Posted on June 7, 2011

Obama Losing the Youth Vote ‘Because White Students Don’t Think He’s Cool Anymore’

Paul Bently, Dail Mail (London), June 7, 2011

President Barack Obama famously won the 2008 election on a wave of support from America’s youth.

But any hopes the 49-year-old had of keeping down with the kids appear to have faded–his support from young people is rapidly waning, a poll has found.

And for a man known for his ‘jacket off’ casual style the reason for this slump may be particularly hurtful–students are abandoning the President because they do not think he is cool anymore, it has been claimed.

According to the National Journal’s Ronald Brownstein report, President Obama has dramatically lost support from young people–and particularly young white people–in America since 2008.

His approval rating among those aged 18 to 29 is currently at 56 per cent–a huge fall of ten points since the 2008 exit polls.

And this comes in stark contrast to Obama’s general approval rating levels, which are pretty consistent with those of 2008.

The reason for this sudden drop is because students, who rushed behind the Obama campaign in 2008, no longer think he is cool, according to those at Oberlin College, which is known for its hipster left-wing activism.

Four undergraduate editors at the college newspaper signed an essay bemoaning how apolitical their peers had become,according to the New York Times.

Their argument in their piece, ‘Oberlin-based Perspectives on the Obama Presidency’, was that students had become disenfranchised because they no longer think the President is cool.

The problem is that the real Obama could never live up to the pre-office idea of him, with all his quirks now seen as grating, a political science professor explained.

Even the death of Osama Bin Laden did not impress students, who protested that the Al Qaeda leader should not have been shot because he was unarmed.

The Brownstein report, however, argues that the loss of the youth vote will not be crucial to his hopes for re-election.

In 2008, voters aged 18 to 24 turned out at a rate of 49 per cent, but without their vote the only significant states Obama would have lost would have been North Carolina and Indiana, according to the Atlantic Wire.

Obama won because he stole large shares of older people’s votes as well, research suggests.

In Virginia, for example, he reached 55 per cent of seniors, whereas John McCain wooed just 45 per cent.

The Obama campaign denied that the President had lost his support from young people, pointing out that its summer organiser programme has had more applications this year than ever before.

47 responses to “Obama Losing the Youth Vote ‘Because White Students Don’t Think He’s Cool Anymore’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The current crop of young adults are more instant gratification oriented than ever. They expected to be able to live European lifestyles, and have free tuition, etc. Instead, they learned that they will have to work more, longer, and tuition has gone up and loans dried up as well. I have heard of more white females than ever before losing place to foreign born non-whites, so the white female population is slowly coming around to the young white male’s situation of near complete societal rejection.

    I don’t think that a Republican conservative will make things better for them, either. They will look for a third party candidate and throw a big spoiler into the election. I’m a Baby Boomer, and I don’t see anyone out there that deserves any support from me. I think that we are on a road to deterioration that is irreversible. It has been brought on many decades of misrule by both sides, all parties.

  2. Hirsch says:

    The popular vernacular used in this piece, that the kids were “down” with Obama really hints at the absurdity that Kevin Macdonald pointed out in a Vdare column. You may give the kids more credit, but being fairly young myself I can attest that their logic went something like this: the basketball stars I see on television, the rappers I see on MTV thronged with white women and money are all black, which means blacks are cool. Obama is black, thus Obama is cool. Hence, I will vote for Obama.

    This line of reasoning is still more sophisticated than the black rationale, which was: “Obama is black. I am black. I will vote for Obama.”

    Famous left-wing fearmonger Alex Jones also spread a hit-piece entitled “The Obama Deception,” which criticized Obama for all the wrong reasons, but is popular with 9-11 truthers and twenty-something’s who believe that a hybrid race called the “Annunaki” have been selectively breeding with powerful humans to complete their alien conquest. And no I’m not making this up. I couldn’t if I tried.

    The article also states “that students had become disenfranchised because they no longer think the President is cool.” I think the word is “disenchanted.” You cannot lose faith in someone and become disenfranchised as a result.

