Posted on June 28, 2011

National IQ and National Productivity: The Hive Mind Across Asia

Garett Jones, Asian Development Review, June 2011


A recent line of research demonstrates that cognitive skills–IQ scores, math skills, and the like–have only a modest influence on individual wages, but are strongly correlated with national outcomes. Is this largely due to human capital spillovers? This paper argues that the answer is yes. It presents four different channels through which intelligence may matter more for nations than for individuals: 1. Intelligence is associated with patience and hence higher savings rates; 2. Intelligence causes cooperation; 3. Higher group intelligence opens the door to using fragile, high-value production technologies, and 4. Intelligence is associated with supporting market-oriented policies. Abundant evidence from across the ADB region demonstrating that environmental improvements can raise cognitive skills is reviewed.

14 responses to “National IQ and National Productivity: The Hive Mind Across Asia”

  1. Jupiter7 says:

    Of course, this is 100 percent irrelevant to the race-replacement issue. Oh, you don’t think so? Well, suppose for the sake of argument, we assume that every Mexican crossing the US border has an IQ of 250. Would the case against Mexican immigration weaken..even by a tiny bit? Of course it wouldn’t…obviously.

    But one you post news stories such as this one you open the door-wide open-for a wonkish policy debate about how we have to import a higher IQ immigrant..and in this day and age it means Asian legal immigration..full speed ahead.

    What Native Born White Americans should be advocating-especially in light of the recent very demographic news-is a national original immigration policy that completely excludes nonwhites. This is how you frams he “debate”.

    To put it another way, when you post news stories such as this one you are giving enormous credibility to the economic case for race-replacing the Native Born White Majority.

    Tonight on the History Channel, there is a show called “The Last Challenger” about the history of the Space Shuttle Program. If you watch the show, you will notice that the vast majority of NASA’s space shuttle work force has been 90-95 percent Native Born White Americans. This of course exposes the lie about the need to import Asian legal immigrants. Jared Taylor,watch the show.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this country has gotten go arrogant, delusion, and lazy that it thinks it can defy the laws of nature by ignoring the differences in racial IQ. this country will pay dearly to fall for black and hispanic nonsense as excuses for their lower innate intelligence and abilities.

  3. john says:

    The so-called four channels enumerated in this piece characterize European whites and Asians.

    They are prominently missing in black Africans, wherever they’re found, and to a lesser extent, in mestizos.

    What a surprise.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is in this article for the white realist? Just this: whites must learn to support other whites, not fall apart along lines like religion, rich and poor, etc. Whites must be willing to support all whites who want to be included in the white future. This means that selfish capitalist ideas that usually come with conservatism must give way to a more communal psychology/mentality.

  5. Pilgrims Pride says:

    This is supportive of my own observation that “it takes a nation to raise a genius”.

    For the genius to flower, he needs a massive “infrastructure” supporting him: schools, economies, and of course the opportunity to shine. These all require massive brain power themselves, if somewhat more diligence than inspiration.

    Braov! to the new commenting guidelines. I for one am sick to death of atheistic [ahem… segments] trashing my religious faith and the two millennia of thoughtful cause and effect that backs it.

  6. Expat68 says:

    This is nothing but pseudo-science babble. The so-called “Superior East Asian IQ” is a myth and I know because I’ve live in asia for over 10 years. The person who wrote this is trying find a correlation between high IQ and economic prosperity while totally ignoring that the East Asian countries were quite poor in the past. What happened, did the Chinese IQ suddenly jump 20 points 15 years ago? The fact is that the super smart, super wealthy “Elite”- of whom almost all are either Jewish or non-Jews of European extraction, make the REAl decisions concerning the global economy, and if they choose to “modernise” the asian economies then they will become modernised. Economic prosperity has nothing to do with IQ and the “common man” and it has everything to do with where these White/Jewish “Elites” want to invest their money. Therefore, this entire paper is bogus.

    Yes, east asians and whites are smarter than other peoples for the most part (with the east asians being a few IQ points above whites according to most studies) but it doesn’t matter as the present economic system is designed so that the truly wealthy and truly smart benefit the most from so-called “Economic Prosperity”.

  7. kgb says:

    I noticed I’ve never bought a computer with “Made in Tanzania” stamped anywhere on it…

    I’ve never bought a household appliance that was “Made in Ghana”…

    and I’ve never bought a car that was designed and made in Indonesia….

    Your thoughts….?

  8. John Engelman says:

    This essay describes fascinating and recent scientific evidence that further substantiates the essential truth of The Bell Curve. It is a considerable advance over arguments that blame the poverty of the third world on various aspects of “white racism.”

  9. John Engelman says:

    4 — Expat68 wrote at 1:20 AM on June 29:

    This is nothing but pseudo-science babble. The so-called “Superior East Asian IQ” is a myth and I know because I’ve live in asia for over 10 years. The person who wrote this is trying find a correlation between high IQ and economic prosperity while totally ignoring that the East Asian countries were quite poor in the past.


    And they are catching up quickly. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries were cruel to China. I believe the twenty-first century will be kind.

