Posted on June 27, 2011

Top Cop Garry Mccarthy Likens Federal Gun Laws to ‘Racism’

Stefano Esposito, Chicago Sun-Times, June 24, 2011

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy earlier this month told parishioners at St. Sabina’s Church that federal gun laws are akin to “government-sponsored racism.”

“I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of African-American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy: Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers, across this country, that are killing black and brown children,” he said according to an WMAQ-Channel 5 story that aired Thursday.


McCarthy also told parishioners that “everybody is afraid of race. I’m not afraid of race.”

In a statement Thursday, McCarthy said “strong gun laws against illegal firearms are critical in order to maintain public safety and private rights.”

25 responses to “Top Cop Garry Mccarthy Likens Federal Gun Laws to ‘Racism’”

  1. BLACK SWAN says:

    How do you stop illegal gun or illegal gun trafficking? It is ALREADY ILLEGAL !!!!!

    What? More laws saying it is illegal to buy a gun if you are a felon, or sell a gun to one, or steal a gun, or sell stolen guns, etc. etc. etc? There are thousands of such laws already but the Obama administration won’t enforce them (too many Blacks will be arrested)

    I wish there was a law making Meth and Crack illegal since I know lots of black people, and even white people, who are having real problems with that stuff. If they only made laws then I know it would stop. yeah…….right…….

  2. Anonymous says:

    The missing piece to his argument is that black-on-black is the problem, with black-on-white crime a distant but significant second. Unless is he arguing that blacks have a particular weakness to using guns in illegal ways, especially upon their own communities.

    Whether one can limit the flow of guns any more than any other illegal substance is debatable. But given there are a lot of guns out there, and blacks are the most likely to use them in an act of violence, then why should others not be able to carry a gun as a deterrent?

  3. Question Diversity says:

    While there are such things in this world as coincidences, (there can’t not be coincidences, let me put it to you that way), I don’t think this McCarthy speech at St. Sabina Nut House, Rahm becoming Mayor and sudden black mobs and wildings in Chicago are unrelated. Because Chicago City Hall has local control of its PD (let this be a lesson to you, St. Louis — Don’t write off the local control issue as “no big deal” or inconsequential), the Mayor directly appoints the police chief and the schools chief. (As an aside, Rahm’s schools pick is even a bigger nutcase, see this: Rahm becoming Mayor last month meant both McCarthy and Buzzard taking over police and schools instantly. Pay attention to this video — McCarthy is more or less excusing black riots, and in fact, almost seems like he’s begging for them to happen, as the city’s top cop, nonetheless. (Don’t forget, the Cincinnati Riots in 2001 didn’t happen until 3 or 4 days after the Timothy Thomas shootings, and a black assistant Chief of the Cincy PD pretty much begged blacks to riot).

    Rahm only got to be Mayor because of Obama’s imprimatur. This got the city’s blacks to turn their back on Carol Mostly Fraud and give a majority of their votes to Rahm. Too, Rahm got about a third of the Hispanic vote and about 65% of the whites, and almost all middle to upper class to rich whites.

    Question: Is Obama, vicariously through Rahm, in turn vicariously through McCarthy, trying to stir stuff up to help Obama somehow, 2012, gun control, big brother, or something else?

  4. sbuffalonative says:

    I believe Police Supt. Garry McCarthy may have gotten some of his ‘facts’ from Michael Moore’s infamous American history cartoon from “Bowling for Columbine”.

  5. SF Paul says:

    Yes, Garry McCarthy you are crazy. Sarah Palin using a legally purchased and registered rifle to legally hunt an animal for sport and food is an entirely different thing than a criminal using an unregistered, likely stolen gun to kill a human being for money or revenge. I sure would like to see the laws he is talking about. McCarthy needs to get back on his meds.

  6. HH says:

    It truly is mind-boggling in every sense of the term, but according to conventional “wisdom” as peddled by American “authorities” of every stripe, the one and only thing NEVER deemed responsible for Black misbehavior…is Blacks!

  7. john says:

    I have to agree with this ninny’s rant. Federal gun laws are racist in that they interfere with white efforts to defend themselves against the depredations of black criminals.

  8. Tom S. says:

    *McCarthy also told parishioners that “everybody is afraid of race. I’m not afraid of race.”

    Oooohhh, quite the opposite you useful idiot! Your little speech proves that you are indeed TERRIFIED of race, you’ve just got your face so far up their butts that you’re unable to see that!

  9. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    I tried to watch this video all the way through, but I couldn’t. This dude McCarthy is a total embarassment. I never saw such pandering in my life.

    I’m always amazed at how these cheesy politicians like to demonize the NRA. I wonder how many American people know that the NRA is the oldest sporting organization in the country.

    And, just exactly when, in its one hundred year-plus history, did it suddenly become the boogie man of the left and liberals in this country? I’d like to know how the NRA is responsible for black thugs killing other black thugs.

  10. Jeddermann. says:

    “tell me if I’m crazy”

    Garry – – you’re crazy!!

  11. rjp says:

    Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is just pissed he couldn’t do this rant at Obama’s former churh.

    That would have made him a king … but sadly he had to waste it on Saint Sabina.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh sure, that makes a lot of sense. Take 2 groups of people. Group “B” are on the whole younger and stronger, are very excitable and emotion-driven, have little self-control, and a generally lower IQ. In addition they have natural higher levels of testosterone, both males and females. Then raise them to have little or no regard for laws, and tell them over and over they have been victimized by group “W”.