  3. BO_Bill says:

    People don’t like to be lied to. The ‘Harry, I have a gift’ line describes Barack’s history of going to the black fraternity and telling them what they wanted to hear, and then going to the white fraternity, and telling them what they wanted to hear. Barack would have more accurately said ‘Harry, I am able to misrepresent my goals and intentions before different groups of people and can do so with a clean conscious. They believe me and it doesn’t bother me at all.’

    Despite the media’s cowardice and/or deception, it is harder to practice this gift as President. As people become willing to observe this guy for what he really is, this entire Presidency will be looked back upon as one big ‘Teachable Moment’.

  4. The Whitest Debutante says:

    Don’t give up on White college students yet. They’ll come around for Obama just in time for the ’12 victory. Their professor priests have them for three months before the election, and that’s more than enough time to convince impressionable, compassionate, and gullible Whitey college students that a vote against Obama is a vote for despicable, vile, hateful Jim Crow segregation. Our college Whitey youth, privileged with IQ’s high enough to actually believe in Equality and Diversity Is Our Strength, will never vote for their own interests, especially if doing so will be called “insensitive”.

    We attended college when White privilege was implicit and very much enjoyed as a primary source of happiness and merit. Only a White Humanity with that experience could possibly understand that Atlanta Miracle that we witnessed today, and it’s predictable ruin.

    We were sitting in a local coffee shop in a maj. Whitey part of town, but place somehow often swarming in far too many blacks, sadly. (Formerly mostly White coffee shops are now far too black, thanks to the free WiFi. If anything is free, you’ll be swarmed by blacks there.) A moment of serenity and happiness overcame us, a rare relaxation, and we looked around for the angelic source of the glowing, nourishing power, and what did we see? NO INTEGRATION! NO DIVERSITY!

    We were college educated Whiteys who were experiencing a rare White Only moment in Atlanta! Gad Zeus, all praises unto White Madonna and her White Jesus baby! We were happy and comfortable in our most humane of rare and pure moments- a true miracle segregation glory, just like most of our happy college days.

    But we knew it wouldn’t last, and perhaps that’s why we knew to soak up the joy while we could.

    Atlanta’s integrating diversities have an uncanny sense, a “special tribal intelligence,” that serves as a radar device that alerts them to any White Happiness. They knew we were enjoying ourselves and delighting in their absence. That’s how we knew they were plotting against us- because we were enjoying their not being there!

    Sure enough, as soon as we recognized the miracle and rejoiced in it, a fully afrovoodoo “family” came in, and they were typically displaying the most unattractive natures and generally bad, ingracious attitudes. They were hostile not only in their meaning, but also in their very physiognomy. You could feel the Afican Hate for all the Euro-Whiteys who have done so much and sacrificed so much so that these afrovoodoos wouldn’t be subjected to the horrors of the jungle.

    We were overcome with disgust, as all healthy Whiteys would be. The contrast between a 100% Whites Only miracle and the hellish interruption felt like sledgehammer to the forehead.

    Then we got a look at the t-shirt: “Black College Leadership Conference: bridging the gap between vision and action” Guess who was a listed sponsor? The Central Intelligence Agency, of course. Feel safer now? What could possibly go wrong?

    Watch those Transformative Campus Diversity Leaders to intimidate Whitey college students into voting for Obama as the price of being kept off the Campus Watchlist.

    Obama 2012. Guaranteed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Never fear, in September the marxist anti White racist professoriate will start a new Obama campaign. The gullible youth will fall for it just as they did in the last election.

    One group will not, the recent college grads who can’t find even restaurant work because employers prefer illegal hispanics.

  6. sbuffalonative says:

    After the disaster that was Bush, the campaign phrase “Hope and Change” was brilliant marketing tool and Obama largely won because he wasn’t Bush and McCain was a Republican (Bush redux).

    Optimism was in the air that change would come. A new president, even a president of a new race. Hope for a better world was in the air.

    I believe whites are an optimistic group. That’s why white nations and white communities progress unlike black nations and communities. If you believe in a better future, you will work to make a better future.

    I can’t speak for the youth of America but I suspect that they have seen that there has been little positive change. Things are pretty much as they were before Obama. We’re still involved in foreign conflicts, we still haven’t become a ‘green economy’, and the hope for stable, long-term employment is getting dimmer by the day.

