Posted on June 13, 2011

Huge San Jose Brawl, Stabbing After Music in the Park May Have Been Race War

Lisa Fernandez and Mike Rosenberg, Mercury News, June 10, 2011

A brawl that left five teens with stab wounds or other injuries may have been a race battle or a turf war sparked between two large groups after the popular downtown Music in the Park event, police said Friday.


Department spokesman Officer Jose Garcia said detectives are looking into the possibility the fight was a race or turf war, noting half the group was Hispanic and the other half was black. He said the groups, which exchanged words before the fight, might have simply been “posturing.”

Part of the confusion centers around the fact that there were up to 60 people in the area either involved in the fight or witnesses to it, yet some of them have been unwilling to cooperate, Garcia said.


Last July, a teenager was arrested after a stabbing during the event. A month later, a fight involving more than 40 people broke out at a 7-11 store after a concert–one person was knocked unconscious and another person whipped out a gun–and shortly thereafter, down the street, someone was shot.


19 responses to “Huge San Jose Brawl, Stabbing After Music in the Park May Have Been Race War”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Solution; No concerts, no public events, people stay home, only the thugs roam free.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love how they continue to question IF it is a race war. Anyone who isnt too busy trying to hide the reality that Mexicans HATE blacks (for pretty much the same reasons others dont) is well aware that this IS a race war.

  3. White Madonna, lily! says:

    Stories like these only serve to fuel bigoted and racist stereotypes against African Americans. We need to do more to protect our beloved communities of color from such biased and hurtful reporting. Please sign the petition to pay John Lewis to give another speech about Selma and MLK, and bring Joseph Lowery to town so he can pray that “White will do right”.

    We just can’t afford to slip backwards into those dark and intolerant days when Whites made predictions about how horrible integration and civil rights will be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The smartest thing Whites can do is sit back and prepare while they eliminate each other.

  5. Johnny says:

    I think there were job openings and it began as a dispute over who would be first in line to apply.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Part of the confusion centers around the fact that there were up to 60 people in the area either involved in the fight or witnesses to it, yet some of them have been unwilling to cooperate, Garcia said.


    Isn’t that always the case? Why bother with these two groups and use taxpayer dollars to take them to court and put them in jail? Let them fight and stab each other because they sure don’t care, do they? They won’t even cooperate with the police. They never do.

    Don’t take them to the hospital either, because we will have to foot the bill also, for all their medical needs. We pay for all these gang members shootings and stabbings of each other while we cut medicare for our disabled and elderly. What a country!

  7. Anonymous says:

    racial tensions might have been a factor??

    Sounds so neutral, racial tensions, and “might” have been a factor sounds so cautious. No racism, no hate, just some racial tension. Nothing to see here folks.

    But that isn’t how the media reports it when whites are involved. Then it becomes racism, racist, hate crime investigations, civil rights violations, jessee jackson commentary, etc. The story is reported very different when whites are involved. And the media is not timid about jumping to conclusions or race related

  8. Anonymous says:

    I personally work with urban ‘youth.’ The blacks and latinos HATE each other. Some latinos, mostly mexicans and dominicans get into ghetto rap, but they still hate black people except for the rappers.

  9. anonymous says:

    This may have been a gang v. gang situation. But perhaps not. I personally know the area. There is no significant black population in the immediate neighborhood. What happened is that there was some kind of free outdoor music event. After the event, many attendees hung around for hours afterward.

    Maybe there was a confrontation between gang banger which escalated. Often, however, these melees get started following serious socially unacceptable behavior by some blacks, to which the Hispanics respond.

    A few years ago, I personally witnessed a near-riot in a small city where I lived. In a low-income neighborhood comprising several blocks of apartments, a white police officer had contacted a young black man in his early 20s for some purpose. the officer was surrounded by other young black men and had to poke at them with his nightstick to keep them away. Meanwhile, the Hispanic men who lived in the neighborhood watched very carefully, and I think were prepared to come to the defense of the officer if need be.

