Posted on June 28, 2011

The School from Hell

Susan Edelman, New York Post, June 26, 2011

Kids hoot and yammer so loudly that their ruckus drowns out the teacher. A trash can is overturned in class and dumped. Grimy floors are littered with sunflower-seed shells, spit out by the hundreds.

Books and supplies fly out the windows. Mouse droppings are everywhere, even on the computers.

MS 344, the Academy of Collaborative Education in Harlem, is a hellhole where teachers should get combat pay–they are cursed, assaulted and sometimes groped.

“It was literally war,” said a teacher who once found a sticky used condom in her purse. “I was pushed, shoved, scratched, thrown against the wall, spit on and pickpocketed. I just wanted peace.”

The Department of Education has tried twice since last year to shut MS 344, the city’s worst-performing middle school. MS 344 has made the state’s list of “persistently dangerous” schools, and just two of 88 eighth-graders last year passed the state math or reading exams.

But the United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP went to court to block the closure and 21 others, arguing the DOE did nothing to fix the ailing schools. {snip}

Meanwhile, MS 344 has festered.


Insiders gave The Post a sampling of the crime and lack of punishment.

* A teacher was transferred after a student threatened to rape his wife.


* A scrawny boy pulled out his wallet while surrounded by tough kids in the hall. A teacher learned the kid was robbed by the same gang every day for a month. Shaw [the school’s principal] reprimanded the teacher for phoning the victim’s mom.


[Editor’s Note: According to this website, the school is 75% black and 24% Hispanic. The NYC Department of Education reports that the total per student cost at MS344 is $15,742.]

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  1. Rick says:

    This is a MIDDLE SCHOOL? What on earth would the high school be like? What is middle school age, maybe 12 years old (probably 16 year old kids at this school). Just imagine what the 21 year old 10th graders are capable of…

  2. sbuffalonative says:

    And we hear the black apologists tell us that schools are lacking in essential supplies which is why blacks and Hispanics ‘can’t’ learn.

    We all know the truth. Blacks and Hispanics actively work to destroy their schools out of the frustration they can’t learn.

  3. MadAsHell says:

    As a Math teacher stuck in an urban hell hole like this “school” for many years, my sympathies go out to those instructors forced to deal with these irredeemable swine. But their chances of escaping to a better school are virtually nil if they are not a “protected” minority. Just today, in fact, I was turned down for a Geometry teaching position in a suburban school district (despite my masters degrees in Mathematics and Education and 11 years of sterling references)- beaten out by a flamboyant hermaphrodite with a purple beard and matching eye shadow and NO Math credential whatsoever (though he’s “taking the exam.”) Why? The school wanted to “show its support of the local gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community’s diversity initiatives”. All this means is, there’s one MORE group for straight white males to stand behind in the opportunity line.

    Really funny, huh?

  4. Jefferson says:

    You would never see stuff like this happen at a predominantly White or Asian middle school.

  5. Jeddermann. says:

    “the school is 75% black and 24% Hispanic.”

    And that other 1 % is? Other? Whatever that is. This school is the future of America? NO it is the right now!

    And only going to get worse. Maybe they don’t spend enough money. If they just had more money. [the total per student cost at MS344 is $15,742.] Seems like a lot, but I am sure they need more. Maybe it is the out of date textbooks. Sure.

  6. Tired of It says:

    The teachers at MS 344 or any schools with a large black majority of pupils deserve combat pay on top of their regular salarys. There is nothing being learned here and it has nothing to do with the teachers and everything to do with the “youths” and the ignorant excuse for parents who don’t bother to raise them, let alone care if they make passing grades. Just sitting on their couches waiting for their next gov’ment check. These black thugs are just killing time till the next tweeted flash mob gathering.

    Shame on the United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP for blocking the closing of this so called school. Boy, don’t they just love wasting tax payers money like there is a bottomless well to draw it from.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Amreners and the public at large need to understand that THIS school is typical of an inner city school where blacks predominate. Many latino students also get crazy (esp. dominicans, puerto ricans and mexicans), but about half do not.

    But in my experience, and I have a lot in several different schools, 99% of the black kids are over the top in absolute out-of-control mayhem. They act like wild tribesmen put in an alien environment one day (i.e. a school) who try to escape through the windows – hootin’s and hollerin’.

    For everyone who is thinking about, or has already gotten on the band wagon of blame-the-teachers, you need to understand that this is what we’re dealing with every single day.