    With little to show in term of actual positive accomplishments, Obamas’ image has taken a beating.

    The next opponent to run should consider the campaign catch phrase, “What hope? What Change?”

  7. rjp says:

    The Obama campaign denied that the President had lost his support from young people, pointing out that its summer organiser programme has had more applications this year than ever before.

    Where else are they going to get a job?

    I have long thought that the human brain doesn’t mature until the mid to late 20s. Should coddled college kids who have never done a days work in their life really have the right to vote?

    And for the similar reason, should funtionally illiterate adults?

  8. Question Diversity says:

    Other than the loss of the “cool” factor, I have a couple of theories:

    1. The bad economy and anemic job creation is hurting young people the most, because they’re competing against more experienced adults for fewer and fewer jobs

    2. Some leftist youth are upset that Obama didn’t go left enough fast enough

    3. A lot of young people like to “download” stuff, and Obama is very much in the back pocket of the RIAA and MPAA. In fact, this news broke today:

  9. Anonymous says:

    cool barry is still the same. these ignorant students just did not read him right from day one. his agenda is still the same, you students need to pay more attention.

  10. white is right, black is whack says:

    Maybe because more and more whites, of all ages, are seeing how blacks use the ‘civil rights’ disguise to push black supremacy. Maybe because more and more whites, of all ages, are getting tired of hearing their history, their ancestors, and their own race (their granparents, their parents, their siblings, etc) get bashed and guilt tripped.

  11. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    An important factor in tilting the “youth vote” leftward is the physiological immaturity of their brains. Quoting from:

    “Brain immaturity can be deadly: NIH study: Risk-taking diminishes at age 25,” By Elizabeth Williamson, The Washington Post, Feb. 1, 2005:

    [in paid archives]OR read the full text at this nursing site:


    “A National Institutes of Health study suggests that the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25, a finding with implications for a host of policies, including the nation’s driving laws.”

    Jay Giedd, a pediatric psychiatrist leading the study: “We’d thought the highest levels of physical and brain maturity were reached by age 18, maybe earlier — so this threw us.” That makes adolescence “a dangerous time, when it should be the best.”


    “Teenagers are four times as likely as older drivers to be involved in a crash and three times as likely to die in one, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.”


    “About as thick and wide as a silver dollar, this region distinguishes humans from other animals. From it, scientists believe, come judgments and values, long-term goals, the weighing of risks and consequences — what parents call wisdom or common sense and what science calls ‘executive functions.’”


    “According to the Arlington-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the chances of a crash by a 16- or 17-year-old driver are doubled with two peers in the vehicle and quadrupled with three or more. ‘Every passenger you add increases the risk,’ said Alan Williams, chief scientist at the institute.”

  12. GetBackJack says:

    My Lord, we sure do raise an ignorant and naive youth these days. Never, in all my younger days, did I ever believe a person merely had to be cool to deserve the most powerful position on the planet. A position which would effect my world for the rest of my entire life! How cool can he be when he can’t even friggin dance!

  13. Dutchman says:

    If these kids are abandoning the Mocha Messiah because he’s ‘no longer cool’ than they’re even more stupid than I thought. I’m hoping the reality is that in their heart of hearts, young Whites realize that to have the country swamped by a dark brown tide of Third Worlders is the wrong direction for our country to go. America without Americans will cease to exist. The racial triumphalism of their dusky peers may have secretly grated on our younger brothers and sisters perhaps? I’m sure that none of them would admit to this in a university environment. I can hear it now: One White soroity sister to another “That Obama, he’s so 2008!”

    “Even the death of Osama Bin Laden did not impress students, who protested that the Al Qaeda leader should not have been shot because he was unarmed”-those young idealists would be shocked to know I agree with them! Osama bin Laden should have been captured and brought to a sports arena, force fed pork, sewn into a dog skin, and then fed to a saltwater crocodile. Everyone could reassure him that if ‘Allah Wills It’ the crocodile won’t eat him.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The greatest legacy of the Obama presidency will be that it will be remembered as the era where blacks were given a chance to drive the bus.

    Once the Obama presidency is over, the novelty will be over.

