit and use it!

    I am convinced that blacks now have the notion that Whites are easy targets. We must disabuse them of that notion. Hurry! Time is running out.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The great thing about this being televised on a national news program is:

    1. It exposes the brutal reality and truth.

    2. It reveals the absurdity of liberal thinking on the part of the MSM.

    Let’s hope that many were watching whose eyes were opened.

  17. myhouse says:

    Matt Lauer: “a group of FELLOW teenagers”

    What a complete moron. If it happened to be 8 whites attacking 1 white (or black) he wouldn’t say ‘fellow teenagers’.

  18. Daniel says:

    In my youth I was in lots of fights and I never held a grudge against anyone that would fight fair and square.

    When I was 14 years old I was jumped and beaten by a gang and it’s nothing like a fight at all. In a fight the idea is to get the best of the other person and not to kill them but with a gang beat down you are pretty sure they are just going to beat you to death. The amount of damage a gang can do in just a matter of seconds is unbelieveble.

    I’m close to 60 now and I haven’t forgiven anyone in the gang that tried to kill me and they may have except a policeman came along by accident and spoiled their fun.

    Since that time I have never been able to stand by and watch anyone get beaten.

    They should call this a lynching because to beat someone to death is just as bad as hanging them. The gang never knows how bad the victIm is hurt because each member may only kick a few times but have no idea how much damage is being done by everyone.

    The only thing I can think of that would be close to a gang beat down is being attacked by a pack of wolves. For some reason people go crazy in gangs.

  19. Veritas says:

    I wonder if the moron Lauer would come away with the same attitude of forgiveness if that was his son wrapped up in bandages?

  20. Tim in Indiana says:

    I agree with Anonymous at 7:48. This whole issue of “forgiveness” is a total canard. What a disgusting attempt to put the onus on the victim of this vicious attack rather than the brutal perpetrators!

    In past decades, no reputable media outlet would even have asked such a (dare I say it) insensitive question of the victim. Now imagine if the races were reversed, the unthinkable happened and a pack of whites singled out a black victim for a beating. Would the MSM be asking the victim about “forgiveness?” No! There would be endless clucking of tongues about how we must purge this kind of “hatred ” from our society.

    I was disgusted at this whole interview.

  21. Son of the 101st says:

    A lot of mistakes have to be made by an individual to have this happen to them. Most revolve around time/place/being unaware/looking frail, etc…My father (former paratrooper) always said look tough to take and the blacks won’t mess with you. I agree we have a right to be vulnerable and unaware anywhere we want as a US Citizen, but for the time being we have to be wiser. A self defence expert once said if you find yourself in a street fight you are like a fireman dealing with a house that already burnt down.

  22. Anonymous says:

    #14 Cogitator

    “Had this been a group of white kids who did this to a black person, it would get more coverage, and it would be treated as a hate crime. The usual race hustlers would be getting lots of air time to spew their hateful nonsense.”

    It’s becoming such a thin and threadbare MO for police, media and politicians to continue to obfuscate with the same ol’ race blindness propaganda.

    And from our side the same ol’ call goes up again- what would that AA police chief and media pundits be screaming about if the races in this case were reversed? It’s got to be getting to a tipping point.

  23. Lex Concord says:

    I believe that premature forgiveness for serious and deliberate transgressions is counterproductive. Forgiveness is for when the transgression has been effectively punished, and adequate measures have been taken to assure it is unlikely to reoccur. There are lots of WW II vets who say that they hold no grudges against Japan. I know that there are a number of them that go to Hawaii every year and float roses on the water at the Arizona memorial, and shake hands with Japanese fighter and bomber pilots from Pearl Harbor. But I don’t think they were doing that in 1946.

  24. SKIP says:

    This video, and ANY other sort that may show blacks in a poor light are blocked by all the U.S. military contractors’ sites and of course by the U.S. military itself…Mustn’t show blacks or muslims in poor light! Same thing on SBPDL and other such sites.

  25. Fritz says:

    I studied Mass Media in college, actually aced the class. I found it interesting the way Lauer made the bottom line to this story the victims ability to forgive. I thought this young man was extremely diplomatic in avoiding the question, but I wish he or his parents would have gotten the last word by asking Lauer if his son or daughter had taken the beating, could he TRUTHFULLY be forgiving about it.

  26. Periapsis says:

    I regard what these black terrorists did to that young man as unforgivable, and in his place I would never forgive them, the black race or the ruling and media elites who aid and abet their violence against my race. Honestly, if I was the father of a child attacked in this way, I have no comopunctions against killing the attackers if I get my hands on them.