  10. Jupiter7 says:

    Ann at 6:55

    You have hit the nail right on the head. Capitalist Hyperindividualism has been a cancer on Native Born White American Society. It has resulted in the toleration of and indifference to-on the part of many very selfish Native Born White Americans- millions of their low-skill blue collar racial brethren in the 1970s and 1990s being forced into wage slave conditions in labor market competition with high fertility post-1965 nonwhites. Absolutely true.

    The I-got-mine-tough-on-you-buddy-capitalist hyperindividualism has set into motion gargantuan forces that with very high probability will result in the complete ecological collapse of “America”. In the end, the end game for the ever dwindling Native Born White American Population is complete population collapse on their geatly reduced in size living space. Go watch Earth 2100 on the International History Channel when it is rebroadcast for the fourth time. Jared, you really need to watch this show.

    Native Born White Americans really need to start seeing themselves as a large quasi-family-racial variety. Remember, your son and daughters future spouse resides in the larger Native Born White American family. And if you tolerate your fellow other Native Born White American families being greatly harmed by post-1965 immigrants, there is a great risk that your Native Born White American son will have have a much more difficult time findind a member of the opposite sex-White Variety-to start a White geneline with. White Americans really need to start thinking about this,it is one mighty serious matter.

    Free-market hyperindivualism will result in thousands of young Native Born White American Males unable to reproduce and start a geneline. This is already fact. And if you understand this very obvious point that I am making, you will quickly realize how irrelevant the news story about the closing of Rockaway High School is. Race-replacement is the fundamenal issue..not the quality of nonwhite immigrants entering our America.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mind and Intelligence in the workplace are not necessarily individual attributes but in an efficiently organized situation

    are attributes of the functioning production GROUP directed by a

    super-intendent or, may we say without historic connotation, an

    over/see-er. It might help to boost the productivity and cultural level of some flat average IQ nations if if there were stark regard to the facts of science and if accordingly inequality was embranced, stratification starkly regarded and respected, and production-group teamwork made the basis for varied levels of individual reward/pay within the group. China may be in the process of bringing this sort of realism to parts of very-below-average Africa (??)

  12. Anonymous says:

    #Jupiter wrote ‘ What Native born Whites should be advocating ..

    is a national original immigration policy that completely

    excludes non-whites’

    If anyone believes that this is possible in today’s America,

    then he is living in a fantasy world. This would not receive

    any support from elected officials, most community leaders,

    the international community and the average Americans.

    People are too busy trying to survive to risk their jobs,

    their aspiration by

    engaging in a policy which excludes people who are not white.

    Most immigrants will be non-white as Europe is more wealthy

    than other regions of the world. So less Europeans are motivated

    to leave their homeland for a better life.

  13. Jupiter7 says:

    Anon 4:05

    But of course, when millions of Native Born White Americans have nothing to lose, when they come to the realization that the current political-economic arrangement makes it impossible to realize dreams and aspirations…when the furture is an indefinite time period of grinding wage slavery,violent assaults by nonwhites, and the loss of the amenties like access to the great outdoors, why everything changes over day.

    Millions of Native Born White Americans have yet to grasp the full enormity of what is happening them. When they do, it will first be a complete state of shock,followed by burning white hot rage…followed by a full-blown race-revolt.

    Native Born White American society briefly-for about a month-went into hyper-racialized state right after 9/11. The Bush adminstration was very worried..very worried. Also, if John McCain had won the presidential election in 2008, young black males would have viciously attacked White Males that very night-Tues Nov 4 2008. This would have very likely triggered the long overdue race-revolt of Native Born White America. If this had happened, the Native Born White American race-revolt against race-replacement would not have been too far off. It will just take the right combination of events to ignite a Native Born White American racial revolt against race-replacement. The perfect storm of events are already in the process of unfolding. It will happen when no one expects it.

    The job of Native Born White American Patriots is to have an alternative media and framework in place that millions of Native Born White Americans can tap into. This will amplify and accelerate the Native Born White American race-revolt against race-replacement.

    If a had to guess, you are nonwhite,foreign, and very enthusiastic about the ongoing race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority. And, the last thing in the world that you would want to see and experience is a full-blown Native Born White American revolt against race-replacement.

  14. White Guy In Japan says:

    Quite an interesting article. Food for thought. Having said that, I wonder about different kinds of intelligence and how they are distributed and manifested among humans. The article mentions risk-taking as a form of intelligence. While there is much I admire and respect about the Japanese, they can be an incredibly cautious, risk-averse society. This not always a bad thing, but who crossed the ocean blue in 1492? Exploration and a willingness to see what’s on the other side of that mountain or ocean does not show up among East Asians much.

    Since much of East Asian education is based on rote memorization of endless facts, I don’t doubt that they do well on various tests. But when it comes to makes intuitive leaps, they generally fail. Or, more precisely, don’t take the chance. They just repeat the same procedures over and over. And get the same results. And totally missed inventing the iPod.

    In terms of technological advances, smart and daring White men invented the airplane, the automobile and the capacitor. Asians (Japanese, specifically) have done very well at revising and even improving those ideas, but White men traveled the world and boldly hunted for new ideas. Think cowboys and settlers, not bansai cultivators and rice paddy farmers.