    There are so few ‘bad’ teachers out there. Out of a staff of fifty, you might find two or three, and they are not ‘bad’ in the sense of being coffee sippers who read the paper in class, but maybe they are burned out or don’t care after getting so jaded.

    The majorty are really quite enthusiastic and well trained, but when you are placed in a black/latino school, there’s nothing you can really do. That’s why we all do ‘project-based learning’ coloring The charters just skim the few better blacks and latinos and can easily kick any offenders out. That is the only reason they show any ‘improvements,’ oh, and the cheating on data reports. Both things I mention above I know from experience and not heresay.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “According to this website, the school is 75% black and 24% Hispanic. The NYC Department of Education reports that the total per student cost at MS344 is $15,742.”

    When money is not the problem, but ofcourse more money will be thrown at the problem. Our hard earned taxes WASTED!!!!!

  9. Mirek Nowicki says:

    Where is Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich?

    Obviously they need more money to fix what is broken and build the cage for a teacher with bulletproof glass. Maybe Obama will sent more dollars for poor underprivileged pupils.

    Future of the Ameryka is getting education

  10. Anonymous says:

    I taught for a number of years in a school that was 70% latino and 30% black. I am not making this up that every black kid was at least 5-6 years behind grade level. They also caused 90% of the behavior problems in the school.

    The average latino student was about 4-5 years behind.

    Most of those were behind because they immigrated from countries where many kids have what the experts call an “Interrupted Education.” (SIFE) In other words, maybe they didn’t have Pre-K or KG, but went to grades 1-2, then dropped out for three years. Then went for grade 5 or 6. Then they immigrated to this country and enrolled in grade 10, based on their age.

    All the alarm in education today. Really now – all the ALARM is because not only are we dealing with low performance consistently from many black students, but we’re IMPORTING poor people from semi-literate societies at the tune of millions each year.

    Our schools are being overwhelmed with people who would not normally be in school at this point in their lives. Our educational system is being bled dry trying to “bring them up” to first world standards, acting under the theory that all people are interchangeable. Then the students leave the student at the end of the day and reenter life in the ‘Barrio’ where all they hear is Spanish and live in Third World ways.

    Folks, it ain’t workin’!

    Arne Duncan, Obama and all the rest on the left want to break the teacher unions, not because they want to have ‘better’ teachers, but because they want to freely fire older white teachers.

    Why? Because the Left thinks that the students need a teacher ‘who looks like them’ and they think this will solve the problem. Destroy the core of traditional American (white) education and you will unleash the next great black and latino scientist.

    The Right wants to break the teacher unions solely for monetary reasons. They want teachers to be temp workers who make little better than minimum wage and who leave after a couple years. This lowers the taxes on the rich considerably because no more pensions or high salary teachers. They rightly don’t want to pay too much for educators who will be teaching the common masses, while they (the rich) send their own kids to private school.

    Everyone laughs now, but the teachers in this country are demoralized across the board and reduced to fudging grades to save their skins, realizing full well that there is no superman who can save us all and bring up all the ‘potential’ locked inside little Pablo, Marisol, Shaquanda and DeShawn.

    They’re starting to go after university profs now. What do you think education in America is going to look like in ten years? Twenty?

  11. Anon says:

    That’s not a school–it’s a barely controlled juvenile detention center that is only open 8 hours a day. If the 1% of the “student” population contains any whites, I think their parents should be arrested for child abuse. How utterly debased and pathetic such a place is still open. Thank the teachers union.

  12. Question Diversity says:

    But the United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP went to court to block the closure and 21 others, arguing the DOE did nothing to fix the ailing schools.

    Strangely, I agree with the UFT and the NAACP. What good would closing it do? All it would mean is spreading MS 344’s problem students (pretty much all of them) to other schools and making them worse. MS 344 isn’t in the shape it’s in because of the building or anything else, New York Post. It’s because of the low quality students.

  13. WR the elder says:

    The only way to fix this school: Get rid of all the students. Replace them with whites and Asians. Replace the teachers who are experts in “diversity” and ethnic grievances with teachers who know math, science, history, and foreign languages. Also, the teachers must all know how to spell and write a grammatical sentence.

    Problem solved.

  14. Chicagoan says:

    If they close it then all the bad apples will be sent elsewhere. They’ll end up disrupting other people’s educational efforts. Better to just contain the problem by keeping all of them there.

  15. Anonymous says:

    And Im supposed to be surprised how? Anyone who is genuinely shocked by this needs to be as far away from operating ANYTHING beyond a door knob. They are obviously deficient mentally and a danger to society due to their extreme ignorance.

