Posted on June 27, 2011

3 People Charged with Forcing 17-Year-Old into Prostitution

Jeffrey Wolf and Will Ripley, 9 News (Denver), June 22, 2011

Three people were formally charged on Wednesday over the allegations they forced a 17-year-old girl to participate in prostitution.


Neighbor James Meredith says nobody suspected what was happening inside until a fight spilled into the street last week.

“I saw about four or five girls trying to bring another girl in the house,” Meredith said. “And the other girl was yelling and saying she wanted to die.”

A Denver Police affidavit says that victim was known as “the white girl” and her roommates were “punching her repeatedly” as she tried to escape “a forced prostitution situation.”

The affidavit says they also forced her to tattoo her pimp’s name on her chest and wear lingerie for pictures posted online. Clients reportedly paid as much as $200 for “dates” with the underage girl in the “sex room.”


The DA charged 22-year-old Chester Gray with trafficking in children, pimping of a child and procurement of a child; 50-year-old Frank Devoe is charged with procurement of a child and inducement of child prostitution; and 24-year-old Ryann Pangle is charged with second-degree kidnapping, unlawful sexual contact and third-degree assault.

Prosecutors say Gray and Devoe convinced the victim into participating in prostitution and when she tried to leave, Pangle stopped her and assaulted her.


15 responses to “3 People Charged with Forcing 17-Year-Old into Prostitution”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    First off, more race news from Denver:

    The left made “hate crimes against the homeless” their big thing for about a month, a few years ago. Here’s there chance to do something about it. Don’t hold your breath, though.

    As for this story, whenever these kinds of forced sex slavery and prostitution rings extend across state lines, the Feds can bring charges. And the reason they can is because of the Mann Act, the very law which Jack Johnson violated, the very same Jack Johnson the boxer all the lefty and lamestream conservative race panderers want to see pardoned.

    I first became aware of this sort of thing a few years ago:

    Since then, I have found out that these black pimp gangs really don’t “kidnap” their young white victims in the sense that we think of the word — They lure, trick, cajole them with dope and alcohol, and once they have them into a corner, they have no choice but to become prostitutes. Maybe that’s what that prison guard meant by “kidnap,” but it’s not “kidnap” in the sense of chasing her down, putting a rope around her mouth and throwing her into a van. It’s far more subtle and devious.

  2. GenX ANZAC says:

    How the heck did this underage ‘White girl’ fall into the hands of these monsters?

    Branding her with the pimp’s name and forced prostitution the mentality is just so low, base and primitive.

    Frankly I’d rather spend my time in the company of animals than the likes of these ‘people’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Put much of the blame on Whites who sit by and allow this to happen. 75 years ago they would have stormed the house and taken no prisoners.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is why white men need to provide strong father figures for their children, ESPECIALLY their daughters.

  5. rjp says:

    Sad story.

    Lesson learned:

    If there is one white person living with a bunch

    of black people it is probably not by choice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The DA charged 22-year-old Chester Gray with trafficking in children, pimping of a child and procurement of a child; 50-year-old Frank Devoe is charged with procurement of a child and inducement of child prostitution; and 24-year-old Ryann Pangle is charged with second-degree kidnapping, unlawful sexual contact and third-degree assault.

    I don’t understand. Why aren’t they charged with rape?

  7. Tom in Illinois says:

    Here’s some vocabulary for these times…

    For whites: Sexual assault, sexual misconduct and contact = Rape

    For blacks: Rape = Sexual misconduct, unlawful sexual contact

    I asked myself as well where were the rape charges?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Insanely irresponsible and stupid parents let this situation happen. By this I mean the girl’s parents. Common sense has vanished. Why was this girl mingling with blacks?

  9. nokangaroos says:

    #8 Anonymous …

    I see you do not understand.

    One of the first things the POTUS signed into law was giving his constituency ius primae noctis (which, apart from reparations, was probably all they wanted anyway).

    It is now a federal felony to try to keep your underage daughter from committing bestiality. And of what use would you be to her when you´re in the slammer?

    (I may note that this is about the only campaign promise he kept.)

  10. Anonymous says:

    its really sad that these girls were not warned about blacks, her parents should have told her to avoid blacks, but if they had, they might have been harassed by the PC police. tweet and spread this story FAR AND WIDE, so that White children may be warned.

  11. Michael C. Scott says:

    It won’t matter what they call it: “rape” or otherwise. Child sex crimes in Colorado require the words “to life” to be added to the offender’s nominal sentence, so a 50-ish creepazoid north of Denver who was taking showers with the 10 year-old granddaughter of his housemate and used a sex toy on her was recently given ten years to life. A TSA agent in Colorado Springs who pleaded guilty in late 2004 to one count of sexual assault on a child and one count of indecent exposure received a deferral for it and violated that in late 2006. He now is doing three years to life. According to the DOC website, he received his first parole hearing last November, four years into his sentence, was denied, and won’t receive another hearing until November 2013. The “to life” part is mandated by statute and is completely out of the sentencing judges’ hands.

    This law was passed because in late 1989 or early 1990 (it’s been a while) a Denver-area Hispanic firefighter kidnapped and raped a 12 year-old girl. He was caught while driving her back to her home, which got him some lenient treatment at sentencing. This annoyed the Colorado State Legislature so thoroughly that they took effective sentencing in child sex cases away from the judges. Judges here do not even have the legal power to terminate the predator’s parole early.

    These pimp rapists are NOT going to get a slap on their wrists by one of Denver’s notorious liberal judges. Since they’re all over 18, the case can not be handled in juvenile court, and not only will their sentences be indefinite, their parole (if they ever receive parole) will be mandatory life – the sentence termination dates in these cases are set at December 31, 9999.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So, 5 women were forcing her into the house yet only 3 are charged?

  13. Hopeless in Seattle says:

    Man, this turns my stomach…

  14. Anonymous says:


    I’d like to see this law you mentioned. I’m unaware of it. What does it specifically say?

  15. GenX ANZAC says:

    Would it be safe to say that pimping, especially to the point where you’re branding your ‘property’ is a modern form of slavery.

    Ironic that blacks seem to so adamantly hold onto the ownership of this odd cultural throwback.

    I find the correlation between American blacks and pimping, rapping and preaching (and politics these days too) intriguing to say the least, as they seem to be connected.