    The new generation may indeed see past the color of skin, and judge them by their character just like MLK wanted.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Salon (don’t ask) had an article a few months ago highlighting ‘the fad of bad’ and it’s weaknesses overall as a psychological strategy in influencing the young.

    Namely, you cannot make a case against something being bad as a negative inducement to doing it because the young mind will not hold onto such a concept of ‘hold to what is harmful as a casepoint for what is good’ forever. Flexible, highly black and white driven youth attitudes simply don’t work that way. It’s good or it’s bad but ONLY to the extent that it is defined as such by problem solving condition of problem resolution or avoidance.

    As soon as the problem is fixed (or seems intractable) it loses it’s bite as a popular influence. In this case, defeating McCain, perceived as the old system, meant that Obama was on a clock to establish his own identity with these groups before he in turn became the established iconic symbol, in dire need of ‘change’.

    The problem is that the people who pay the big money to sponsor a politician’s campaign want stability and repetitive performance whereas young people thrive on approaching a problem with a thousand ideas until they find ‘the magic solution’ which solves the problem so that they can move on. There is no perception of a conditioned management of a never ending problem.

    That this mindset is particularly prevalent in leftist idea-farms like College Campus’ should not surprise anyone because that’s what they are trained to do. See conditions as social gateways where not offending anyone and finding the easy rather than effective (long term) way out of a problem is a given element of the PC indoctrination process.

  16. white guy says:

    well, I dont know about the general public. but Im (22 yrs old) have not drank the kool-aid of cultural marxism.

  17. highduke says:

    A recession like the previous one will wake up the youth for sure if it lasts at least 8 years & 3 presidential elections.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I would like a breakdown of exactly who these White voters were in the first place who voted for Obama. All we ever hear is “white” (really a generic phrase) and tells us nothing. Let us ask for their “nationality” or whatever you want to call it, so we can get a better picture of who they call “White”.

  19. HH says:

    Don’t make the mistake many are tempted to make. They aren’t waking up – they are bored, and worse, they don’t care for Obama anymore because he isn’t LIBERAL ENOUGH!!!

  20. Varina says:

    From the article: And for a man known for his ‘jacket off’ casual style the reason for this slump may be particularly hurtful—students are abandoning the President because they do not think he is cool anymore, it has been claimed.

    So he’s not cool anymore. This is why 18 year olds should not be allowed to vote. Considering the mentality of so many of the people in this country here in the 21st century, maybe we need to raise the voting age to 35.

  21. Antidote says:

    Yes, the kids are abandoning Obama, but there’s considerably more to this than “coolness” gone sour. First of all, they were promised postracial, and I think Axelrod even said, “Vote for Obama, and we can put racism in the rear view mirror.” Instead they got affirmative action in high gear, redistributionist czars, and racial favoritism. Secondly, a lot of them are out of school, and are either paying high taxes or are unemployed and living with mom and dad. So, yes, they’re scratching their heads and saying, “Is this the change I believed in?”

    P.S.-Was he ever really cool? Or did he merely seem cool by comparison when placed next to the mummy, McCain? If the Dems want the cool youth vote perhaps they should run Puff Daddy or Kanye West.

  22. Tim in Indiana says:

    Well, counting the headline, this article stated four (4) times that Obama is losing his student support because they no longer think he is “cool,” but it didn’t hazard a guess as to why this is so, except to imply that it must be because he is a few years older than he was when he took office!

    Come on!

    Maybe the scales have fallen from student’s eyes because Obama has not only failed to get us out of two wars but has gotten us into a third. Or because he has failed to usher in the glorious multicultural colorblind society that everyone was predicting he would herald.

  23. El Pedo Viejo says:

    The students don’t think Obama’s cool any more because they’ve noticed that their TUITION has gone up anywhere from 33% to 100% since BO took office. That’s a bit discouraging if you don’t have a free-ride scholarship, which most college kids don’t. All of a sudden, training for a specific trade that pays well is looking pretty darn good to a lot of kids who were thinking about being black studies majors, or Hispanic studies majors — those don’t put much food on the table. But they can make good money fixing motorcycles or boats, or doing paralegal or nursing work.