    If the situation had come to blows, if it made the news at all, it would have been described as a “riot which broke out when a confrontation developed between Hispanic residents and black residents newly moved into the neighborhood.”

    Do not believe what you are told about these situations. There may be instances where whites or Hispanics attack blacks. I am not going to say it can’t or doesn’t happen. But a lot of the time, I don’t think that’s the real story.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If I were blak, and I had to watch as 20 million mexicans broke into america and took jobs, good jobs while “my people” sat either unemployed, dependent on YT for welfare, or in prison, I would be seriously pissed off. but then again blak folks always were a little slow on the uptake.

    *note to blak folks: good luck collecting welfare from mexicans, I hear they are not nearly as generous as YT! remember, viva la raza, for race, EVERYTHING! outside the race, NOTHING!

  11. WASP says:

    We avoid all free events for this very reason. If they don’t charge, I don’t go.

  12. anonymous says:

    11 — WASP wrote at 10:52 PM on June 13: “We avoid all free events for this very reason. If they don’t charge, I don’t go.”

    This is a very good policy. Unless the event is being held in a gentrified community or you are sure it will draw a gentrified audience (i.e. Shakespeare in the Park), stay away.

    Especially, stay away from pop music events and promotional drawings, such as for used vehicles, consumer electronics etc.

    For other events — street fairs, county fairs, flea markets, festivals etc — if you want to go, go early and leave early. The sleazy people start coming out in force after three in the afternoon. Even malls have their hazards, with their hordes of minority youth hanging out there. Always best to shop early. And remember, the rough trade shows up late in the afternoon and in the early in the evening, when men are getting off work. That is a type which occasionally presents hazards in public places.

    In the sum of all of this, best not to be on the street. Even if you have an NFL body. It may not protect you.

  13. Sonya says:

    Anyone that is familiar with that area knows San jose is white/asian/hispanic with low violent crime rates and “good” schools for the most part. The whites/asians/hispanics get along just fine with no racial tensions. San Jose had 1/10th the murders per capita compared to Macon GA (majority black). The black population is very low, less than 5%.

    San Jose doesn’t have riots! These weekly free concerts were typically old rock bands etc…but that night they brought in a black band (the band members used to play for Rick James). No doubt it brought in hoards of blacks from East Palo Alto, Oakland, other areas and they flooded this usual peaceful area of Silicon Valley.

    San Jose can prevent this from happening again by simply NOT hosting free events that will attract blacks from cities 30 to 50 miles away.

  14. Sardonicus says:

    This is one of the most under-reported stories by the controlled Media. Rising tensions between blacks and Chicanos is all but ignored by “our” politicians, social workers and academics. You’d think that there would be community “outreach” programs all over the nation to cool these passions; instead, we have calculated indifference, as well as deception. Anything that may cast doubt on the virtues of multiculturalism is usually discounted and censored by our privileged elites.

  15. Veritas says:

    What a non news event. One talking head stands in front of an empty McDonald’s parking lot and shovels nonsense. Cut to a police chief mouthing boilerplate on how they will step up patrols, blah, blah, blah. Who were the rioters? Why were they rioting? What event took place? The news media is so PC they can’t even bring themselves to cover a story with the facts. Just show pics of an empty parking lot and an empty park and speculate on what might have been. How utterly ridiculous.

  16. AnalogMan says:

    OK, if that was “posturing”, what would an actual fight look like? And when does it start?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I know — the problem is, they are bored and don’t have enough to do. What the area needs to do is hold MORE concerts catering to the thug-crowd.

    I agree; the black-Hispanic deal is undercoverd, but just as much or more so are the black-brawls-on-whites cases.

  18. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    “San Jose had 20 homicides all of last year and has seen the annual homicide rate range from 20 to 33 since 1998, the San Jose Mercury News reported this week. It is on track to have more than 50 homicides in 2011.”