    Unfortunately too many examples of this sort of mental deficiency are in positions of power in this nation (as well as other western civilization nations) thus letting their idealistic ignorance spread the cancer by force upon the decaying corpse of western civilization. It is sad to see Rome burn and know “Nero” is everywhere and constantly watching as he “plays the violin” and we the citizens are inch by tyrannical inch enslaved more.

  16. sommers says:

    Why are we still bothering with this stuff? Close it down,let schools be voluntary again. How low do you have to slip to finally say enough, let it go.

  17. aj says:

    My liberal parents always told me that Africa was such a basket case because evil europeans drew arbitrary boarders around various tribal groups that hated one another and yet were lumped into the same country. Wow glad I don’t live in a place like that.

    By the way not mentioned in this article is the fact that the Mexican fans’ favorite tactic to rattle the opposing team is to throw cups filled with vomit and excrement at the opposing players. Classy gents these Chicanos are.

  18. Eric says:

    If blacks were truthful about the past, they would tell you that pre civil rights black schools just weren’t like this. The civil rights movement and subsequent social welfare schemes aimed to raise blacks up have done nothing but destroy whatever pride and sense of community blacks ever had. It has been replaced by a government created permanent underclass that has no interest in self improvement and is a constant danger to society.

  19. Tim in Indiana says:

    At first I thought the camera was being held so shaky that it had trouble focusing, but then I realized that the picture had been deliberately blurred after the fact to prevent identification of any of the subjects.

    Mouse droppings are everywhere, even on the computers.

    That’s only because these juveniles haven’t had any “positive role models” to show them the growing importance of computers in today’s society (unfortunately, they apparently haven’t had any role models in how to behave either). I’m sure with the proper role models this school would turn out the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Yeah, right.

  20. Anonymous says:

    No doubt the teachers and Whites in general will be blamed for failing to teach these “youfs”. If only they would have been given the same opportunities, they will say, these children would have excelled.

  21. Middle American Jew says:

    The Academy of Collaborative Education.

    In libonics (liberals speaking in ebonics), this rule holds:

    The fancier the name of the sub-Saharan American ghetto school, the lower the IQ of the students.

    Here, it looks to be about 70.

    It’s worse than a zoo.

    How could white people let this happen to their nation?

  22. voter says:

    “[Editor’s Note: According to this website, the school is 75% black and 24% Hispanic.”

    The school is 99% black/hispanic? Whoever it is, I pity that other 1%.


    This is why we had school segregation.

    It wasn’t to discriminate against people with dark skin and frizzy hair, it was to protect White kids from black madness.

  24. Expat68 says:

    And as the white number dwindles, this is the future of America. Uneducated, aggressive, and dependant upon government aid when they grow up!

  25. F t L says:

    On the Post’s comment board: it is so shocking to hear people say White schools are bad. Maybe, but NOT like that. You would think the leftists would at least stay silent on this article. Instead, excuses.

    I teach in a nearly (98% ??) all White school. I am so proud that I can actually teach American History and have them appreciate it. What luck or what a blessing for 28 years.

    I always describe my school to people I meet as “White, bright and polite” !

    PS The one Black student I had 2 years ago was arrested for killing his stepfather (just recently). I could tell he was under control only because it was otherwise all White class. He fooled around and SEEMED harmless. With fellow travelers he would have been a terror in class.

  26. Kenelm Digby says:

    “Grimy floors are littered by the shells of sunflower seeds spat out in their hundreds.”

    What are they teaching in that school? – A menagerie of rats and parrots?

  27. Kenelm Digby says:

    America! – Welcome to your future!

  28. crystal says:

    I would not be surprized if these teachers get PTSD after teaching in this school. I am quite sure that these teachers send their kids to private schools instead of these hellholes.

  29. Anonymous says:

    You just can’t fix stupid. And forces are at work to keep this hellhole open? The NAACP will ultimately blame the system for failure to educate these “students”. Funny how no one seems to understand why private schools have sprung like mushrooms since forced integration.

    John from Arkansas

  30. kgb says:

    [Editor’s Note: According to this website, the school is 75% black and 24% Hispanic. The NYC Department of Education reports that the total per student cost at MS344 is $15,742.]

    This school should be the “poster child” of liberal multicultural failure. It should be a household word. It should be a card of its own, like the “race” card; every time someone wants to boost school funding for the ghetto, we should just play the “MS344 card” and all opposition would be silenced.