    Group “W” on the other hand, though more numerous (for the time being) are older in the aggregate, less impulse-driven, more likely to think things through before reacting irrationally, generally more-law-abiding, have lower testosterone levels, and a higher functioning IQ.

    Then pass laws disarming effectively only group “W” (since group “B” are not overly concerned with any laws).

    With their aggravated sense of having been “done wrong” group “B” has as good as been given a licence to kill group “W”.

    Yep, sounds like racism to me, all right.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Who ever pulls the trigger is responsible for the shooting, not the gun!! That’s like saying cars are responsible for accidents.

  14. flyingtiger says:

    What federal laws that facilitate illegal guns in the black community? The feds are doing their best to stop illegal guns.

    This guy should be called mcnutty. I wonder who Father flacky will have next?

  15. Anonymous says:

    “I’m not afraid of race.”

    Yeah, Mr. McCarthy, bold move blaming whites for supplying the guns that are “killing black and brown children.” It couldn’t possibly be the fault of anything black or brown. You’re a brave, brave man.

    Let’s put you in a room with 100 other males whose surnames start with “Mc” and see how brave you are about all this.

  16. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    When I was seven I told my mom how a girl in class had gone to the bathroom at her desk because the nun wouldn`t let her be excused to use the restroom. Mom told me, ” You don`t need anyones PERMISSION to use the restroom…” To which I would add after seeing flash mobs and stadium beatings, “You don`t need anyones PERMISSION to carry a gun for protection”…

  17. Sardonicus says:

    Easy solutions will be sought to deal with the increasing crime of our increasingly diverse society. One such solution will be the gradual termination of our Second Amendment rights. We are as close to this happening as one or two new appointments to the Supreme Court. In any case, our controlled media promotes the problem as “gun violence”; not a problem of too many violent restive and unemployable minorities.

  18. Daniel says:

    I don’t know of any brand of firearms manufactured by Africans. Until a people have the intelligence to manufacture firearms they should not be allowed to own firearms.

    Guns don’t kill people African-Americans kill people. Back in the early days it was illegal to sell guns to Indians so why would anyone think it’s a good idea to sell guns to Africans.

  19. Jack D.R. says:

    Is Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy inebriated with liberalism? Well, most probably. But he is most intoxicated with making money in his high-powered job. So, this individual is really only telling these people what they want to hear. This type liberal dribble has been going on for quite some time. Dear Mr. McCarthy, this country was not put in order or established for black and brown children. This country was instituted and created for White children. The Second Amendment, out of the Ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights to the U.S Constitution, was written for European Americans/Europeans not for black and brown children. St. Sabina’s Church is no different than many other churches; they pander toward what happens to be in style and accepted at the moment. As long as these institutions are politically correct, they can preach anti-European American/European politics, in one form or another, and still retain the tax exempt status.

    These wonderful black and brown children are going to kill themselves, and anyone that is so unfortunate as to be located around them, regardless.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Note the double-talk;

    “strong gun laws against illegal firearms”…

    BUT – BUT – If the firearms are illegal there already are laws against them. I would ask this clown to define legal and “illegal” firearms.

  21. Michael C. Scott says:

    Since so many of these Bantu thugs are already convicted felons, it is already illegal for them (under federal law) to possess any firearm or ammunition. The people supplying them with guns are certainly not licensed FFL-holding dealers, but thieves who steal them.

    Fair questions here for Superintendant McCarthy: How many firearms have disappeared from the Chicago Police Department’s locked evidence rooms, only to turn up later as murder weapons?

    Who has access to these evidence rooms? Why does this not happen in cities like Colorado Springs?

  22. Anonymous says:

    he is really worried that Whites will defend ourselves. blacks and browns will always have access to illegal things all they want. I’m headed to mexico to get some of those “walking” AK47’s.

  23. Question Diversity says:

    The “racist” Federal gun law to which McCarthy refers is the 2nd Amendment.

    McCarthy also drones on about a “government conspiracy against black and brown people.” Pray tell, Gerry, who is the Chief Executive of that Federal government, and has been since January 20, 2009? I’ll give you a hint — It’s your new boss’s former boss.

    Several weeks ago, the media in Chicago covered this speech only from the angle of McCarthy saying “the NRA doesn’t like me.” (Trust me, Gerry, they don’t like much of anyone with political power in Chicagograd). The media covered up all the other radical and kooky stuff he said. It was only until St. Sabina’s Nut House put up the whole 62 minute speech and the blogger Second City Cop linked to it that we found out that McCarthy is a kook to the power of ten. The Nut House pulled the video after it got too hot, but luckily some people already downloaded it and put the relevant juicy parts on YT. I’m expecting the Googitburo to scrub those soon on behalf of Larry and Sergey’s precious Obama, so I already downloaded that YT video.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Is this McCarthy considered “black”? Apparently so. I looked at his picture carefully and could not quite be sure. It is vague. He could be considered a very “high yellow”, but he’s hard to place. These are typically the problems that come with these mixied-up mixed breeds who are mostly white but think they are black. They are nothing but trouble, due to their uncertainty about themselves.

    More importantly, it’s not really whether or not he’s black or white. The question should be what does HE consider HIMSELF to be? That is the key.

  25. rjf101 says:

    Ive heard the pro-gun lobby wine about how gun controls laws are actually “racist,” because they prevent minorities from protecting themselves and also because blacks werent allowed to own guns in the Old South. Lately it seems like both sides of every issue accuse the other side of being racists.