  24. Expat68 says:

    Or it could be that Americans are getting smart enuff to know that the real Obama never even came close to the charming, articulate, young first black president that the media portrayed him to be. When will Americans get ahead of this silly game called “American Politics” and quit making everything a learning experience? It’s amazing to me that Americans still haven’t figured out that actions are what count and not empty words, and ANY aspiring political candidate can promise you the world.


    I notice that five of today’s Amren stories are from the British press. Others are from Internet sites that are not consider mainstream.

    Could it be there is a media black out (no pun) in the USA of ethnic news that fails to fit the proper mental mold?

  26. Linky Drake says:

    Obama won because he stole votes from dead and/or nonexistent people, accepted campaign donations from non-US citizens in the Middle East, intimidated white folks with racist scare tactics, had the media serving as his public relations lapdog, with the additional advantages of a sorry Republican candidate and an ignorant electorate.

  27. john says:

    well the white students have finally woke up to this fraud in the white house

  28. Linky Drake says:

    Obama won for the following reasons –

    He stole votes from dead, nonexistent and ineligible people.

    He accepted massive campaign contributions from non-US citizens living in the Islamic Middle East.

    He intimidated, and many of his supporters actually threatened, guilt-ridden white folks into voting for him.

    He had the media as his personal pubic relations firm.

    He had a very weak Republican candidate to run against.

    He had an ignorant, celebrity-worshipping electorate in his corner and up the wall of his corner.

  29. Turtle says:

    Maybe the decline in support has something to do with the high unemployment rate? Young people who are trying to get a job, as the PrezBo dissembles, aren’t buying the “all is well” matra. Many Americans are beginning to blame the PrezBo, for the economy being in the tank. Can you say Jimmy Carter?

  30. olewhitelady says:

    And the loss of NC and IN won’t make a dif. Right! Add VA to that and, IMO, also OH.

    Apparently, a good number of whites (44%) voted for Obama because they believed he’d actually be different from the usual pol and because he just might help white/black relations. Well, we can clearly see that neither is true, and aware people realize that the latter issue has gotten much worse. And, by the time the long, hot summer is over, there probably won’t be anyone who doesn’t realize it!

  31. Anonymous says:

    The young white hipsters who voted for him have realized that Obama, inspite of being black, has no magical powers. He has no voo-doo or ju-ju to throw at real problems.

    Obama’s ONLY qualification was the fact that he was black.

  32. Shawn (the female) says:

    Anon #22, I hope you mean “perceived” qualification.

  33. John Engelman says:

    Because of the economy it is difficult for anyone at any age to have much enthusiasm for President Obama. The unemployment rate is 9.1 percent. Nevertheless, when Ronald Reagan was in office for an equal amount of time (June 1983) the unemployment rate was 10.1 percent.

    In May 30 – June 5, 2001 Barack Obama’s approval rating was 50 percent. In June 10 – 13, 1983 Ronald Reagan’s approval rating was 43 percent.

  34. Blaak Obongo says:

    “I have long thought that the human brain doesn’t mature until the mid to late 20s. Should coddled college kids who have never done a days work in their life really have the right to vote?”

    As long as you restrict the disenfranchisement to “coddled college kids,” I’m with you all the way I worked for A Major University(tm) for years, and I can testify that the overwhelming majority of them are easily-led, overprivileged MTV party rats, who never have a thought outside the Hive Mind.

    Young people who are actually out in the work force earning a living are a different story.

  35. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The unemployment rate is 9.1 percent. Nevertheless, when Ronald Reagan was in office for an equal amount of time (June 1983) the unemployment rate was 10.1 percent.

    –John Engleman


    The unemployment rate is not calculated the same way today, in 2011, as it was in 1983.

    Shadow Government Statistics (SGS) used by non-statist financial advisors (who do not, with good reason, believe the government’s lies) states:

    The seasonally-adjusted SGS Alternate Unemployment Rate reflects current unemployment reporting methodology adjusted for SGS-estimated long-term discouraged workers, who were defined out of official existence in 1994.

    Chart Here:

    Money Central reports:

    The “official” unemployment index, based on a monthly survey of sample households, counts only people who reported looking for work in the past four weeks. It doesn’t account for part-time workers who want to work more hours but can’t, given the tight job market. And it doesn’t include those who have given up trying to find work.

