Posted on June 22, 2011

Sheriff: Head of Largest Heroin Operation in Polk County History Was On Food Stamps, Here Illegally

Ryan Raiche, ABC Action News, June 14, 2011

Detectives in Polk County recently busted the largest heroin trafficking operation in the county’s history, according to Sheriff Grady Judd.

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Judd said his team of detectives arrested 33 people during the 14-month long investigation. Five were taken into custody early Tuesday morning, including Pablo Bergen, the leader of the operation, according to police.


“It gets better,” Judd said. “He’s from the Dominican Republic and he’s not a citizen of the United States.”

Perhaps the biggest bombshell of all, Bergen and a handful of others in the operation were on food stamps, according to Judd.

In addition to raking in tens of thousands of dollars in drug money, Bergen got $900 every month from the government.


8 responses to “Sheriff: Head of Largest Heroin Operation in Polk County History Was On Food Stamps, Here Illegally”

  1. underdog says:

    The Dominicans learned the wefare/food stamp racket about four generations ago in New York City. They learned it from the Puerto Ricans in NYC. (very close cultural cousin society)

    For all intents are purposes it is now part of their genetic imprint. And it has gone well beyond NYC and Florida. Here in podunk NC, the interpreter racket (with mostly Mexican clientele) down at DSS and the Health Dept. is controlled by NYC Dominicans.

  2. Mr.White says:

    “In addition to raking in tens of thousands of dollars in drug money, Bergen got $900 every month from the government.’


    This illegal invader was able to get $900 a month from our government, when American citizens are being denied help or given token help of $200 a month in food stamp aid!

    This is not surprising since most welfare offices around this country are staffed by anchor babies who babble in Spanish to those seeking assistance; including those in this country illegally! You can bet that an anchor baby in charge of distributing YT’s money will not think twice about hooking a fellow La Raza up, even if they are here illegally!

  3. Flaxen-headed Strumpet says:

    Around these parts some folks translate Dominican to “Dumb-In-A-Can”. On one level this story supports that play on words. (use the same tacky green floral vase foil for packaging of feloniously mass marketed contraband and leave paper trails with the government for $900.00/month parking change)

    But sadly on another level, this speaks volumes about the cretinism rampant in the welfare system in this country.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not as arrogant as it sounds.

    If you have NVMS issues, you -need- to be on some form of welfare to justify your continued existence.

    The fact that this man is a Dominican and has abused our system should NOT however be a justification for making the taxpayers of Florida (??) pay another 40,000 dollars a year to lock him up for a ‘very, very, very’ long time.

    _Think_ people: if this guy has any brains at all, he has numbered accounts all over -everywhere-. Queen for a day. You show us the money, we let you go. Dominican Republic gets half to monitor your spending habits, once home.

    You get a free ride. Out of the USA. We don’t pay 3,300 dollars a month to put you in prison. If you show up in the U.S. again, you’re dead. Literally.

    Only in the United States does Law Enforcement seriously think 900 dollars a month for 3 years _which we will never get back_ somehow equates to 3X that amount for ‘as long as it suits us to punish you’.

    Talk about rent seeking.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure I like the tone of the article. It feigns outrage at such an example of the chutzpah of our neighbors to the south but neither discusses the scope of the problem nor does it mention that most of this man’s money comes from food stamps and similar programs (which are NOT used to buy FOOD by non-whites).

    Who cares that he was personally receiving food stamps (a little joke on his part). He probably had several millions of dollars in “drug money” in his house…..all of it came from food stamps.

    So he is in jail now. So what. Tomorrow, someone else will start stealing welfare dollars from the US, to the tune of billions a year, via food stamps and other scams.

    Giving this guy a quick hanging (like they plan to do anything even remotely as harsh as that) would be satisfying but ineffective. Shutting down welfare, or better yet, making all welfare whites only, would instantly solve the problem.

    Instantly, every non-white who came here over the last 2 generations would be consider leaving. Contrary to the popular belief, crime would be slashed……because, non-whites do not target white victims to force us to give them welfare. They do it because they are high on drugs, and feel empowered by us giving them welfare. Having to work for their next meal (or die) would go a LONG way toward re-asserting white dominance and make crime against us unthinkable. Especially, if non-whites burn down a couple cities…..and whites do NOTHING to fix them afterward.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The maximum a single person can get for food stamps is 200 a month. How was this guy getting 900????

  7. kgb says:

    I for one am getting a little sick and tired of the whites in the media who seem to live for the legalization of drugs. It may start with hard drugs like marijuana but it won’t stop there. Soon guys like this soon-to-be-labeled “white” Mexican will have some kind of constitutional protection.

  8. white is right, black is whack says:

    I have to agree with poster #5. Tomorrow it will be another fraud and, not only that, now the taxpayers will have to foot the bill again to house him and feed him while he’s in jail. Great. If we cut off the welfare, Section 8 and all these things that incentive mostly black and hispanic losers, they would shape up and/or stop coming here. You need to remove the elements that attract them in the first place. Real simple.