  31. cliff yablonski says:

    My school was integrated in 1970 during the heyday of the government bussing program, it looked like this after a few years.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Take your pick of any big city inner city school and any on Africa, Haiti, South America or anywhere else in the the Carribean and the exact same similarities are astounding inclclding test results.

  33. Daniel says:

    Folks when you talk about a class being 75% black and 25% hispanic you should consider what hispanics really are.

    Many people think that hispanic is a cross between Spanish Europeans and the native people of Mexica and South America but that’s not the case. Most Hispanics are a cross between the slaves brought from Africa by the Spanish to Mexico and South America to work the mines. Those slaves didn’t die off they are still there and part of the population.

    By useing slave labor the early Europeans spread African bloodlines all over North and South America.

  34. Mark The Teacher says:

    This is why the idea of school segregation is not so far off base. The goals of non blacks and blacks are miles apart. To blacks school is just a time for fun and games, just as if they were still in the jungle. Whites and other non blacks are more interested in learning and getting into a college, a real college not some AA joke of a school where they can get a Phd. for just showing up some of the time. When I had two or three blacks in a classroom of thirty kids they were manageable but as soon as there were more than three their true nature came out and if I tried to work with them the parent (mother) I never saw a dad would come up and threaten me with a lawsuit for racism or sometimes even physical violence. The school itself did nothing to stand behind us as teachers. So as these blacks become bolder and bolder I have a feeling this might be just the start of what is to follow? I AM A RETIRED TEACHER

  35. Jupiter7 says:

    This is not relevant to the race-replacement issue-at all. What about about Asian homogeneous Stuyvesant High School. The Asians students are well behaved and academic superstars. Is is this acceptable to you? It shouldn’t be if you are opposed to the ongoing policy of race-replacement.

    So here is the question:if Rockaway High School was majority Asian and academically stellar, would this be an improvement: the answer is no…if you are serious about reversing race-replacement and protecting and advancing Native Born White American racial interests.

    So my question is:what is is the point of posting this news story in the first place? I am very eager to debate anyone on this point.

    How exactly would it be a great benefit to Native Born White Americans if Rockway High School was 100 percent Asian mathematics olympiad champions?

    Is Asian infested USC a great benefit to the Teenage White Female undergrad who was viciously attacked by the geneline of the Asian “master” race student body of USC.

  36. Sardonicus says:

    I’m afraid the only solution for these troubled minority schools is to adopt the policies of Joe Louis Clark, a former black principal in Patterson New Jersey. Mr. Clark expelled those students he identified as “disruptors “and “hoodlums.” Normal classroom activity could resume once these “parasites” were removed. I’m sorry to report that Joe Clark was roundly condemned because he raised the academic standing of the school by removing “troublesome low achievers”. Liberals claimed the expelled students weren’t getting the benefit of a proper public education. Of course, these disruptors were maintaining anarchy in the classroom and terrorizing those students who wished to learn. The rights of thugs and hoodlums are sacred rights to many of our compassionate elite.

  37. John Engelman says:

    This is a reality that is too rarely publicized. Too frequently when we read about predominately black public schools we read about poor financing, and “uninspired teachers.”

    Most of the “students” in this school are destined for a life of crime. They should be sent to prison and kept there until they are in late middle age. The only way to get any value out of them is through prison labor.

  38. Legal Eagle says:

    A few years ago, Georgia had an experimental program named “Teach for Georgia,” whereby anyone having a 4-year degree could take a 6-week training course and become a teacher. Predictably, almost every school system opted out of the program, save for the state’s most desperate, City of Atlanta Public Schools.

    One of my co-workers had a brother who was a typical urban White liberal, who truly believed that he could “make a difference” by becoming a teacher in the APS system. He completed his training and was assigned to be a math teacher in a middle school….and he lasted all of one whole year before abandoning the program.

    Not suprisingly, his daily interaction with the “youth” of Atlanta knocked the liberal shine off him, and he did a complete 180-degree turnaround to become a race realist. I have never seen a more rapid or complete transformation in anyone. The stories he told — of teaching what he believed to be 4th grade level math to 7th graders, of “students” standing up and walking out of class in the middle of a lecture (knowing there would be no repurcussions), of random hoots and hollers during class, which he likened to the sound of farm animals — could fill an entire book. I believe his experiences were typical, as I’ve known 2 other teachers with teaching degrees quickly flee their inner-city schools after learning the true nature and ability of the students there.

    It would probably be a benefit to us if every college graduate had to spend at least one year in that sort of environment — we’d transform the herd of delusional White liberals within a decade!