    When the underemployed and the discouraged are added to the numbers, the unemployment rate rises to 16.6%.

    That broader unemployment rate, or U-6, is up from 16.4% a year ago and from 9.7% in May 2008. It was 7.1% in May 2000.

    See Here:

    And Here:


  36. Duran Dahl says:

    I am not prepared to kick the kids. The university students I am acquainted with attend urban commuter colleges, work full or part-time and stopped drinking the kool-aid a long time ago.These are the sorts of bright white students who will never gain entrance to the elite institutions. Most supported Chuck Baldwin last time around or wrote-in Ron Paul. I am certain that the pampered liberal children of UMC “progressives” will vote for him again…as will the rest of the usual treasonous dupes. Ultimately, Obama will have his second term because the game is fixed…as it was in 2008. The lunatics have taken over the asylum and will NEVER relinquish power without bloodshed.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” –Thomas Jefferson

  37. Fr. John says:

    “The reason for this sudden drop is because students, who rushed behind the Obama campaign in 2008, no longer think he is cool, according to those at Oberlin College, which is known for its hipster left-wing activism”

    The presumption of the writer that left-wing anarchism and cultic ‘hippie’ followings (on a campus that is perennially stuck in the worst excesses of the 1960’s Marxist demagoguery) are ‘cool’ is only showing how out of touch this writer is. Yes, more and more White Students are waking up to the disestablishment of their race, their viewpoint, their very EXISTENCE as a viable part of the American Republic, is causing groups like Youth for Western Civilization, and Tea Party alternatives to even the Republican Party to spring up on campuses across the nation. Kyle Bristow, a first year law student’s first attempt at articulating an activist ‘White Racial Consciousness’ via his book, ‘White Apocalypse’ is a sign of what 20-somethings can do, now that they view the ‘Establishment’ as Obummer and his Alinskyite 60-year old Marxist hippie professors as ‘the Other.’

    Oh frabjous day.

  38. patthemick says:

    I think that the jobs are the critical issue for Obama and since he’s just laid down and gotten screwed by the bankers for every little thing they want that is naturally going to lead to a downturn in popularity. I don’t see white students waking up racially at all but economically, yes.

  39. WHC says:

    John Engleman: The difference between the economy in 1983 under Reagan and the 2011 economy under Obama is that the economy was improving in 1983. We were headed in the right direction in 1983 after suffering under the doldrums of Carter. The economy today is not improving. We are headed for an economic train wreck.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry but I see no hope after observing the behaviour of young white people. They don’t feel any sense of belonging to an ethnic group, they just consider themselves citizens of the planet. Most of them just think about their primitive bilological needs and when these needs are fulfilled the are happy and they don’t care about anything else.

    This generation is much different to the white people who lived one or two centuries ago (less intelligent I would say, much less).

  41. Anonymous says:

    The vast majority of whites who voted for Obama last time will vote for him again. You can count on it.

    They don’t care that he’s continued and expanded Bush’s wars. If they did, the antiwar movement wouldn’t have vanished the minute Obama got elected.

    They’ll rationalize the collapsing economy by saying that Obama inherited the mess from Bush (which he did, but he went on to make things worse).

    Furthermore, they’ll never vote for a Republican, especially if the GOP runs an establishment non-entity like Romney, which they probably will.

    The small percentage of Obama voters who have grown disenchanted with him will most likely abstain from voting altogether. The rest will vote for him for exactly the same reasons they voted for him the first time.

  42. WR the elder says:

    So the reason so many students voted for Obama in 2008 is because they thought he was cool? Pathetic. I can’t think of a better argument for setting the voting age back to 21. Elections are for grown ups.

    As I recall the major argument for reducing the voting age to 18 was that 18 year old men could be drafted. But the draft has ended. And if it does come back it should be restricted to the children of federal politicians.

  43. Alexandra says:


    Alex Jones isn’t left-wing, but he is a fearmonger. This (conservative) 9/11 truther wonders how much attention he’s been paying to David Icke.

    At any rate, getting back to the subject, I think said white students are probably just bored.

  44. Anonymous says:

    #40 This generation is much different to the white people who lived one or two centuries ago (less intelligent I would say, much less).

    You are more right than you think. I made that observation too. It seems that it has a basis in reality – basically, the industrial age allowed the dumbest of whites to multiply at an exponential rate, while smart whites expanded at a much more modest speed. In short, the environment in the white world was Africanized and whites with more African mental traits colonized it genetically.

  45. Question Diversity says:

    42 WR the Elder:

    I really don’t worry about 18-20 year old voters that much. They didn’t put Obama over the top in 2008. Their turnout was only sightly higher in 2008 compared to 2004, and they voted Democrat only slightly more in 2008 compared to 2004. Blacks really didn’t either, because while their turnout was significantly higher in 2008 over 2004, it was as monolithically for Obama in 2008 as it was for Kerry in 2004. Too, a majority of black votes wind up being drowned out in the electoral college math because they exist in the solid red south, among white voters who mainly vote Republican overwhelmingly as a reaction to blacks.

    What put Obama over the top were middle aged white working class voters in rust belt states. They were victimized by David Axelrod’ slick doubletalking TV ad campaign on the jobs and outsourcing issues.

    As for your point about the draft, while an 18-year old man could have been drafted, the truth of the matter is that the draft, the way it was set up between the end of Korea (?) and 1973, was that while it was theoretically possible for any man at least 18 but no older than 25 to be drafted, 20 was the prime draft age. The draft board took 20-year olds first, and when they ran out of those, they took 21s, then 22s, then 23s, then 24s, then 25s, then 19s, then 18s. Therefore, 18-year olds were the last to be drafted in the draftable age range. That’s the way the draft would work if it is ever re-implemented, unless there has been some policy change about which I’m unaware. And AFAIK, it would still only be men.

    A common political hobby horse of the movement that wanted to extend the franchise to 18-20 year olds was that all these 18-year old men were being drafted in order to die in the rain forests of Vietnam. The number of 18-year olds that were both conscripted and eventually died on the front lines in ‘Nam (even if they were older than 18 when they died), were exactly 7. And by 7, I don’t mean thousand, I mean the 7 that’s less than 10. Obviously, one can be a war casualty long after the war, if you sustained injuries while in war that killed you decades later — My mother’s oldest sister’s husband died in 1988 of Korea injuries, even though they were sustained almost four decades prior, so the DOD technically considers him a Korea casualty. So some of these drafted 18-yo’s might still be dying to this day as men in their late 50s from injuries they sustained in ‘Nam, so that 7 figure is surely far higher.

    The easy solution would have been to extend the franchise down to 18 for military members, drafted or volunteer, while leaving it at 21 for the general public. But the movement for 18-yo voting wanted all these college students voting so that leftist Democrats could benefit on the margin. It worked at first but died down over time. 1972 I think by far still holds the record for 18-20 yo voter turnout, far exceeding even 2008. And look at what good that “record turnout” did for George McGovern!

  46. down the bayou says:

    @#16_White guy

    I am 24 and since I do not go to college, they have a hard time trying to force-feed me the “koolaid”. White and proud of it! The only real reason “they” atill allow White women into college while excluding White men is the hope that those White women will have mulatto children, if any children at all. They want to keep us women busy with “careers” so that we don’t raise White families.

    Unfortunately I fell into a scam “online college”.

    Kaplan U. is a scam! And when I was in the “program” they had a horrible non-white character that you had to click on for info every day. It had creepy eyes that followed your mouse pointer around.

    Anyway, back in ’07 & ’08 I actually considered voting for obama, thankfully my family talked me out of it and I ended up not voting at all. I think the voting and driving ages should be higher. personally, I was so scared of cars that I did not learn how to drive until I was 21. (having been run over by cars in two seperate instances of road bicycle riding in my mid-to-late teens).

    I am certainly not voting for obama this time around, and if I vote at all, prefer an American Third Position candidate. A3P!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the professors will brainwash the gullible youth to vote for Obama.

    I remember I had to take an American history class as part of the requirements for graduation. It was the spring of 1996 9 months before the November presidential election. Every class was nothing but Republicans bad Democrats good.

    It was so obvious. Even American in the 1500’s was nothing but vote for Clinton in November propaganda.