  39. BLACK SWAN says:

    I agree with those above who say MS 344 should stay open. If that school is closed, these Africanized “students” will be sent to other schools and thus destroy them. It is best to keep them in this one holding pen and let them holler, hoot, blubber, jiggle and jive together and get nowhere together.

    Anyway, after they “graduate” they will feel very much at home at their next place….prison.

    This is also why I have opposed vouchers, especially for Africanized “students”. They will go to white schools, or God (Oden/Thor) forbid, private white schools and then destroy them.

    Keep them in the ghettos. Keep them in the inner city. They are used to it. They like it. It is all they know. Just don’t let them out to destroy white civilization.

  40. Sureesh says:

    I am deeply disturbed by the liberals who claim that these “poor inner city” schools are underfunded and that’s why thugs behave the way they do. I am equally amused by those who claim that the curriculum is culturally biased towards whites.

    Give me a classroom full of recent Asian immigrants who don’t speak a single world of English and come from rural areas of their Asian nations where they are truly poor, struggling to feed their families, unlike the “ghetto rich” of America who buy $500 with their food stamps. Also give me one room school house with a dirt floor and just enough money to buy a pencils, paper, and other “bare bone basic” supplies to teach the kids basic English and other academic subjects.

    Visit these Asian immigrants 2 years later I bet you that every one of will up to grade level if not above.

  41. white is right, black is whack says:

    No, black and hispanics. You don’t need “more money” and you don’t “lack job opportunities and equal access to (fill in entitlement)” either. You are impulsive, thuggish, irresponsible, losers and love being reckless victims instead of acting like grown ups, leaving others alone, working hard, saving money and planning for the future. If blacks and hispanics did the same things whites and asians did to survive on their own, there would be less “prejudice” against them.

  42. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The civil rights movement and subsequent social welfare schemes aimed to raise blacks up

    The Civil Rights Movement was not aimed at raising black up — it was designed to destroy White America. And it’s working, just as it was supposed to.

    Here’s the latest in the War on Whites:

    The Washington Post reports: Housing vouchers a golden ticket to pricey suburbs:

    Fresh swaths of suburbia were opening up to the very people it has so often excluded. Jackson’s voucher was $1,032, possibly more if utilities were included or if she found a place in a pricier Zip code. Her contribution was about $200 a month.

    Our schools are being overwhelmed with people who would not normally be in school at this point in their lives.

    Our schools are being overwhelmed with people who would not normally be alive at this point in their lives if it weren’t for monies stolen from Whites to financially reward violent low IQd populations for having large broods of children.

    The results of these policies are evident in the shaky video above.

    Folks, it ain’t workin’!

    Yes, it is working, exactly as designed — but not in the mendacious way you and everyone else was told it “should” work. Expect to be blamed for this situation as well.

    Folks, you must start thinking like your enemies think!!

    an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, it does not have a fixed truth

    –Saul Alinsky


  43. Mr. Ed says:

    It is just not minorities. I was a middle school teacher in WV, and I was called every vulgar name in the book, had my personal property stolen, had my computer and classroom items spit on, was laughed at constantly, and had 8th grade students who could not subtract or multiply. I was called a racist by the black parents, accused of “looking” at the white girls and eventually fired for being incompetent. I cannot image a worse job in the world than dealing with teenagers.

  44. Anonymous says:

    @ #3

    It’s certainly not funny, as you know. I think you would have a case against the school, for discrimination based on your sexual orientation (i.e. normal).

  45. ehunt says:

    GO TO 1:20, 1:30 in the video. Hit the pause button.

    LOOK at the contents of these “students” minds. Look at

    their drawings.

    See the stick figures? See the “tree” drawn as a brown

    line with a green blob on top….I use to “draw” like that

    at age 5. So did you. This is the stuff you see on the desk of white kindergarten’s. But these students are not age 5 they

    are 14, 15, 16. Look at the PHYSICAL size and maturity of these

    blacks. All of them are no doubt sexually

    compare it to their MENTAL age. Now tell me that races is just about skin color.

  46. Anonymous says:

    * Number of times the students were told to go to their classes: 9

    * Number of students who went to their classes: 0

    * The classroom looks like a tornado hit it.

    * Teachers are being threatened.

    * One teacher gets reprimanded by the school’s principal for phoning the mother of a student who was being bullied by a gang.

    * One teacher found a sticky used condom in her purse. This teacher was also pushed, shoved, scratched, thrown against the wall, spit on, and pickpocketed.

    Why this school has not been shut down, I’ll never understand. The title of this story says it all. It literally is the School from Hell.

  47. Anonymous says:


    The Communist Party Central Committee meets, the lights

    go down. On the screen before them this video appears.

    The normally staid faces break into grins, then snickers, then raucous laughter.

    The Chairman says..”Thank You, Wang..that will be enough”.

    The lights come up, the Chairman turns to the others and says

    “Comrades..the Future is Ours”.

  48. Anonymous says:

    “the Left thinks that the students need a teacher ‘who looks like them”

    They are absolute in that belief. Nothing can shake them in this believe. Unless the student involved (or the employee or the citizen) is white. In which case they need non-white teachers/civil servants/program managers immediately and at any cost. It’s the only way (evil) whites can learn to be sensitive to diversity. It’s all part of the grand fight against stereotyping and bigotry.

  49. Anonymous says:

    “How could white people let this happen to their nation?”

    By giving the ‘sensitive’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘caring’ people what the want. Actually, they’ve taken what they want and continue to do so. Anyone who would dare object is ‘ignorant’ and ‘racist’ don’t you know.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I currently attend a prestigious university in the Southeast. Posters about Teach For America (a program identical to the one Legal Eagle mentioned) are all over campus. Surprisingly, the online reviews of TFA aren’t too bad. I haven’t seen any reviewers mention race.

    Many of the pre-law social science majors at my school join TFA before going to law school.

  51. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Posters about Teach For America (a program identical to the one Legal Eagle mentioned) are all over campus. Surprisingly, the online reviews of TFA aren’t too bad. I haven’t seen any reviewers mention race.

    Did you watch the video? These are the exact schools where TFA recruits are sent — I’ve never seen one in even a semi-decent school. Schools such as the one in the above video have tremendous turnover rates every year — TFA are used as low-paid fill-ins because not enough teachers with credentials will stay in these schools for more than a few months.

    As a TFA recruit, you will be beholden to the communist/egalitarian theories of Bill Ayers, told you are going to “save” black children from White oppression and that black children are academically behind because of stupid, incompetent teachers and (as always) White Racism.

    Don’t even think of deviating from this because it is dogma and deviation from Ayers and Fiere (Pedagogy of the Oppressed) is considered heresy and grounds for termination from the TFA program!!

    AND, don’t join TFA until you read this:

    How I Joined Teach for American and got Sued for 20 Million Dollars!!

    I’ve seen plenty of TFA types in my career — the last one was from Harvard, it was the second week of school and he already looked like he had been through a major war — or as my Indiana relatives would say: “He looked like he’d been dragged through a knothole!!” He was gone by the next meeting, two weeks later.


  52. WR the elder says:

    #50 Anonymous, you should definitely encourage your liberal friends to join Teach For America. It’s Jared Taylor’s best covert program for taking starry eyed liberals and turning them into hard core race realists. After, all, look at all the public school teachers who post here.

  53. anonymous says:

    Organized society has long had a way of dealing with these kind of young men. Put them to work, at an early age. For the better, apprenticeship. For the worse, part of a work crew under a tough, John Wayne-type boss.

    But not Western society anymore. Somewhere along the line (Was it 1900, 1920, 1950, 1960?) we decided that everyone had to have a credential before being allowed to work for a living. The original purpose was to encourage people to achieve higher educational levels. Soon it turned into something more akin to extortion.

    The system we created never fully worked even for the majority population. How can you expect it to work for Third World minorities? Remember, people need to work. Especially if they are resistant to education or just not educable, they need to work.

  54. Question Diversity says:

    “Academy of Collaborative Education.” Translation: If this school had any White or Asian students, the black and Hispanic students would collaborate to share in their high grades. Welcome to the wonderful world of group learning.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Nothing has changed over the decades. They don’t care if they get an “F” because affirmative action will give them a job and Section 8 will give them the suburban dream. If a minority student can attain a 2.5 GPA, the word will become their oyster. Meanwhile, whites students better not say “boo” to a favored minority teacher or they will be disciplined.

  56. Anonymous says:

    One of the best things about this site is the number of race-realist teachers. No one knows better than a teacher what the thug culture really is. The police at least have guns and the power to put people on the ground. The nurses, doctors, lawyers, and social workers are all doing a favor for the thugs, not asking for cooperation. And they can refuse service. Only the public school teacher is expected to be an authority figure to people (including parents) who hate you on sight because you dare to be a white person showing superior knowledge and telling (even asking) black people what to do.